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  1. Beane seems to see him as Big Beasley. If they use him as a WR/TE hybrid then this pick will work great. If they try playing classical 2 TE style though they’ll look dumb.
  2. maybe at minimum it has neutered his ability to explode like we’re used to seeing.
  3. Just be aware he may not give it back based on his tendency to hold jerseys….. Great gesture by a talented rookie
  4. If that plays out, Buffalo can forfeit the game. Buffalo 13-4 Chiefs 13-4 Bengals 12-5
  5. The NFL likely hopes the Chiefs and Bengals lose next week and the Bills win. In that scenario the game is completely unneeded as it would’t change seeding whatsoever. Plus it then gives Buffalo another week off to recover and for the media to do their thing about the Bills fighting on for their brother in the hospital or hopefully good enough to go home by Divisional week games.
  6. So tired of the Chiefs winning games thanks to them either playing backups, a lack of penalties, or a lucky break.
  7. I actually don’t feel he plays down to lesser competition but rather plays too hard to the point of recklessness because he wants to bury a team in the 1st quarter. He sees the Bears as a team he can experiment on and help pad his teammates’ stats and thus looks for deeper routes while ignoring layups. His one primary exception is New England because of their “infamous” defensive prowess. He seems to almost feel even better just picking them apart like Brady used to do to the Bills. Effectively, he wants the Pats to do everything but still fail while he just finds their holes and exploits them mercilessly. Other lesser teams he seems more interested in just blowing them up versus giving cruel and unusual punishment.
  8. Allen is like us, when we hear about a bad pass defense, we both want him to throw for 500 yds and 6 TDs Give him a team that’s considered a challenge and he turns into Primetime Josh
  9. I’m starting to think Allen presses too much in games considered more “gimme” trying to spread the ball around and blow a team out. During important games he’s far more willing to dink and dunk and seems to take what he’s given far more.
  10. Hopefully KC uses up all their luck prior to the playoffs
  11. Drones carrying pieces of roofing that fly above home players
  12. The new stadium should have the Bills bench safe from the elements but the road sideline be exposed like Miami does only the snow and such will fall on them more
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