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  1. Frankly this could be nothing more than if Terry dropped dead, Jessica, being a pro tennis player, wouldn’t need to quit to run a football team. Plus the NFL probably would feel good about the possibility of an owner as young as Jessica taking over.
  2. We have 3 years to play with an unusual athlete with a sub 5 40 at 300lbs+ at 6’7” He could try to bulk up and be an OL, maybe be a super 6OL set guy. If he can’t bulk up he could be converted to DE and/or FB. As a 7th rounder and a free practice squad spot; I see no negative there
  3. I wonder if he can catch and play that 6th OL role but be a capable threat in the air still
  4. The nice part about this guy is we can just use that bonus practice squad slot for him and he can both give us a giant OL but fill in when needed for practoce
  5. pretty much sadly; I don't hate their existence but I don't need it to endlessly be shoved in my face.
  6. Just thought of this; Coleman is Allen's desire to avoid those ticky tack picks where our receiver just kind of flailed at the ball. He hopes Coleman will, like a wookiee, tear and arm off a DB to get the ball if need be.
  7. Coleman scares me because he has all the super attributes without any speed and Beane + McDermott seem to love the physical freaks when taking receivers versus creating separation. Also screams Gabe Davis replacement because blocking is a WR's main duty....
  8. Probably the 1st time I have ever felt Beane completely lost the plot.
  9. Over a full game, I’d guess most could get 1 completion thanks to the other NFL players around you. Besides that you’d likely throw more picks than completions and either get Killed by the defense or curl up in a fetal position by Drive 3
  10. The issue with trading down is the Chiefs get 1st dibs on a WR before us then.
  11. 1. Von was meant to be the one who put us over the top and showed he might be able to before his injury. It was an all-in move that backfired due to an unforeseen injury; not his age or skill. Neutral 2. It was overpay, but he was able to get him to take a pay cut this year. Bad 3. Diggs extension, was a risky venture but was needed for cap space. One can't look at a contract in a vacuum; if we didn't extend him we likely can't sign guys like Leonard Floyd who were contributors to the roster. Neutral 4. His high draft picks haven't all panned out but he has hit on multiple lower round guys. Bad to Neutral I'll finish this after I drive home
  12. Diggs was a great player but was coming close to becoming a cap nightmare and had been slowly getting more troublesome with off the field drama His happy go lucky response to his drop against KC this year versus he demonstrative anger he at Allen for missing him last year against Cinci always rubbed me the wrong way seeing as Allen just moved on to the next play both times.
  13. If this is true I hope he burns in hell, or I guess Texan mediocrity.
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