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  1. They'll be fine, Burrows is rusty and coming off a leg injury
  2. Patient Allen is a borderline unstoppable player; it'd be nice if he stayed like that every game.
  3. Is he any good? After all the Bengals are notorious for their bad OTs
  4. 1. Frankly I don't believe it fully; Trotter is literally filing a lawsuit over Affirmative Action hiring which in itself is a idiotic situation to begin with. 2. Depending on the actual question this racial statement may not exactly be "bad" For all we know Trotter asked him about players backing the BLM riots that burned and looted towns. In that case this supposed statement is far less wrong. 3. The Pegulas have been very open and willing to hire, sign and acquire black players and staff as well as support community efforts in the region in regards to minorities. So the statement itself seems very out of character and/or at most an answer that comes from endless badgering or biased reporting.
  5. I'm just tired, Sean needs to put his foot down and end the era of good feelings. ***** the commercials, ***** the fun. Go out there and win games. Allen and Dorsey are just not a good pair, they feed into each others bad attributes.
  6. The guy needs to just retire, he must of gone on a ladder walking under, mirror smashing escapade at a black cat convention with how his luck is.
  7. Hell he did this in the 1st 2 games of last year and then suddenly just just outright stopped for unknown reasons
  8. Beane seems to see him as Big Beasley. If they use him as a WR/TE hybrid then this pick will work great. If they try playing classical 2 TE style though they’ll look dumb.
  9. maybe at minimum it has neutered his ability to explode like we’re used to seeing.
  10. Just be aware he may not give it back based on his tendency to hold jerseys….. Great gesture by a talented rookie
  11. If that plays out, Buffalo can forfeit the game. Buffalo 13-4 Chiefs 13-4 Bengals 12-5
  12. The NFL likely hopes the Chiefs and Bengals lose next week and the Bills win. In that scenario the game is completely unneeded as it would’t change seeding whatsoever. Plus it then gives Buffalo another week off to recover and for the media to do their thing about the Bills fighting on for their brother in the hospital or hopefully good enough to go home by Divisional week games.
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