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  1. That was the single greatest moment of television I've seen this year. I was laughing so much at Martin.
  2. They may not need a #2, but why not entertain the idea? You can never have too many weapons.
  3. 100% agree with everything. More of a reason or excuse to get together, to throw a party. My mom even used it to get me to come out and visit, which I did. But me and my brother and his family left before the game started. First halftime show I've enjoyed in decades and I'm more of a rock music fan. When the Bills make it next season I won't care two ***** about anything else but the game
  4. Man I wish the Bengals would have won. Just so I could read/listen to most everyone here B word about Burrow getting a ring before Allen. I love the butthurt in fans.
  5. Interesting. I apply for jobs just to see what happens. It's actually fun. My wife asks why. I ask why not .
  6. I've gathered from this that PonyBoy is a moron.
  7. Yea, this lines up with the NATIONAL Football League.
  8. I've seen this a lot on here about not wanting Burrow to win before Allen. What an absolutely asinine, ridiculous, and childlike sentiment. I'm rooting for the Bengals hard just based on the fact that so many will be butt hurt by it.
  9. Burrow may get sacked 12 times but they'll put up at least 24 points.
  10. How many Super Bowl wins in that time? Just curious.
  11. 😂 You obviously take exception to what I said. But what I said is true, not opinion...and I actually like Stafford being that I live 45 minutes from Detroit and have seen too many Lion's games to recount. Not great, just good enough some times. Do you know the thread he is referencing? Still not sure why I was quoted other than it being one of those weekly call out posts you see here every season.
  12. Odel making out with Samuel. Very nice.
  13. Dude, very nice use of the word. I like.
  14. He's not injured you dooosh. He's Matt Stafford, that's all.
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