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  1. He’s insurance if Milano gets hurt, which we all know he does have the tendency to get injured. We didn’t have depth now we do
  2. With the 21st selection, the New England Patriots select Andrew Booth JR. CB Clemson Pats have plenty of holes including WR, LB, DE. Needing to replace Jackson with their first round pick is essential given the talent at WR in the division. The Packers @NewErais on the clock
  3. Patriots, Cowboys, Titans, thank you
  4. 4.8 YPC but how many carries? The stats don’t tell the whole story especially in this story. Your telling me that Walker and Hall aren’t better than Singletary lol, that’s comical. So essentially it wouldn’t matter if we had a Jonathan Taylor in our backfield either right? Cause all that matters is our Oline 🙄
  5. In my opinion It’s all about controlling the clock when the Bills have the lead and need to burn time off the clock by running the ball. We do not do that currently with our personnel. Adding a Breece or walker gives us a better shot at accomplishing that
  6. Drafting a RB in the late first round is no different then drafting a RB with one of the first few picks of the second round. Idk why people freak out about drafting a RB in the first. We aren’t talking about drafting a RB within the top 10 here
  7. I would have to disagree. Just because Nate played football does not make him a great commentator / analyst. In my opinion the other 3 are highly knowledgeable and are among some of the best in the business, and that is why the show is so successful. Nate is average and was actually the least entertaining out of them all. I lost all respect for him when I heard that he patented the saying “toe drag swag” and started suing individuals for using it.
  8. Ahhh yes, trade up. Thank you for clarifying. Let’s just get best player available yes yes?
  9. Alec pierce over Pickens in my opinion in the second if he is there
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