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  1. I agree, I usually don’t drink the kool-aid too much but the defense is Super Bowl caliber and if Allen can minimize his mistakes and just play solid ball it def is a possibility. I think we are an AJ Green away from taking the offense to another level. We can get there this year with him. Make it happen Beane.
  2. I’d like to see the punter hang em inside the 20 instead of booming them through the endzone. But I guess the way the defense is playing I’ll take the first and 10 from the 20. Also I agree worst call of the day was that QB sneak on 4th and 2, had me yelling at the TV. All in all enjoying this one. Can anyone tell me what our starting Oline was at the end of the game? Thanks!
  3. Thank the lord, can’t take Zay anymore, guy is T rash,
  4. Lol will prolly be enough given the way our defense has been playing
  5. For the right compensation and contract get this man
  6. Yes!!! Allen offers so much more with his elusiveness, just needs to take what the defense gives him.
  7. The pats have been doing this for last 20 years and finally due to the league change of reviewing plays our coach finally shed some light on it by challenging this play. But would never overturn due to the pats deep pockets
  8. Yes it is but we all know opinions are like ***holes everyone’s got one, and uneducated fans need to learn a thing or two before posting their opinion.
  9. Please do everyone a favor and stop posting. You’re a moron.
  10. So I’m a bit confused here but if we beat them twice then we will take the division and not need a WC spot, so I guess I’ll say beat them twice
  11. Sorry to hear about Hill with his injury and Evans hasnt been productive so far but he’s got Winston throwing him the rock. Imagine him on the bills? I think it would be a good fit given our other wr’s. Good luck with your fantasy team man.
  12. Realistically mike Evans would be great
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