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  1. He is so bad. Give Josh time and we win the SB, end of story.
  2. I’ll bump this one time. Thank you again mods, appreciate it 🙏
  3. https://gofund.me/5d0c17db mods please move if not allowed. Fellow Bills fan and my good friend is fighting for his life after a terrible motorcycle accident. Please pray for him.
  4. Do you feel that jack campbell is that much better than him and would you take him at 27?
  5. He’s all over the field, the guy can cover and get to the ball carrier. Has enough size to play Mike, 6’4” 235lb. And from my eye test he plays with instinct, something Edmunds lacked bigly. Also we wouldn’t have to use our first pick on him either. Does that work for ya? Also Dodson is a joke in coverage.
  6. The more I watch Drew Sanders the more I think he is our guy
  7. One of the cornerbacks gabe faced last year said something along the lines of gabe is easy to cover cause he runs only 2 routes. Anyone else hear this?
  8. Zay flowers will be the pick at 27. BPA and fills a need
  9. Didn’t he get into it with some of our players last year or the year before when we played them?
  10. I hear ya but his height and weight do matter since this is a physical sport. I would love to see him take over, but it’s highly unlikely
  11. Henry doesn’t need 20 touches a game. He needs to be fed late third quarter and all fourth quarter when the defense is worn down. That’s when his game stats explode. That being said I want nothing of him. Way too expensive
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