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  1. Was he injured during the game? I must have missed it
  2. I’ve been wearing an unwashed blue and red Bill’s T-shirt for the last 8 weeks and I will continue to wear it unwashed for the remainder of the year
  3. Hahahahaha she is asleep and not interested.....hopefully the morning is another story but tbh I don’t even care, Go Bills is right!!!
  4. Bounce back game from the d. Dominate is all I can say. Hughes 2 sacks. Linebackers flying around. Its a beautiful thing!
  5. I’m right there with ya brother. A few years younger but been through all of it since the SB years. TBH I’m a lot less nervous for this weeks game. We got the proverbial money off our back, first playoff win since 1995. God forbid we lose this week...and I know this has been touched upon but we finally have our franchise QB for the next 15 years. The thing is we are primed to win it all this year so let’s just do it now! Let’s go Buffalo!!!
  6. True but our oline is much improved. Gonna be tough don’t get me wrong but we are the better team here. But sometimes the better team does not win. Have to stay disciplined.
  7. I agree, I recall one series where he ran the ball 3 times and punted. I was losing my mind. He’s got to do better.
  8. That’s for sure!!! Hahaha I gotta rewatch and see but I’m sure you are right!
  9. Sorry if this was already touched upon..... if Williams didn’t grab that fumble by his fingertips, could be a different story. Just another big play today. Go bills!
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