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Zerovoltz 3rd and FINAL Mock Draft 2 rounds


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3 hours ago, Zerovoltz said:

I think Gettleman badly wants to prove he was right about Daniel Jones.  I think he will take a top WR to help his QB look better.  I do beleive Gettleman is a "trenches" kind of guy, but he also drafted Saquon.  It's deep draft and you certainly get a guy to play RT for sure, deep into this draft.


I am told the Giants are down to three guys - Horn, Smith or Parsons. 


EDIT: and I believe Horn will be gone to the Cowboys. I understand they are locked in on him at #10. The only way he isn't their pick is if Pitts or Sewell fall that far I think. They were locked in on Chaisson as their pick last year too and then Lamb slid to them and they changed their minds.

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4 hours ago, The Governor said:

I’ll throw myself in front of a train if we take ETN with Phillips still on the board. 

Didn’t we try to get JJ Watt? Isn’t Phillips a similar type player?

I’ll throw myself in front of a train if we draft up and don’t take Quitty paye If he is still on the board Actually I’ll just throw myself in front of a train if we trade up at all when we have an opportunity to get a cornerback they could actually help us this year at 30 Asante Samuel Junior or Caleb Farley please

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That’s a sound argument Zero.  Hey, can you talk to the trolls from the Jets and Pats fans who come on this board just to be a pain in the ars and have no logic behind their comments.


At least you put in some sound thought behind you’re comments and I’ve NOT observed you to be a Bills basher.  You just love you’re team which is fine.  What’s not to like about the Chiefs, except for when we play you (insert snarky laugh).  I think we are going to end up building a good rivalry with you guys for years to come like the TV ratings would go through the roof for the yearly Manning/Brady game each year.  I can’t think of any two other QB’s that had that kind of appeal for over a decade.  You’d have to go back to the Kelly/Marino days as that was always a draw.


Id rather have an elite Edge or CB, but then again I’d love to be 6’3, tall dark and handsome.  Wasn’t in the cards.  We don’t have nearly the ammunition to get one of those guys, so to you’re point, Ettiene is most likely a sure thing for what we have to offer in terms of capital.


On a side note, I was listening to either WGR or NFLR yesterday, and one good point was made that it will be important for teams like us not to give away 2022 picks for this year as we’ll need them with the impending contracts we’ll be doing for Allen or Allen and Edmunds.  I don’t see us giving away in this draft 2022 picks to move up.


Have a good day bud.  Off to the gym and work.

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I do believe that Beane is interested in a trade up, but not for ETN. It’s either Phillips or Newsome, who is a perfect fit in our defense! We would have one of the top defensive backfields in the NFL. The whole running back thing is a smoke screen. 

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31 minutes ago, Baba Booey said:

I do believe that Beane is interested in a trade up, but not for ETN. It’s either Phillips or Newsome, who is a perfect fit in our defense! We would have one of the top defensive backfields in the NFL. The whole running back thing is a smoke screen. 

I agree.  Totally out of Beane's methodology to announce who he's interested in. 

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Well, Zero I looked again at you’re suggestion on Ettiene and if he is anywhere near a Kamara, he would be worth trading with TN at 22.  We would need to be equitable to swap 1sts and give them our 3rd and one of our 5ths.  They might bite on that and maybe they give us a late pick like 6th or 7th.


That could work.  We’re not going to find a TE, we are not even close to an Edge  Rusher, CB, we’re in a better position than some think, and then get one in the 2nd.  I can see that and fill in 1 tech DT, possible Big Nickel Safety, and depth on Edge later.  I don’t ever expect day 3 guys to make it unless a kicker, but we did find Dane in the 7th.

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2 hours ago, Baba Booey said:

I do believe that Beane is interested in a trade up, but not for ETN. It’s either Phillips or Newsome, who is a perfect fit in our defense! We would have one of the top defensive backfields in the NFL. The whole running back thing is a smoke screen. 

Hope and agree 110%. Newsome is our best fit by far imo but pass rusher would be great as well.

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8 hours ago, Zerovoltz said:

Final Mock of the year....as we've drawn close to the actual draft.....it seems like some things are clear..but mostly, they aren't.  Explanations with each pick.  I'm sure I'll be utter crucified for this....as I am buying all in on the rumors that the Bills want to move up for Ettienne.


1.  Jax  QB  Trevor Lawrence.

It's a forgone conclusion.


2.  NYJ  QB  Zack Wilson.

Another nearly forgone conclusion..but what fun it would be if they did something else now.


3.  49ers.  QB  Trey Lance.  

This is where the first bit of uncertainty is......alot of pundits, mocks etc have Mac Jones here....I had originally thought so too...but based on the idea that SF wants something more dynamic and the potential to be a game changer....I have concluded that this must be Lance.  Lance going here shuts down some trade ups that might have happened for him....Now....watch them take Feilds.


4.  Falcons.  WR  JaMarr Chase 

I very much had intended to put Pitts here....but Chase is a very very highly regarded WR, a position considered more valuable than TE.  I might still be inclined to go with Pitts here, but the Falcons did spend a big chunk on Hayden Hurst last offseason.  IF Lance was avaialble here, I do think the Falcons would entertain trades, but I do not think anyone is coming up to 4 to get Mac Jones or Fields.


5.  Bengals.  TE Kyle Pitts

If Chase were on the board here....he would be the pick....but instead the Bengals add a dimension to their O they don't have...a dynamic TE.  Many will call this OT Penei Sewell...I believe the Bengals can get a quality OT at the top of R2...but there is no TE like Pitts in this draft.


6.  Dolphins.  WR  Jaylen Waddle

Tua Tagaviloa ranked 31st in Intermediate throws.  He is not a good downfield passer.  Short passing is his game...and if the Dolphins are rolling with Tua...then this is the best help they can get him...a guy that takes short stuff a long way.


7.  Lions  QB  Mac Jones

I beleive the Lions have had some time to think about just where they are in this draft and that tommorrow is never promised to anyone.....they are sitting on a spot with 2 Qb available to them..and when a regime is new and in the honeymoon phase..then that is the time to get a QB.  I am not buying that even thought the GM is the guy who drafted Goff, that they think he's it.  Goff is mediocre and EXPENSIVE.  Jones seems like the kind of QB that will execute a knee cap biting attack.


8.  Carolina.  OT Penei Sewell

Carolina would be looking to trade out of this, but with only Justin Feilds left on the board, the trade market to get to 8 isn't very robust.  Carolina opts to get Sam Darnold the best LT they can here.


9.  Denver.  LB  Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah

Denver is rumored to "like" Lance, but not love him enough to trade up if he fell to 4 or later.  It's moot here.  Denver would also prefer a trade out at this point, but with only Fields still on the board, and a trade all the way back to 19 or 20, the Broncos would miss on their man most likely.  Many have Parsons here.  I belive Denver does like Parsons, but consider his characther AND his inexperience in coverage as liabilities....so they get JOK here, if a little high...he's their guy.


10.  Cowboys.  CB  Patrick Surtain

MAYBE they go with Horn here....but Surtain is my guess.....the Cowboys have a huge need at CB AND this is pretty much BPA....


11.  Giants.  WR.  DeVona Smith

Dave Gettleman will never admit he screwed up by taking Daniel Jones...and he's going to give Jones every bit of help he can to prove he was right....Smith represents HELP in a substantial way.


12.  Eagles.  CB  Jaycee Horn

The Eagles aren't considering a QB, and the calls for Fields aren't that hot.  The Eagles fill a need here.


13.  Chargers  OT  Christian Darrisaw

They pass over Rashawn Slater to take Darrisaw, who I see as more of a sure thing at LT than Slater.  The Chargers mission 1 in this draft is to get linemen for Herbert.


14.  Vikings OT Rashawn Slater

The Vikings can't believe Slater falls all the way to 14.  He's a perfect fit for hte Vikings as htey have needs at G and T....so Slater will fit and start somewhere.


15.  Patriots.  LB  Micah Parsons

Despite rumors and smokescreens, the PATS are NOT in on a QB.  Belichick is too old to be developing a new guy...they just spend a ton of money to build a two TE run heavy Option type attack around CAM NEWTON.  They aren't changing that up here.  Instead Bill gets the super talented LB that he'll find a way to use to wreak havoc.


16.  ****TRADE*****  Bears ultimately outbid the WFT and move up to select QB, Justin Fields.  

The Bears FO and coaching staff has somehow been given a mulligan on Trubisky and this is their attempt to redeem themselves.  The WFT, a bit sour from the Dwayne Haskins pick....has a sour taste in their mouth for OSU QB's with big numbers and rumors of work ethic issues.


17.  Raiders  EDGE Azeez Ojulari

The Raiders a hot mess and could go a number of directions here....being one of the worst pass rush teams in the NFL for years...and having just now cut a couple failed picks from the recent past...they opt for Ojulari here and hope he can make an instant impact.


18.  Phins  RB  Najee Harris

More short range weaponry for the Dolphins bee bee gun attack......and from Alabama.  The Dolphins are turning into Tide East.


19.  ****TRADE*****  The BILLS TRADE UP here to get out in front of the Jets, the Steelers and the Jags to take RB, Travis Ettienne  Buffalo sends their 1 and 3 to WFT.

In my first Mock...I had the Bills trading out of round 1 and picking a RB...that wasn't popular....so I can't imagine this is going to go over well...but my logic in that draft is the same here...the Bills understand that to beat KC, you are more likely to win that game by outscoring them in an offensive football game, than trying to beat them by hold their score down.  The Bills want a dynamic player at RB....Ettienne is that player.  The metrics DO NOT like 1st round RB's and trading up in round 1 for one....well that's kind of frowned upon....but lets not forget that Beane and McD also flaunted the metrics when they drafted Josh Allen.  Let's also remember this draft is a little different....teams didn't have much of a combine...or a season of tape to look at....and a big thing they also don't ahve are MEDICALS...there are alot of guys floating out there with medical questions that just aren't answered because no one can get a physical look at these guy with med staff.  If you are going to expend some resources to go up and get someone you love...this is the draft to do that.  I can't wait to get completely FLAMED....burnt to a crisp for this.  


20.  Cards  CB  Greg Newsome II

If you look at the current players on the Cardinals roster in their secondary....they are priced into this pick.


21.  Indy  EDGE Kwity Paye

Indy needs to replace Justin Houston and his 10 sacks....


22.  Titans  WR  Kadarious Toney

A lot of mocks etc have Rashad Bateman here...I don't see it.  Toney is the guy with the juice.....Titans opt for the gamebraker here.


23.  Jets.  OL  Elijah Vera-Tucker

No Ettienne on the board here..the Jets instead opt for another O lineman who could start at OG or RT.


24.  Steelers CB Caleb Farley

The Steeler has some big holes to fill on their O line with the retirment of their C....and needs at OT as well...but they traditionally don't spend high picks on O linemen and instead opt to replace the departing Steven Nelson with Farley..who would be a top 10 player if not for Medicals.  The Steelers willing to roll the dice here.


25.  Jags.  OT Samuel Cosmi.  

The Jags franchised Cam Robinson....wich gets them by this year...but they can let him walk next season by taking Cosmi as his replacement here.  In the mean time, Cosmi can play RT.


26.  Browns EDGE  Gregory Rousseau

The Browns have alot of peices already put together on their roster, but one spot they need is edge.  They did sign Clowney to a 1 year deal, but that is a stop gap....


27.  Ravens EDGE  Jason Oweh

The Raven are not having one of the better off seasons....They roll the dice on a workout warrior guy that didn't actually produce. They hope that changes and he does a good Matt Judon impersonation.


28.  Saints  WR  Terrace Marshall

Many have the Saints going corner here...but I have them going with weaponry....I beleive they are high on Marshall and feel they can address the CB spot later.


29.  Packers  DT Christian Barmore

This does fill a minor need...but mostly the Packers go with Barmore here because he is by far the BPA on their board at 29.


30.  ****TRADE****  WFT move back from 19 and take OT Tevon Jenkins 

All the top OT prospects the WFT would have preffered were gone at 19...so they trade back and pick up Jenkins who they hope will eventually be a LT, but for now can play OG or RT.


31.  Ravens  OC  Creed Humphry

The Ravens again, plug a big hole here with Humphry....


32.  Buccs  EDGE Jaelin Phillips

You can't have too many pass rushers.  Phillips falls in this draft due to injury and especially CONCUSSION concerns.  Buccs have the luxury of rolling dice on him.


-------------------------------ROUND 2--------------------------------------------


33.  Jags  S  Trevon Moehrig

Jags opt for best S in this class here, helps fill in for needed secondary depth.


34.  Jets  EDGE Joseph Ossai

Easy to fill holes when your roster is full of them....this is another shot at fixing another muhc needed upgrade at pass rusher.


35.  Falcons LB Jamin Davis

The Falcons aren't in a complete rebuild, but they do need lots of cheap talent to offset their bad cap situaiton.  Davis is BPA.


36.  Phins  LB Zaven Collins

First 2 picks spent on offense...now Miami adds a defender to replace Van Noy


37.  Eagles  CB Eric Stokes

Eagles with back to back CB's....revamping poor secondary.  will wait until later to address WR


38.  Bengals  OT Alex Leatherwood

Cincy opted for TE pitts to open up.....and paitence pays off when they get OT they need here at 38.


39.  Panthers.  WR Rashad Bateman

Panthers are thrilled to get Bateman here...BPA on their board and fills a big need.


40.  Broncos RB Javonte Williams

The Broncos have Gordon, who is getting up in years and at the end of his contract, AT RB..they need a replacment that can do it all in Shurmurs offense...or any offense....


41.  Lions  OG Wyatt Davis

Injured late in the college season, but the kind of guy who can eat kneecaps


42.  Giants  EDGE Ronnie Perkins

Gettleman spent his 1st choice on a WR for Danny Dimes....he can't hardly wait to make this pick on the D line where he thinks the game is won....he goes for Perkins whose films is really good....but ahs problems VS run game at times and there are some character red flags.


43.  49ers  TE Pat Friermuth

Wait what?  They have Kittle....and now they have Kittle insurance, plus Shannahan can do alot with an H back, 2nd TE in his offense.


44.  Cowboys  S Richie Grant

The Cowboys secondary was awful....this is a major upgrade.


45.  Jags  CB Asante Samuel

Never can have too many good DB.


46.  New England  OG Trey Smith

A possible replacement for Joe Thuney here.


47.  Chargers  OT Dillon Radunz

Played LT at NDSU....but the Chargers will have him on the right side.  Chargers continue with mission to build a nice wall in front of Herbert.


48.  Raiders  OC  Landon Dickerson

Hot Mess Radiers, having traded away their all pro center because he wanted out of the mess...need to find a new Center...and they get him here.


49.  Cardinals  LB  Jabrill Cox

Replacement for the departure of Reddick.  Cards are an up and coming team, but still many holes to fill.


50.  Phins CB Ifeatu Melifonwu

Miami just adding more young, cheap talent here.  BPA on their board at this point.


51.  WFT  WR Elijah Moore

WFT missed out on the QB's but still adding some high speed weaponry for Fitz and whoever the QB is next year.


52.  Bears OT Liam Eichenberg

Bears got their QB....now they try and fix multi hole O line


53.  Titans  EDGE Carlos Basham Jr.

Titans had one of the most pathetic pass rushing defenses in the leauge....they give the instinctive high motor Basham a chance to help.


54.  Colts  IDL  Levi Onwuzurike

More trench help for the Colts  this is a BPA pick


55.  Steelers IOL  Quinn Meinerz

Steelers rolled the dice on CB while watiing to get Oline help...Meinerz is probalby day 1 OC for them.


56.  Seahawks  CB Kelvin Joseph

Seattle needs help in the secondary and don't have much draft capital...they are thrilled to get Joseph here...BPA on their board.


57.  Rams  LB Baron Browning

Another team with not alot of draft capital....use this BPA pick to shore up a weak spot on the roster.


58.  CHIEFS  EDGE Joe Tryon

Edge rusher with only one season of good production. opted out for Covid....a bit small...but explosive player.  KC roster is EDGE deficient...a need pick here.


59.  Browns  WR Rondale Moore

Do it all WR that can also return kicks...brings some explosiveness to Browns passing and gadget game.


60.  Saints CB Elijah Molden

Saints just filling holes with BPA as best they can due to resetting cap this year


61. BILLS  DT Jay Tufele

I don't think this will be a very popular pick with Tyson Campbell still on the board here..(who I have seen is a popular pick among Bills fans)  My reasoning here...you have Star...who is passed his prime, coming back this year.  I suspect he's close to finished...and you have Oliver...who hasn't lived up to his billing thus far.  Tufele covers one or both of these guys being roster liablilities in the near term.  It's a shallow DT draft and this is one of the better ones availble....this draft has a ton of mid round level CB...including Campbell who may last another round here.


62.  Packers  WR Dyami Brown

Packers finally get a guy with some downfield playmaking ability for Aaron Rodgers.....breaking KC's heart.


63.  CHIEFS  LB  Nick Bolton

KC will run into a situation next off season where they will be parting ways with Anthon Hitchens at LB.  His replaement isn't on the roster and KC will be spending big money on extensions for Honey Badger and Orlando Brown...that means that MLB has to be cheap labor guy....and Bolton is it.


64.  BUCCS  QB Kyle Trask

Tom Brady really is going to have to retire someday....The Buccs opt for Trask here to see if they get a diamond in the rough who was a prolific passer at Florida.



Love it. We need our Thurman Thomas.

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I haven't written off Daniel Jones yet. I think he can have a breakout year this year. Not a Josh Allen year 3 breakout but a good breakout year nonetheless. 


If they don't go defense I would rather see the Bills grab a BPA receiver at 30. Or trade back to 33-40 and grab the BPA receiver. With the ages of Beasley and Sanders it's highly unlikely both are on the 2022 roster and possible neither are. 

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8 hours ago, The Governor said:

I’ll throw myself in front of a train if we take ETN with Phillips still on the board. 

Didn’t we try to get JJ Watt? Isn’t Phillips a similar type player?

The trade alone will have me standing next to Diggs Mercedes 

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If Chase is gone I figure the Bengals would take Sewel based on everything they're saying down here in Cincinnati. Those in the know claim Mikey Brown won't ever take a TE this high. But if he falls asleep (a very real possibility) on Thursday before the pick Katy Brown may step in and grab Pitts if he's available.



I like taking Ettiene. The explosive nature of this guy compliments the Bills offense well. Moss would be the "power" back and Travis the big play guy.


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34 minutes ago, chknwing334 said:

Another well thought out, uncontroversial post that isn't meant to troll Bills fans on their own forum.  


Just kidding. It's a ridiculous post and has zero chance of happening.  At least this is the FINAL one.

I think you are a bit unfair, by focusing (apparently) on the Bills' picks only.


I like the work and I like the rationales. 


And we will NOT move UP to take a RB.  But he did preface with the fact that he is mocking based on the current rumors.  Even though draft rumors are usually smoke, at least give him credit for the disclaimer and putting in the work to make it realistic IF that actually happens.


And if it does, there will be far fewer of us still alive anyway, due to Oncoming Trains, unstable angina, Electrocution from punching a TV, etc.

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5 hours ago, GunnerBill said:


I am told the Giants are down to three guys - Horn, Smith or Parsons. 


EDIT: and I believe Horn will be gone to the Cowboys. I understand they are locked in on him at #10. The only way he isn't their pick is if Pitts or Sewell fall that far I think. They were locked in on Chaisson as their pick last year too and then Lamb slid to them and they changed their minds.

Do you think Farley will really fall that much? I'm not saying to 30, but to a point where the Bills could make a reasonable move up to get him? Aside from the back issue, isn't he regarded as the best CB in the draft by many?

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