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The Bills will absolutely not draft a QB. What other positions won't be considered?

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2 minutes ago, CaptnCoke11 said:

Is this a serious thread?


Around here, they are ALL serious threads. So buckle in and enjoy the ride before it gets yelly up in this piece.

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I'm sure I'll get some flack for this one, but Tight End.

We have a young, high potential guy in Dawson Knox.

We have a decent veteran in Jacob Hollister, who I think will surprise many.


I don't think we want or need another raw Tight End prospect.

We either need an established veteran who can help us this year, or nobody.

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Fromm is at best an unknown at worst a weak armed stiff. I'm not sure that a late round QB is out of the question if they plan to carry 3 QBs.  

I don't think they will draft a Kicker or Punter.

I doubt the will draft a G or MLB.  Sadly I think they are committed to Edmunds playing inside.  As for interior linemen, I hope they draft a pure center.  


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Ever notice that Fromm is never spoken of in terms of his QB skills, by the FO/HC, only that he is going through the motions holding down the Covid QB designation,   Fromm seems to be the Bills version of the red stapler guy in office space. Does anyone actually know if this kid has a live arm, or has the intangibles to be a NFL QB?, is he likely out of the league in two ish years time?,  could he be waived/cut for a new red stapler guy this draft/ UDFA...

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