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  1. I’m cool using the first 6th round pick on him.
  2. I swear people want to go back to having a terrible team so they have more cap dollars for their stupid mock off seasons.
  3. D’onta Foreman just did it filling in for Henry
  4. Good idea on paper but i can’t see Beane paying him 10+ million a season then he’s going to have to pay Knox that here shortly. Doesn’t seem logical
  5. Good for those players.. end the nonsense already
  6. Let the dust settle after free agency starts and get one of the guys who doesn’t get an opportunity at one of the starting openings.
  7. Starting over with a good pass rusher on a rookie deal seems like a good idea. Why on earth would they want to trade him?
  8. I’m still a huge Bills fan but i have to admit the rules, officials and some other things have lessened my interest to a degree
  9. I learned the Bills are better than both of those teams and the halftime show was garbage
  10. They let him walk and test free agency i believe
  11. Trade our picks for some injured players seems to be the consensus here so I’ll go with that.
  12. I agree with you but trading a 1st for a player that’s hardly played the last two years with major injuries isn’t the best way to go about it.
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