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  1. They could if they release Murphy with the addition of Dunlap
  2. I think when Wallace is healthy he goes back outside and Jackson can replace Johnson who’s dreadful
  3. Hard to put any stock in to the defense today. Miami shut them out last week. The Jets are absolutely horrendous
  4. There’s goes the last thing Buffalo was good at.. red zone offense. Pretty much every phase of this team sucks
  5. If this defense had any backbone they would get a 3 and out right here but we all know they won’t happen.. the Jets will drive it down for more points before the half
  6. They’ve been figured out offensively it’s pretty simple. Flood lanes with zone it panics Allen and he will eventually make a mistake. The defense well it hasn’t been good at all this season
  7. Hoping they get Covid before the Bills game and don’t play. They will destroy Buffalo
  8. Bills will be laughing stock of NFL after this game.
  9. I’d like to see Diggs, Beasley, Davis dominate tomorrow. I don’t really care about the running backs. They are both meh
  10. I fully expect us to make Darnold look like an all pro and Gore resurrection for 100 yards but we still eeek out a win 23-20
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