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  1. Well with what the Jets paid to get to #3... Probably have to sell the farm now.
  2. Who else really wants a first round MLB?

  3. Who is your #2 WR to Target in free agency?

    Can Meredith was given a tender by Chicago. He was a UDFA so he would t cost a pick. Chicago would just first right of refusal.
  4. Yeah he’s having a press conference to announce a trade
  5. Tough for a 340 pound man to play in the secondary.
  6. Incognito Restructures Contract to Stay with Bills

    By converting base salary into a roster bonus per say. I’m assuming that’s what happened
  7. Why do we still not have cap numbers for Star?

    That’s the price you gotta pay In free agency. Sucks but just the way it is.
  8. Who is the better bridge qb Tyrod or AJ McCarron?

    So hard to compare the two. Totally different players. The WR production will definitely be better with AJ but he lacks the running ability.
  9. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    Him and Rosen. Our QB situation is looking nice.
  10. Bills sign Trent Murphy

    Never heard of him
  11. 40 million not including upcoming roster bonuses and Stars cap hit. Cut that in half probably.
  12. Worst local media commentator on the Bills?

    Ryan Gates only because his annoying voice