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  1. Technically he’s not a no show. He’s not allowed to participate in training camp without a contract.
  2. His son plays in the same pga junior league my buddies son does. He’s seen Ben a few times this summer said he looks really thin.
  3. I think 12-5 is my guess. So many unknown variables at this point of the off-season.
  4. If some weenie on tiktok knows this I’m pretty sure someone on the Steelers staff has also figured this out as well.
  5. Exactly. I’d imagine the same people on here bashing him for his opinions are the same people shaming and bad mouthing people who don’t want to get vaccinated. Hypocrisy at its finest.
  6. Until Bills defense can stop them he’s not wrong with his comment. Browns match up better with them.
  7. I really don’t give two farts about any other players in the league.
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