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  1. It will be a minor miracle if there’s 10-15k fans opening day.
  2. Worst case scenario pick imo. This guy has bust written all over him
  3. I highly doubt you can trade up in the 1st using only a 5th. Maybe 1 spot
  4. I agree unless Paye or the Georgia kid are there i can’t see Beane going DE at 30. Corner probably best value at that spot
  5. Gotta be better options available than the guys listed for pick 61
  6. Basham is Lawson 2.0. We need a more dynamic rusher
  7. 10 million for 2 games is a lot of money
  8. I think Dane Jackson will be Johnson’s replacement if he’s not retained after this season.
  9. Solid vet addition probably still draft one fairly high. Need 4 good solid CBs
  10. If they go RB at 30 i think he’ll be cut or traded.
  11. Jets and Dolphins have had great draft position for years and still aren’t good. Not worried about them one bit.
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