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  1. A buddy of mine albeit a cowboys fan played in tournament in Texas and was paired with Kyle. Pretty cool.
  2. If Allen takes the next step and improves they’ll win 10+ games. Pretty simple.
  3. lol what is it with Buffalo and these corny commercials and jingles?
  4. Wow that’s pretty horrible. He might very well be our best WR.. If he continues to improve he’ll be our #1
  5. I thought he was a Bills reporter for the team not an NFL historian
  6. Nothing worse than the new age little league parent.. Parents reliving their glory days through their kids. Quite pathetic
  7. 2. Is crap.. His wife travels a ton for her career. Good for him being a good father. Like him or not.
  8. I don’t see any comparison.. Foster is also 3-4 inches taller than Brown.
  9. Every year it’s the same thing people say.. one more year. Been hearing that for past 15 years
  10. Jim Kelly walking with Josh Allen
  11. Waddle isn’t fighting for a roster spot
  12. Good to hear.. Can’t understand why people are bashing him. You’d think people would be hopeful he can produce at such an important position.
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