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  1. Hopefully we can run the ball cause Flores will deploy that man to man defense that we can’t score against.
  2. I don’t think they necessarily need a true number 1. Only a few teams are lucky enough to have one of them. Another WR like Brown would be just fine as well. Just need a legit threat on the outside opposite Brown.
  3. Not sure it matters. None of our DEs can rush the QB anyway. Next up
  4. At the podium.. in locker room will probably high-five him
  5. 68 games.. Appealed and lowered to 1. Typical NFL stuff
  6. The one to end zone was perfect. Right in the WRs hands.
  7. If our QB was more on target maybe could get some of this PI calls or the occasional completion.
  8. Hindsight analysis isn’t a good look.. NFL is such a week to week league. Browns blew the Ravens out. You just never know.
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