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  1. He improved from year 1. So with that i see no way he’s cut. He’ll have a nice role in the offense
  2. Per Schefter Bills’ DE Jerry Hughes is signing a two-year extension worth up to $23 million that includes $19.5 million guaranteed, per source.
  3. If Allen continues to progress and improves his underneath passing game Beasley will be a huge weapon for him. He’s a 3rd down nightmare
  4. They have tons of cap next year. This prohibits nothing
  5. I’d say no. There’s other ways to honor him. I’d keep wall of fame for the players
  6. I agree.. Very frustrating listening to him ramble on and on about nothing most of the time. You can tell John Murphy gets frustrated with him too. He needs to go. Which they all do because they are employed by the Bills.
  7. Oh yeah there were some that thought this guys career was going to be resurrected as a blocking TE.. Couldn’t block as an OT but was future HOFer at TE
  8. Feel sorry for all the Fisher lovers that thought he was all the sudden going to be able to block
  9. Unless Allen plays poorly this season then everyone will be back to panic mode
  10. He’s just not quick enough off the ball to ever be a good pass rusher. Solid overall DE but nothing special
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