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  1. CaptnCoke11

    Josh Allen coins #SabresMafia

    NHL draft.. about as exciting as a root canal
  2. CaptnCoke11

    Josh Allen interview WGR

    Should just trade him now then since he bought a house
  3. CaptnCoke11

    Josh Rosen already impressing in Arizona.

    season over
  4. Not surprising.. That area/govt can’t support a new stadium.
  5. CaptnCoke11

    NFL.com Projects 2019 Compensatory Picks

    No.. They are doing it on purpose to piss off the comp pick nazis like you
  6. CaptnCoke11

    What's Up With Roto Lately?

    Rotoworld doesn’t break news.. They just rehash off other sources and post to their site
  7. We need more guys to run down on kickoffs to watch touchbacks.
  8. CaptnCoke11

    Saints Cut Coby Fleener

    This is a case of “i know the name let’s sign him”
  9. CaptnCoke11

    Which position shall we add next in Free Agency

    Vetern WR for sure will be added before training camp I’d imagine.
  10. Some people have quite the imagination
  11. CaptnCoke11

    Edmunds & Milano = Our Kuechly & Davis

    Milano is a pleasant surprise for a 5th round pick but for the love of god the comparison isn’t even close to LK.
  12. Which is what matters. Most fans just regurgitate what they hear on espn