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  1. I’m more of a Shenault fan. I think he’s a much better fit. He can do it all
  2. Spencer Long isn’t going anywhere. He’s a valuable reserve at a decent price.
  3. Hahaha Penn State bunch of ***** stains.. Eatin too much pedophile peach ice cream at the “creamery”
  4. Article from May of 19... Good try though
  5. What’s the infatuation with him? He played ok the short time he played this season. Wouldn’t be counting on him to being anything more than a rotational piece
  6. Can’t see them paying him 10+ million a season when they just drafted Ford and have to pay Dawkins here very shortly.
  7. AFC isn’t good. Not surprised
  8. Probably doesn’t care. Neither would I
  9. If i had one complaint about them it would be tackling but the defense as a whole was bad this year in that category.
  10. Judon and Dupree will be getting paid right with him.
  11. I think if he spends big on one FA this offseason it will be a pass rusher.
  12. He definitely mistimed that throw.. His feet left the ground before the ball got there. Should of been a fairly routine sideline toe tap for an NFL receiver
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