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  1. I have an old Wilson brand Jim Kelly Jersey I bought back in 1986 it was originally white but has turned kind oy yellowish over time.
  2. I must have misunderstood what this thread was about. Sorry about that just chalk it up to old age, I guess.
  3. I'm 57 and I embrace the hype that the Bills are getting. The drought was way too long and now it is time to shine so enjoy it.
  4. This is the reason that I don't watch any kind of talk shows.
  5. Why is it every time we fans get excited about the Bills. Some party pooper finds it necessary to tell us to "pump the brakes." Well I have been a Bills fan since 1970 and seen a lot more ups and downs than you have so I would rather step on the gas and go all in and finally win that Super Bowl trophy. If you want to live in fear of being disappointed then you pump your own brakes I'm just going to let the chips fall where they may.
  6. I'm lucky if I can eat 4 let alone 40 but I'm not a 25-year-old pro football player either.
  7. I'm ready for the 2022 season and now the 2021 season is water under the bridge.
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