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  1. Do I get to test the vehicle out BEFORE, or AFTER, she goes on the weight loss program she's always touting? Asking for a friend..........
  2. Are you seriously asking who Dan Patrick is? If so, I'm gonna need to see some I.D. so I can let you buy beer.......
  3. Agreed. While we do just enough to win, we never show up looking completely unprepared.
  4. Team Bleu Cheese here...........
  5. Yeah, and I miss ALL THE HOF'ERS WE USED TO HAVE!!!!! Seriously.........when does week 7 come along..........
  6. I like me some Josh Allen, but he currently isn't the dime that P-M is. Josh is a fun "7" currently. I'll take a "10" all day and night (crazy dimes need not apply).
  7. "I've never worn a suit before. Man this is weird........"
  8. Having gone through a "crappy everything at once in life" situation, I'd rather ball it up in one lump vs. spread it out.
  9. She's BALLER. Can she play O-line and push some fools around for us!???!
  10. I think @Patrick_Duffy is interested........
  11. You're in the right profession........start there and see where it goes.
  12. Hmmmmm.....I'll need a memory jog on that one.
  13. This couldn't work out better for me. We're on bye, and I have a 1pm invite to a brewery for a wedding reception. Extremely casual dress, free booze and food. I'll be rooting for the Bengals to win.
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