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  1. This was a GREAT interview and gave the Bills more karma.
  2. Something about "She can freshen my drink, govnah."
  3. I'm not nervous at all, since before Indy. What I am, is dreading the potential for no more games after Sunday. That's the only thing for me.
  4. '85 Bears are still living off their win. I want the FIDGNWDAMN win now. Give it to me. NOW.
  5. I mean this in the best way possible: Buffalo people are ridiculous in how much they care about ANYTHING. It's crazy. But it's us.
  6. "Inmates running the prison" should have gotten him fired like Sterling instantly.
  7. I have a friend who "wants" McDermott in a good way. Is this the thread for that?
  8. https://www.blessingsinabackpack.org/donate-greatest-need/
  9. I've been wearing a candy-cane Xmas sweater for 9 weeks. Continues.
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