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  1. The beginning of those magical runs started right there.
  2. In other rules news: Tabled a proposal from the Buffalo Bills that would have pushed back interviews for general manager and head-coaching positions until after the championship round of the playoffs and would have prevented hires until after the Super Bowl. It will be further studied.
  3. Like: Tennessee Cool city, no taxes. Dislike: LA Chargers Who gives a bleep about this team?
  4. Anyone here that puts a Bill on the cover is signing a death wish for the season.
  5. Once again, Mike Brown, the cheapskate, makes his players ride the freight elevator in the building. Mike is CHEAP. (I live here, you can't flame me.) *whispers loudly* THAT'S BECAUSE THERE ISN'T A DIFFERENCE.
  6. Mr. Car Guy here. You haven't said what you want. Start there, and let me either judge you based on what you want, or educate you based on what you want, and THEN I'll recommend something.
  7. Around here, they are ALL serious threads. So buckle in and enjoy the ride before it gets yelly up in this piece.
  8. When they don't say a word after I say "Hello" I hang up after about 2 seconds. That's the trick.
  9. I'm 43 and these were very popular back in my day. Better drink the whole thing, don't leave it for tomorrow.....
  10. It was a commercial for the draft, at a break in Around the Horn.
  11. More overrated: Marcell Dareus, or Clowney? Discuss.
  12. My ex-wife is reporting feeling terrible after 7pm yesterday through now, after #2. Hopefully it gets better as the day goes on.
  13. I just saw this during Around the Horn. LFG for this season, already. I want to play in the new LA stadium in February. Anything else is a downer season.
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