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  1. I wear shorts and a t-shirt to work, and my commute is about 10'. Always has been for the past 3 years. I think I'd rather be in the upper deck loo's when @plenzmd1 is dumping his fuel than ever wear a suit again. RIP Brooks Brothers.
  2. It's not a team decision, it's a states decision. NY has already said no. Considering we are trending right into the ditch across America, we'll be lucky to get ANY games played, period.
  3. It's SOOOO good when done properly. You get to add all kinds of flavors/garnishes to it tableside.
  4. I go back to something I said early on; let's simulate the season week by week, playing the actual schedule with the actual rosters, on Madden. Broadcasters can still do their jobs, it's entertainment, and it won't count at all except in our hearts.
  5. Sure, a woman of power, and she's tall. Good hair. I'll give it a spin.
  6. No way in hades that football players would take a temporary paycut, considering the danger of the job as it is. Add in a pandemic, and I'd absolutely not play if this went through.
  7. Hmmmmm, that's a sneaky loophole you found there. I'll allow it and if we're gonna do that, I'll throw in Stop Making Sense as well.
  8. Those are fabulous choices. I love Garden State's soundtrack.
  9. Did you know he personally responds to every piece of fanmail he ever got?
  10. You gettin' some of this on the side?
  11. Hmmmmm.......I want to say Gene Simmons but I dunno.
  12. I always pay more for the upgraded non-1st class seats. It's worth it these days. I'd gladly fly on a specific flight with 3' of open space in front of me, even if I had to change dates to get that specific plane/flight. Flying stinks these days.....probably why I get nice and numb before hopping in the bird!
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