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  1. Sorry about that, Clem. Great pic. Best wishes. Maybe he'll talk to the Big Guy about getting us a W this Sunday.
  2. Beat me to it. I was going to say "I didn't know that website existed."
  3. Gotta keep building that O-Line for Devin and Josh. Get that 100% squared away and look out. They've been pretty good this year, don't get me wrong.
  4. Right.........that's why I threw my junk on the copy machine, and threw my "resume" in the mail.
  5. The ONLY thing that would make this hideous option GREAT, would be the red helmets.
  6. She needs a MAN in her life. My resume is in the mail.
  7. ONLY if the owners hears about it from within the franchise......he sounds like he wants to start over completely. But it's a good choice and thought.
  8. She's pretty, yo......(and I sincerely hope she's healthy and happy)
  9. You spent time workshopping that joke...............and I appreciate it.
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