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  1. He's on a roll, folks.......that bleep is hilarious. While speed wasn't what i remember, it was him being open and making plays....
  2. His lovely girl is awesome and almost the same age!
  3. He's doing well, for those that care.........I have him on speakerphone.
  4. The person you are referencing wears #17. If he wants to earn that $$$, he now needs to lead beyond what he's already doing internally.
  5. New threads on the same topic are the caviar of TBD. Christian Wade.
  6. This is WAY too kind to describe the Pegula Sabres. They are the stinky dumpster you walk past and actually say out loud, "Geez, that is horrible."
  7. Very cool. I saw them in July 2016 at RR; I have a giant dusk artwork picture over my couch of RR. Magical place that changed my life for the better, and for worse. We are trying to convey that; someone or something simply needs to capture one of the Voyagers: https://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/golden-record/
  8. Great.........enjoy Tampa, KC, GB, or the Bills as your SB possibilities. Otherwise, you go make your money with Jared Goff in Detroit and deuces.
  9. I just saw this on ESPN; I stopped riding in traffic last year after a friend of mine lost a work colleague on the exact public road I used to ride on. I bought a new Yakima bike rack on Sunday and ONLY stick to trails with no vehicles these days. Hope he makes it.
  10. Yeah likewise........as a season ticket holder at age 14, I barely could muster up a bathroom run due to this exact scenario!
  11. Minnie Pearl didn't want any of your love? Well........you still have a shot with the one on the right, at least.
  12. There are no locks, nor are there flying Asian carp. DENIED, by @ExiledInIllinois
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