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  1. If you aren't afraid, you are joking yourself.......
  2. I hope the nation gets to watch KC beat NE by 30. I'll take that vs. large-scale TV coverage.
  3. Oh COME ON, Spero again? He may as well be a team employee!!
  4. So bummed I won't be there with 30K Bills fans.....the scene inside the hotels would have been amazing.
  5. It gonna happen. Miss an extra point or two, or an FG, and we will lose a game we could have won. @Virgil will not survive a :02 left field goal to tie or win the game. I may not either.
  6. The NFL will play Wednesday at noon if need be, this season.
  7. She probably has gout from eating too much liver...... You beat me to it.
  8. You clearly haven't met the OP.
  9. I fell off my ladder at my old house while cleaning the roof before selling it. On the way down I assumed I would die. Sloped driveway, one slight wrong move. I will never get on a ladder again without a second person holding it. And SCREW heights when not in a car or airplane. I rode the swings at Fantasy Island a few summers ago and almost started yelling for the guy to shut it off! I'm 42....
  10. Good teams find ways to win games they shouldn't. Hmmmm........history repeating itself?
  11. Hopefully they will get another one, in me. I hope to move to Cheyenne some day. Wyoming is dope.
  12. 1. Nice screen name. 2. I had no idea who Dunaway was. Now I do.
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