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  1. Holy moses.............didn't see THAT coming.
  2. This is a completely credible story. I saw it linked in three other places. The kicker is that Bon Jovi is the pre-game entertainment once it opens. Not happy about that. @BringBackFergy
  3. Now THAT'S a messed up film. Highly.
  4. I will vote for Laura Linney for whatever top award is out there for a streaming show for Best Actor. She's INCREDIBLE! Oh, and yeah, she can launder my money anytime. Spoiler alert, there's a "trust the process" reference!
  5. There's only ONE member of your band I'd even want to see those from...........
  6. I'm through 5 episodes in season 3. Still loving every minute of it! Who knew the little fella on the right would go on to be in two extraordinarily popular shows (NO, I'm not taking about the Hogan Family).
  7. Is there a way to have this done on Madden with the 2020 rosters and expected player contributions? Keep the RedZone, keep the network schedules, and play all games on Madden, once a week, just like "real" football. You choose which games you want to watch, and we have a full virtual season.
  8. Why, what happened? The KY goveneror's update came on midway through the 4th quarter and the Falcons were comfortably ahead, 28-9. I assume they finished off the *Pats......
  9. I want those two people in the same room together someday. Make this happen, Mr. President!!
  10. Every day we move forward with this situation, the more I think it's going to be 2021 before we return to any kind of normal life. 2020 will be a marker like September 11 was. There was a before, and now an after, and life is fundamentally altered because of it. Of course I hope for football like the rest of us........hell, I was actually ENJOYING watching the Patriots-Falcons SB yesterday on Fox. But we are definitely not in the clear by any means.
  11. That's a great story. Hopefully George's passion and knowledge has been instilled in other natural-grass fieldkeeper's minds around sports.
  12. All correct. If this country would just legalize it in all states, you'd have EASY quarantined times. No one will leave home!
  13. I'd like a draft beer, thank you very much. I can't get enough, of that wonderful.......
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