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Texans releasing JJ Watt

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8 hours ago, BillsShredder83 said:

I read right here he "annoys" alot of people for being a face of the league and constantly doing charity and loving onhis city... couldn't agree more. He should be beating broads up and breaking his kids arm! Maybe then I'd want him here 🙄 so what if our pass rush is non existent, there's definitely zero role, even rotationally and on 3rd downs, for him here. It's so good that he's going to a division competitor like Pittsburgh likely!!! Phewww really hope we dodge this


How can anyone not admire this guy. Not only was he one of the most dominant defensive players in my lifetime, the amount of good work he's done for others is tremendous.  Buffalonians love themselves for donating $17, this guy has raised millions for people in need and unlike Buffalonians, he doesn't brag about it. He's a role model if there ever was one in sports.

16 minutes ago, BuffBillsForLife said:

I think Watt is phoney as heck but he's a great competitor and he would be a huge upgrade, git 'er dun OBD.

What does that mean? Misspelling phony besides the point.

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Oh please sweet baby Jesus, get it done Beane. Get it done right now

You don’t trade JJ Watt if you’re the Texans, you release him so he can go where he wants. It’s the classy move.

I think I figured this out.    1:14 AM Feb 24, 2021   1+1+4+2+4+2+0+2+1=17   Josh Allen! 

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For what JJ has done for communities I admire in him.... But this is a football decision... a Business decision...


drop the emotions

drop the past garbage he has said.


IF he is good to go for the next 2 years till we can get out of draft hell then great.. at the right price..


If the price is not right then no..


its that simple..



some of the arguments made in this thread has just gotten silly  

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7 minutes ago, Buffalo03 said:

If we sign Watt, we should make a song called "Play that funky music, Watt boy" to play in the stadium whenever he gets a sack

All due respect, don’t quit your day job.

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7 hours ago, Reed83HOF said:

JJ is still pretty damn good. 




Yep Watt would be an amazing addition to the team. Offenses doubled Oliver many times this year. They can't double Oliver and Watt without extra protection. With Star coming back the whole defensive line could make a resurgence in 2021.

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3 hours ago, DrDawkinstein said:


The Salary Cap is a myth.


The Saints are $100M over cap, and looking at their ledger, have no way of getting under cap AND fielding any sort of team. But they are in that situation EVERY year. And just like every other year, they'll figure out a way to do it.

No what the Saints did was kick the cam down the road too many times. This is the year they feel it. Salary cap definitely isn’t a myth......there are ways to get around it for a year or 2, but eventually it catches up to you. 

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Trying to assess if J.J. still has enough left in the tank (via stats):



- At the start of next season, J.J. will be 32-1/2 years old.

- He has missed 32 of his last 80 games (over the last 5 years) due to injury

- Over the last 5 years, he has only had more than 5 sacks in 1 season (2018), which will be 3 years ago at the start of next season.

- He has only had one monster season (2018) since he was the best DE in the league (between 2012-2015)



- He did play all 16 games last year and played 91% of Houston's defensive snaps

- In the two seasons that he was healthy over the last 5 years (2018 and 2020), his stats were still good...with that monster season in 2018 (16 sacks, 61 tackles)

- In 2020, despite his sack total being down (only 5 sacks), his other stats were still pretty good:

  52 tackles, 14 tackles for loss, he created 3 turnovers (2 strip sacks and a pick six), at least 6 batted balls at the line, 7 passes defended, 5 sacks, 17 QB knockdowns


So, my assessment would be, with the Bills defensive line rotation, he could still be very productive in Buffalo next year. If his snap count goes down from his normal 90% in Houston to say where Jerry's snap count was this year (58%), that should mitigate age and injury risk a bit. I think he could be very valuable to the Bills, I just wouldn't want to break the bank for him at this stage in his career (and because you would be asking him to do/play less than he has to this point in his career).

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Not sure if JJ fits, the Bills need to get younger and more dynamic at DE. Unless they plan on releasing Addison and still brining in a younger DE. 


But I wouldn't hate JJ, I just think there are better directions to go. 

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