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Super Bowl Game Thread: Kansas City at Tampa Bay 6:30 Eastern on CBS

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2 minutes ago, streetkings01 said:

Chiefs can’t keep expecting to make a comeback all the time, eventually they’re gonna get blown out and tonight might be that night.

They’ve never lost by double digits since Mahomes has been their QB. How bizarre is that?

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The Kansas city fan base deserves this game. 

Chiefs fans in a nutshell 

Watch LaVonte David and see why you dont pay Milano 14 million. They are on completely different levels. 

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2 minutes ago, wvbillsfan said:

These guys are on the halftime show talking about not throwing the flags. If it’s a penalty throw the flag regardless of stage. 
If that’s how it’s going to be as in we aren’t throwing flags then why wouldn’t teams just grab and hold and bump. 

Pitino’s old Louisville squads played like this all the time.  

Clutch, grab, push... He knew the officials would adjust to the established level of physicality which gave his team a leg up on defense. 

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1 minute ago, Freddie's Dead said:


Not rooting for KC, just against Marcia.  Either way sucks, but for me, KC winning sucks less than the GCOAT getting #7.

Brady is a douche no doubt.  The Chiefs have multiple douches. It’s much easier to root for the Bucs tonight for me. 

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1 minute ago, TheFunPolice said:

You know it's bad when the halftime show calls out the 1 sided refereeing


The Bucs haven't held or committed PI all game?

Nope.  They've been playing off the receivers...and not giving Mahomes time.

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3 minutes ago, Buffalo Boy said:

Two weeks ago it was “ Blanket Coverage” and they are “ letting them play”

If you can’t see it you might schedule a visit to your local optometrist 😉

By fix you mean the refs have fixed the game for Brady? The whole crew? Or was the fix in against the Bills two weeks ago? Or were both games fixed? Did the refs call the TO on 3rd and 2. 

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