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  1. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Bye bye Rex on MNF

    So true, Beth Mowins has no business being involved with anything broadcast related. But since she is a women she can suck at her job and keep it.
  2. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Bills Seahawks parallel

    The BIG IF is if Josh Allen can play like Russel Wilson did and put up solid numbers without turning the football over. Seattle also had a good O-Line and the key players they had on all levels of that defense were top 5 talent. If Allen plays well as a rookie starter I could see a comparison being made to Seattle.
  3. We where going to lose that game either way, might as well give the rookie a shot. Taylor was playing bad and it was not out of the realm of him being benched. Add in HC Lynn's knowledge of Taylor's weaknesses and that the Chargers defense is a better version of a Jets defense that destroyed Taylor and you have grounds for a benching.
  4. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Bills Thin on “O”

    Then how was the flag moving in the vacuum of space?
  5. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Shaq Lawson will not make it

    He is the last one to react when the ball is snapped. He would've been better off trying to get his weight to 305 and play DT.
  6. Call_Of_Ktulu

    EJ Manuel says benching with Bills sent him into depression

    I'm sorry to hear that Limeaide, I'll try to do better. Sending players into depression is one thing but doing it to a fellow Bills fan is uncalled for.
  7. Call_Of_Ktulu

    EJ Manuel says benching with Bills sent him into depression

    Watching EJ play on Sunday sent me into depression.
  8. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Brandin Cooks Signs New Deal With Rams

    Their is no such thing as the salary cap, you can spend and push that money back and back and back and back. Their are just cheap owners.
  9. You really think we made the playoffs because of the play of Tyrod Taylor? It's not like Mayfield and Allen are trying to win the starting job over Brady or Rodgers. The rookies should be making it hard on the coaches in their descision on who to start week 1. Taylor is a rank 19 to 24 type QB, Mayfield should at least make it competitive is all I'm saying.
  10. Call_Of_Ktulu

    2018 Playoff game vs Jags

    100% agree.
  11. If Mayfield is not ready to compete with a QB who had a horrid playoff game and at least three games during the season that made you shake your head, than the Browns are in big trouble.
  12. After a few of his performances during the season and the Jaguars playoff game I can easily see why any HC would try and upgrade. No excuses about WR's dropping passes or not having enough weapons on offense, their were plays that could've been made but Taylor lacks the passing skills to execute them. I think Taylor will start off 0-3 and the HC will be fired and the beginning of the Mayfield era will begin.
  13. Call_Of_Ktulu

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    They just mentioned it on 670 sports radio in Chicago. Can't believe they even mentioned it.
  14. Call_Of_Ktulu

    You Won't Like This Gronk Spike 😞

    If he has a movie career I will eat my shoe. I can't see him lasting long in WWE either. Once he is out of football he will be forgotten.