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  1. Call_Of_Ktulu

    T.J. Hockenson

    The only thing Croom has is athletic ability. Covented WR almost never pan out as good TE's and in Croom's case he is a horrid blocker, bad route runner, questionable ball security and hands. I was actually hoping Croom would be released but that will probably happen in TC with hopefully a infusion of talent with at least 3 new TE's.
  2. Call_Of_Ktulu

    With expectations higher, is anyone else calm?

    My expectations are slowly rising, mainly because of Josh Allen and our ability to upgrade important positions of need through FA and the draft. McD is getting better each year and seems to be a good coach and leader that the players seem to follow. We still have a ways to go but at least the arrow feels like it is pointed up.
  3. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Would you trade a high 2020 draft choice for AB?

    I believe in acquiring elite talent and AB is certainly that but at the age of 30 he is not worth a 1st rd pick. I would maybe give up a 3rd and another late rd pick but at 30 I'm not sure if this team is at the stage where AB would even consider playing for them.
  4. Call_Of_Ktulu

    LeSean McCoy

    I'm not sure, I just rewatched the Bills vs Giants super bowl and I miss Thurman so much. I still think he is easily in the conversation for best RB ever. Without Thurman there is no way we go to 4 Super Bowls. I think Shady is pretty much done and I'm only bringing up Thurman because I just watched that SB and realized how valuable an elite RB really is. People who think you can just draft a RB in the 3rd or 5th rd and think you will get Pro Bowl like production are kidding themselves. I know the position has changed and it's more of a rotational type setup now but I still think a strong stable of RB's is still the best route to the playoffs.
  5. Call_Of_Ktulu

    LeSean McCoy

    I agree, his cutting ability and burst are gone. RB's like Shady don't last long once they lose it. The life and excitement that Thurman Thomas brought to this franchise with a young Jim Kelly needs to be recreated. Thurman Thomas was such a monster leading the league in all purpose yards all those years. It makes you really rethink the value of the RB position.
  6. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Bills have only 5 players left from before McDermott arrived

    I have a feeling even with an upgraded O-Line Shady is going to be really bad.
  7. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Charles Clay Released

    We are the only team that could release all of our TE's and none of them would be signed in FA.
  8. Call_Of_Ktulu

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    If you hit on that TE like Gronk the things you can do to another team is endless. I think right now we have the worst TE's in the NFL from top to bottom. We need to upgrade the TE position big time.
  9. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Flacco is a mystery to me. I think he had one of the best playoff and super bowl performances ever, he was so amazing as a passer in that playoff/super bowl run. I don't know why his numbers took such a dive, I still think if you put talent around Flacco that he could be a top 10 QB. If the Broncos can just make it to the playoffs they should be ok, Flacco seems to flick a switch in the playoffs and is just deadly accurate.
  10. Both are elite players but I agree Bell is the better fit for us. The draft is a crap shoot, proven elite talent is out there in FA or through trade and we need at least 1 of them. I am hoping we sigh Bell, Adam Humphries, Donte Moncrief, Maxx Williams, Trent Brown and Matt Paradis in FA.
  11. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Josh Allen and Sam Darnold hanging out at Rough N’ Rowdy

    I actually don't mind the Jets, it's the Patriots and Dolphins that make me sick. I don't know if it's a NY connection kind of thing or what but the Jets just don't get me to the level of anger that the Pats and Fish do.
  12. I think Shady is on his last leg, he has obviously lost a step and the elusiveness has taken a hit as well. Hunt would've been the perfect type of RB to pair with a big mobile QB like Allen. With a upgraded O-Line I could easily see Hunt rushing for 1,200 and 10 TD's even with a two game suspension.
  13. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Which non-Bills draft pick stung the most?

    When we traded up and took Sammy over Mack I threw a chair into the wall. You don't make a trade up like that unless it's a QB or a guy that kills the other QB. With Mack on this team our whole secondary would be in the pro bowl. This is the reason you draft elite talent when you have a chance in the top ten. Guys like Mack are game changers and make it appear that the defense has 12 men on the field every play. I still cannot believe we passed on Khalil Mack, just shows how stupid some GM's really are. How you could watch his combine and the way he played in college and not know that he was going to be a top 3 DE is beyond me. I feel so ***** sick right now.
  14. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Report: Bills working on extension for Jordan Phillips

    If they pay him like Star L this is a bad move, if they pay him half of what Star is making its at least solid.
  15. Who gives a *****, this crap should only be seen on a Patriots message board. I'm hating that cheating team so much that I'm starting to take it out on Patriots fans that live in Chicago. Thank god they are very few.