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  1. This is way different, the 85 Bears defense was great but they were not ready for the WR sets that the Dolphins were using. This Dolphins team is nowhere near this crappy one that we just lost too.
  2. Funny how these reports always come out after the player is drafted or signs a contract
  3. This is what a good O-line coach does, he assess the talent quickly and makes moves.
  4. I still want to know who was calling the defensive plays in the 4th qtr of the KC playoff game.
  5. I don’t blame him, the dollar will probably be worthless in 2 years. If he was really smart he would ask to be paid in rubles which is at least backed by the gold standard.
  6. Allen needs to call Meatball right now and get some pointers. I would love to see Meatball in this
  7. Hill will be the 1st to hammer Tua when they are 2 and 6 and Hills stats are 30 380 yards and 3 TD’s.
  8. Put him on Diggs throughout practice to get a early read on him. I bet Diggs burns him a lot.
  9. I would start the transition to FS if he struggles this year. He was never a super fast CB, his anticipation and film study sets Tre apart. I fear that the loss of speed and agility from the injury will turn Tre into a better than average CB.
  10. If he was the one that called the ultra prevent defense in the KC playoff game he should be fired not awarded. Can someone step up and claim this, if not it falls on the DC by default.
  11. Corrupt just like everything else in this wonderful world
  12. Whaley and Brandon are the main reason we sucked for 20 years. The Steelers would be wise to steer clear of him.
  13. I feel for the guy, to lose your brother and mother is just horrible. He has made some mistakes but I hope nothing but the best for Dareus.
  14. The Dallas scouting report also said Elam has T Rex arms.
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