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  1. Daboll won’t get us 2 3rd rd picks, he is useless to us.
  2. I couldn’t tell if it was the wind or Lamar. God was Lamar bad.
  3. Unless they drastically change the rules where QB that run with the football get a automatic 10 yard Lamar is done. Lamar is TT with elite athletic ability. That might get u to the playoffs but you will never win a super bowl
  4. Almost 3,881 yds 33tds and 7ints are the type of numbers that carry a team to the playoffs? I do think Jimmy G will be better than that if he goes to the Pats.
  5. You would think after you just fired one failed HC from buffalo that you would not take a chance on another. We need to keep winning to prevent teams from signing him.
  6. I disagree, just like Tannehill looked like crap so does Jimmy G right now. Jimmy will be a much better version of Tannehill if he goes to the right team.
  7. I am a huge fan of Jimmy G, I think the 49ers focused more on the running game then developing Jimmy. I still feel like Jimmy G could become a Romo level QB and that is the last thing I want in NE.
  8. When your a Billionaire you don’t really care what an ant has to say.
  9. So you're saying we might need to play the browns twice?
  10. I’ve done that before, when you are a skilled pipe fitter work comes to u
  11. Either your team is talented enough to win or its not. I would rather make it to another SB and lose than lose to KC in the AFC championship game. We have sucked for 20 years, I wear my Bills gear all the time in Chicago and take some ***** from time to time about it. I will say that we definitely have a shot this year with a high powered offense and a defense that is in the process of improving week to week. Enjoy the ride.
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