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  1. I feel like this will be a low scoring game with defense and special teams standing out.
  2. I take the talented QB 10 out of 10 times if he drops to you. If you are a GM and have a QB rated at the top of you draft board you take him. If you end up having 2 good QB’s you keep the better one and trade the other for two 1st rd picks.
  3. If Yeldon can’t beat Gore I don’t even want to see him play. We obviously made a huge mistake with Wade and we need to pray that Singletary can stay healthy. We we will be totally one dimensional if Singletary goes down.
  4. After so so so many beer’s on game day I just come to the Bill’s message board to just post something to feel like I’ve done something for the day.
  5. This has Patriots written all over it. I like Maher but if you kick in a dome you should have better numbers.
  6. I am a little disappointed in him. Considering the weather conditions and the Ravens slight weakness stoping the run, I cannot believe we didn’t pound the running game more. It’s not all on Daboll but it seemed like they were not ready for all the blitzing that the Ravens did. I will probably watch it 5 more times tonight after I get off work. I think Allen missed on a lot of big plays with some of the blitz packages the Ravens used. Knox needs to be better, I know TE/WR’s take time to gel and learn the game but a lot of offensive players had bad games.
  7. Don’t watch the All 22 you will just get sick. Watched the replay of the game on The ticket and I’m surprised Hughes didn’t lose it. He was held so much in this game and not even a freaking call. I still think this was the worst officiating that I have seen so far. At the very least when we make the playoffs there is no way we see this horrid crew.
  8. Keep’em coming, that asterisk is going to be the size of the moon when all is said and done. I think all the really crazy stuff will probably come out 10 years after Belicheat and Brady retire. Any time evidence is destroyed you can pretty much assume the worst case scenario. In the Patriots case a lot of evidence has been destroyed.
  9. For as much as the fans drink in that stadium I'm waiting for the full field fan incursion. Worst officiated game I have watched in a long time.
  10. I have always thought Brown was more of a role player. He has speed, solid hands and run ok routes. We need a #1 WR very badly, it would open things up for so many players if we did. I don’t feel like we have 1 player on this offense that demands a double team. Brown is bracketed sometimes but usually is single covered.
  11. I would give the Refs a F for this game. Just a horrid all around job. I hope we never see this crew again.
  12. With that kind of crazy wind it might be easier said than done. I think its it’s a no brainer for the Bills next stadium to be a dome.
  13. The officiating may suck every week but I’m just curious why we are always on the losing end of it. I hope this whole crew gets a stomach virus and is puking for 3 days because they almost made me sick today.
  14. Officials were so horrid again today and we were at home. They definitely make watching football hard to watch. This was the worst crew so far this year.
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