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  1. Just get him a home in Texas in the offseason and he should be fine.
  2. That game almost made me stop watching football. The calls were so one sided it seemed like a rigged game or like watching a WWE scripted match.
  3. Pipe dream, this guy is going in the top 12 picks
  4. I’m not counting on Star, I never thought he was more than a average NT. Being out for a year I’m not expecting much from him. Last year felt like a bad year for the DL and this one feels close to the same.
  5. I would take Tedarrell Slaton in the 1st Rd.
  6. Every contract has incentives in it and if you have Lamar as your QB you will never get them as a WR.
  7. Too many bad throws by Cam to get into any type of rhythm.
  8. Going to the Ravens as a WR is committing career suicide.
  9. I was never a fan of this guy, I feel like he is below average at everything but speed but has terrible vision.
  10. Just like Fred from Scooby Doo, without that ascot there is no way he would’ve solved all those mysteries.
  11. This is why I drink Gentleman Jack, sometimes I drink the whole 750ml at weddings but like the name implies I’m still a gentleman.
  12. I think of Sammy and Dareus in the same way. Both have immense talent, both could’ve been in the top 3 at their positions. I believe Sammy still has elite talent, if he has a great offseason and can stay healthy he could be a force with Diggs. If Diggs work ethic rubs off on Sammy Allen could put up some amazing numbers.
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