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  1. LOLmar Jackson

    I was one of the biggest Watson fans, I wanted us to draft him so badly. LOLmar and Watson should never be mentioned in the same post, Watson is a 1,000 times better passer. 25 fumbles in college is rediculously bad, in the NFL I bet you can double that number.
  2. LOLmar Jackson

    That's awesome, I'm calling him LOLmar for the 2 years that he's in the NFL.
  3. Shoe size? Does it matter?

    Shoe size does matter, I have 13 inch feet and it's pretty close.
  4. Tyrod Taylor turning heads in Cleveland.

    With the way offense's are moving the football turning the ball over is turning the ball over. I agree that turning over the ball at the LOS is worst than punting it 40 yards.
  5. Tyrod Taylor turning heads in Cleveland.

    I don't think TT is a good QB at all, I think we got so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so very lucky to even make it into the playoffs. I predicted before the game that Taylor would be ultra conservative and over throw passes so they would have no chance to be picked off. I would like to see a statistic for turnover that counts all INT's, Fumbles and every time the offense has to punt the football. If you add all that up I bet Taylor is in the top 3 for turnovers in 2017.
  6. It's like not even having a pick at 12, that's how sure I am that Lamar is a bust.
  7. I agree, that's way too much money for a below average WR.
  8. Browns at 2

    I could see this happening if the Browns really want Barkley. It would make it cheaper for us to trade up for a QB.
  9. Tyrod Taylor turning heads in Cleveland.

    Wait until he throws the football, people's heads will be poppping off.
  10. Kick The Tires on Brandon Marshall?

    I think he's Bipolar and mentally unstable, please keep him away from Zay Jones.
  11. I wanted Whaley fired after his 1st year as GM. Doug Failey.
  12. Show Me Your Allegiance! Trade Up or Stay Put POLL

    I would prefer to trade up to any position if there is a QB the Bills like available. If 3 QB's are off the board with the 1st 3 picks I think we will keep our picks.
  13. I have such a gut feeling that Shady or Hughes will be packaged in a trade deal to move up.
  14. The Lamar Jackson Sandbag

    Lamar is not even in the same zip code when it comes to passing the football compared to Watson. Lamars little twig legs are going to get shattered, NFL defense's will be saying the same things about Lamar as they did with Taylor, Make Him Be a QB.
  15. Nick Foles Would Love the Opportunity to Start Again

    He will be losing out on a ton of money, his value is at its highest point right now. All it will take is a starting WR and a few O-lineman lost to injury and Foles will be back where he started.