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  1. I can see us wasting a top 3 defense because we can't find even a solid QB through FA or the Draft. I cannot believe how bad this offense is as a whole.
  2. Derek Anderson is going to make me puke if I watch the offense.
  3. I agree give them Shady and a 2nd rd pick and Peterman if they want him. I think Foles is a solid QB, he runs hot and cold but if he gets hot he is hard to beat. Plus I think he hates Tom Brady.
  4. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    I am cursed with this team, I lost in FFL because other guy I was playing had Houstons defense and I lost by 2 points because of the Peterman pick 6. Now this week the guy I am playing has Indys defense and Peterman is probably starting. This is a 500$ FFL with 10$ transaction fees, come on Bills help me out here.
  5. Call_Of_Ktulu

    The Answer is Sitting in Tampa Bay

    What are your thoughts about what the Bills should do at the QB position?
  6. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Joe B: Zay Jones is the Bills #1 WR at this point

    Croom and Thomas look so bad out there and Clay looks like he is just going through the motions. Zay Jones should be the only person to survive the WR/TE purge of 2019.
  7. If Castillo isn't fired in the bye or after the season is over I'm going start making my own cyanide from apple seeds.
  8. Anderson sucks, I will just watch the defense play and change to another game when the offense is on the field. I still cannot believe Anderson is even on this team. Castillo needs to be fired in the bye week with Peterman and KB.
  9. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Pregame thread: Wk 6 Bills at Texans, 1 pm on CBS

    This is the type of game I didn't want to see.
  10. I love Shady but he's 30 and if you can get a 2nd or 3rd you pull the trigger
  11. I liked Cooper a lot in college. Thought he ran good routes and had good hands. His game speed is serviceable, I feel like he's a slight upgrade to Woods as a WR. If we traded Shady for a 3rd and then used it to get Cooper I would not mind it.
  12. I agree, I'm very close to not even caring if they release him after the bye week.
  13. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Quick Fantasy Question

    Shady, he is overdue for a 20 point day.
  14. This defense is going to be very good very soon. With Foles you know if you put talent around him that he can make use of it. Those passes he was making in the playoffs and super bowl were pinpoint accurate. I would trade them Shady and a 3rd rd pick for Foles and let Allen develop for 2 years. It's obvious they want Shady back very badly, getting Foles would be the only way I would make the trade.
  15. Trade Shay for Foles strait up and release Anderson and Peterman. Let Allen learn under Foles for 2 years, Foles can come in and help us maybe make a playoff push.