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  1. I agree, the ref have always been biased toward the Pats but this year it's on a whole new level. I rewatch our division and some FFL teams on Sunday ticket. So much holding and the Pats skate that grey area on those quick pass pick plays.
  2. I would give White what NE gave Gilmore right now and call it a day.
  3. I have to work on this myself, Popeyes is addicting.
  4. When Gore signed here he was mainly looked at as a short yardage RB, Grind out the clock for the win RB. He still has great vision and can run with power but I can’t see him hitting a hole and taking it in for a long TD.
  5. Normally I don’t even respond to these treads but this one definitely had me thinking about it.
  6. It doesn’t matter in Miami they have a 10,000,000$ sound system that pipes in crowd noise. Miami was the most annoying stadium I have ever gone too. That 1st down chant is so damn lame”Thats another Miami Dolphins 1st down”. Most of the area around the stadium looks like a demilitarized zone, every house has bars on the windows and doors. It smells like dead fish in a 20 mile radius of the stadium. The Dolphins should get fined for piping in that much fake crowd noise.
  7. Yea I’m just going off memory, I didn’t remember how long he was HC for. I do remember him not having a good record.
  8. He was the intern and the next year he was HC. I think he is one of those DC’s that is a much better coordination than a HC. Dan Quinn and Fangio fall into the same category, very good DC who are better suited to stay coordinators.
  9. Frazier is a great DC but I’m not sure he would make a good HC. I really don’t want Frazier leaving and I would consider making him the highest paid DC so he stays. Frazier is a big reason this secondary is one of the best. Frazier is also a huge reason our young players on defense are developing so quickly. Daboll seems like he would try to be a HC but I also don’t think he would be a good HC. I think both of our coordinators are fine right where they are.
  10. He is the Patriot killer and that's why I love him. I think him just being on the Bills as Allens backup gives us good JuJu vs the Patriots.
  11. I don’t really see anyone else on this team getting hate unless Croom comes back. I was hoping Zay and Croom we’re shown the door at the same time.
  12. Show me on this doll where Gruden touched you.
  13. The Chargers have some elite talent and have a very good team personnel wise. They seem to always be in this situation and I think Lynn is maybe a hair better as a HC than Vrabel.
  14. Allen is still not seeing open players but after rewatching most of Sunday ticket all QB are making the same mistakes. We are still missing elite talent at WR,TE and RB. I don’t think there is one player on this offense that would need to be double teamed. We definitely need more talent and a upgrade at both LT and RT.
  15. Simple fixes are not throwing off back foot, when plays break down throw it away and slide before contact. Listening to this radio show in Chicago on 670 the score. They are talking about who would you rather have Trubisky or Allen and everyone is choosing Trubisky. I would choose Allen over Trubisky 10 out of 10 times.
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