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  1. I wouldn't even trade a 7th rd pick for Rosen, the only Jewish player in any sport that was any good was Sandy Koufax. I looked up amazing Jewish athletes and Sandy was the only one on the list that even comes close to amazing.
  2. I agree with everything you said but I don't think Croom or Jones are going to make it past TC. The Bills are putting so much time into upgrading the WR's and TE's because last year they were god awful.
  3. I agree he needs to protect himself by sliding and running out of bounds. I'm hoping that the upgraded O-Line means Allen will be passing from the pocket more.
  4. I don't agree with the assessment of Jones and Croom. I rewatched all the games as well and you can easily see how bad both Croom and Jones are at route running, catching and blocking. If we are making either of these players a main cog in our offense this year than bet the under. I can't see us carrying more than 3 TE's, 2 all purpose TE and a blocking TE. If we draft a TE I'm 90% sure Croom will not make it through training camp. Both Jones and Croom are very athletic but that's all they really bring to the table. The sooner we cut the cords on both of these guys the better the Bills will be.
  5. If he does go TE you can call him Croom Jr.
  6. I am torn between Jonah Williams and Brian Burns. I would be extremely happy with either pick but Williams will be keeping our hopefully franchise QB after this season upright.
  7. I am a big fan of Hughes but he is going to be 32 in 2020. This is more of a wait and see type signing for me, if Hughes has a 8 sack season and gets solid pressure numbers I would give him a 2 year 20 million deal that has a lot of guaranteed money and bonuses. This confirms to me that we are taking a pass rusher at 9 or trading up for one. We really have nothing outside of Hughes who has maybe 2 years left. If it comes down to Jonah Williams or Burns I will be completely torn.
  8. If White makes it past the Lions I will eat my shoe. The Lions have zero LB’s, if the Bills want White they will need to get in front of the Lions
  9. I think Jonha Williams will lock down the LT spot for 10 years. He is one of the best pass blocking LT’s that I have ever watched. His footwork and ability to mirror a DE is fun to watch. I think he will be good right out of the box and a top 5 LT in his 2nd year.
  10. My gut is telling me that they will take a LT at pick 9 or trade down a few spots and grab one. If Allen can stay healthy he can maximize his development in year 2 because in year 3 I am going to be expecting playoffs and a super bowl push.
  11. When I think of drops, throwaways, poor routes,poor ball security and horrid blocking I think of Zay Jones and Croom.
  12. For me Kalil Mack was a cant miss no brainer pick and then Whaley takes Sammy. Probably why he was never hired as a GM after the Bills released him.
  13. Oliver is the guy that both scares me and excites me. I don’t think any of these WR’s are 1st rd picks but there are a lot I wouldn’t mind taking in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Metcalf at 9 would scare me, I don’t think he will be a bust but at 9 I don’t think he would live up to the early pick. There are 2 guys I feel will make a few pro bowls and be very good players when we pick at 9 in D. White / Jonha Williams. Burns is also a guy that I like a lot and I would be very happy with the pick.
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