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  1. I still think in about 10 years all teams will be named after trees.
  2. I agree with this, being a honorable mention does not mean you are paid like a top 10 LT. His play over the last few years has been slightly above average. Of the honorable mentions he would be last on this list and ranked exactly where I thought he should be ranked at like 15 to 18 range.
  3. I'm pretty sure Giselle is the one who kills the spiders and bee's in that household, so it fits for Brady.
  4. I bet Snyder saw how much money he would make with a name change with all Redskins fans buying new gear. I doubt he cares that his team name might offend some people but saw dollar signs with the logo/name change.
  5. Kyle is playing very well, I hope he wins. He also has to golf with Romo and his 10 practice shots before he addresses the ball. The group I play with would kill Romo for that and it has to be bothering Kyle. It is beautiful out there, I would love to do a golf trip out there.
  6. I think Diggs is equal to all the WR’s on this list except Evans and Thomas. Diggs is going to be amazing for us, I still cannot believe that he is here in Buffalo.
  7. I dropped that pass because my visor was fogged coach I swear. I ran the wrong route because I could'nt hear the audible through the motocross helmet I swear.
  8. It looks like our players will be doing motocross after the game is over.
  9. Lol 😂, I have to wear a N95 mask while repairing inside meter sets and can barely breathe. I can't see any NFL player wearing one and not passing out after 2 plays.
  10. So when the Buffalo hospitals are at max capacity can you say I went to the Bills game and get a ventilator with a Bills logo on it? Shame on the Pegulas for making Doctors choose who lives and dies.
  11. On a 1 year deal Clowney would be hard pressed to find another team that is as good as a fit as the Bills are for him. Top 5 secondary and enough talent up front so he is not double teamed.
  12. Just because Brees doesn’t kneel does not mean he is racist. Brees has helped so many people in New Orleans and he didn’t do it because of someone’s skin color. Brees helped his community through action, action that really helped thousands of people. Actions that speak way louder than any words. Brees feels a certain way about how you should respect the flag just like Kim Pegula will not kneel because of how she respects the flag. Twitter and social media like it make me sick.
  13. I was hoping to never see Brandon's or Whaley face again on TV or this message board or anywhere.
  14. I think it will decrease big time. You have your Estimated 20% who will stop watching just because of the anthem protest. Without the preseason the quality is going to take a decent dip. I have no estimate on how many people will just stop watching over the black national anthem. If top name players like Mahomes get sick during the season and are out a month and KC misses the playoffs this year the SB will hold less value. I deal with approximately 10 customers a day and at least 25% are not watching the NFL just because of the anthem protesting. I know it’s a small sample size but I’ve never heard that many people talking about it before. You also have so many people out of work who will probably just skip the season all together because they don’t have the money. So many unknowns that I missed will also negatively impact the season. I can see the cap taking a huge dive in 2021.
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