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  1. John Brown is just scary fast. Knox and Beasley should have so much room to operate
  2. If there is a guy that they like in the middle of the draft I hope they pull the trigger.
  3. So many WR’s are going to rocket off the board before our 2nd rd pick and I still think WR will be BPA when we pick.
  4. Croom should be at the back of that list. Everyone on that list can at least block. Croom is the KB of TE’s, not fast enough to be a WR and not strong enough to be a TE. To be honest I would be very happy if we only kept Knox and Sweeney. I would sign Walker and another rookie to round out the TE depth chart.
  5. One day is all Kraft gets, I really cannot stand that guy.
  6. I agree Belicheat more than anyone will know if his team will be able to compete for the playoffs/super bowl. I can easily see him tanking it if the season looks lost.
  7. I agree, using a nickel spy would better be a better match up vs Jackson and Mahomes.
  8. I will always choose a GM who believes in his scouting and player assessments that he has the balls to trade up for a player that he wants. I am very close to buying a jersey with the GM’s name on the back.
  9. I disagree, David Bakhtiari is possibly the best LT in the NFL and signed a deal in 2016 that pays him 14.5 mil in 2019 and 2020. If Bakhtiari was a FA right now he would probably be making 16 to 17 in 2020. Dawkins is not a top 15 LT and with that I would say he is average. Good run blocker but below average/average pass blocker. I honestly don’t see any upside in Dawkins game, I don’t see him being much better than he is right now. I can maybe see paying him 4 year 48mil 27G at around 12 mil a year with the 17 game season. Mitch Morse was considered a top 3 center when we signed him, Dawkins is nowhere close to top 3.
  10. He still has major issues with speed rushers. As far as LT’s go he is on the slow side and still needs to improve his footwork and timing off the snap. Overall I think he is a solid/good LT. I would probably give him 50mil for 5 years with 27 mil guaranteed. I definitely think the LT position can be upgraded and Dawkins has value in that he can play every position on the O-Line expect center.
  11. I agree, having McD and Frazier teaching/coaching our DB’s is amazing to have. I’m sure that it attracts other DB’s to the Bills and other defensive players as well.
  12. Tyrod is the definition of what you want your backup to do when your starter goes down. TT might be able to win you a few games but if your expecting him to be the starter get ready for the roller coaster ride from hell. He will play just good enough in a few games vs poor defense to get 40% of the fan base excited while the other 60% shan’t him gone. I’m going to join up on the Chargers message board just for the fun of watching it happen to someone else.
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