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  1. Whatever fan can hit Brady with the green weenie from the 1st row gets a one day contact for 50,000. And a 3 month pack of TB12 vitamins that they can feed to their dog or sell on EBay.
  2. That’s horrible, I thought the NFL would donate at least 50%. Greed is a disgusting thing.
  3. Looks like Teef is back on the bath salts. Better to get the 3 month cycle out of the way now before the season starts.
  4. It used to be 3 years with the amount of practice sessions you could have. Now I think it is more like 4 or 5. Players like Zay who pass the eye test and are well above average athletically sometimes take the longest to learn the playbook forward and back. The QB/WR relationship is based on so many things but mainly it’s repetition and trust. Allen is going to have a lot more options to throw to this year and he should have more time to throw. If Jones does take that 3rd year leap he could have a very good year.
  5. So basically he couldn’t run a lap in their new football sized sand box. The Patriots build a big sand box for player to train in and 10 teams will probably copy it in a month.
  6. I get all my family pictures taken at Revolution Brewing. I have never taken a picture without a beer or flask in my hand.
  7. We are having a party this weekend celebrating Boston loosing the cup on home ice. Going out on the pontoon boat on Fox lake and getting totally messed up. An occasion like Boston losing game 7 on home ice NEEDS to be celebrated this weekend.
  8. The whole nation is overjoyed with Boston losing on home ice. I am hoping for a nice decade of misery for all Boston sports teams.
  9. Of course. I would also just like to add that all Allen has in his construction company is a Bobcat and a Jackhammer and only two employees. He will just be renovating one row of seats for 80 mil. It's almost as fair as Kraft buying 50 mil worth of TB12 vitamins.
  10. I’m all for the Bills playing this same game. Josh Allen buys a construction company and does the renovation to New Era for 80,000,000. The Bills give Allen a similar contact to Brady and call it a day.
  11. I think Zay Jones will struggle to make this roster. He is a very bad route runner and he struggles to get open, he is like the opposite of Hines Ward. When he does catch the football he looks unspectacular and slow, his mental understanding of offensive concepts seems slow. I think by removing Jones and Croom you improve the team at their respective positions.
  12. I’m not sure if the NFL is aware of it or not. When the top 10 QB’s are making over 30+ mil and then you have Tom Terrific making in the low 20’s it should raise some flags. You also have the Patriots paying him who knows how much through his TB12 business. Red flags 🚩 all over the place.
  13. Brady is getting paid under the table and the Patriots are circumventing the salary cap. I'm 100% sure this is happing and it will be the cherry on top of their decade of cheating when it comes out.
  14. The only thing that looks like it is priced reasonably is the M&M’s. How many people do you split the suite with?
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