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  1. Even out of college his foot work, throwing mechanics and field vision were garbage. I told this to all my buddies and they still all purchased Field jerseys. The McKaskeys are the problem, worst ever franchise owners.
  2. He had guys open underneath on everyone of those deep incomplete or intercepted passes. Cooks is going to be a huge weapon for us this year, he has better hands than some WR’s
  3. Josh needs to see the field better and start taking those check downs for 5 to 8 yards.
  4. I normally blame some ***** calls on officials but they actually called a good game
  5. We aren’t going anywhere this year. No way this Bills team beats the power house teams. McD is a horrible play caller on defense and our offensive play calling is baffling.
  6. Play calling is horrid on offense and defense. This team isn’t going anywhere. Definitely not beating the powerhouse teams even if we make the playoffs. I’m making tee times for golf on Sunday
  7. KC needs a WR in a bad way, no one is getting open. They should trade Jones for Drake London.
  8. If the Jets get Adams then they will have my attention
  9. Was never a fan of Dawkins and thought we should’ve made Jason Peters the highest paid LT in the NFL back in the day.
  10. Gabe talking the next step is critical in the Bills success
  11. Tintor’s are probably praying he gets out early. He basically destroyed a family and that Father is only thinking about one thing.
  12. We had our replacement in Daboll, always keep the offensive minded coach over the defensive minded one.
  13. I would like to see Meat Ball be hired as DL advisor and work with Oliver more. Oliver has that explosion off the line but he doesn’t have the timing that Meat Ball had.
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