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  1. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Potential Cut Candidates in the Offseason

    I can't believe Croom isn't on that list. A TE that can't block, catch, runs horrid routes and has ball security issues is not someone I want to keep.
  2. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Poll: Draft Greedy Williams in the 1st Round?

    I agree, the NFL is going to more 3 WR sets and is passing the ball more each year. A lot of teams are running a nickel defense as their main defense. Greedy will be a shut down CB in the NFL, plus I think he will be BPA.
  3. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Amazing Max Unger Stat

    I wanted Unger so badly as a rookie and even more now.
  4. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Mic'd Up: Sean McDermott vs. the Jets

    The Clapping is getting annoying.
  5. Call_Of_Ktulu

    2019 NFL Salary Cap Projected to Be Between $187M and $191.1M

    I still believe that paying for elite talent is the way to go. Having Mack on the Bears defense is like having 12 men on the field. Would you rather have 3 Star Lotulelei's or 1 Mack. I have a bad feeling that we are going to have a FA where we overpay for mediocre talent.
  6. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Has a WR made a great catch this season????

    Numbers 3 WR's don't make great catches usually and all we have is number 3 WR's.
  7. The Chargers have so much talent that Jauron could get that team to that record. I would be more impressed with Lynn if he took the Bengals to the playoffs.
  8. Please throw some shade at Castillo too.
  9. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Is Josh Allen your QB?

    His accuracy is hit or miss, he need to work on his accuracy in the offseason big time.
  10. Call_Of_Ktulu

    NFL OT rules are an effing, effing joke

    I don't care what they do but no ties. Have it go to most total yards after 10 min OT or something but no ties.
  11. Call_Of_Ktulu

    NFL OT rules are an effing, effing joke

    I wish they would remove ties in the NFL. I hate ties in all sports
  12. Call_Of_Ktulu

    I'm So Done With This Team

    I'm not as doom and gloom but our offensive talent level is awful. I think it will take more than one offseason to fix this problem.
  13. I honestly think we have number 3 WR talent on this roster, none of our WR's are even better than R. Cobb.
  14. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Does Frazier know what a blitz is?

    We need to start pipping in crowd noise like the Dolphins do. I was at the game and there were 40% Bills fans, I didn't see one Fins fan cheering anywhere near me but the crowd noise was extremely loud. They also have the lamest 1st down participation in the NFL. Over the PA it says "That's another Miami Dolphins" and the crowd responds " 1st Down!!!! I would rather hear that annoying Vikings horn for a year than have to endure that again for one game.
  15. Call_Of_Ktulu

    Has the light finally gone on for Zay Jones?

    I have said this 100 times, if you want to win FF you need to release all Bills offensive players. I took Z. Jones with my last pick 18, I released him week 9 and went on a 5 game win streak. I have never seen a rookie QB with so little offensive talent around him and the worst O-Line in the NFL. I don't think we can fix the offense in one offseason, it's that bad.