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  1. There should be no such thing as bail for certain crimes, this being one of them. My eyeballs and instincts have never let me down when it comes to reading people.
  2. Nope, still disgusting and will scar a child for life. These people need to be destroyed. My brother in law who is a US Marshal specializes in this area.
  3. I don’t blame any parent for hunting a person like this down and destroying them. I know I would, even if it took 20 years of planning.
  4. I just ordered my Beasley jersey. Amazing player, good head on his shoulders and make great life decisions.
  5. I agree, I feel like more than any team in the NFL our defense gets pumped from the energy that Bills fans generate.
  6. These CB are saying look what White got and I am better than him. The Bills inadvertently screwed the fins and the pats.
  7. I think Edmunds will get better as a player but I don’t think he is a top LB yet. Saying that I don’t think the Bills should pay him as a top 5 LB. We already made that mini mistake with Tre White who I feel hovers around the top 10 CB’s. Tre White is very good but he is not a shut down CB, he does his job well within the scheme of the defense as Edmunds does.
  8. If Davis got his speed up to Diggs level with his size and agility WTFO. Sleeper FFL
  9. With Allen Belicheat is going to play the Bills this years like he played the Bills in the 1990 Super Bowl. We need to be ready for the Nickel and Dime formations.
  10. I agree, I can’t think of a worse QB. If I were a Texans fan I would have no hopes of a super bowl with TT. I will not be taking any of the Texans WR’s in FFL as well.
  11. Taylor is a good guy but he is not even a top tier backup option at this point. Taylor is a bridge QB to nowhere
  12. This feels political to me and should be moved.
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