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  1. I think Shenalt will be a top 10 pick and is the only WR that I would trade up for. This guy is in the mold of WR type that I want to build my team around. He can help your team out in red zone, run blocking, 1st downs and he is a yac nightmare. This guy will demand a double team opening up other players as well, just one guy can do all this. If Shenalt runs anything in the 4.45 range he will skyrocket into the top 5.
  2. They do but I think golf, bowling and strippers are more important than football in Chicago. People in Chicago are praying the McCaskey’s sell the team or another team locates to Schaumburg.
  3. There is no Boston team in this so at least we don't have to worry about cheating.
  4. All you need to do is look up Benjarvis Green Ellis fumble stats with the Patriots and on the other two teams he played on. Everything should be taken away from that organization.
  5. If we add the right offensive players and can stay healthy I'm 100% certain that Daboll will be a HC in 2021.
  6. I am neutral on Daboll but he does seem to be our QB whisper, Allen has made huge strides under his watch. I feel like if we can get a few more weapons this offense will explode. Allen seems to have a strange fire inside him, I believe in his work ethic and passion to bring this city a championship. He is fueled by the fans on game day and next year I think we will see something special on offense. Allen may have his flaws but he leaves every bit of himself out on that field on game day and the fans and players will rally.
  7. I won’t watch it if any of the money goes to the Hernandez family. Horrible human being.
  8. Only hot chicks wear Kiko and Witten jerseys. Everyone that I have seen has been scorching hot.
  9. I think that Bengals video is probably a tone down version of what they did to the Rams and probably plenty other teams. They have been caught doing this before and basically got a slap on the hand. Whenever you are a repeat offender you almost alway get a worse penalty than the first time u did it. I'm sorry but the video from the Bengals shows that the Patriots have still been doing this since they were caught the 1st time. Everything they have done is tainted and should be stripped from them. They should lose two 1st rd picks, be heavily fined and Kraft or Belicheat or both needs to be suspended or banned from the game. Anything less makes the NFL look like total bull####, they might as well change their name to the NEL, National Entertainment League because there is no real football being played here.
  10. He could be getting a penile extension, just like in football every inch counts.
  11. I guess it doesn’t matter if you have a couple of million dollars lying around to bribe somebody
  12. Kraft must love that legal team, he has put together a legal team that would make O.J.’s look like the Jaguars front office.
  13. They will do the most fake FG’s in the league. Ocho needs his tv time.
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