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  1. The horrendous officiating will make this a never ending question.
  2. I feel like this statement is true, I feel it deep….. deep down in my plums.
  3. I honestly have a better chance of Santa getting me a 5,000$ gaming PC than the Bills making the playoffs.
  4. Last night felt like when Stone Cold wrestled Vince and won. We all knew what the outcome was going to be. After that officiating I might just walk away from this garbage.
  5. Allen is being wasted here, if I was McD I would fire myself.
  6. We all know how this one will end up, McD is always outclassed in the 2nd half. Goodnight
  7. That was fuming PI, what the hell am I watching
  8. Did someone throw a flag 5 min after the punt return?
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