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  1. Tier 1 QB 100 mil to 150 mil Tier2 LT, DE, Rush/Cover LB, Shut down man cover CB, Elite Top 15 WR, Elite DT 70 mil to 100 mil Tier 3 WR,RB,CB Zone coverage, DT, G,C,TE,SS,FS 40 mil to 70 mil Tier 4 FB, K, P
  2. I think it's safe to say that if Diggs played with QB's like Brady, Bree's, Mahomes or Manning that he would be in the HOF. I think Diggs is a elite talent and a top 10 WR. The Bears, Packers and Lions are glad that he is out of their division.
  3. Is it because the Government has nukes and all we have is AR's, pistols and shotguns. So your saying the government doesn't care if you trust them or not, they will just Chernobyl your ass and there is nothing anyone can do about it.
  4. That one still pisses me off to this day. That stupid official is looking at everything happening and is so slow to react. I still cannot believe someone didn’t just knock Gronk on his ass and take the fine.
  5. The stories of Brady keeping the dildos thrown onto the field must be true.
  6. Additionally, a player reportedly said O’Shea made the situation worse by trying to install especially complicated elements of the Patriots offense used by Tom Brady and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. So, Chan is back with Fitz now in Miami. It would be interesting to see if Miami has the lowest wonderlic score for offensive players.
  7. One of many reasons why I hope he sign a huge deal and kills the Cowboys Due to cap suffocation.
  8. Not sure yet, he is still young with major potential. I will wait until after his 3rd or 4th season to answer that one.
  9. Dak’s numbers vs above .500 teams is horrid. Most of Dak’s numbers comes against below .500 competition. I don’t see Dak ever winning the Cowboys a SB, he doesn’t play well vs better competition.
  10. If these QB’s get into the 50 mil range do you think they will surround their 50 mil $ man with crap O-Line? Or Crap weapons? It will definitely be the defensive side that gets hit the hardest. If they adopted the rule change next year of WR’s needing only one foot in bounds for a catch we are well on our way to seeing games in the 40 to 60 range.
  11. 50 mil a year will have a huge impact on the kind of players that you can surround Mahomes with. If more rules are put in place that benefit the offense I can see 80% of the cap going to offense. Teams will start messing with no name defenses paying low level players 2 mil a year. I still 100% without a doubt, bet 50,000$, stick my head in horse ***** believe Brady was being paid under the table.
  12. We aren’t the Patriots, it will be prompt and overwhelming.
  13. Oliver will probably be suspended for the 1st two games. I am expecting Oliver to have a big year.
  14. I will need to see what the lady looked like before responding any further.
  15. I know I wouldn’t gladly pay 25$ a game if my small business went under or I am barely getting any work.
  16. I think the only thing holding the Cowboys back is Dak. I’m hoping that they pay him 150 mil over 5 years and totally kill that roster. If the Cowboys were to somehow trade for Rodgers I could see them becoming a dynasty again. KC is probably going to be the next dynasty. It looks like the way to the SB will be through KC the next 5 years. We still have a little roster tweaking to do but if Allen and the O-Line can improve we are very close. If Allen is getting pressured this year and is forced to win games with his legs and not his arm I don’t see us making it deep into the playoffs.
  17. I heard something crazy but I cannot confirm if it is true. I heard the military is not letting anyone who has had Covid 19 enlist. I can only assume if this is true that is does permanent damage to your lungs that might be degenerative. If a player got this during the season or in practice you are going to see multi million dollar lawsuits fly.
  18. Maybe the NFL will treat this like the Patriots filming the Bengals and not get around to it until 2023.
  19. No it was Watermelon hubba bubba, back then a pack of gum was like 25 cents. It was the only time I have stolen something. It was one of those all your friends are doing it so you have too. That baseball card gum was succulent. Watermelon Bubblegum
  20. It has to be for street cred, I once stole a pack of gum for some cred.
  21. Rodgers on the Coyboys is close to a guaranteed super bowl appearance. They trade Dak for Rodgers and everyone is happy including the Bears, Vikings and Lions.
  22. So your saying they were really squirt guns filled with alcohol and bleach and they were going to clean the watches then give them back to stop the spread of Covid 19. If this is true we need to do a Andy Dalton like donation to these guys.
  23. The NFL is doing the same strategy with the Bengals spy gate. Let it sit for a few years until everyone forgets it then slap the Pats on the wrist.
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