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  1. I feel like he wouldn’t be a upgrade and would only play 7 games.
  2. If it was my daughter he would be praying for life in prison. 14 years is ridiculous, he should be in prison until he needs to wear adult diapers.
  3. Horrible rule change and it wouldn’t help them at all.
  4. It would let the OC’s and DC’s who are up for HC jobs focus on the playoff games/Super Bowl. We had Daboll, Frazier and another guy doing interviews in the middle of a super bowl run.
  5. I’m assuming that he was in possession of a fire arm without a permit which is a big no no.
  6. The draft and FA will tell you everything you need to know about Wades future.
  7. A weapon at the TE position will make it difficult to double Diggs. Next season Diggs is going to see triple the amount of double teams and I hope we have a answer for that. In the playoffs KC bracketed Diggs and we had no answer for it.
  8. It’s when you have a dream about eating Oberweis ice cream.
  9. If I’m Dallas and I can get two 1st rd picks and a good player I’m doing that deal in a heartbeat. That injury is going to have lingering effects and I would definitely not invest a huge QB contract with Dak. With the cap decreasing and that injury I would be looking for a trade partner.
  10. If Josh does demand that top 5 contract and doesn’t deliver he’s getting the full reaming. It will be on the same level as I’ve been with Tre White our top paid CB who can’t cover Hill or Kelce or Nuke. We pay you top CB money to cover these guys, not Sammy Watkins.
  11. I liked watching the big guys fighting for position in the paint and all the elbows and hand checking. All the crazy dunks and players were allowed to do crazy things. When the Bulls and Pistons played it was a brawl. Jordan would get absolutely pummeled in those games and they were so entertaining to watch. The few games that I have watched in the last few years is three pointer, foul, commercial, repeat. I just can’t watch it.
  12. After watching MJ play I guess anything would look bad once he’s gone. I guess I can relate it to being married to Scarlett Johansson and then being with Sarah Jessica Parker.
  13. Basketball in the 80s - 00 was fun to watch but now it is unwatchable. I’m glad Buffalo just has my two favorite sports, NFL and NHL. For Baseball I root for the Cubs and Blue Jays but it’s hard to watch a full baseball game. Soccer is only growing on me because my son plays it and I’ve been getting into it recently. I only watch Tennis to see how Jesica Pegula is doing.
  14. It’s probably the best chance a QB can get to revive his career, the Colts have the best O-Line in the NFL and I’m sure they will add more weapons. It’s hard to evaluate Wentz but that could be due to lack of weapons and O-Line just falling apart. The Colts are going to be very hard to beat next year if Wentz can get out of the toilet.
  15. I think with how high Edmunds was drafted and these pro bowls that I don't think he deserved will make it almost impossible to sign him. He is going to ask for money that doesn’t add up with what you get on the field currently. I like Edmunds as a player and I know he is still young but if he asks to be paid as a top 5 at his position it’s going to be hard to swallow that.
  16. Whenever the cap increases QB’s think that is their money.
  17. I don’t hate the guy I just think that he isn’t a good QB. I don’t hate Wentz I just think that he isn’t a good QB. Cam misses so many throws when the game is on the line. If he was going to be a good backup QB why wouldn’t the Patriots just re-sign him then? The Patriots have absolutely nothing at QB not even a good backup. I’m going to stay with my original prediction of if he is not the Backup on the Ravens he will not be playing next year. No team is going to deal with his attitude and injuries just for a backup QB.
  18. I don’t think Wentz wants to go to the Bears , I think he prefers the Colts. The Bears are in such a bad place in every possible area of a football team. Bears fans really want the McCaskeys to sell the team but if that can’t happen a freak plane crash is the only thing that will save this franchise. The McCaskey family is on record saying they will own the team until the 2nd coming. It makes you thank god that we have the Pegulas as owners. They have embraced and invested in Buffalo and are very passionate about improving both pro teams.
  19. 1. I would say interior OL needs some upgrades. 2. A CB that can cover slot WR’s and the faster WR’s that Tre White cannot cover. 3. DE and a big people mover at DT
  20. He fits as a backup for a few teams mainly the Ravens. I think if the Ravens don’t sign him as a backup no team will. He was a FA for a long time and I really didn’t expect him to get signed. Now that he had a horrid year with the Patriots I expected even less teams to look at him. I would honestly bet 2,000$ that if Barkley or Fromm were with the Patriots they would have better numbers than Newton’s epic bad season.
  21. After watching him with the Patriots I will be absolutely floored if he is on a team next year.
  22. Funny story, one of my good friends was our MLB when I started playing flag. He went state in wrestling was about 6’1 250 lbs and his nickname was the Mule. The very 1st game and 1st play we called a double A gap blitz. They don’t block him and instead of grabbing the flag he tackles the QB. Our whole sideline was just laughing and yelling you ***** dumb Mule. The not so funny part was the full team brawl afterwards, but that’s a whole other story.
  23. Coaches sons are always QB’s even if they are 5’7 130.
  24. I played HS football for 2 years than flag football for about 12 years.
  25. Ok no potatoes, just do the Renaissance Fair vegetable justice thing and have Allen throw Tomatoes at his head. This is why I never drink 10 beers before noon.
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