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  1. He pretty much stops, established position with his footing and the Dolphins defender runs into him. I understand blind side blocks need to be flagged but they are both facing each other and 19 established his position and braces for contact.
  2. So he is just supposed to stand there and get mauled over and possibly injured? When someone is running at you full speed and you are just standing there it’s human nature to lower your shoulder to brace for impact. I could see it being called if he initiated contact and the defender didn’t see him but he was just standing there and lower his shoulder for the impact. I thought it was a horrid call.
  3. The last thing you want to do is trade a elite talent at WR. Vikings and Texans fans will be using the same therapist. In the 1st 2 games you can easily see how Diggs and Hopkins pull coverage towards them opening up other players.
  4. I get the feeling that he knows he can’t hack it as a HC. I think he will go from HC to RB coach. I’m not sure who the intern HC’s will be for Lynn and Gase. Gase will be lucky to be a helmet decal guy.
  5. I hope Allen gets a iron clad prenup. 80% of guys in trades that I know have lost half their saving, 401k and pensions for not having one. Add to that they are paying child support while living in a 1 bedroom crap apartment. Just get the prenup Josh.
  6. Jimmy G had a really good day, I’m so glad that he’s not with the Patriots anymore.
  7. I have been drafting Diggs in FFL for the past 4 years. I wanted the Bills to draft him when he was supposedly angry with the Vikings last year. He was underrated in that Vikings offense but if you watched him you could see that he had all the tools of the top 5 WR’s in the NFL.
  8. Our defense is setup to stop the Ravens and Cardinals of the NFL. Every player knows his job and flies to the ball. I feel like a offense like the Titans might be our kryptonite but we could still put up a solid defensive showing against them. Edmunds and Milano are two of the fastest LB’s in the NFL and top cover LB’s in the NFL. I feel like we are going to get 2 picks against Cammy Cakes.
  9. If our defense is healthy we are way better than the Seahags. The way we are playing right now our offense is on par with the Seahags. Plus I feel like the Cheatriots played their best game of the year against the Hags. We might do a home home split but I feel like we should sweep em. This year if we lose to them I’m just buying a piece of drywall and some mud before the Patriots game. I’ve gone threw that wall so many times I know exactly where the studs are.
  10. That’s a tuff one to crawl back from in a 12 team FFL. Hopefully you can hit on a waiver pick up to bring u back.
  11. I’m taking about how the owners are pushing hard for that 18 game season, my bad. The injuries this year are most likely due to poor grass/turf conditions and not much time to condition properly for the season.
  12. When he is passing the football like that he doesn’t need to run. Sure take off and pick up a 1st down if they give it to you but don’t take unnecessary hits.
  13. More money at the cost of the players health. I make less but it is the same song and dance at my company as well. The we appreciate you speech with stay safe and oh by the way we are increasing your work load 30% and still want you to be safe.
  14. I got Diggs in Rd 4 and I wanted Allen so badly with my 5th rd pick. I’m on a bowling league with my buddy who took Allen. I’m the anchor on that league averaging 223 this year. I might hold out until he trades me Allen for a reasonable player.
  15. I lost Golladay and Kittles, 0-2 start with hopefully a late push to make the playoffs.
  16. I have Diggs but I didn’t get Allen. My friends in Chicago know I love the Bills so they draft Bills players to make trades with me later in the season. I was going to take Allen in the 5th rd but he went 2 picks in front of me. Now they are asking for crazy trades like Kamara for Allen.
  17. Kay Adams is the perfect woman, even though she is hot as hell she is one of the most talented analysts that knows what she’s talking about.
  18. It feels like we are just a little slow in making adjustments after halftime. They need to embrace the mentality of we can pass it no matter what you do, try and stop us.
  19. At some point in the season we will need to lean on the running game. Allen will still be passing it 30 times a game but the RB’s will get more involved as the season wears on. I think they should stay with this passing attack and get the RB’s more involved in the passing game. Allen is red hot right now passing the football, keep passing it until Allen’s arm falls off.
  20. The number one focus now is protecting Allen, making sure he slides or goes OB without taking hits. Building the best possible O-Line through the draft or FA is the most important thing right now.
  21. His rate of progression with his touch on deep balls, slants and hitting RB’s in the flat is amazing. He is one of those few QB’s who is improving his accuracy ever year by improving his mechanics and feet. If Allen stays on this pace he will be one of the top 5 QB’s in the NFL. Duel threat QB with the strongest arm that I have ever seen. Keep adding weapons to this offense, Ertz would be a really good weapon to add right now.
  22. Regardless of the crap teams that we have played Allen is putting the ball right where it needs to be. When a QB is passing like that there really is no defense that can stop him.
  23. Teams are going to start playing nickel and dime defense against us and that’s where the running game will need to step up.
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