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  1. We didn’t need to trade up for this guy. WTF
  2. Why did I stay up for this pick. Yuck
  3. Great now Tennessee will take Skyy
  4. I’m hoping for Skyy Moore WR or Penning OT. Some very good WR’s could drop to us. More weapons more better.
  5. I know how much Thurman Thomas meant to the success of those 90’s teams and a RB like this would definitely show in the win column and the stat sheets.
  6. Just have Poyer open a vitamin company. Name it JP12 and have the Bills pay him under the table.
  7. Power and burst off the LOS is what really matter and what’s between his ears.
  8. I bet he gets flagged for holding again if we sign him.
  9. Whaley and Russ set this organization back 8 years.
  10. I would just make up a new position like assistant assistant RB coach and hire the hottest chick that interviewed just to show how stupid it is to mandate anything.
  11. They will never win with Lamar. I wouldn’t even give him 80mil for 4 years.
  12. 30 mil a year for a WR who will be 30 in one year, no thanks. The Raider and Dolphins have some of the worst owners, GM’s and decision makers yea let’s follow their lead.
  13. I don’t care how old Hill and Adams are. I was just stating that I wouldn’t give a Hill type CONTRACT to a WR that will be 30 in 2023
  14. He will be 30 next year. Not sure I would be paying him a crazy Hill contract
  15. The Duke makes me want to Puke. I would be surprised if he made it through TC.
  16. Addition by subtraction for me. I was never a fan of the sighing from the start. If we get Fletcher Cox I’m spending 10,000 on going to the super bowl.
  17. Whoever draws up the offensive plays for the 49ers and coaches them to be executed needs to be on the Bills coaching staff in some fashion. I’m not 100% sure but I think Dorsey did something with the 49ers.
  18. I’m from Schaumburg IL and I’m a Bills fan. Chicago actually has a ton of Bills Backer Bars thank god. Kupp would look great in red white and blue.
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