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  1. Why does Goodell have to open the door. If he was putting up Patrick Mahomes numbers he would be on a team right now even with all the kneeling stuff.
  2. If the NFL is trying to commit suicide it's going down the right path.
  3. I agree and I think this will happen at some point during the season.
  4. I remember going to a Bears game with my Dad (Marine) and my Grandpa (Navy). I was 12 and my younger brother was 10. I forgot to take my hat off and heard my full name being yelled. I looked to my right to see my dad and grandpa looking at me telling me to take my hat off. If a look could make you ***** in your pants then I crapped mine twice that day.
  5. Regardless the NFL is going to lose a boat load of money. I personally think the Owners/Players have the money and connections to get awareness out in so many other ways. There is a reason that the announcement goes out to please stand before the anthem is played. I believe in equality for everyone, everyone should be treated with respect. Throughout my life through various jobs I have never discriminated against anyone. If I could help someone out by making a repair and saving a customer 1,000's of dollars from having a plumber roll out I did it regardless if they were rich, poor, white,black,blue or red.
  6. And if it doesn't fizzle? What number do you see the NFL make changes at. 1. 50 mil 2. 100 mil 3 500 mil 4. 1 B 5. 2 B
  7. I agree, I think the NFL will lose so much money that they will need to do something different at some point during the season. If they were smart they would try to figure something out now that works for everyone. If ratings get really bad I can see players in the locker room during the anthem.
  8. Yea unfortunately I will have to watch the games at the bar. I usually go to my mom and dads to watch football and they buy the Sunday ticket. My Dad is a Vietnam Vet and completely shut down football at the house with the Kaepernick kneeling. I’m sure he will do the same this time too. I was hoping the NFL would just give the players commercial time to spread awareness. The kneeling is going to hit the NFL in the pocket books big time.
  9. If someone forced me to pick one it would be Stidham over Tua. Belicheat wants to prove so badly that it is his coaching and genius of all football that made the offense great. Stidham is going to have a slightly better Matt Cassel type year. Tua still has to beat out Fitz for the starting job. Tua is a rookie and I think he had better weapons at Bama then the Dolphins currently have on their roster.
  10. I don’t think he was a genius, but to run the K-Gun and memorize all those plays and make quick decisions on the fly I bet he could score in the high 20’s if he really tried. I also don’t really put that much into the wonderlic. I guess for some positions it might serve a purpose, but I would put more emphasis on college numbers, division, injury history and just about everything over the wonderlic.
  11. I get the feeling that back in the 80’s and 90’s that the wonderlic was viewed as a kind of who gives a ***** kind of test. I bet they just took the test without studying up on it and just said who cares. Now it seems like certain positions hold the wonderlic test in higher regard. Agents, players and teams put a lot more into the wonderlic now. If a QB scored a 13 now that would be a red flag, in the 80’s and 90’s it was ho-hum.
  12. I don’t know how Simms can make a solid evaluation on either of these QB’s. Week 10 would be much better time to make a evaluation on these 2
  13. I highly doubt that, this is probably number 22 on your list.
  14. When the Jets release Gore after TC Rebuttal 3 will be answered. Unless he was playing with a undisclosed injury Gore had zero burst and looked like he had cement shoes on. As for R1 and R2 I will wait until we play some games but the arrow is definitely pointing up.
  15. Lucky for me I still have my C. Bennett Jersey, it’s timeless. It was a no brainer considering we have the same last name and he was a great player. We also share the same nickname as well. All my recent Bills jerseys have been defensive players after Kelly retired. I will go Knox or Diggs or maybe both.
  16. Knox will be my next jersey if he can make that next step.
  17. I always thought of Fitz as a great backup QB who could win you some games and get on a hot streak. I don’t think that he is good enough to ever make it to a super bowl.
  18. I think he will talk about global warming and the acidification of the oceans.
  19. I feel like if we can dodge major injuries that this season is on Allen
  20. I’m trying to get off my phone more but when your in 3 FFL’s for a total of 1,200$$$ it’s hard not to look at your phone.
  21. I agree, I have seen so many people with funnels and tubing down their leg. They just drink 10 beer and never use the bathroom. That's not even counting all the vomit.
  22. I’m hoping that they just remove the National Anthem from sporting events. I remember when I went to school, in your first class you said the Pledge of Allegiance. You put your hand over heart and faced the flag. I don’t even know what Mr Reiman would do if a kid kneeled or sat during the pledge. Probably a yard stick across the face.
  23. Tre is a very good zone CB but he is not beyond being replaceable. I think Tre needs to stay off social media for a few weeks and reset.
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