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  1. I was hoping to never see Brandon's or Whaley face again on TV or this message board or anywhere.
  2. I think it will decrease big time. You have your Estimated 20% who will stop watching just because of the anthem protest. Without the preseason the quality is going to take a decent dip. I have no estimate on how many people will just stop watching over the black national anthem. If top name players like Mahomes get sick during the season and are out a month and KC misses the playoffs this year the SB will hold less value. I deal with approximately 10 customers a day and at least 25% are not watching the NFL just because of the anthem protesting. I know it’s a small sample size but I’ve never heard that many people talking about it before. You also have so many people out of work who will probably just skip the season all together because they don’t have the money. So many unknowns that I missed will also negatively impact the season. I can see the cap taking a huge dive in 2021.
  3. We can only hope that nothing is unearthed about Buffalo Bill Cody, otherwise our name is in Jeopardy too.
  4. I can’t see changing the Redskins name and not changing the Cowboys who killed them. So many other teams will need to change their name if the Redskins are forced to. That’s why I posted every NFL team should be named after a tree.
  5. I think every team in the NFL should just be named after a tree and be done with it.
  6. My great great great great great uncle Sigmund was killed by a Cowboy. I want the Cowboys name changed ASAP. Cowboys did horrible things back in the day, if the Redskins are forced to change their name than the Cowboys definitely should as well.
  7. It's because the NFL knows that players will get Covid-19 during the preseason. If a starting QB gets it he will be out a month, this is going to be a total ***** show. No preseason, limited practices, Injuries/illness and the anthem protests, yes this will be a total ***** show.
  8. I’m guessing it says something like this. We the NFL are not responsible if you contract Covid 19 during your visit to any of our NFL facilities. If COVID-19 causes lung cancer after 8 years we are also not responsible. If you can’t jog for more than 1 min we are also not responsible. Also if you get ill from a year old hot dog we are also not responsible. If you have trouble breathing air and drinking water please discontinue use of the NFL.
  9. A Jumbotron like that is great when people keep standing up after ever play. It also helps out the people who are height restricted ( 5’7 and lower) to see more of the game.
  10. I missed that 3 pointer because of that ring. I've heard of the poo dollar but the poo 20$ might work better.
  11. I’m hoping for Allen to start to play more like R. Wilson. Wilson has been more accurate passing each year and doesn’t take hits when he runs with the football.
  12. It’s hard to decipher jokes in text form unless they start with Knock Knock.
  13. He tried to kick it across the room and missed. 2 Bills players that will never make it to the Bills PS or get picked up within a week are Jake Fromm and Tyler Bass.
  14. GREED also plays a huge role in this. If I was a top 40 player and had millions in the bank there is no way I would be playing this year.
  15. Von Miller was talking about what he went through when he had it. He said that he had a few days where he had trouble breathing to the point where he almost went to the emergency room. He said his breathing still isn’t normal yet but it’s slowly getting better each week. This is also a guy in top physical shape and has access to some of the best Doctors on the planet. They are going to try to get a season in because of greed but if just one player dies the NFL should be sued in the 100,000,000 mil $ range.
  16. Unfortunately this thing spreads so fast and is so contagious that if one or two people have it before a game 6 to 10 will probably have it after the game.
  17. We need to keep a pinned topic of when will the NFL punish the Patriots for cheating. Every NFL message board should have this topic pinned at the top.
  18. Dak plays great vs teams with losing records and average/poor vs teams with winning records. I can’t believe Dallas is going to give him that contract. It will be fun watching that team implode from the salary cap going down instead of up in the next two years.
  19. I will be amazed if they somehow have a season. 2 of my FFL’s have already cancelled.
  20. I can see him getting 4-6 sacks. At 32 I agree that this signing feels like a place holder type deal.
  21. I think regardless of division every team in the NFL hates the Patriots most.
  22. I went to the game the day Bruce went up on the WOF. I was so drunk that day I don’t even remember who the Bills played. Happy B-Day Bruce Smith, greatest defensive player ever. I remember Ralph saying something like “You know him as the greatest DE in Bills history but we know him as Bruce.......... Smith..........”.
  23. I think it will look like a big roulette wheel with players names on each slot.
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