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  1. Cute play calling? Frazier just let them have a TD and a FG. As a player I would question this play calling instantly, If Frazier isn’t fired I’m not watching another game.
  2. He could be the best QB ever but will be wasted here. We need to bit the bullet and trade him for the biggest haul ever in NFL history.
  3. Allen definitely needs to be traded, he will be one of the greatest of all time. He will be wasted here.
  4. I’m done with football for a few years. Frazier definitely has to go for doing that 100%
  5. I am praying that the Bears sign Frazier. Playing defense like that and u should be hung. We are going to waste Allen’s career worse than the Packers did with Rodgers. I would trade him now for 3 1st rd picks and sign Trubisky to a 3 year deal. Seriously we are going to destroy him worse than Moulds.
  6. Allen needs to go to another team, he will be wasted here
  7. Frazier can go bye bye for playing like a *****
  8. Such a weak call for a playoff game. I hope they are calling like that the whole game but I doubt it
  9. They are stuck with Dak so I don’t expect the Cowgirls to make it past the 1st rd anytime soon
  10. Will the Pats get two 3rd rd picks for the Mayo pick. I think that rule is absolute horse ***** by the way. Hire the best man for the job.
  11. I actually thought the refs called a fair game. Dallas just played a sloppy game and will never go to the SB with Dak, Elliot and that horrid coaching staff. The 49ers were the better team and they lost a ton of players.
  12. Way too many drug commercials, let’s remove those ASAP.
  13. I thought the Steelers were going to fight but it looks like this one is going to be over soon.
  14. Did Belicheat even shake McD hand at the end of the game. I didn’t watch the end, I ran outside with my beer and made snow angles.
  15. Belicheat looks defeated, the energy that the Bills are playing with is amazing.
  16. Just show the fan through halftime, best fans in the world and we deserve it baby
  17. They are fired up but under control, I was in this same place when I bowled my 1st 300 game in bowling.
  18. I want to see a massacre. I want to see Belicheat retire after this beating.
  19. From someone who works for the gas company and is out in -22 at 3:00am replacing regulators, meters and pipe fitting. It’s all about layers of thermal wear, I would go 3 layers of thermals with battery powered gloves and socks and u should be fine. Thermal face mask and a warm beanie as well.
  20. If this offense executes like it should the score should be 31 to 17
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