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  1. Just get Josh Allen a vitamin line so we can also pay him under the table.
  2. We have a good offense but the O-Line is holding us back. Next year when we upgrade the O-Line and RB positions we will be unstoppable. This offense as it is right now does have enough talent to take over a game and carry the team.
  3. He has to have a line of vitamins coming out so Kraft can pay him as a top 15 QB instead of a top 5. Vitamins are the way to circumvent the cap.
  4. I already know he’s going to double Diggs and put some sneaky coverages on Knox. Singletary needs to start off strong running and catching. Sanders, Beasley and Davis will also need to step up.
  5. He needs to run more like Kamara and not take those big hits. He is a master at finding that open zone and making a catch. His field vision is elite he just needs to not take those nasty hits.
  6. Peters is a better OT than Dawkins is right now. I think an almost 40 Peters moves, blocks and pulls better than a young Dawkins
  7. I agree, I think White is a good CB but not top 10 good. Jackson will step in and do a good job. Our amazing FS, SS and nickel will help cover the lose of White. I will let the numbers do the talking for me.
  8. I hope it’s a dome because this team sucks in inclement weather
  9. I really don’t want to see Moss out there unless Motor or Brieda is hurt. McD needs to pick a guy and let him get on a roll. I don’t think McD has the balls to tell Moss your 3rd string as bad as it sounds we need Moss to get injured because the HC will keep using him.
  10. If Allen is playing in bad weather he cannot rely on the running game like Kelly could. Josh needs O-Line upgrades and RB upgrades really badly.
  11. Nice post and I 100% agree. This team will also never find its Thurman Thomas. I know it’s a tall order because I consider Thurman to be the best RB in the NFL but we aren’t even close.
  12. I think McD is only going to take this team so far. He is what he is and that is a above average HC that makes questionable game time decisions and is out coached.
  13. I’m not, my brother just got one of those crazy golf simulators with the projector screens. I will be playing Pine Valley when that ***** show hits the wall.
  14. I’ve been saying this for years, he’s good but should not be paid as a top 10 CB.
  15. I’m hoping for a 5-12 finish and a top 10 pick. I’m hoping for Trevor Penning OT. I haven’t looked to much into the guards in 2022 but it doesn’t look like a good draft class for guards and centers this year.
  16. Flush it and let’s get ready for next year. Rookie OT, OG and C, who do you like this year out of college. There are some decent FA available as well but I doubt we will be in play for those guys.
  17. It feels that way, another good offseason for the Patriots and they will be locked back in at the top for another 10 years.
  18. This is my take, sit Allen for the season and start Trubisky. Trubisky puts up crazy numbers and we trade him for a 1st and a 5th and draft all O-Line at the top of the draft.
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