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  1. Hell no, Bakhtiari is talked about as a top 5 LT. If we moved Dawkins to RT he wouldn't even be a top 10. We will be over paying for a average LT by a large margin.
  2. I would bet 500$ if there was a Vegas bet that something goes wrong with the draft when the Patriots are picking and they get a extra 2 minutes.
  3. We will sign him to a 7 year 150 mil with 90 guaranteed. In a money saving effort he will also play goalie for the Sabers and play slot WR on 30% of offensive snaps.
  4. It's because nobody can tell a millionaire what to do. They are like kids, when you tell them not to do something they just want to do it more.
  5. Gilmore follows the other teams best WR all over the field and shuts him down. White on the other hand said when Hopkins lines up on the left side I have to shut him down. I think White went up against Hopkins 65% of the snaps. If I’m paying a CB over 80 mil I expect you to take the other teams best WR out of the game plan. What is the ill informed? White plays majority of the snaps on the left side. If Hopkins moves to the right side our 100 mil $$$ CB is covering a scrub.
  6. So we need to overpay a zone CB to send a message to other players? If we pay White 100 mil and Allen 130 mil how the hell do we sign any of those other players. I would rather keep Edmunds, Oliver and Milano over paying a zone CB a astronomical contract. Cover LB like Edmunds and Milano are hard to find, DT’s that can rush the passer and blow up running lanes are hard to find. Finding a solid/good zone CB, not that hard to find.
  7. Those 80 to 100 mil contacts should be for QB’s, DE, LT and middle LB’s that can blitz, cover and tackle on a elite level. 80 mil for a zone CB is not for me. If his asking price gets crazy I hope we trade him for a 1st rd pick.
  8. Diggs is better but it’s such a very small margin
  9. I think any WR not named Calvin Johnson would need at least a solid threat opposite him. If you are a top 10 WR and are constantly doubled your numbers are going to take a dive. Thielen is a very good WR that has huge games when not doubled. With the Vikings it was a pick your poison type deal with Thielen and Diggs. One would get hot, then they would get more coverage, then the other would get hot.
  10. 85 for 5 years and I’m drafting a CB. He is a very good zone CB, there are a lot of very good CB’s in the NFL. Our HC and DC specialize in coaching DB talent, taking solid CB and making them good ones. I have never seen White listed as a top 10 CB in any of the lists that I have looked at. I also think the defense that we run and having two very good safeties helps White out a lot.
  11. To be honest the Mcaffery contract is exactly what I would give White. Any more and I would rather draft a CB than have to pay Tre over 20+ per year. Whenever Milano is out it definitely shows on the field. He is a top tier cover LB that is a solid tackler.
  12. I don’t think Gordon will get anywhere near this. Gordon will be lucky to get 5 50 with 20 guaranteed.
  13. Key Bank has been dead for at least 3 years now with exception to the hot starts. They have to be losing money like crazy with the Sabers.
  14. It’s because of dumb asses like this marshal law will be declared. With what little they really know about Covid-19 this Is very disrespectful to family, friends and whoever they have contact with afterwards. Over privileged and incompetent people are two of the main reasons this thing will hit harder here than anywhere else.
  15. He might, but good CB prospects like him will get drafted late 1st early 2nd. Would be amazing if it happens, but I give it a under 10% chance.
  16. It says Senior Vice President. I guess he found another job title that absolves him of blame for doing another ***** job.
  17. The XFL was doomed as soon as they signed Whaley to be the president of it.
  18. Why is it confusing? If your are a good welder you will find a job. If you are a good truck driver you will find a job. If you are a bad GM no team will sign you and you will be in the XFL. If you are a bad TE like Croom no team will sign you and you will be in the XFL.
  19. Is that what Brandon is doing now? I was hoping he was working for Ingersoll Rand selling air compressors.
  20. The electric chair should still be used for people that commit murder and a few other unspeakable crimes.
  21. I’ve always ranked Russ Brandon as the number 1 reason. Whaley made up a big enough piece of that ***** sandwich to be considered major. No other team wanted him after he was released tells you everything that you need to know.
  22. If Whaley was such a good GM why is he in the XFL? No other NFL team wanted anything to do with him when we released him.
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