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  1. Defensive Tackle is slightly worse at this point, Oliver has potential but that's worse than the sure thing we had in Kyle. Other than that, better across the board.
  2. Yeah I enjoy that podcast but their takes on Allen compared to darnold are tough to listen to.
  3. They are completely unproven at the most important position head coach. Kitchens has barely any experience be interesting to see if he can run a team
  4. All we need is for the Jags to take a TE and we are guaranteed a blue chip guy I think.
  5. Antonio Brown wondering whether Buffalo is still interested right now, Raiders are ultimate joke franchise.
  6. It's not just me, the Jets offensive line is terrible right?
  7. Browns. They are getting a lot of hype this offseason and I'd love to start the year with us going into their house and punching them right in the mouth
  8. Not necessarily playoffs, but we need at least 9 wins this year to keep my faith.
  9. The focus of this team now seems to be winning games instead of selling tickets, this pleases me.
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