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  1. The strength of this team is coaching, we don't have loads of superstars. I'm fine with that.
  2. So many talking heads have us as significantly improved and then winning 6 games. It's like they didn't watch us at all last year.
  3. He put kitchens down as being head coach last year when it was Gregg Williams. That is top notch ignorance of the game
  4. Never ceases to amaze me how people put the bills as a 0 win team last offseason then give mcd no credit for coaching them to 6 wins. He is a top 10 coach, cant wait to see how he does with talent
  5. Defensive Tackle is slightly worse at this point, Oliver has potential but that's worse than the sure thing we had in Kyle. Other than that, better across the board.
  6. Yeah I enjoy that podcast but their takes on Allen compared to darnold are tough to listen to.
  7. They are completely unproven at the most important position head coach. Kitchens has barely any experience be interesting to see if he can run a team
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