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  1. If Josh is the 31st best QB then Sean McDermott is the best Head Coach in the NFL by an absolute mile.
  2. Bills loss to the seahawks on TNF a few years back.
  3. Difference is also that Allen leads the league in game winning drives this season. Allen is a leader, Baker is a cry baby.
  4. Patriots dirty play is rewarded, hope our defense remembers that it's open season on QBs.
  5. unacceptable, fed up of the patriots and this *****.
  6. no chance in hell this is overturned. 100% should be though.
  7. Allen trying to play hero ball, have to think as he matures he can stop this *****.
  8. This is what kills me, we are losing this on the fundamentals
  9. This is bizarre, the 3rd quarter is usually our worst.
  10. Now i'm fully back in, come on Bills please don't break my heart.
  11. Bills need to execute better on offense, Allen has to do more. This is a winnable game thanks to our D.
  12. These officials are much what you would expect, have to be able to overcome it. We don't have a receiver that can get open enough against teams like this and Allen is making poor decisions. Not great bob.
  13. What still annoys me is the obvious holding by the pats o line
  14. The defense is good enough to beat the Pats. However our offense is not, nowhere near.
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