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  1. I guess it is nice. Thats how 32 other teams work. Late round picks get short leashes, early round picks get longer leashes. This is how the NFL is.
  2. His talent can hold the team hostage in this case because we are talking about a backup QB prospect who has not played a single down. Thats not much of a hostage if he's being held. Also Tre may not be the only player who has a problem with Fromm he is only the most prominent who has spoken out. Not for nothing he is also the best player on the team. How many players on the Bills need to come out as against him for it to be ok to cut him?
  3. Point 1: thats the difference between what a fan thinks about vs what gm needs to think about. Your making a moral argument but Football is a strategic game. It is not the same as real life. You have to weigh how much does this player hurt us vs potentially help us. Risk vs reward. With a 1st round player you accept higher risk for the chance of a greater reward. Point 2: You aren't highly offended because if you were you wouldn't be carrying this guys flag for pages and pages. Tre of course is not precluded from forgiving him but if for some reason he doesn't than the Bills have created their own problem.
  4. To point 1: yes I would. The tolerance for insolence for a 1st round pick is much higher. To be drafted in the 1st means that the team believes that the talent of the player can make a huge difference. Like it or not players are not treated equally based on draft status. But no-one mourns for a 6th round LB being cut except perhaps this board. If it was up to this board Christian Wade and the CFL receiver would be in the starting lineup. Players are cut and forgotten and many never get a second chance. Others like Nate Peterman get a million chances to fail. To your second point: I'm white and I'm not personally offended by what Fromm said so he doesn't owe me an apology. But some black players are offended including our all world cornerback. A player like Tre White is worth 100 Jake Fromms. People saying Tre is being a diva obviously care more about other things than the team winning games. They are willing to risk alienating the best player on the team for a potential backup quarterback. Even if you disagree with him, we don't win games outright without Tre White. We don't go to the playoffs without him.
  5. They arent racists, but outside perception can infect the inner workings of the team. Other teams can also use it as a motivation. People feel it isn't right to cut Fromm and I get it from a fairness perspective. Most everyone has made horrible texts so I don't think Fromm is even a bad guy or a terrible human being. That said he's a distraction. Anyone arguing this isn't a distraction needs to look at how many pages this thread is. People on this board treat late round draft picks like they are huge difference makers when most of the time these players are Jeff Tuel (no offense to Jeff Tuel) but people on this board are all rallying around a player who doesnt really matter and causes more distraction and division than helps. Like if we have to rely on Fromm the team isnt going anywhere he doesn't have an arm that can succeed in the NFL. So far nobody has made a good reason for keeping him other than what happened to him was unfair.
  6. It makes it worse if he stays because everyone forgot about Josh Allens tweets for 2 years and suddenly they are brought up all the time now. I agree that it isn't right that the girl releases the text messages but that isn't the Bills fault either.
  7. I go back to the idea that playing in the NFL is a privilege not a right. Why should the Bills risk the cohesion of their locker room when they are very close to achieving great things to protect someone who at best is a backup QB with an insufficient arm? If the Bills want to overcome the Patriots they must change their mentality and stop being warm and fuzzy and start thinking about the upside vs downside of keeping a 5th round pick. Fromm did make a mistake yes and that girl did set him up. It sucks for him but like it or not Fromm now is damaged goods and fans and players are now going to use what happened to him and Josh Allen as a cudgel to beat the organization over the head and undermine it. The truth is that Fromm is a 5th round pick that isnt worth any of this drama.
  8. right but hes totally worth alienating half the locker room because of....reasons???
  9. I mean its the texts and the fact he doesn't have an arm. The Bills drafted him because even though he has subpar physical attributes apparently is super smart and good at intangibles. He certainly doesn't have "elite white person" intangibles and he can't throw.
  10. You act like this 5th round pick who is the talk of the sports world right now spouting racial nonsense is like some inspiring figure worthy of trust in the Bills locker room. He's a rookie whose never played a game for them. That Bills locker room doesn't owe him any courtesy as he has done nothing for them but sow chaos. The Bills logically should not have kept him if for no other reason than because by having him people can say that the Bills have 2 QBs that have had racial issues in the past. Which hurts Josh Allen by bringing up his tweets. This is not good for a team on the rise. Cut Fromm.
  11. Maybe thats good advice for life. Football isn't about seeking forgiveness. I care about the team more than a backup qb.
  12. I don't even think Fromm is worth it if Tre White forgives him and becomes his best friend. Wisdom is found in cutting your loses before they become greater.
  13. The reason I think the Bills should cut Fromme is that this Bills team is pretty close together and has good cohesion. Why risk alienating a guy like Tre White, who is an all world corner who has literally won the Bills games, is a funny and thoughtful guy and positive personality? Why take the risk, especially in the tension we are living in right now culturally? I wouldn't trade Tre for two first round picks right now...why risk his potential happiness in his life for a 5th Round backup QB prospect who doesn't have an arm? Like not even getting into the racial aspect of the text, the damage he could do by staying is 100x more than any good he could do. I feel bad for him because that girl set him up so bad, but sometimes life isn't fair... But there are riots going on, and I'm in no way going to stand up for Jake Fromme.
  14. I disagree with Brees, but that's a pretty huge leap.
  15. The Bills for sure have an elite defense. It is a top defense based on having alot of depth and cohesiveness rather than for example stellar pass rush. They can match up well against alot of different kinds of teams. They also have high grade talent at key positions in the secondary.
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