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  1. I'll have to admit that imo Chris Brown has improved quite a bit over the years to the point that hes pretty good. I didn't used to like him in the glory days of the bbmb, but now dont mind him at all.
  2. Right Daboll's plan is to get into 3rd and 3 situations. But in terms of execution it feels sometimes like the Bills are better at 3rd and 10 conversions than those "easy" short yardage situations.
  3. I know this is meant to be sarcastic, but in a sense yes. The Patriot's faith is very intensely focused in the system that Belichick created. Deviance from it is not tolerated even from elite players. They suppress individuality, and are willing to sacrifice players at any time. The Patriots are almost cult-like.
  4. To me a big problem stems from Allen not being able to hit deep. If he improves, that it will open up the defenses and help the offense more than anything else. Allen has completely inverted in that he has significantly improved what was said by many to be impossible to improve:short-medium passing. But his deep ball accuracy has dropped off so badly that it is not even a concern for our opponents at this point.
  5. Morse falling down on the QB run play caused Allen to get sacked. Allen getting sacked caused the fumble. The fumble gave the Eagles an opportunity to score at the end of the 1st half which changed the complexion of the game.
  6. The Bills needed to run the ball with more authority. They also gave up on the run way too soon. The Bills as a point of pride need to toughen themselves up especially at home. No team should come up here and run on them like that.
  7. It's an F this week. Allen blew it this game. Hopefully he learns from it. When you have a defense playing that hard, Frank Gore running for 40+ yards it is especially onerous to have him play like that.
  8. Feliciano's head without a body is even better than Ducasse and Miller.
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