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  1. Tasker is better on TV than the radio. I disagree that he doesnt have knowledge or insight he just has a rough delivery. Kelso meanwhile is great. People way underappreciate him. He's both extremely articulate/good at diagnosing plays, and is very onery and fiery at the same time. The same calls that go against the Bills that you want to call BS about, but deep down arent sure about, he helpfully calls straight up BS on. His tone of voice sometimes is like a sneer of contempt. I remember last year he got so fired up when the Bills and I think the Jags were in that brawl he was about to go down there and kick some ass himself. Kelso is just like the embodiment of what being a Bills fan is all about.
  2. Honestly couldn't be happier. Imo the Bills got the exact player they needed.
  3. Tim Graham although whiney, was a decent writer. Being a good writer covers a multitude of sins. Rodak has no insight about the team, has no sources on the team, and isn't a very good writer to make up the difference. He has a great job that many would be very passionate about, yet he is completely dispassionate.
  4. I hate the Dolphins. Even more than the Patriots. I hate everything about them. I hate their stupid color scheme. I even hate real dolphins for literally no other reason than **** the Miami Dolphins.
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