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Week 10 Postgame Thread: Bills at Cardinals 4:05 pm EST on CBS

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Just now, Generic_Bills_Fan said:

How was this a bills thing? I'm still confused by this take 🤣 kyler threw up a prayer and hopkins made a great catch in triple coverage...the prayer just happened to be in the absolute perfect spot somehow

Because things like that seem to only happen to us.


Have you missed the last twenty some odd years?

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Some of you guys calling out players and saying the coaching staff should be fired are just ridiculous.   If not for a miracle, Hail Mary pass, we walk away with the win.   QBs thr

Great game.  It happens.

the three best defensive players all right there and Hopkins made an incredible play   sucks just tip your hat

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5 minutes ago, BillsMafi$ said:

dolphins next 3 games...


at Denver
at NY Jets
vs. Bengals

Burrow and Cincy are no longer a guarantee, if there’s any silver lining. Denver is horrible. No need to comment on the Jets.


Yeah, Miami’s gonna he right there with us end of season.

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Just now, IronyAbounds said:

Yeah, you can't point to either side of the ball to blame, it was a team effort in losing.


totally below average play by the defense, and the offense most of the day.  Looks like only Beasly and Bass decided to actually play the entire game.  

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Just now, SageAgainstTheMachine said:

Gotta move past it.  1-1 against Seattle and Arizona is a good result no matter how it specifically happened.


not really.  Good teams win both.  Average-type teams are cool with a split.  Sea is not even that good.  Overhyped and overrated, and Cards have 3 losses coming into today.  

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