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Miami Confirms that Rosen might be traded Update: signed w/ Tampa Bay

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https://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-sp-dolphins-brian-flores-friday-20200904-mz2i3rhk7jc6rj7gxhpxt42gra-story.html?outputType=amp Honestly I think this guys career is over. This is 2 teams now that’s given up on him. I wanted him to succeed but i think it’s over for him. Word is he’s having a horrible camp and that Tua is beating him in competition for the number 2 role 

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Come on home right Josh!


Let’s not lose sight of what is awesome here. The Dolphins wasted  2nd and 5th round picks on a one season back up.

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I don't know why but I feel little sorry for him (from football perspective). I think he was always in bad situation and didn't get proper chance.


I'd say Chicago might be a good trade partner. Trubisky is likely bust and Foles is not a long-term solution. Rosen could get a shot there.

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My guess is he goes to Pittsburgh. Big Ben is a big enough name that Rosen isn’t challenging anything (and I don’t think he shakes up a locker room anywhere he goes anyways). Could possibly learn a bit from Roethlisberger, and Pittsburgh needs something behind a 38yr old Big Ben coming off a season ending injury last year. 

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I’d take him. Let him learn from Wrong Josh and get a taste of NFL coaching stability. I bet he’s better than Davis Webb and Jake Fromm.


Edit* not in a trade, though. Contract too expensive.

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I don't get the narrative out there that he wasn't given a fair opportunity to succeed.


He was put onto two teams that had very little QB competition and couldn't hold the job with either team. 


Last year, Miami got instantly better with Fitz as QB and became respectable.  He was really bad with them.


He stinks, why is that so hard for people to say?

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7 minutes ago, Shaw66 said:

Anyone still wish Bills had taken the other Josh?


While we are still slightly unsure of the Josh on the roster...........there's no way this team would be where it's at currently with Rosen. Another 3-4 year term of disarray.

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