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  1. billykay

    Joe B: Post Minicamp 53 Man Roster Projection

    Agree. He looks like a good candidate for the PS.
  2. I wouldn't bet on Holmes making the team. I think that Proehl goes to the PS.
  3. billykay

    National Anthem Solution

    Exactly. What do you think would have happened if Tom Brady, Eli, or Luck had decided to kneel in protest of police brutality or any other perceived issue. Do you believe that the guy in D.C. with the orange hair would have said anything? Do you think that he would have referred to them as " sons of bitches" ? I don't think so. So, in my opinion he did so for one reason only & it had nothing to do with patriotism. Those of you who insist that the kneeling has something to do with patriotism can still stick a flag pin in your lapel & act patriotic, just like I see many politicians do.
  4. billykay

    Music City Travesty

    So, if Tyrod is winning 3-0 & the other team scores a TD on the last series, then you would say that Tyrod "had done everything he needed to for the Bills to win".
  5. billykay

    NFL Top 100

    J.J. Watt #84 ????
  6. billykay

    Bills UDFA signings & Rookie minicamp invitees

    I think he ran a 4.41, the same as Proehl.
  7. billykay

    Who Makes Your Priority UDFA List?

    The WR from UB.
  8. Sam Darnold - CLE 2. Josh Rosen BILLS - 3. Josh Allen Pitt - 4. Baker Mayfield NYJ - 5. Lamar Jackson AZ- Bonus: Bills Pick - Rosen
  9. billykay

    Pre-draft QB Rumors

    What's LAMP?
  10. billykay

    Rob Johnson is still bitter after 20 years

    Yeah but, how do you really feel about Flutie ?
  11. At a racetrack, they are called "touts".
  12. billykay

    McCarron and Peterman Live on FB Feed

    What was the injury?
  13. billykay

    Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    Thanks for the response. We thoroughly enjoyed England when we visited three years ago, the year the Bills were there.