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  1. Yes he is - way better and 5 years from now will still be way better.
  2. You're being extremely nice in your evaluation. Except for his running & athleticism, he simply has not produced. Will that change in time ? Who knows. Personally, I doubt it. If we don't look for a QB in the next draft, it looks like we will be in the market shortly thereafter. His biggest attribute - his strong arm - means squat. His long throws are a zip code away from the receiver. This is what you get when you value size & arm strength over accuracy and the ability to assess the field in 2-3 seconds. We shall see.
  3. billykay

    Player Acquisitons related to Dead Cap $

    RP was sounding very elitist in his remarks.
  4. billykay

    Player Acquisitons related to Dead Cap $

    Wow. Hope you are being sarcastic.
  5. billykay

    What Does McBeane See In Peterman?

    I agree. Josh may very well turn into a decent QB, but imo he will never be very good or great. He has no touch on his throws. His inaccuracy is mind boggling. He is just another example of talent evaluators always looking for 6' 4", rifle arm, & forgetting about the most important things like accuracy & the ability to decipher what is going on in 2 1/2 seconds. Of course there are lots of us on this board who will indulge in wishful hoping because he is a 1st round draft pick. I'm sure we will see some improvement over time, but the inaccuracy is extremely telling except for those evaluators who are always looking for the wrong things. The Bills aren't going anywhere, so I don't mind the Josh experiment, but it doesn't look good when he is compared to the other QBs in his draft. Time will tell but I have a bad feeling that we are spinning our wheels.
  6. The only thing proven is that he was a good college WR. So far, as a pro, he has been a disappointment. I wouldn't waste any draft capital on him.
  7. billykay

    Why I think Josh Allen had a bad game yesterday....

    Pretty nasty fella. Get a grip.
  8. Has anyone noticed that most of the Bills' best game on defense have been away game. Last year at Carolina, at Atlanta, at KC, & at Jax. And of course this year at Minnesota. Wonder what is going on.
  9. Yep. KB will be gone by the trade deadline , IMO. Beane won't pay him the big free agent bucks.
  10. billykay

    Sean Mcvay is a savant

    I'll bet that most of us golfers can play a round & a few days later, remember every shot . I can & I usually have a lot of shots & my memory stinks as I keep getting closer to 100 years old.
  11. billykay

    No Panic from our HC

  12. How long do the Browns have to keep T.V. on the active squad of 53 ?
  13. billykay

    McCarron Traded!

    The pick is an asset to be used to move up. We will not be drafting 10 players.
  14. billykay

    Braxton Miller Cut by Texans

    I think that we will pick up a LB & an OL or two. Relax. I think he was being sarcastic.