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  1. Don't know if he makes the team, but he is one heck of a college receiver.
  2. I think that Kroft will be their starter, at least to start the season.
  3. Since we signed a boatload of OLs, I don't see us spending a 1st on an OL. I also can't see them going for a WR at #9. Ergo, they will go D - front seven BPA. Of course, with Beane there is always the good chance that we trade the pick. My pick is Oliver.
  4. When the 2 year commitment ends, can there be another 2 year tag applied ?
  5. I think that Clowney has been a disappointment; not a bust, but just not what they expected. Some of that might be because of injury. I wouldn't trade for him & his exhorbitant salary. Houston doesn't want to pay him the big bucks for a reason. Now, Clark from Seattle - hmmm, that's another story.
  6. I read somewhere that Fant has had a lot of drops. Is this true /
  7. I like the trade idea - Shaq plus Zay for Frank Clark. We pay the big bucks for Clark instead of picking up Shaq's option. We throw in Zay as Seattle needs a WR. We would have to also throw in a mid round pick as Seattle is in need of picks. Since we would now have our pass rusher, more options now become available with pick #9.
  8. The Ravens are always in the hunt, because they have stability & an excellent head coach.
  9. OJ also had great vision. Can anyone remember his ever absorbing a big hit. That's why he was rarely injured until late in his career.
  10. I have to agree with you. Also, perhaps one of the best athletes all time. Besides football, he was an all american lacrosse player. He also started on the Syracuse basketball team. Love me some JB when he wasn't throwing women off balconies.
  11. He might be looking but he ain't getting. Very average RB from what I have seen.
  12. Last year was all about $$$$$, or lack thereof.
  13. With the free agent signings, more & more I think Beane is thinking LB in the 1st round. Devon White would look good playing with his Buddy Trevarious.
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