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  1. Centers aren't valued highly in the draft. We could pick up a top 3 center in the 2nd round - top 5 probably in the 3rd round.
  2. My favorite play call was the 3rd & 26 when we threw it a ton. I'm getting tired of OC's calling runs in that situation. Ya might get a penalty. Ya never know.
  3. Yeah, his 40 time wasn't anything to write home about. But, sometimes instinct & anticipation can make up for a 10th of a second.
  4. Winston is done in TB.
  5. billykay

    Yahoo Pick 'em and Survivor leagues

    Hard to believe I'm at #1. I guess that even no nothings like me can get lucky for a while. Good luck, everyone.
  6. billykay

    We gotta find a way to lose this one boys.

    A top 3 pick is an asset that can be used or sold to the highest bidder.
  7. billykay

    Question Regarding the QB situation

    I agree. However, I fear from watching college tape & live action with the Bills that if he is "the guy" he will be an average to good "guy" rather than a good to very good "guy". We shall see.
  8. billykay

    Golden Tate traded to Eagles for a 3rd

    If I were a WR free agent, I would not sign with the Bills given the uncertainty of their QB situation. They will probably have to upgrade through the draft.
  9. billykay

    The Vikings think Allen > Darnold

    You know, Sleeby, Just because some of us disagree with you on what the future looks like for Josh, doesn't make us "haters", to use your word. I hope you are right & I am wrong.
  10. Amari is bordering on being a bust. Why would anyone pay $13M for that ?
  11. billykay

    The Vikings think Allen > Darnold

    I hear this so much about Allen - he has so much talent but it is raw. Besides a strong arm, what exactly is his talent. So, he can throw a football real far - so what. His inaccuracy is astounding & that has nothing to do with being raw. Imo, he will cost the Bills the better part of 2-3 seasons before they eventually give up on him. I'm hoping but.......................
  12. billykay

    Overpaid Bills for 2018

    If Beane is worth his salt, KB will be gone in the next few weeks. Btw, the pick 6 was obviously the fault of NP, but did anyone notice the atrocious, lazy route run by KB. He is not a QB's friend.
  13. Yes he is - way better and 5 years from now will still be way better.
  14. You're being extremely nice in your evaluation. Except for his running & athleticism, he simply has not produced. Will that change in time ? Who knows. Personally, I doubt it. If we don't look for a QB in the next draft, it looks like we will be in the market shortly thereafter. His biggest attribute - his strong arm - means squat. His long throws are a zip code away from the receiver. This is what you get when you value size & arm strength over accuracy and the ability to assess the field in 2-3 seconds. We shall see.
  15. billykay

    Player Acquisitons related to Dead Cap $

    RP was sounding very elitist in his remarks.