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  1. Watching Evans on replay run a route is to love him as one of the best. With the top 6 or 7, we are splitting hairs over who is best. They are all terrific but I would choose Evans as my #1.
  2. If Miami received 2 First Rounders for an OL, we would at least get that plus.
  3. I think that there are now 12 spots on the PS. If there were 13 with that extra position being a QB that couldn't be touched, the NFLPA might agree to it because 32 jobs are being created.
  4. As I have said a year ago on another post - the league should allow one QB from each team to be untouchable on the Practice Squad. This would allow for an orderly development for a player in one of the most difficult positions to learn.
  5. I agree. However, what they could do for instance is if there is a PI call on the 35 yd line, the Offense would get another play from there but it would still be 4th & 15.
  6. I don't know who you know, but imho they all have mental health issues.
  7. What if it is the QB and he is out 3-4 games?
  8. Good luck with 2 or 3 wins. They do have the #1 defense, ya know.
  9. What if some key players feel that it is too dangerous to play football during this virus period. Is the league going to play with diluted team rosters without some of the stars? What if the QB of one team has to be quarantined & the other team's QB can play? Do standings and stats mean anything? Are we going to root for the Bills when they play a team with half their roster quarantined? This thing doesn't just make you sick. It also kills. What happens when a player actually dies from the virus? Wow, so many things to think about.
  10. Not counting the "substitute game" against the Jets 1st team, Barkley has only played one full game. He lit it up that game. That being said, They should definitely bring in some competition.
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