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  1. billykay

    Ontario Bills Fans Club

    I can think of a lot of things to be " hot and bothered " about. Canada isn't one of them.
  2. no need to be nasty.
  3. I think that if he can stay healthy, Eifert would be the steal of free agency.
  4. billykay

    Trades will be Beane's main focus, not free agency

    I agree. The one guy I would go after is Eifert. Lots of injuries, but one of the best when healthy.
  5. They don't have a better QB. Perhaps Allen will become a better QB, but as a rookie, he was definitely not better than TT.
  6. billykay

    Will Daboll Be a HC Candidate?

    Did he go to St. Francis with David Caldwell from Jax ?
  7. I've said it before, it might sound a little silly but they could lessen the yellow flags by a couple a game. Just mandate that all Guards & Tackles must wear gloves similar to boxing gloves. This won't stop all OL holding but will at least get rid of the obvious grab & hold penalties.
  8. Centers aren't valued highly in the draft. We could pick up a top 3 center in the 2nd round - top 5 probably in the 3rd round.
  9. My favorite play call was the 3rd & 26 when we threw it a ton. I'm getting tired of OC's calling runs in that situation. Ya might get a penalty. Ya never know.
  10. Yeah, his 40 time wasn't anything to write home about. But, sometimes instinct & anticipation can make up for a 10th of a second.