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  1. billykay

    Josh Allen ain’t bad

    I thought that Josh Allen played pretty well last night considering that it was his first pro game. However, I'm a little annoyed at the coverage of the game in the Bflo News. The headlines were all about Allen & they were all gushing over his play. Humbly, I felt that the story of the night was the play of Petermen & McCarren. Although Allen played well, Our other two QB's were close to perfect & for me that was the story. It's nice having three decent QB's.
  2. Unless we are in the playoff hunt, he will be gone at the trading deadline. imho.
  3. billykay

    McCarron live inteview on OneBillsDrive

  4. billykay

    Stefon Diggs signs extension

    I don't think that the Bills are going to pony up c $15m for Benjamin. Depending on our record at the trade deadline, we might see a Watkins type trade at that time. jmho
  5. billykay

    Prisco: Bills to go 3-13 (start 0-8)

    Except for a few obvious games (NE over Bears etc ), he mainly just picked home teams. I just went through the first 6 weeks & he picked homers 78 out of 96. Lazy story.
  6. billykay

    Top 10 Free Agents In Buffalo Bills History

    No one has mentioned Frank Lewis. Perhaps he wasn't a FA.
  7. billykay

    Joe B: 53 Man Roster Projection - Updated

    Agree. He looks like a good candidate for the PS.
  8. I wouldn't bet on Holmes making the team. I think that Proehl goes to the PS.
  9. billykay

    National Anthem Solution

    Exactly. What do you think would have happened if Tom Brady, Eli, or Luck had decided to kneel in protest of police brutality or any other perceived issue. Do you believe that the guy in D.C. with the orange hair would have said anything? Do you think that he would have referred to them as " sons of bitches" ? I don't think so. So, in my opinion he did so for one reason only & it had nothing to do with patriotism. Those of you who insist that the kneeling has something to do with patriotism can still stick a flag pin in your lapel & act patriotic, just like I see many politicians do.
  10. billykay

    Music City Travesty

    So, if Tyrod is winning 3-0 & the other team scores a TD on the last series, then you would say that Tyrod "had done everything he needed to for the Bills to win".