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  1. Don't you just love it when we can agree on something!
  2. Was really hoping for a late Christmas miracle and we would see the 90s throwbacks. I know its impossible for those this season, and maybe next. But it would be super cool for the Bills and 'Phins to be in their 90's throwbacks. A signal that maybe just maybe the rivalry from the 90's is coming back. Im excited for that in the coming seasons!!
  3. The season isnt even over yet. They have the greatest coach in the history of this league. Id slow down. They get a half way legit QB and they are back in the hunt next season.
  4. If the bills beat Pitt on Sunday and get to within 1 game of the # 2 seed and 2 games within the #1 seed, could the argument be made that it would be the biggest win in the last 20 years? Beating the top team in the league, and really cementing their place in the AFC Hierarchy? What victories would y'all put ahead of it?
  5. Also, maybe its time the Zo comes out of retirement!
  6. Woof. No bueno. I fully expect this team to still get the W on sunday, but you have to be concerned with how long term these injuries can be.
  7. AFC East: Bills AFC West: Chiefs AFC North: Ravens AFC South: Colts Wild Cards: Titans, Patriots, Steelers AFC Champs: Cheifs NFC East: Cowboys NFC West: Niners NFC North: Packers NFC South: Bucs Wild Cards: Seattle, Saints, Eagles SB: Saints over Chiefs
  8. I dont think this assessment is unfair. Allen has a lot to prove still. There is no question about it. There is also no question that he possess all the skills needed to be an elite top tier QB. But can he put it all together? Can he fix his deep ball accuracy and poor decisions issues? If he can, buckle up this team will be good for a long time. If he cant, it may be time to start looking at the QBs that will be in the 2022 NFL draft.
  9. Under, Under, Under , Under , Over, Under, Under, Over, Over, Under
  10. I always favored the show to Hard Knocks,. Gives you a decent perspective of what happens during the NFL season. I wouldn't be surprised if the NFL put it on hold because of the 'Rona Just curious if there was ever an announcement on its status
  11. The concern with him coming out of college was if his heart was there. It seems thus far that he has not really tired all that hard to make a name for himself. He's talent, just appears football is not all that important too him. To each their own!
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