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Shaq Lawson 5th year option on the table

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10 hours ago, Bill Murray said:

For the people debating the value of Shaq’s ability to block passes at the line vs sack the QB, I would submit that the NFL passing game has evolved in a way that should significantly increase the value of DL pass blockers.  Quick slants, WR moving pick plays, etc are the new norm of passing offenses.  These plays are extremely difficult, if not impossible for the DB to defend (boarderline but rarely called offensive pass-interference) and the ball comes out so quickly a sack is nearly impossible to achieve.  These plays are called frequently on important downs such as 3rd downs and near the goal line.  Also slants and other quick strikes frequently turn into huge plays (Tyreek Hill for example).


On WR moving pick plays (Patriots run them all the time) outside of the QB/WR making a mistake, the only surfire way to defend these plays is to bat the ball down at the line.  Shaq has found a niche for this and should improve on as his experience and awareness grows.


This is not to say that sacks aren’t the more impactful of the two... just don’t discount the increased importance of pass defense within 3 to 5 yds of the line of scrimmage given how passing games have evolved.

I was just about to get in on this. Specifically with our dear Friend Bad ol'
The new defenses are smart about passing lanes and qb release awareness. When to look up, for D lineman, release/get off the block and get the hands up.
Zone defenses especially.

 as much as  I love Kyle he really was too short for today's DTs.
 continually moving into the passing game  lanes and getting QB sight disruption by scheme is one of the best ways to defeat the short passing game imho. ala Patriots

Shaq is  perfect for what he is being asked to do. This year has been a big step forward for him in This defense.being able to play laterally is important

give him a deal , not the 5th year option. He must know he has more to prove and Buffalo ? is the place to get that done. 


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