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  1. Very few good sports media guys in Pittsbufgh, great city though! Fans are a mix of obnoxious (Steelers), jaded (Pirates), and spoiled (Pens). And agree, there are a TON of Bills fans in the Burgh. Every time I wear my gear in the Strip or around town, someone is giving a shout out to Buffalo. Not sure if it's Buffalo residents moving to Pittsburgh, or just a natural following... I grew up in the outskirts of Pitt, close to where Jimbo played in high school, black and gold country, but alot of ppl jumped on the wagon following Jim to the pros.
  2. Columnist in local Pittsburgh paper didn't miss it... https://triblive.com/sports/bills-gm-to-pft-trade-fell-apart-because-of-antonio-brown-not-steelers/
  3. To me, there are 3 'area's that could use an immediate upgrade: 1. pass rush 2. receiving presence to occupy lbs and safeties 3. offensive line/blocking 1. Either a DT or defensive end, but I'm guessing defensive end as our 1st pick. Our defense legitamatly becomes a force with 1 superb pass rusher 2. A high quality receiving tight end can open up so many possibilities. Extremely challenging to stop an offense with an athletic tight end in the middle of the field, and explosive Wrs to cover deep 3. I like our offensive line additions, but we could really use another dominating player to go with Morse. Our FA additions have provided flexibility to wait until day 2, but I'm not quite sold on this group as it stands now. Ty has never been tasked with a starter role, Waddle is a solid backup, and Long/Feliciano are borderline starters too, albeit upgrades over last year.
  4. And Beane was a man about it....owned the mistake and apologized. I'll take that attitude 100/100 times, nobody is perfect. Not going to indulge beyond that. if that is still stuck in your craw, I'd suggest washing it down with a cold one and keeping your eyes ahead, this season is going to be exciting!
  5. Sounds cliche. but if you've watched a few of his games, he reminds me a lot of Fred Jackson. Patient runner, good hands, solid blocking, and breaks alot of tackles. he won't win many do it races or break many home run plays, but just really solid all around a player. One of my favorite RBs in this clasd
  6. If we land Ansah, Beane has to weigh the benefit of a penetrating DT at 9 OR a versatile TE. I'd think he go TE, given our current DTs are serviceable. We definitely need help at defensive end though. and the draft is top heavy with talent. If no Ansah, have to think defensive end is the play
  7. Good call, I could totally see the Rams making that sort of move...and talk about the rich getting richer.
  8. Agree that AB will probably still be playing 5 years from now, and likely at a high level still. But biggest difference compared to a TO or Moss situation, is that Brown would be eating up MAJOR cap space and will require high draft capital to obtain. TO or Moss didn't when they were shipped around. If someone trades for him, they better have the cap and coaching/locker room to handle him. That's a big combo and a big risk, given a team will have to part ways with major draft capital
  9. I think most would be lying if they say they didn't want Mario to sign with us several years ago. And yes, he had several really good to great seasons. Rex coming in didn't help his career, that s for sure. But he might have been on the decline anyhow, and battling through injuries. The unfortunate part, is that we shelled out a MASSIVE signing bonus and guaranteed money to get him...which then was amortized several seasons out and backloaded his contract. So by the time he was on the decline, we were stuck with so much dead cap. Smart, rationale contracts and proper cap management are things that I think Beane will do, and has already implemented. So yeah, we might make a big signing, but i don't think we'll backload contracts as heavy as prior regimes
  10. Improving our record, making the playoffs, or closing the gap on contending teams, all hinges on Allen and his progress. I think that's a simple fact that most of us can agree on. Putting talent around him is step 1. Beane and McDermott already have a nice core on defense. We have the money and draft capital to pull off a similar transition to what the Bears just did....minus the Mack trade perhaps. From there, we can all just hope that Allen takes a big step forward in 2019 and continue his late year progression. I don't think anyone is resting on mediocrity. I for one am just being realistic that Allen might take a little more time to progress, given he had quite a few tendencies to correct and was very raw coming into the league. Kid works hard, he'll eventually get there, and we shouldn't be ready to jump ship after his 2nd year...thats what some of us are saying
  11. You must have missed teef and Scott discussing this, or it would make sense
  12. You mean the stuff that they didn't buy, but inherited?
  13. Good post! I agree about Allen, I think he has the upside to be very successful. Nobody will ever know what Mahomes would be doing if on another team, Bills or anyone else. We can debate it, but it's all about what this team does with current players and future opportunities
  14. Yeah...loved seeing that reaction of Kris Richard. WOW
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