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  1. Easy there big fella. A swap of firsts and a second next year, yes all day every day. Effectively what I proposed with this year's first and a third-4th next year. time value of picks and or money
  2. I wanted Frank Clark here. Not at the cost of #9 and next years 2nd. This team is not where KC is. KC can give away draft capital to make a run this year, and they will. KC had the #29th pick? Big difference from #9. I advocated Bills #40 this year and a pick next year. Buffalo is a year or two away from that situation. Use #9 and the rest of the draft to find as much talent as you can. Make this type of move when you are looking to fill specific needs, rather than reach on a draft choice.
  3. I think Dillard will end up being the best pure LT in the draft. Not a beast in RB but a solid PB guy in a pass happy league.
  4. I'm holding out criticism of H Phillips right now. I was not impressed, but I want to see him in year 2 without Kyle in front of him.
  5. Shady's value to Buffalo is worth more now than what they can get in return. Do not sell at a loss, unless there is a clear cut improvement waiting, or deal being made. No offense to Gore, Yeldon or Murphy but McCoy is still the best back in the room. Don't create holes when you have cap room to spare and the team has many holes to fill. He has one year left to play out at 30-31, and then all parties leave having honored their requirements. RB will be a clear need in next year's draft. Meanwhile build the OL and DL. DL is deep. TE is deep. Try to grab one of these terrific DL and a stud TE to help your young QB.
  6. I would say it still is since KC is a step or two ahead of Buffalo in team building at this point. They got a younger Edge player, and don't have as many holes to fill as Buffalo. Not to mention the Chiefs 1st rounder is much less valuable than Buffalo's. KC can make moves to fill holes. Buffalo is still team building.
  7. Didn't Philly just get Jordan Howard?
  8. I was having fun with the 'short joke' and Kyler Murray Does Murray get a lot of passes knocked down? TBH didn't pay much attention to QB prospects this year. I like saying that. I've got a feeling there will be a lot of first round busts and meh average players this year, and some good talent found in the later rounds
  9. The J-E-T-S select Edge rusher Josh Allen Kentucky. The AFC East is now the AFC Josh Allens New Era and Oakland are on the clock **** EDIT **** With the morning commute over and being settled in Analysis - Really wanted to trade down. Not too many guys in this draft seem top 5 worthy, especially with the JETS schemes and needs. The Jets also have no second round pick, so this pick had to count and fit scheme. From what I know the Jets need OL help - especially LT and C. The best OT in this draft are natural RT types. Dillard seems the best natural LT, but is average at run blocking. I don't think anyone is drafting C at #3 I looked at a CB to pair opposite T Johnson and make that secondary fierce with their young S, but I'm not sold on any CB as a top 5 pick. Same with WR, I'd have loved to get Darnold an explosive playmaker, and I know some people think DK Metcalf is the second coming, but my disabled mom has better lateral movement and hands. Some very good DL prospects but Gregg Williams runs a 3-4 base in NY. I also think NYC will riot if another DL is drafted in the early first round by the Jets. My decision came down to TE TJ Hockenson (Rated top 10 by CBS and Walter Football), Devin White (but CJ Mosely acquisition tempered this) and Josh Allen. I think Gregg Williams would like having a chess piece like Allen to move around, and it should help boost their pass rush.
  10. I know Seattle wants a 1st, but Buffalo has a high 2nd this year and could package a conditional pick in 2020 to sweeten the pot. Buffalo has plenty of cap to take on his contract, and he is in his prime.
  11. plenty of Red Raider 'Air Raid' system QBs put up numbers in college and flopped in the NFL (Colt McCoy). An earlier poster noted Reid tailored a system to Mahomes, and has the clout and background to get the most out of QBs. Mahomes and Reid is a terrific match that maximizes both. It's wonder twin powers joined together. I'm pretty happy with the Bills future despite this flub. KC was already loaded on offense for Alex Smith. Josh Allen is the right guy to grow with the Bills IMO.
  12. Hey Virgil, as it's getting late what leeway is there on the overnight draft picks?
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