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  1. My very last shout out since I actually give a d@mn about real people out here paying real bills, for real health care. If it was me with an early onset COVID case I would DEMAND Hydroxychloroquine and a steroid, do not f#$k about. Multiple studies have shown it is effective in early cases. It is FDA approved. I am not a doctor, and I am not saying it is a cure all, but it seems to help in a lot of early cases around the world. If it was me, and If things are worse, demand Remdesivir and Dexamethasone ASAP. Multiple studies have shown it is effective. I am not a doctor, and I am not saying it is a cure all, but it seems to help in a lot of COVID cases around the world. At worst you know you tried cures shown to be effective in some scientific studies. https://www.remdesivir.com/us/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMImMLfmquN6wIVcffjBx0DGQb7EAAYASAAEgI97fD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Do not intubate until there is no other choice. Recovery from intubation is 5-10%
  2. One last thought, When Bill Gates was asked about treatment, since I actually read the whole article: I’m assuming you’re not going to have trouble paying for it, Bill, so you could ask for anything. In other words, 'since you are rich beyond belief how would you be treated?' (did I interpret that right Hap?) "Well, I don’t want special treatment, so that’s a tricky thing. Other antivirals are two to three months away. Antibodies are two to three months away. We’ve had about a factor-of-two improvement in hospital outcomes already, and that’s with just remdesivir and dexamethasone. These other things will be additive to that." Imagine if he said Hydroxychloroquine and a steroid for an early infection? The fact he said Remdesivir and dexamethasone for a mid level infection shows he is a hack. Right Hap? Didn't Trump try to stockpile Remdesivir? Obviously worthless. Double Indemnity. Gates is obviously a hack. How dare he call into question testing protocols, and then advocate the use of Remdesivir, since MSNBC has said it is an obvious failure? Doesn't Bill Gates understand how much money big pharma can make from a late stage cure? Why bother with early treatments, or mid cycle treatments? That would save lives and slow down the panic. Obviously fake.
  3. HAHA! I missed the cross out. Let's not include the fact all slaves were owned by Democrats. A little at a time @3rdnlng Let's look at govt hand outs. That is the 1960's, or about 50-60 yrs. @BillStime is just figuring it out that govt. handouts are bad and have consequences. Baby steps. It's a red pill, not a red hoagie.
  4. My workplace had partial furloughs. On for 4 weeks off a full week. Any place that went 5 days to 4 days got screwed. (even though that makes sense) Example: It was better to go 5 days, 5 days, 5 days, 0 days (get NY UI + Fed) (-4 days) than going 4 days, 4 days, 4 days, 4 days (0 UI and 0 Fed) (-4 days)
  5. In some ways you have just been red pilled. Tough moment I know. Been there. There is always a price to pay for handouts. Regardless of from who. Yup even those handouts... you know which ones.... Apply this line of thought to minority neighborhoods for say 50 years, and we will start speaking the same language. Who was it that said 'I'll have those N!ggers voting Democrat for 50 years?' Help a brother out. I have a case of the Biden. Heck Tibs was normal on a post earlier, and now you? 8/08 is a good day. Shout out to @Tiberius @BillStime and even @Penfield45 I don't hate you guys, but you honestly have things backwards.
  6. Good insights RochesterRob....I don't disagree with you, but when does the gravy train end? Who pays for it? Does the end of the gravy train mean people demanding work opens up? That is my question. When did this happen @bilzfancy? May have happened while I was writing my blurb. Thanks for the input. Any links?
  7. Hap. I appreciate you for keeping a clean scientific thread about COVID on this forum. I really do. That is not easy. Even when I posted direct reference published scientific journal articles on that thread (elsivir/ lancet etc), or brought up my own experiences working in real life clinical trials with ACM Labs they were dismissed by you as if written by a third grader. But then again they did not fit your point of view, and by extension, must be wrong. Thank God you were there to tell us all how Elsivir, ACM and Lancet were all wrong. I posted here to avoid that thread on purpose. A lot of us interested in a COVID discussion have avoided that thread on purpose. I have noticed that you seem to speak to everyone on this or the other thread who disagrees with you, or offers scientific studies that don't agree with you like a 2 year old. You should start your posts with 'Bless your heart'. It is quite charming after all. I suppose 'oh do you now?' or 'you don't understand' is the equivalent. I love being spoken to like that. So do other people, it's not off-putting at all. I was the data manager for an ACM Labs study that created a treatment to one of the most rare diseases on earth. Obviously I am a moron and don't understand clinical trials, or FDA requirements at all. Fair enough, I am small potatoes in the field. But people and organizations like Harvey Risch, MD, PhD (Yale Epidemiology), Michigan Health and IHU-Méditerranée Infection in Marseille who are light years ahead of me have all become idiots in your threads too. I feel like I am in good company. After all the US media considers the last three to be hacks these days. I am honestly surprised you are not the surgeon general or medical correspondent to MSNBC. Then again a '4yr journalism major' can call a 30 yr Yale epidemiologist a hack these days, and it takes hold.' Silly me, I took Bill Gates at his word. It is quite strong language for the founder of Microsoft and by extension Outlook, Word, Excel, Access etc to say: The majority of all US tests are completely garbage, wasted. I was obviously too dumb to read the whole article and understand what he said in contect of the rest of the article. I am happy you were there to clarify his meaning for me. Hap. I will no longer offer my opinion, experience or scientific findings to your two threads on COVID. You win. Congratulations. Shut down those who have other evidence, experience, and input. Heck even Dr. Risch has been shut down from some social media platforms. He is a true blue professional in the field, You and I are guys on a message board, but now we are treated equally. Is that scientifically sound? There is so much money to made off of fear, censorship and intellectual falsehoods. Dr. Risch spoke out and was silenced. Just like you try to silence people here who offer scientific data. There is so much power to be gained from fear. Who was I to think I could contribute to your conversation?
  8. I've been loosely following the 2nd round of COVID Stimulus package debate, and didn't see a topic on it yet. I also have yet to see 'main stream media' be bothered to investigate the claims that the $600/ week stimulus incentivizes not working. Responsible journalism would have done this. Now you have me instead.... sad day for us all. Let's dive in. FULL DISCLOSURE I have been working (remotely) since mid March. I was furloughed for one full week in each month (May, June, July) and had to claim NYS unemployment for those weeks. In May and June I did receive NYS Unemployment and Fed $600 for the week on furlough. I was on furlough the last week of July, did receive NYS unemployment for that week, but did not qualify for a Federal match for the last week in July (NYS unemployment considered that week to end on Aug 2nd). I am at a salary where max NYS Unemployment + Fed $600 is very close to my normal take home wages. I am in the 60-70k salary range. I hated taking either. Fortunately our partial furloughs appear to be over. I have been lucky. LET'S SET THE TABLE TO THE DEBATE: Q/A from https://www.american-agents.org/news/increased-unemployment-benefits-under-covid Q: How much will I receive? It depends on your state. Benefits will be expanded in an attempt to replace the average worker’s paycheck. The average worker earns about $1,000 a week, and unemployment benefits often replace roughly 40 to 45 percent of that. The additional federal benefit will pay an extra amount to fill the gap. Now, eligible workers will get an extra $600 per week on top of their state benefits. But some states are more generous than others. Recent reports show the maximum weekly benefit in Alabama is $275, but it’s $450 in California and $713 in New Jersey. So let’s say a worker was making $1,100 per week in New York; she’d be eligible for the maximum state unemployment benefit of $504 per week. Under the new expansion, she gets an additional $600 of federal pandemic unemployment compensation, for a total of $1,104, essentially replacing her original paycheck. States have the option of providing the entire amount in one payment, or sending the extra portion separately. But it must all be done on the same weekly basis. Q: Do I have to apply for the extra $600 separately? No. Eligibility depends on whether you qualify for state unemployment benefits. Q: Will I get the full $600? If you’re eligible for at least $1 of state unemployment compensation, you get the full $600, according to the Labor Department. edit - important for the debate Q: I’m already receiving unemployment benefits. Will I receive any help? Yes. Even if you’re already receiving unemployment benefits for reasons unrelated to the coronavirus, your state-level benefits will still be extended by 13 weeks. You will also receive the extra $600 weekly benefit from the federal government through July 31, unless further extended. Q: My unemployment recently ran out — could I sign up again? Yes. If you’ve exhausted your benefits, eligible workers can generally reapply. But how much you get and for how long depends on the state where you worked. Everyone gets at least another 13 weeks, along with the extra $600 payment through July 31. THE CURRENT DEBATE: DEMOCRATS: Want an extension and repeat of the first package. Another one time $1200 hand out (at minimum) if making $75k or less, and continuation of the $600 a month federal match for any state unemployment recipient of $1 or more. REPUBLICANS: Claim that the $600 a month match to all state unemployment recipients gives incentive to 'not working' and have argued for a federal match to 70-75% of pre-COVID wages. They have come off of that stance a little to a higher % or even a flat $400-$500, but Dems are not moving from their position leaving people with only State UI. REPUBLICAN STATEMENT: The Federal $600 a month match to all state unemployment recipients gives incentive to 'not working'. LET'S LOOK AT THE NUMBERS: A federal payout of $600 a week comes out to a $31k annual salary. (600 x 52) If you were employed pre-COVID and qualify for any unemployment benefits from your state, you were entitled to a 31k salary from the Federal Government, regardless of your earnings. The Federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour or $15k a year. About half the states in the USA have this as the minimum wage. People in these states are receiving more than double incomes from federal hand outs alone. That does not add in state unemployment benefits. https://www.paycor.com/resource-center/minimum-wage-by-state Many states have higher minimum wage thresholds. NYS is special with multiple minimum wage laws depending on industry and location. The lowest I could find is $11.80/ hr. or $24,500 a year. Washington DC was the highest at $13.50/ hr or 28k a year. CA, MA, CO, WA are also much higher than the Federal Minimum Wage. The $31k/yr Federal COVID$ is higher than any state (or DC) minimum wage. VERDICT: TRUE anyone earning minimum wage anywhere in the USA is making more in Fed match alone than working. In half of the country it is double their income. At worst it is 3-5k more. This is before state benefits are added. SO WHERE IS THE EQUILIBRIUM POINT? No need to pick on the working poor. People at minimum wage is a floor to an argument, but sets the discussion. Anyone making less than $31-32k a year are benefiting from the $600 a week COVID Fear Fed Hand Out. So let's ask the question of what income point does the 'pain start'? Where does the unemployment and federal additional hand out cause an income shortage and stop incentivizing people from demanding work? We need to add in state benefits to find this answer to find the equilibrium point. The low point will vary by state since UI is different by state. I will look at a low UI state, Alabama, and a high UI State, NY since a study of all 50 states is not feasible on this platform. ALABAMA (Low End Measure) Alabama is a $7.25 minimum wage state. Alabama is also noted as having a low max UI of $275/ week. Alabama max UI/yr $14k + Fed Stimulus $31k = $45k a year. Folks making minimum wage in AL ($15k/ yr) are seeing 2x income due to COVID ($31k/yr). That is an incentive not to work or demand work. Higher Earners in Alabama don't start feeling the COVID unemployment pain until making $45k a year. The Median wage in Alabama was $49k as of 2018. That is probably pushing 50k a year now. A $5k swing is painful, but not a killer. It is belt tightening for COVID. After that, then pain points start. In other words a person in AL needs to make more than $45k a year/ or slightly lower than the median wage before feeling the pinch of not working. Those making minimum wage or more up to @40k are incentivized not to work. NEW YORK (Higher End Measure) Minimum minimum wage in NY = $11.80 ($24,500) but earn $31k/yr for COVID, a $6.5k increase. This is incentive not to work, or demand work. The minimum NYS UI per week is $182/ or $9.5 k a year. The max is $504/ week or $26k a year. On the low end NYUI $9.5k + Fed $31k = $40,500. How many New Yorker's make between 25-41k? Plenty. And with $600 a week match there is no incentive to go back to work. Max NYUI $26k + Fed $31k = $57k a year. I knew this was close to my 60-70k salary. How may folks make 41-57k in NY? Plenty. $45-70k is the 'beef of CNY/ WNY wages'. Even then, there was no incentive to go back to work or demand work reopens. It's a minor boost or minor belt tightening. People in NY making $25-40k a year have probably seen a significant pay boost. Incentive not to work, or demand work Folks between $40k and $60k a year have pretty much floated or seen an uptick in income. Incentive not to demand work Anyone over $60k is probably feeling a pinch now. Incentive to get back to work. THE TOPS NJ caps UI at $703 a week! You can be unemployed in NJ and collect up to $36.5k a year... wow. Add that to $31k for COVID and you get to 68k before feeling any COVID pain. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? I have been wondering why states like NY and NJ can get away with the draconian measures they have implemented during COVID with little public outrage. Between shut downs, closures, travel restrictions I have been amazed at the silence. Now I know why. If folks making minimum wage to 40k are doubling their income, then why see an issue? It is only at 50-70k range in most states that you feel the pinch of closures. But even that is manageable. As of 2017, avg salary by age: 65+ years of age: $47,008. 55–64 years of age: $50,232. 45–54 years of age: $50,700. 35–44 years of age: $50,752. 25–34 years of age: $40,352. 20–24 years of age: $27,300. 16–19 years of age: $21,944. This is a few years old, but notice the under 35 salary is where COVID$ add income (under 40k). The 'COVID for dollars' debate isn't about 'safety'. Folks 35 or younger making 40k or less are raking in extra cash for not working. Who wouldn't like that? it is a rational behavior. It is no wonder they have time and money to go on 'risky vacations', attend protests (or riot) and welcome the draconian lock downs. As long as COVID is a scary monster, they earn more money. Funny enough, the people most fighting the shut downs are business owners, landlords and people 40+. They see lost earnings, lost rent, and lost income. Again rational behavior. Landlords can not collect rent and may lose their mortgage/s, all the while their renters are likely taking in more income. Small business owners are losing their businesses, going into debt and destroying their credit. Meanwhile their employees may be realizing actual salary boosts. Managers who have worked in their career for 20-30 yrs are seeing real income shortages, while their entry level employees are seeing more money. These are the folks fighting the lock downs and restrictions. FALLOUT I know Dems and the left love the pain felt in the paragraph above. But let me ask you this. Who pays for the Government Handouts when the last rich person has been taxed into bankruptcy or flees? Who hires the 2/3 of employees hired by small businesses when the small businesses have all closed? Who offers decent housing when the private landlord market is no longer there to check 'government provided housing'? No one. This is the very point most lefties don't comprehend The Republicans have a chance to stand on Merit (once again) by saying no, or simply avoiding a vote. Without the 'free Federal COVID Dollars' coming in, the consequences of shut down overreactions become clear to a much larger percentage of the population: It is a chance to make Americans question the recent draconian limits on freedom imposed by a handful of states because of unmitigated fear and political posturing. Questions about COVID numbers may arise. What numbers are we talking about? What do these numbers mean? How accurate are the tests? Things the media should have been asking all along. Questions about reactions may arise. So if only 3-5% of my county has 'positive tests' why did you close it down? Those in the 30-60k salary range and less may wonder why there are many fewer employers to hire them? Wait, 'x' doesn't exist anymore? Why are there no jobs? No agreement in DC by Republicans is the Cuomo killer to his possible run as a Joe Biden substitute in November. Republicans have offered counter proposals to be more fair, Dems are having none of it. Use it to your advantage. Republicans need to stand their ground and make it hurt for a few months. Make people question their fear mongering (D) governors and senators. Only then will people demand the truth.
  9. This read was a lot more insightful, complicated and non-partisan than those couple of 'sound bites'. It was a good read. I thought I would address these two. But people aren’t getting their tests back quickly enough. Well, that’s just stupidity. 1)The majority of all US tests are completely garbage, wasted. 2) If you don’t care how late the date is and you reimburse at the same level, of course they’re going to take every customer. Because they are making ridiculous money, and it’s mostly rich people that are getting access to that. 3)You have to have the reimbursement system pay a little bit extra for 24 hours, pay the normal fee for 48 hours, and pay nothing [if it isn’t done by then]. And they will fix it overnight. 1) I pointed out, many many pages ago, back in March and April, that rushing test kits out for a new virus without following established FDA guidelines would be a disaster. I noted that tests approved without going through the appropriate clinical trials would lead to false positives and false negatives that would make for mass confusion and a harder time framing the impact of the virus. But no, the intersection of fear, media hysteria, political pressure and the profit principle 'fast tracked' a lot of these garbage tests. If Trump and the FDA didn't fast track tests then 'people were going to die' and it would be on their hands. Well the FDA did give into the herd hysteria and allowed fast tracking test approvals and now we have a testing mess. What a surprise. Just like Bill Gates noted above: The majority of all US tests are completely garbage. I agree 100%. Been calling the stats as a result dubious since day one and have taken a lot of flak for both positions (don't fast track the tests, don't believe the stats from fast tracked tests) 2) Funny Bill, a bunch of politicians keep telling us that dumping more and more government money at issues will fix all the problems. You mean that a bunch of orgs will just keep taking government money and deliver garbage? What a shocker. 3) Increase demand for quicker, accurate results and the supply will match? Preposterous, that would mean the market still works. /s Why don’t we just do that? Because the federal government sets that reimbursement system. When we tell them to change it they say, “As far as we can tell, we’re just doing a great job, it’s amazing!” Here we are, this is August. We are the only country in the world where we waste the most money on tests. Fix the reimbursement. Set up the CDC website. But I have been on that kick, and people are tired of listening to me. Well these are all FDA approved tests, aren't they? How exactly does the Fed Govt tell one company with a FDA approved test, that it is not a qualifying test now? What a Sh!t Show how that would be. If that is done how do we go back to all the people who were tested by one of these bad tests and 1) admit it was a garbage test, 2) your result may or may not be accurate, which means you have been possibly told misinformation about your health which could have led to a multitude of consequences, 3) all these stats about 'infectious positives' (and negatives) are dubious at best, 4) please don't sue us (Phrama and those tested). I hate to be that guy but this sentence makes little grammatical sense: We are the only country in the world where we waste the most money on tests. Did Bill Gates mean: We are the country in the world wasting the most money on tests? Be careful, BG, the pitchforks will come out as a hot take that 'Bill Gates thinks that testing money is wasted.' Or is BG stating that we are the only country in the world wasting money on tests? Hard to believe. A lot of panic stricken people wanted to have a test, any test, d@mn the consequences. That worked out well. When the government just dumps copious amounts of money at a problem the results are rarely positive (though your test results might be), but some people do profit. Little people (Sammy Watkins words not mine) can too by investing in some of these companies approved in the fast track. I know I did. See my Cui Bono post about the fear and panic, and how you could profit. I didn't get rich, but did pay my July mortgage payment with those returns. In places where government money may be dumped, it is wise to heed the safeguards in place and not demand they be weakened. Things like the FDA approval process for instance. Plenty of snake oil salesmen got rich selling 'Dr. Smith's Herbal Cural For What Ails You' during TB breakouts and the Spanish Flu. Seems Bill Gates is not happy with these results. Surprised such a visionary didn't anticipate them.
  10. Tibs, there is hope for you yet. 😆
  11. Late to he party. RIP sweet knight of diabeetus.
  12. Thanks DFT, see above. Let's have a dialogue from it. I think we as a country need it. My position is not popular, but is gaining traction.
  13. You are right, for some reason I was thinking he got bumped to the 2nd round. That actually makes it worse for him if he opted out this year. Thank you for the correction. Nothing to see here.
  14. Brother from another tribal mother! Dad is black and Cheyenne. What tribe are you? Should we invite Lizzy Warren to a pow-wow? Great question Doc. This is going to get me banned. This will rub some people the wrong way. But buckle up and read below: It's poverty. Has been, always will be IMO. Poverty exacerbates all other issues. Being broke and seeing no way out leads to a whole host of bad decision making by otherwise bright folks, regardless of color. I think for most of the past 200 yrs the left and the right have agreed that the USA offers great opportunity to 'climb the ladder'. That is why the Irish came here, later Eastern Europeans came here, then Asians escaping war torn areas in the 50's to 80's. Today it is Mexicans, central Americans and Puerto Ricans. The difference is in how people and political perspectives want to address poverty. In some ways it still is, but the left thinks the whole system is broken. If this country was so fundamentally flawed, as many on the current left argue, then why do people still flock to the USA? I'm sure our lefty posters will be quiet on this front. Let's also acknowledge slavery era black America is 6 generations past slavery. The left now wants to make everything based on race. It is the result, IMO, of identity politics, and the fact that they have a racist past. Identity politics took root with 'political correctness' then became mainstream during Obama's second term. The Democrats/left still can''t get past race, or other identity buckets. The right and conservatives see people as individuals. This is the age old debate about individual responsibility vs collective action. See above by a great post. What seems to be discounted and never addressed by the left is the multitudes of broke @ss white folks around the country as a counter point. Go to WV or the Ozarks. What has 'white privilege' done for these people? The last stats I researched showed 2x as many whites below the poverty line as blacks. And quite frankly the count is too high overall. Poverty is not a racial issue. The media and 'educated' say well 50% of the 13% of black folks are poor versus 30% of the 67% of white folks, so racism. Certainly some black families are behind the 8 ball because of slavery and racially terrible laws. But who passed those laws, who enforced those laws? Mostly Democrats. It's no wonder they want to erase their history. Generational poverty (being poor for multiple generations) is now framed as a black problem by professors and the media because of 'institutional racism.' That is nonsense. Generational poverty affects all races. Why? Those pasty white folks in WV/PA coal country/Ozarks were broke before coming to the USA, were broke when mining coal in the USA and are still broke now. Generations of bad decisions. But we can say that about white folks. In the 1850' to 1860's you could settle land and make a living. But at some point didn't Jeb or Cletus hear of the big city and want to move for a better opportunity? It didn't have to be NYC or LA. Wouldn't Louisville or Nashville offer some opportunities? Sure they may take it on the chin but their kids will have a better education and opportunities. Ties to 'kinfolk' and 'the family' are strong. There is a lot of pressure to stay and 'know your place' in those communities. If it is a white person we call it bad decisions. So let me ask how is that different from the hood or ghetto today? Let's say a black family of former slaves heads North in the first great migration in the 1860's to 1870's. Was a slave, yes. Free now, yes. They struggle to find work. Maybe they get a factory job, or work as a servant. There is no government handout. Over a few generations middle class black neighborhoods spring up in Detroit and Harlem, just like Little Italy springs up in NY. After WWII, racial riots sweep many cities. White flight to the suburbs. Civil Rights legislation passes in the 1960's. Instead of a hand up it gives a hand out and it replaces the black man with the Federal Govt. Don't believe me? When the Great Migration happened 70%+ of black families were married. Now less than 35% are. Broken families are not a result of slavery or early freedom. It is a result of Federal Handouts that replaced the black man as head of household. Early on black families could cheat the system, and get govt money plus dad's income by 'not being married'. I'm guessing this rational behavior is not taught now. There were also folks claiming, 'We were due, give us the money.' Reparations have been happening for a long time. Over time the black man was simply replaced by the government, and unmarried families became the norm. Eventually men left the unit. Feminism also took root, as did pro choice abortion. All of sudden Federally sponsored 'Planned Parenthoods' sprung up in black communities. Some black families stayed together, most didn't. The thought soon arised that the black male head of household wasn't needed. Now generations of black and brown kids have no dad, and are taught to rely on the government. The majority now feel the government is their friend providing them what they need. They are owed. Cletus was owed nothing. But the government is not their friend. Black America was doing well on its own, overcoming obstacles before the Civil Rights act issued hand outs, when the black man was still important in his family. If nothing else the black family had the church and the family unit and survived and thrived. Dependence on the government is a second wave of slavery to the government, and is why I am unashamed to call modern ghettos and hoods 'plantations'. Read 'The Road to Serfdom'. Occasionally a brown or black person decides they have had enough of the hood and a life of serfdom. They aspire for better for themselves and their kids. They study hard, and excel. When they go to college away or move out of the hood they get called all sorts of names. 'Uncle Tom', Coconut (my favorite), Oreo etc. "Why do you think you are better than us?" "Why are you a sellout?" Sell out to what? A lifetime of government handouts to scrape by and hope Juwann makes enough selling drugs on the side to buy us the 'nicer things?' Ties to 'kinfolk' and 'the family' are strong. There is a lot of pressure to stay and 'know your place' in these communities too, just like the white folks in the Ozarks. But the difference is we can't call out the black family for generations of poor decisions. That would be racist. What is worse is that generations long ruled Democrat cities and school districts continue to prop up this line of thinking. They not only accept it but it becomes dogma. AKA Group Think. Black and brown kids are taught that they are victims in 2020 (and up to 10-20 yrs before), and that they can not succeed because of 'systemic racism'. It is a systemic level of propaganda imposed on children not seen since the Hitler Youth. How is a little black girl supposed to walk to school everyday passing a crack house, a burned out shell, a drug dealer and pimp or two, pass a Planned Parenthood where 'inconvenient black babies are removed from society', walk into a class room, get told she is a victim of systemic racism, read 'White Hate' as a classroom book, and not be taught math, science and English to a proficient level; but is supposed to succeed? That is the very root of generational poverty. Who is doing it? Then despite all of that, she finishes high school, does well and gets accepted to a state college she can afford through loans. After 4 years of radical leftist professors, she finishes with a degree to become a social worker. After 4-5 yrs of 40k a year jobs she has enough to buy her own place in the suburbs. On moving out of the hood she is called an Oreo, a sell out, an Uncle Tom by her neighborhood and lifetime friends. Where is the 'systemic racism' coming from? Maybe, just maybe, it is in the Democrat run schools and colleges that want her to be a victim and teach her to live a victims life? Why leave the comfy plantation life? If you have a black or brown person in your suburban neighborhood reach out to them. Over time they will have stories that will make your toes curl. You will then realize what a great neighbor you have. Some of the staunchest conservatives are black folks. We had to fight for it, just like generations of Americans before us of all colors and backgrounds. This is a strong statement. It may get me banned. But at some point the truth needs to be said. If you are generationally broke, rely on the government for housing and basic necessities, and live in the hood, THEN YOU ARE A MODERN SLAVE LIVING ON A PLANTATION. Instead of picking cotton, you just have to pick Democrat, they made it easy. And the worst part is the little kids, who survived abortion, in these neighborhoods are also being set up for a lifetime of slavery and failure. By who? I do know BLM preaches the end of the nuclear family. We have seen this happen in the black community, and it has been a total disaster. Is this something to advocate to help raise all people out of poverty? I think not.
  15. As a football fan, and a fan of the Bills and Tre White I am thrilled. Anyone giving this guy, this guy, grief on social media should be ashamed. Then again Social Media is a cesspool. None. Tre is 25 and has a birthday in January. If he opted out, then this year does not accrue, and his rookie contract is extended another year at 26. Another year older before signing that dream lucrative 2nd contract the man has earned. By playing this year this is his last season on his rookie contract. He enters FA at 26 instead of 27. The big payday is before 30, and the difference between a 3 and 4 yr second contract is huge.
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