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  1. agreed last year. this story is a year behind the times. get young legs
  2. Foster is a deep speed WR3.He can break a defense in a play. with practice he can be what Lockett is as a #3 or #4 in Seattle. Foster is no WR1 or WR2, but he is a dangerous WR3 or WR4. Build around a guy like this. With a QB like Allen he has a role. A WR1 and WR2 are still needed. Foster in the slot and Jones at the other slot is not bad.
  3. I'm not concerned about his playing career, I worry about him keeping his leg or worse. Infections in wounds like this are really really bad. If it is like MRSA that can lead to septic shock. Not good at all. Good luck Alex Smith. Always a classy guy, a professional and became a good player.
  4. RocCityRoller

    Thursday Night Football?

    and this is why we watch the games
  5. RocCityRoller

    Zay Jones +/- first 100 Yard Game

    Me too, just for kicks. 1 week regular season to go. I'm in the playoffs regardless and a weaker seed could help. May start Allen and Jones for playoff experience LOL
  6. RocCityRoller

    Where are you on the spectrum??

    I'm talking about the QB as a prospect and potential. I think Dabs has some chops, but what did he have to work with? The team needs to invest in OL, WR at the least. Rome wasn't built in a day. Back in the day the Bills had Kelly, Reed, Thomas, Wolford, Hull etc in 1985-1986 and it took a season or two for the Bills to put it together. In 1987-1988 despite the talent on the offense, the Bills were a defense first team. I remember clearly a pre-season article from Rochester's D+C writer Bob Matthews in 1988 into 1989 mentioning that the Bills would not be an offensive power for years to come. That was the year that laid the foundations for the no huddle. This is a proper rebuild. Drafting a WR in rund 1 or 2 makes sense, since most WR take a year or two to develop. Same with OL. Any RB can come into a decent passing attack and do well. The point was that Josh Allen is a curve pusher. He breaks statistical molds. Build around him and grow. Try to make him what he is not, and fail. He needs help, and if that is done, he could be a great QB.
  7. RocCityRoller

    Where are you on the spectrum??

    In the pre-season I compared Allen's college stats, physical ability and IQ to Brett Favre and got destroyed for it. I tried to explain that every 20-25 yrs a guy comes along that breaks standard stats. I showed that Brett Favre was the last guy to do it, and also argued Josh Allen has all the traits to do it again. After Minnesota, Jacksonville and Miami I stand by it. Josh Allen is in many ways Brett Favre. He will escape pressure that amazes you, he will have the arm to score anywhere on the field, he will make bone headed throws that will boggle the mind. They are both competitors and will never feel out of a game. Brett Favre was a great QB at times and a total mess at others. He was imperfect, but could win a Super Bowl. He was able to elevate his teams at times, was always positive and had an 'Awe shucks' personality that his team loved. Brett Favre was never considered a running threat, but could evade pressure like a slick cat covered in motor oil, and had an arm that could make you pay anywhere on the field. This is Josh Allen. And I stand by my original prognosis. But I would like to add Josh Allen is a better scrambler than Brett Favre Josh Allen is a better athlete than Brett Favre Josh Allen has a bigger arm than Brett Favre We have a baby Favre. Develop him. Give him weapons to maximize his strengths, and enjoy the roller coaster ride.
  8. RocCityRoller

    Zay Jones +/- first 100 Yard Game

    With KB and Andre Holmes gone. Who else thinks Zay Jones gets fed this week? Was last week a turning point or aberration? Thompson and Foster are deep threats. Cork it up and let them fly. Zay Jones is now the clear cut intermediate guy. I hope we go deep early and often, but what is your thought on Zay Jones? +/- 10 targets? +/- first 100 yd game? I am leaning to yes on first 100 yd game, and 10 targets. Fantasy Related: I lost AJ Green and Sanders to IR the last two weeks, I picked up Zay Jones. Hoping for a miracle, the cuts give me hope. I want to think Allen and Jones are getting 'in sync'
  9. RocCityRoller

    Cut Charles Clay RIGHT ***** NOW (and then hang up)

    can't have Benjamin's 'work ethic' around with a rebuild. I do like that this regime cuts low effort guys. Dareus cut mid season last year, Benjamin (with ties to Carolina) cut 75% of the way through this year. To address MD they went FA (Star L), rookie (H Phillips) and a waiver wire claim (Jordan Phillips). DT fixed. I expect the same effort next year with WR.
  10. RocCityRoller

    WR Technique Q - Overthrow to Foster

    At least he ran fast, got separation and dove for it. More than we can say for the bums just cut. With a full off season, the timing will improve.
  11. RocCityRoller

    Bills have released Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes

    Holmes got picked up before Benjamin. Even with AJ Green and now Emmanuel Sanders going on IR.....
  12. RocCityRoller

    NFL helmets in college colors

    some of these looked great. Others needed just a little tweak.
  13. RocCityRoller

    Cut Kelvin Benjamin RIGHT ***** NOW! (and then hang up)

    rumor is they tried to show him the door in past weeks but he dropped the hint.
  14. RocCityRoller

    Jeremiah Sirles Watch

    what I like seeing is using the season as a lab. See what you have. Teller, Ike, Searles, Bodine, Groy. Maybe you discover a gem or contributor for the future (Croom/ Foster/ Teller?) and where you still need big help.