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  1. RocCityRoller

    #74 and #75 in the 4th quarter.

    I'm all for trying out: Dawkins - Teller - Groy - Miller and RT of the week (Mills or Ike B?) as OL#1
  2. RocCityRoller

    Marcus Murphy: Looking Good for the 53

    He also played well last season in real games, people here seem to forget that.
  3. RocCityRoller

    Why is nobody discussing the offensive line?

    Agree 100% The second O-line has looked pretty good. A mix of Groy, Teller and maybe Ike B could lift the unit. I'm firmly in Groy's camp now. Teller looks like a football player and all Ike does looks good. He is often in on Murphy's biggest runs. If I could build an Oline for Buffalo it would look like: Dawkins - Teller - Groy - Miller - Ike B or Mills.
  4. RocCityRoller

    Tremaine Edmunds

    It's a 'Manzier' Come on now.
  5. So you believe the national media, and the corporations that run them shouldn't be questioned? It's only semi-literates that question the media or corporate goals? I guess it's easier to denigrate people that don't agree with you instead of arguing the point. I'd argue the opposite. Only rubes and sheep follow the national media and their corporate owners without question. Go look up who owns these media darlings. The coverage of the football kneeling protests aren't about patriotism or social justice. I would argue that it is another attack on anything traditionally American or masculine in the country that can stand up and fight for itself. People on both sides have bought in 'hook, line and sinker'. It is a basic divide and conquer strategy. The national sports media has already painted Josh Allen as a loser. I know what I see when I watch him. He is no loser, and the Bills took a good risk with him. To the OP's post, I don't care what the 'national media' thinks about Josh Allen. They tried a smear campaign on him before his career even stated. Don't you remember the Twitter racism garbage that has all been debunked? The guy was a teenager quoting music and TV shows, and his tweets were taken out of context to make him look bad. What other rookie QB had this scrutiny? Maybe Baker Mayfield, in Cleveland. Cleveland and Buffalo, not sexy or growing. How did the 'national media' treat Shady McCoy this off season? As the story evolved how did things unravel? Shady was dumb, yes, but no criminal. They tried to make him look like OJ or Ray Rice who deserved the punishment they ultimately received, maybe more. I find it no coincidence that McCoy and Allen, two of Buffalo's highest profile players, were targeted this off season. They were painted as 'bad guys' in an era when the NFL continues to move teams to bigger and sexier markets. Cui Bono? Who benefits from stories like these? What is the big picture? You are free to believe or care about the 'national media', that is your right. I defend your right to do so. I don't care about the national media and how they portray the players on the Buffalo Bills, and that is my right too.
  6. RocCityRoller

    The Case for Peterman

    I like Peterman, I know it sounds like I bash him often. I'd like him as a QB2 or QB3. I think he understands the game and has value in the QB room. He has the brain and has shown a really nice rhythm. He just doesn't have the physical tools. Daboll would have to craft a Chad Pennington style offense around him for him to be effective. Really good teams can defense that though. Allen is raw but can make every throw. You can't defend some of the things he can do. We just have to be willing to take the good with the bad. I'd understand if AJM is out for a while, if the Bills start Peterman for 4 games or so. Reminds me of when Pederson started the first 4-5 games for the Eagles while McNabb caught up, and I think Allen has a more exciting skill set than McNabb. If that is the case I don't want to see Peterman throwing long, or throwing out patterns. He just doesn't have it. A quick strike, short pass rhythm game is where Peterman can do best. He is not a long term answer though, IMO.
  7. RocCityRoller

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    You had me at donuts! Great post btw.
  8. RocCityRoller

    The Case for Peterman

    He can't throw an effective NFL 'out' pattern. It's a pick 6 waiting to happen.
  9. I'm well aware of echo chambers, but when the majority of major media companies fall under the corporate umbrella of GE, Raytheon, Electro Boat, Harris and others I begin to question their integrity and motives. You should too. I then seek as many news media outlets as possible, both international and new media. I find it funny people are now defending multinational corporations and their near monopoly on the US media. It seems anathema to me. I have an MBA from a well respected small New York State private college that specializes in engineering and business. When your career fair looks like a meeting of 'Lord of War' corporations who make money off of the death of others, you start to question things. When you realize these are the same companies who own 'main stream media' you begin to really question things and motives. Our debate probably belongs in PPP. I didn't start this debate along these lines here, you did. Going back to sports, the national sports media (ESPN, NFL.com etc) is owned by the same companies. Believe it or not. Since this has to spelled out to BullBuhannon et al. it has already been painted that Josh Allen and the Bills as a losers for picking him. What I tried to note is that the national sports media is not bullet proof. They make mistakes. They may even have an agenda, like pushing small market teams out of the NFL. No you say? What about Oakland, Saint Louis and even San Diego? Do you think Buffalo, NY is bullet proof? Maybe they don't report things truthfully. We all know what we have seen with Josh Allen in games one and two. He is a very promising rookie. Some outlets have said so, some have not, I questioned their integrity then and now. They tend to spin the negative (not that that ever happens). I think Josh Allen looks as rookie ready as any Bills QB I've ever seen. I await the media onslaught. I know what I I see. Do you? I don't care about the 'media'.
  10. RocCityRoller

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    Lots of analysis was done as to how Marrone ruined EJ. Look at first down play calls and Marrone and Manuel. The read is worth it. It explains EJs first four game peak as a rookie to slide into oblivion under Marrone. Marrone ruined EJ's potential. EJ was a solid B class starting QB waiting to happen, but needed coaching and stability. Allen is so much better than EJ, but after EJ I don't want to rush any Bills QB. It's wash and repeat. Allen is a special talent, can he handle it so soon? Will Buffalo or the Bills organization handle 4-12 to 6-10 to let a QB grow? If injuries dictate it, go young. Go young across the board. QB, OL, DL, LB etc. Start to build the empire. Take it on the chin this year. Let Allen, Edmunds, Phillips, Teller, Ike, Lee etc earn their lumps together. It formed our best teams. Can we as fans, media etc handle this? Injuries to KW and AJM make us question this. I'm ready to go young. I argued for it at WR, where the vets have looked ok, but not the other positions. Give Teller, Groy, Miller, Ike B. Lets bring on Murphy. Lets bring on the young WR. Let's move ahead with the rebuild and see what we have. At 4-12 to 6-10 go young. See what you have and draft for weaknesses. The KW and AJM injuries have me rethinking everything. Maybe it's not just the WR position that needs a youth injection, maybe it's across the board. Let's see what McDermott et al have as coaches, and teach up a young team.
  11. RocCityRoller

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    I don't want him rushed either, but jeezus when he gets in a zone, or needs to fling it.... Allen is special.... how to deal with it...
  12. RocCityRoller

    Jarvis Landry... again

    two words: Aaron Williams never forget
  13. Still idiots, but hey a broken clock is right twice a day.
  14. And you are just waking up to the fact the national media is garbage? Why do you think most Americans go to late night comedians and youtube for news? The national media is far and away trash. No journalistic integrity. Most are run by multi-national corporations.
  15. wait.... Pete Prisco likes anything Buffalo? Am I dead?