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  1. Happens to me all the time. What was really bad is Favre couldn't beat out Billie Joe Tolliver ' Winner-winner psycho chicken dinner?'
  2. RocCityRoller

    Caption Each QB

    Outstanding Resevoir Dogs reference, and so fitting. Whoa, I was thinking the exact same thing
  3. RocCityRoller

    Josh Allen red zone stats

    Wonderlic Release time Ball Velocity
  4. RocCityRoller

    What Do YOU Remember about Thurman Thomas?

    One of the most patient runners I've ever seen. He had such a unique running style L Bell is the closest I can think of right now. PLays looked like slow motion, until you see that it ended 8 or 10 yards down field. Thurman avoided negative plays and almost always gained something. Rare to ever drop a pass. WR good hands. If teams could game planned to stop the run, he would do 60-100 yards of damage through the air, If they keyed on his short area catching, he would gash them on the ground. I remember consistent production. 4 years in a row led the NFL in yards from scrimmage, something not done before or since. There were lots of 5-10 yard runs, almost none longer than 50 though. Equally good inside or outside. I recall an MVP season in 1991 Many years Thurman was in the top 3 in rushing with game or two to go and had to sit the last game or two to prep for another playoff run, never won a rushing title, but could have won multiple Three games remind me of Thurman Thomas at his best Monday night against the Jets, he went off like a fire cracker 18 carries for 214 yards (11.4 ypc) Superbowl XXV against the Giants 15 carries for 135 (9 ypc), and 5 Rec for 55 yds and the 93 AFC Championship game against KC when he gashed them for 186 yards and three TDs He and Bruce Smith are still my favorite all-time Bills.
  5. RocCityRoller

    Whose On Your Bills Wall of Fame

    2000's Ruben Brown
  6. It's a good thing he didn't get his PhD, that would be a tongue twisting fit with images of soft drinks
  7. RocCityRoller

    Sign Jay Cutler Now

    I know what I am getting with Chlamydia too, and I don't want that either
  8. RocCityRoller

    SCOTUS Rules Federal Ban on Sports Betting Unconstitutional

    So we have two pro sports teams in Las Vegas (Knights and Raiders) and now legal gambling.... what a surprise.
  9. RocCityRoller

    RIP Chuck Knox

    RIP Chuck Knox. Thank you for bringing professional football back to Buffalo.
  10. RocCityRoller

    Bills need to contact dez

    No, it's not that we all love Zay, but at some point players are cooked. Dez, Decker, Maclin - all cooked. Stick a fork in them. This team is building for the future, not looking for other teams all-pros from 5 years ago.
  11. RocCityRoller

    Josh Boyce, WR rumored to have a visit

    yup, for the reasons I noted. His best asset doesn't fit the Pats game plan well, and New England is overloaded at WR
  12. RocCityRoller

    Josh Boyce, WR rumored to have a visit

    Actually I think the WR we need to keep tabs on is Phillip Dorsett. 4.33 combine speed, 6.7 3 cone drill. Compared to John Brown. NE has a ton of WRs and Dorsett's best asset is deep speed. The Pats don't employ much of a true vertical game. I think he may be the odd man out. No offense to Decker/ Dez etc but I don't want any other team's golden oldies. I'd roll the dice with Dorsett if he becomes available. Overview Second-team All-ACC wide receiver in 2014. Ten of his 36 catches were for touchdowns and he averaged 24.2 yards per catch. Took part in 2015 Senior Bowl practices, but did not play in the game due to injury. In 2013, played in eight games and missed five games due to a partially torn MCL. Caught 13 passes for 272 yards and 2 touchdowns. In 2012, led Miami in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns. Had four games of 100-plus yards. Won a 5A Florida State Championship while at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Pro Day Results 40-yard dash: 4.29 and 4.27 seconds Vertical jump: 38 inches Broad jump: 10 feet, 9 inches Short shuttle: 4.03 seconds 3-cone: 6.85 seconds Analysis Strengths Takes the top off the defense and throws it in the trash. Elite explosiveness. Gets to top speed quickly and is a seamless glider on crossing routes, leaving man-to-man defenses in his wake. Can work outside and from the slot. Elevates and attacks contested catches. Outstanding body control and can adjust to the ball in mid-air. Mind-boggling big-play production with half of his catches going for 25-plus yards in 2014. More than just a vertical-only receiver and has the blazing feet and stop-start to beat zone coverage for big plays. Weaknesses Had partial tear of MCL in 2013. Still raw in his routes, relying on pure speed. Inconsistent with his hand placement to catch and lets the ball get on top of him. Small frame and will have to withstand hits over the middle as a slot receiver. Draft Projection Rounds 1 or 2 Sources Tell Us "I will guarantee he goes in the top 40 this year. In fact, I will be surprised if he doesn't go in the first. Elite speed and separation player." - NFC executive NFL Comparison John Brown Bottom Line Dorsett is an ascending prospect who has averaged more than 25 yards per catch since 2012. He can challenge teams vertically inside or outside and he has home-run potential after the catch as a slot receiver. With smaller wide receivers like T.Y. Hilton and Antonio Brown proving that small and fast can win in the NFL, Dorsett should be coveted by more than one team and has the potential to turn into a star in the NFL.
  13. RocCityRoller

    Which position shall we add next in Free Agency

    I have to respectfully disagree. With a new OC and more of a power blocking scheme I think Miller is back in play. He handled his benching professionally, I have to think that counts in McBeane's book. I think the change in scheme, being a good soldier last year, and his improvement from his rookie to 2nd year was measurable. I think Miller will do everything he can to regain a starter role. He is also entering the end of his rookie contract. I think Miller will give it everything he can. Teller is a mauler type prospect and the NFL is loaded with starting OGs drafted in rounds 4-7. I like Cogs a lot, but he was starting to show some decline in play. Ducasse actally graded out to average on PFF by year end. He is insurance in case Teller isn't ready or McBeane is not down with Miller. Bodine has been a 4 year starter at Center since he was drafted, for some pretty good Bengal offenses. He also has never missed a game. That also means he was McCarron's starting C. I think that was one of the more sneaky tactical moves by McBeane this off season. Groy is there to compete as well. Wood's absence the year prior was hardly noticed (surprised me) when Groy took over. The inside run game actually improved from what I recall. T is worrying. Glenn did play 5-6 games last year, but his injury definitely hurt his play. Dawkins did ok, but I'd like Buffalo to improve LT so Dawkins can slide to RT where he was drafted for. That might have to wait till next year. Get a good LT in the draft or with the big cap relief to protect our new QBs. No one is a Mills fan at RT, but there is Newhouse, who has started 70 games and is a swing tackle, to push him and add some depth. Lastly McDermott has been on the PS for a year or so, and is huge. Maybe stashing him on the PS will pay dividends, or at least add depth. A third starting calibre LB, or a WR with some speed seem bigger issues at the moment. Kaelin Clay, Rod Streater and Malachai Dupree will have to try to fill that role.
  14. While I agree with you about snow/ blizzard conditions, the winds off of Lake Erie are a mess.