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  1. Terrell Bernard may be T Edmunds best addition to the defense. No disrespect to Von Miller intended. Imagine having a 4-3 with two Milano's outside, or Milano and Miller, and Edmunds inside? A more standard 4-3, but with athletic cover LBs outside, or VM instincts to blow up any play? I am no Edmunds fan, but what if he is a prototype 4-3 MLB in the modern game? Maybe our OLB other than Milano could not execute the defense so McDermott/Frazier went Nickel? Instead of covering 1/2 the field Edmunds was back to 1/3 the field? Less to read and diagnose, let the natural athleticism shine? I hate to say it, but Edmunds could thrive in a base 4-3. What if the DBs took less of a beating each game stopping the run? T Johnson is brought in in clear passing situations. Still a top 10 nickel, but used as needed. Poyer and Hyde can be assistant tacklers and try to strip the ball or complete the tackle, instead of being the first man to lay a helmet on a guy? This is a lot to put on a rookie LB like Bernard, but he has a knack for rushing the passer (college tape), and is good at covering TEs so far (practices) I wonder if Von Miller lines up at LB or DE or 'Elephant' like LORAX did? Between Bernard and Miller, I expect to see a lot more 4-3 this year. if Bernard can play, and the Bills utilize Von Miller properly, the Bills Defense became much more dangerous.
  2. Another way to say this is: If Bernard is in the Milano mold. And he has a better pass rushing instinct (he does). And Bernard is a natural TE cover guy. Then Buffalo could go more 4-3 against the bully teams, and make life more difficult for them. I am tired of seeing Johnson, Poyer or Hyde be the first helmet on a full steam ahead Henry, Taylor, or big QB. Johnson and Poyer have taken beatings with the unwillingness to go 4-3 against physical teams. Maybe, just maybe, Bernard helps in that equation. I want more 4-3 this year against bully teams. It helps the run defense. It helps the stress on the 5 DBs. It may even help Edmunds by playing a natural 4-3 MLB.
  3. PR/KR can also be a DB or RB. Would like to see Cook try a few.
  4. good, more pre-snap motion helps JA diagnose the Defense
  5. as it should be, earn your position by taking it! Would love to see James Cook get a few attempts
  6. Vrabel is an underrated coach. 100% agree. Tannehill is a frustrating QB and can get into a zone. They lost AJ Brown, but added Robert Woods. (He can't escape the East LOL). We all know Woods is a great blocking WR. But as a receiver I think they miss AJ Brown's physicality. IMO AJ Brown is a (+) Anquan Bolden right now. And I think Woods is coming off of an injury? I know they added baby AJ Brown in Treylon Brooks, but I think they slip a bit this year. Indy looks solid all over. They missed on Campbell, but Pittman is underrated. I think they sneak out the AFC South by a game.
  7. They tried to improve WR with Parker, Montgomery and drafting Thornton. Parker is a solid 2-3 option. Montgomery is a long way off from his GB promise, and I liked Thornton's size and speed in the draft enough to hope the Bills could give him a look, but most yr 1 WR struggle a bit. I just don't see a guy who can create separation, and that helps all young QBs. Diggs does it with a mix of physical skill and brains, Beasley did it with knowing where he had to be against a zone, Smoke with speed etc etc. Mac may have some troubles without a clear OC and middling level WRs/TEs. I do think he could be a Kirk Cousins/ Carr type of QB. Gets better as he ages, and can show out with a good philosophy and weapons.
  8. I think it's helpful to see other defenses and play against another team to iron out wrinkles.
  9. 100% Red helmet, blue jersey, white pants?
  10. Good post OP, generally agree. I think all of the division rivals have improved on paper. A nice side effect of that is that they should all be capable of splitting with each other. It will be very important that the Bills get a sweep or two in the division for the extra win and tie breakers. I think the defense holds close to steady. I like the moves on the DL. I like adding the LB in the draft as a backup prototype Milano. Tre White and the DBs are a bit of a worry, but a stronger front seven should help out. And to be honest Poyer and Hyde were playing white hit at the end of the season. Just need one more season like that from them. I think they will.
  11. 12-5 may be enough in the AFC. The division should be better, the conference is loaded. Can't imagine the AFC West winner being better than 10-7, AFC North will be tough too. AFC South winner could sneak a 13 to 14 win season in, but the Jags should be better and steal a game or two from TN and INDY.
  12. even though it was Daboll to Dorsey, they need to install the new offensive concepts and get the new guys mixed in for timing and to realize the heat JA puts on those passes.
  13. when you root for a team starting Peterman, it feels like everyone on the other team is playing in the secondary!
  14. Oof, I get the long shot, but McDermott has barely been mentioned in the past after his draft (the one before Beane) and breaking the playoff drought. I suppose if the Bills go on a big roll early he could. I think Coach of the Year voting/ input is finalized before the Super Bowl. Is that right? It would make McDermott winning it even harder if true.
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