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  1. Hoping having a stud Defensive Coach as a HC helps with input to Beane as to who he thinks can excel in this defense.
  2. As for Phillips nothing wrong with a transitional tag on a DT that played in 16 games, starter in 9 (per NFL.com), had 9.5 sacks and will get paid by someone. It's a 50-50 gamble that he would be top 10 money after FA, but bluff a bit Buffalo. When you transition tag a DT with 9.5 sacks, ears perk up a bit. Boost the value of a guy about to walk away for nothing. Should add to a comp pick at worst if it's played right. J Phillips is the model Transition tag player IMO. Top 10 salary when flush with cash for another one year/ prove it contract (motivation if he is on the Bills), and will get compensation if another team outbids the Bills. Buffalo is woeful in managing this aspect of the cap. From Sporting news (2019) Non-exclusive tags are most commonly used. It means a team will pay the tagged player no less than the average of the five highest salaries at the player’s position, or 120 percent of the player’s cap number from the previous season, whichever is greater. The player is allowed to negotiate with other teams, but his current team can match any offer sheet. If a player's current team declines to match another team's offer, it will be awarded two first-round draft picks as compensation. Transition tags pay a player the average of the 10 highest-paid players at his position. A tagged player is allowed to negotiate with other teams. The player’s current team can match any offer given to a transition-tagged player, but the team will not be given compensation if it decides not to match.
  3. Hunter Henry: Glass jaw availability and Charles Clay production
  4. When I wake up, well I know I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be the man who wakes up next you When I go out, yeah I know I'm gonna be I'm gonna be the man who goes along with you If I get drunk, well I know I'm gonna be I'm gonna be the man who gets drunk next to you And if I haver up, yeah I know I'm gonna be I'm gonna be the man who's havering to you But I would walk 500 miles And I would walk 500 more Just to be the man who walks a thousand miles To fall down at your door
  5. ooops Don't knock chicken and waffles, Roscoe Parrish swore by them! 😄
  6. Hello, how are you? Have you been alright through all those lonely Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely nights? That's what I'd say, I'd tell you everything If you pick up that telephone, yeah, yeah, yeah
  7. As much as I like the guy, Harrison Phillips has 21 tackles, 0.5 sacks and 2 PD in his career. Meanwhile Jordan Phillips had 31 tackles and 9.5 sacks last year and is a FA. Even if Jordan Phillips is a creation of the system, why would we not want to bring back guys who excel in the system? TBD: "Ah he's not not that good. He only got 10 sacks because of the system he is in" Me: "then convince him our system helps to make him productive since it is ours" It's like rocket science
  8. Does Snacks relay as a better starter than Star in this defense? Your initial supposition did not call out any specifics. A better conversational starter would have been: "I believe Snacks is an upgrade to Star L" see....quite simple Now that is a conversation starter that I will have to ponder, though at first glance I am not certain Snacks is a better 1 technique, but it's worthy of consideration.
  9. Look above this post As Paul Harvey would say..... 'And that is the rest of the story'
  10. A little reminder about Jason Peters for those too young to remember. In 2004 during the draft there was this huge TE out of Arkansas I wanted Buffalo to draft. The guy was a monster. I was on the old BB Message board and loved draft day there. There was a fellow BBMB poster named WYO who was a very smart Bills fan from Wyoming. She and I became friends during that draft. We both wanted Buffalo to draft this crazy sized athletic TE named Jason Peters from Arkansas. We figured at worst he could be an Eric Green type TE, or could be converted to OL since Jim (Mouse) McNally was the OL coach. Each round passed and Jason Peters went undrafted when all 32 teams passed on him. After round 7 we both were amazed Jason Peters had gone undrafted. Shortly after we found out the Bills had won the undrafted tender for Jason Peters. We were both ecstatic!. In 2004 Jason Peters signed with the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent TE. He was not an OT at that time. He was an overweight but athletic TE and a poor OL. Every team had passed on him through 7 rounds of the draft, and he went unclaimed until Buffalo saw his potential and brought him in. He was undistinguished throughout the pre-season. Buffalo even cut him after the 2004 pre-season. Once again all 32 teams in the NFL did not claim him after cuts. Buffalo resigned him and kept teaching him the NFL game as an OT by Mouse. Buffalo put him in on ST as a wedge blocker from 2004-2005. By 2006 Mike Williams was considered a bust and Jason Peters, coached up by McNally, stepped in at RT. Peters excelled at RT. Ralph Wilson rewarded Jason Peters immediately with a 5 yr 15 million dollar contract before his UDFA contract was due. This was solid money for an OL in 2006. Not bad at all, from undrafted free agent on the PS, to being cut, to being resigned, to a starting RT on a new multi year, multi million dollar contract in 2 years. Even Ralph ponied up for the big man after only one year starting at RT. Jason Peters should have been under contract by Buffalo until 2011. He was paid an OT starting salary in 2006 terms. In 2007 Peters was moved to LT. He excelled there as well garnering his first Pro Bowl Selection. In 2008, less than 2 years after signing an extension, he held out. Peters wanted 8-12 million a year in line with 5 time Pro Bowler OT Walter Jones. (Peters was making 5 million a year) He held out in all of training camp, only returning in time for the season. He dogged it in 2008 allowing 11.5 sacks which was tied for worst among starting left tackles. Knowing another potential hold out was going to happen, and the horrible performance he put in in 2008 Buffalo traded the disappointing but capable LT for a 2nd (C, Eric Wood), 4th (TE, Shawn Nelson), and conditional pick 6th 2010 (LB, Danny Batten). Yes, Jason Peters was a generational LT. But: He went undrafted as an oversized TE. He was cut as a UDFA and no other NFL team signed him. Buffalo brought him in again and he played ST for 2 years while Mouse coached him up. Look up Coach McNally btw. Mouse was no bum. When big Mike Williams proved to be a bust at LT and RT, Jason Peters stepped in at an RT position and did well. Ralph extended him to the tune of 5 million dollars a year in 2006 dollars after 1 year at RT. That was insane RT money in 2006. He did well and took over a LT position. He excelled as LT for one year, and then held out. In year two as a LT he gave up 11.5 sacks while dogging it, but demanded top dollar. All of this less than 2 yrs after signing a 5 yr, 15 million dollar contract. Buffalo saw his potential. McNally coached him up, he got an opportunity in Buffalo to go from undrafted TE to RT to LT. He even got paid early and high for his position, but was greedy. He treated the people that coached him up, paid him early, and gave him a chance to excel like garbage, and left as soon as he could. F**k Jason Peters.
  11. Yet they will find the fountain of youth and become game changers for the Bills.... amazing how that works. Thank you for helping prove the point.
  12. Lock out no, some wheeling and dealing by NFLPA yes. Likely will be 17 games, 7 playoff teams per conference, 2 bye weeks, down to 2-3 preseason games, and importantly an expanded game day roster. NFL gets 17 games and 7 playoff teams per conference. NFLPA gets 2 bye weeks, one or two less preseason games and increased union membership. That seems a win-win. If the 17th game is split fairly this means a London/Toronto/Mexico City game for each team to try to expand the sport. England, Canada and Mexico are the obvious tries to expand. Now that the UK is not beholden to the EU, even more so as a business. (does not have to comply with EU regulations on sport). East Coast teams play in London or Montreal, Midwest teams play in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton (CFL stadiums), west coast plays in Mexico City or Vancouver. CFL stadiums make the most sense for an immediate major expansion. Maybe this is a move to investing in the CFL, Arena Football League or XFL? The NFL doesn't yet have a farm system. A 9-8 home and away schedule is unfair, and the NFL wants to expand like the NBA. Each team should have to play the 17th game as an away game IMO. In a way this helps Buffalo if Toronto or even Montreal are designated foreign cities. I can see Buffalo being a regular participant in Toronto, Montreal or London games. I would gladly take one of those trips a year. If I were the NFLPA I would want no divisional games in a foreign market, no divisional games before a foreign trip, and one of my bye weeks immediately after a foreign trip. Keep the rivalries alive stateside. Interconference games should be the foreign game, IMO. Buffalo vs Dallas in London or Toronto would have been amazing. Changes will happen to our NFL. I am not a fan, but since this seems a lock, then manage it properly. Sadly I don't see this common sense approach working out, but I hope for the best. The game continues to walk away from me.
  13. My first and obvious choice was Eric Moulds. The guy could have been a Hall of Fame WR on a better team. But I had no idea he went to so many playoff games. 3? Really? We as fans really need to reevaluate Wade Phillips as a Head coach. That late 90s Bills team felt like such a let down, but they were very competitive. OK so WR is still a need and Stevie Johnson is worth looking at. Only Bill with 3x1000 yd seasons in a row. But that was with Fitzy. Johnson and Fitzy had a special chemistry. It was really fun to watch, but Steve never quite ran the routes he was supposed to, had a nasty wiggle people couldn't defend and Fitzy had the guts to throw anywhere. SJ would drive Daboll and JA nuts. Stevie Johnson and Brett Favre together? Magic. At least Stevie got Fitzpatrick. Lee Evans. Hmm. Lee Evans. Two 1000 yd seasons on some very bad teams. Crazy fast, ok hands. 3 seasons over 50 catches. He is a deep threat, but I never considered him a complete WR. Peerless Price. Looked great with Moulds across from him. Fell off a cliff without him. Eye troubles found afterward? Heck of an accomplishment then. I liked Peerless Price as a #2. Not counting Eric Moulds, there is one complete WR that the drought era Buffalo Bills had that has speed, size, hands, can block like a mofo, and is a McDermott guy all the way. That WR is Robert Woods. If I can't add Eric Moulds, then I want Robert Woods, who btw could still contribute today. Back to back 1000 yd seasons. A process guy all the way. Helped Jared Goff look legitimate for heavens sakes. Got no where with the Bills and went back home to CA. We really overlook Robert Woods as fans, he is a terrific football player. At 27 he would be that gnarled vet WR that JA needs, but still has his best years ahead of him. 'Boo Boo foot, small people' Watkins stole some of his thunder, as did bad QB play but this guy does everything a WR is asked to do. Love me some Robert Woods in this offense. On Defense there is no question. I'll take the 2nd best DE Buffalo has had since the merger in Aaron Schobel. This dude was the real deal and hung around in production with the likes of Jason Taylor for his career. Never got a scent of the playoffs, or the accolades with playing on higher profile teams, but was a beast. Drafted by the Bills, stayed with the Bills his whole career. Aaron Schobel in McDermott's defense is a 12-15 sack a year guy who could shut down an edge. He was a complete DE on some very suck Bills teams. so there it is Offense: Robert Woods Defense: Aaron Schobel Honorable Mention: Fred Jackson
  14. I had to look him up. He is a big boy with some nice ability and solid hands. 6'0" 249. This is exactly that 3-5 rd pick I was alluding to. A mix of Singletary, Drake and Dillon would be super nice. Different sized backs, and different abilities.
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