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  1. I will admit the 'break up from San Fran' was mutual based on interviews with John Lynch. They would have cut Kap if he did not void his contract, but Kap argued for the 'void' provision the year before. I find it interesting that this all happened in SF, one of the most left leaning cities in America. He worked his way off of the 49ers in San Francisco. He then spat in the eye of John Elway, an NFL legend who was reaching out to him to give him a life line. What happened when Denver offered him a contract after it all??? Kap rejected it, but Elway and the NFL is racist now? Between injury and 'social justice' he was persona non grata in San Francisco, a leftist haven. Did he expect Memphis, Indy, Buffalo or Kansas City to pick him up? he then spat in the face of an NFL legend in a politically 50-50 city (Denver) make stupid decisions and win stupid rewards Exhibit A - Colin Kaepernick
  2. I saw this after my posts. A bad hit for SD. I wish him well, he is a top young SS. At best he returns in Nov. Meanwhile SD has other questions with LT, RB, and Kennan Allen... rough off season for the Chargers
  3. Lacey looked great. He took advantage of Thompson not being in. I think the last LB spot is between Mo Alexander and Johnson. I'd expect Mo to get the nod with Johnson trying to be snuck onto the PS.
  4. Johnson has torn up 3rd and 4th string OL. I'd like to see him versus 1st and 2nd string OL. We know what we have in Lawson and Yarborough. Love is also showing well. Hughes, Murphey and Lawson are top 3. Crowded for 1 spot between Yarborough, Love, Johnson.
  5. I don't think the 'next steps' is about having James play this year. I think the decision is to have surgery or not which of course will be made in the next week or so.
  6. a couple of thoughts on kicking, OL and pass rush OL - injuries have piled up. With Morse and Ty healthy you can go Dawkins- Feliciano - Morse - Ford - Ty If Morse is a no go you can still go Dawkins - Spain/Teller - Feliciano - Ford - Ty. I'm surprised Teller is not getting looks at RG/LG with the 1s or much time with the 2's. IMO he was the most improved OL last year D Wesley ended up playing 3/4 of the game all at LT. With the other injuries to T, and was ok. The 4 OT end up being Dawkins, Ty, Wesley and Ford (kicking out from OG) DL - the ones and 2s had a couple of sacks. Carolina also had 4 holding penalties in the first half. Those are instances where the OL was beat and held the DL to prevent a QB hit. While a 10 yd penalty and repeat of down is not as good as the 5-10 yds lost and loss of down with a sack, they can be drive killers and show the DL was beating the OL. 1st string looked better with the pass rush, 2nd string DL looked better at setting the edge versus the run IMO. K - I tried to pay attention to the PK holding. I could have sworn the laces were rarely out for Hauschka's kicks. I'd like some other folks to watch the ball being placed and held on kicks to verify what I saw. That may be a part of the problem
  7. You may have been making a very dry joke about the wording about a guy with a Jones foot injury and 'taking steps', in which case I see what you did there If a serious question it's been covered here a bit, buy he can choose to let the injury heal naturally, which probably means a lost season, but no surgery (14-20 weeks) He can have surgery and the recovery time is 6-8 weeks, but this injury and surgery are notorious for not being successful on the first attempt. Dez, Juio, Sammy 'tenderfoot' Watkins, and Edelman all elected to have surgery but needed a second one. Even after a second surgery Dez and Sammy were not the same player. Edelman and Julio came back to pre-injury form, but it took a year. touch choice for a guy who played at an all-pro level in his rookie season, and has his whole career ahead of him
  8. I was watching the holds on kicks. The missed fg the laces looked to be facing the right side line, not how you place a ball for a kick. It's hard to kick a football with the laces all akimbo. Carter was holding. They need to get Barkley holding for House-money, and then figure out the punting mess.
  9. Christian Freaking Wade! a health 50 yards per touch average.... slippery as an Albany politician
  10. this is correct, Buff has a legitimate 1st and second strong DL and DB set. Some good players at DL and DB will be cut
  11. yup. Carolina held McCaffrey, Cam and Keuchly out, but Buffalo has outplayed Carolina in all three phases so far
  12. Teller graded out as Buffalo's highest rated O lineman last year. Crazy he is not in for the G competition.
  13. I've been watching the holder and football this game, the laces are almost never straight as they should be, Carter is still moving the ball half the time Hauschka is kicking it. Need to get a steady holder in their. Barkley?
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