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  1. it doesn't matter what happened on the off-season. Draft OL-WR in rounds 1-2 Draft LB and S rounds 3-4 BPA after A big physical MF at DT is also welcome. nothing has changed
  2. Yes, get something for him he will not be re-signed here.
  3. I do want Buffalo to get a few big heavy MFers to play DT and take hits off of the two LBs. Sam Adams and Pat Williams style. From your mouth to God's ears. Bergeron Rd2 would be a steal. And get a big fat MFer at DT2...in round 3-4.
  4. Last year I wanted Bradberry and Reddick so badly it hurt. Bradberry was the obvious CB to fill in for White, and we knew the HC and GM, nope. Reddick was a terrific pass rusher looking for a home, young and cheap, from Carolina, nope. We got washed up Von Miller instead. I hoped for the best. I knew what to expect. Both of the the guys I wanted played in the Super Bowl for Philly instead. They could be under contract today if we went younger and cheaper than Von Miller. The Carolina and NYG connections both failed, when Buffalo needed both of them. I wanted McAffery when he became available Clearly ours, 670k and a Carolina connection. Nope. We got Hines. At least Hines gave us some cheers on ST. Really amazing ones TBH. Would have rather had McCaffery though. TSW was convinced he was washed up and 'too expensive', despite how many of us showed he literally cost 670k for 2022 and how he could be extended or traded for picks this draft. He ended up having a pretty good season with SF, despite 'Mr Irrelevant' playing QB, and signed a team friendly deal... Could have been in Buffalo with Allen, but nope, despite the Carolina connection. Beane 'knew better' in all those situations where he had contacts.... 2022 presented Reddick/ McCaffrey and Bradberry to Buffalo with connections and they failed on all of them. I get it. We fu&k up every opportunity. After that I started to question Beane a lot. But this offseason is real dog crap. The time for Mack/ Jones/ Von Miller was 2-3 years ago on Allen's rookie contract in 2019-2021. At least Beane is not making the OBJ/ D Hop and Zeke deals today, a year or two too late to matter or try to save face. All of these above guys are done. I wanted Creed Humphrey instead of Basham. Imagine this team with Humphrey/ Bradberry/ Reddick and McAffrey under contract.... That is my team. But it is what it is. Do better going forward. I've moved on. I wanted one of the RT and Okerkerke (LB Indy) this offseason if Edmunds moved on. I got neither again. Poyer will be a stud S. I do think a few of the offensive guys will exceed their minimal expectations this season. McGovern/ Sherfield/ Harris will provide some pop and size, and play well. Nope they aren't 'studs', but provide upside in a very weak offensive FA period. So you have no names, no magic hat of players in this FA period. Neither do I. That is because this FA period stinks, and there are few to none. I'm happy Buffalo can't be dumb with money this offseason. Other than Poyer all of the FA money this year has gone to offense. OG/ WR/ WR/ RB Who should Beane have signed??? Should he just make up FA to sign here like in Madden?!? Last year was the chance to build a juggernaut and he failed. I agree the Harty signing was idiotic. Another really dumb move. The other WR should have gotten 2-3 years IMO. I think he could surprise as a WR3/ WR4. As for WR, let me repeat it again: OBJ and D-Hop are not improvements over Davis in 2023. PERIOD. This absurd dislike of Davis really is a TSW specialty, and I'll continue to fight it. Yards and TDs win games. Look at the facts. If your argument is 'those guys were injured' that may not be a strong argument in your favor. Let's look at these 'studs' Beane 'refuses to get': OBJ: 2021: 82 TARGETS/ 44 RECEPTIONS/ 53.7%/ 537 YARDS/ 12.2 YPC/ 5 TDS 2022; 0 TARGETS/ 0 RECEPTIONS / 0% / 0 YARDS / 0 TDS OBJ has not had an above 55.6% catch rate since 2018, but people want to talk crap about Davis' sub 60% rate. The last season OBJ was productive was 2018. 2018 was pre-pandemic my man. Dude is washed. You will be lucky to get Emmanual Sanders 2021 season from him. (PS Manny Sanders had a 58.3% reception rate in 2021) D Hopkins: Another 2018 PRO-BOWL TSW REGULAR: 2021: 64 TARGETS/ 42 RECEPTIONS/ 65.6%/ 572 YARDS/ 13.6 YPC/ 8 TDS 2022: 96 TARGETS/ 64 RECEPTIONS/ 66.7%/ 717 YARDS/ 11.2 YPC/ 3 TDS D-Hop became 2020 Cole Beasley in 2022. This is your solution to the #2??? At least J Brown and E Sanders could stretch a field for half a season each before collapsing. D Hop can't get off the couch to change the channel if the batteries go bad.... it's laughable. Fun Fact, D Hop was a below 60% catch WR his first 5 seasons. He was considered a stretch WR to Andre Johnson's possession skills. Sound familiar? It should. How many of you knew that? D Hop was Gabe Davis before Gabe Davis. Now many of you want old expensive Gabe Davis to replace young cheap Gabe Davis...... D-Hop is a vaxx refusal and season away from being 2021 Cole Beasley. D-Hop is washed too. Gabe Davis: A 4th round pick in his second and third season, only one starting.... 2021: 63 TARGETS/ 35 RECEPTIONS/ 55.6%/ 549 YARDS/ 15.7 YPC/ 6 TDS 2022: 93 TARGETS/ 48 RECEPTIONS/ 51.6%/ 846 YARDS/ 17.4 YPC/ 7 TDS LAST TWO YEARS: OBJ: 44 REC/ 82 TARG / 53.7%/ 537 YARDS/ 12.2 AVG/ 5 TDs - wants $14 million DHOP: 106 REC/ 160 TARG/ 66.2%/ 1289 YARDS/ 12.1 AVG/ 11 TD - 2nd round pick? DAVIS: 83 REC/ 156 TARG/ 53.2%/ 1395 YARDS/ 16.8 AVG/ 13 TD - on a rookie contract... Really? OBJ is a bum. D Hop is Cole Beasley at his best now. Years 1-3: DHOP: 239 REC/ 410 TAR/ 58.3%/ 3533 YARDS/ 14.8/ 19 TDS DAVIS: 118 REC/ 218 TAR/ 54.1%/ 1984 YARDS/ 16.8/ 20 TDS Its just a matter of volume yrs 1-3. Very similar catch %, Davis has YPC and TDS over DHOP despite being targeted only 53% of the time. D HOP has catches and yards on 2x the targets. This does NOT include playoffs....
  5. Exactly. People here act like Harris is some bum. He roasted this defense over and over again. His name isn't Zeke/ Henry/ Fournette. Same dude at this point in their careers and younger and cheaper. What did Buffalo pay for Harris?
  6. Simple question. No right or wrong answers. What 'impact to elite players' did you expect Buffalo to sign this offseason in FA? Even with big money this FA period was terrible, and Buffalo was above the cap before it started. The LB Okerkere and a few RT that went for absurd money were the best FA available IMO. Are those the impact to elite players you wanted? Just about everyone and their mother knew Buffalo is in a 'reshuffle' period. They F*&ked up the 5 year window, even I have moved on. It is what it is. And don't tell me OBJ/ D Hop/ Zeke etc.... broken down/ expensive and past their prime. That is like shopping for prime beef in the bargain bin. Some of you on TSW want to rebuild the 2018 Pro Bowl team. It's 2023, a lot of those guys are washed. Hence no market in a weak FA/trade market. This FA is exactly what was needed and expected. Who exactly did Buffalo miss on this offseason? If we want to talk offseasons past, I'll give you an earful. Reign it in/ reshuffle/ add where you can. Poyer/ McGovern/ Harris/ Sherfield/ Allen aren't sexy, but they all make the team better. (I think Harty was a garbage signing)
  7. A few Dolphins players hate that Sherfield came to Buffalo too. Open minded about both TBH. I don't expect fireworks from either, but I think they will help this team be more physical and be able to produce. Shrefield is 6'1 220 Harris is 5'11" 215 McKenzie was 5'8" 175 Singletary was 5'7 205 It adds up over a season. Main reason i didn't like the other WR signing.
  8. Agree on RT Don't get me kicked off TSW for a while for the argument about WR2..... You know this is where our beautiful relationship struggles. 🤣 I make so many people here angry arguing about that. Let's talk nice 😄 Even if I appreciate Gabe for who is is, even I know he is not a WR1. Bergeron or bust R1-R2. RT/ OG/ WR/ LB/ S are all ok with me. You really do try to stir up trouble!
  9. So 32 teams, 2 WR each = top 64. Even an American can do that math. If our WR2 was worse than Top 64 I would agree with you. But he's not. Far from it. You do know our #2 was top 64 in yards, TDs, 1st downs per catch and yards per catch???? He was in fact top 40 in all of those categories. Top 32-40 in most of them. Even top 15 in many. The people TSW wanted to replace him did worse across the board last year, and I have proven it over and over again. The issues last year were 1) poor OL, 2) rookie OC, 3) no WR3, 4) no run game Fix those four things then look at WR2. Beane's big splash was OG McGovern (#1 issue), Harty and Sherfield (#3 issue), Harris (#4 issue) #2 comes with time an fixing the other issues. Yours has not been addressed yet.. I wonder why.
  10. Thank you. Anyone thinking Saingletary = Harris needs their heads examined. Even before a Harris hit.
  11. Oh I do too. 100% agree with you. Sorry my sarcasm was not clear, I love this pick up and Sherfield. Neither were FA studs, but both are true NFL players that can improve the team. Sherfield. Best blocking WR we have had since Woods, and can play outside if needed, also plays ST. Replaces Kumerow and Mckenzie in one shot. Harty = McKenzie/ Stevenson/ Jones 2 for 1 all offseason. I love it. McGovern is an improvement at OG. (Just hope he plays RG) We agree 100%. Solid Week 2 signings. Both improve the team IMO.
  12. Given how little RBs are asked to run between the tackles here, I think he is fine. It's not like Bill Belichick to mess with the injury report based on matchups......
  13. Thanks for the replies folks. Verified my initial thought, Jeudy is not worth a 1st, even #27. I'm on the fence, but if Denver says #27 and or more.... no deal for me either. I appreciate the input and feedback. It's a crap WR market, but TSW realized it too. Hopeful for Sherfield at WR3 and Harty at WR4. oh yeah, and the draft.... Let's simplify things. if Buffalo trades Oliver, they are not on the hook for anything, and gain a pick/ picks. Period. My original point withstanding. Arguing semantics with people online is really exhausting. Get to the point. You are better than this.
  14. I agree, raises the floor and compliments the existing backs.... No problems with the signing. I also like the Sherfield signing today. Excellent options in week two of FA
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