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  1. I don't like the turf It belongs to Buffalo So says the Dolphin
  2. Rumor has it the Jets doctors have consulted with Captain Andrew Luck to obtain some left over squirrel oil to rub on the shoulder as a magic liniment. A second consulting doctor will turn to voodoo if the squirrel oil does not work.
  3. I find it refreshing hearing someone tell the truth. Flacco has quit. For once someone is not sugar coating things and I like it.
  4. LOL, Troy Aikman "This is the worst offense I've ever seen. I'm surprised so many people are still in the stands" Tell us what you really think Troy.
  5. Joe Flacco looks completely checked out, and Moore looks pumped up. Which one retired and was out of the game for a year? Having Joe Flacco as your leader is like following Droopy Dog, or Dopey the Dwarve into battle. I think making them finish the game is worse punishment.
  6. That's how I saw it, and I'm no fan of the Packer or Lions.
  7. ESPN is not sugar coating it. Booger and SVP discussing it.
  8. Detroit absolutely got rooked this game in calls against and non calls. WWE bush league level stuff.
  9. Is that because of play calling or a lack of an RB who can handle 20 carries a game? Gore can not handle 20 carries a game at 36. He is a great situational asset, so is Motor. Who is the stud in the RB room? It is empty. Get Ballage/ Drake/ Lindsay etc...... Maybe Josh Allen would look better with more balance from the run game.
  10. Buffalo will need a RB 2-4 next year. A bruiser/ bell cow. With Singletary as a chancg of pace, it will be nice. But why wait until next year? The AFC is weak this year, go get it.
  11. Don't get me wrong. Gore has been solid to the break. But he was averaging 2.5 before a few 4th qtr carries. Expecting a 36 yr old to be a bell cow for 16 games to spell a 2nd yr QB is dumb. Singletary is nothing more than a change of pace back. A good one, but not a guy that can carry the ball 15-20 a game. To be fair Yeldon has made some plays in spot duty, do you want him as RB1 if Gore goes down? Brown/Beasly/Foster(I)/McKenzie/Williams/Roberts Gore/Yeldon/Singletary(I) What position is deeper f you want to make a run this year?
  12. Your premise seems to be wrong, Gore split time with Ballage and Drake. We are one injury to a 36 yr old RB from toting Yeldon out for 20 carries a game. Singletary has proven nothing in this league for longevity. 3 games in, 3 games out. And I'd be fine for trying Ajayi out, except for his knees. Sony Michel and Todd Gurley are also prime examples. With Michel, his 2-4 yrs pair with Brady. The Rams already spent draft capital to improve RB. If team like the Bills sees it is in a win-win situation, go get help now and make a run.
  13. Why go for an end of contract Melvin Gordon that will cost a 1-3rd rounder, who has what, 1 1k season and wants 10-12 million a year? Get a Ballage or Drake or Lindsay who can shoulder 10-20 carries a game and be on a rookie deal for a year or two for a 4-6th rounder?
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