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  1. Why not? IMO Anderson at 35 is there for brains. Pro game prep: Film study, reading defensive alignments, pre snap adjustments/ protections and audibles, and as an emergency QB. Foles can win games. His current contract puts him in the neighborhood between Mayfield, McCown, Tyrod and Dalton. If Allen flames out over the next few games, and the D/ ST are playing well it holds the locker room together. Ivory and Murphy aren't McCoy, but they are capable RBs.
  2. No one was going to let Khalil Mack get away either....
  3. I didn't read all 18 pages. Has anyone mentioned Nick Foles? McCoy 2018 - 8.9 million 2019 - 9.0 million 2020 - FA Foles 2018 - 13.6 million 2019 - 20.6 million 2020 - 600k 2021 - 600k 2022 - FA if the teams could get the 2018 numbers to wash or fit Buffalo's remaining cap this year, Buffalo would add a competant veteran QB and mid level starter and top backup QB for net 11.6 million in 2019, not terrible for a QB that can start if needed. Who better to help JA along than a guy with a Super Bowl ring who got hot at the right time? Buffalo would still have 50+ million and 10 picks next year. You have to think having a Super Bowl winning QB on the roster would help allure FAs next year. Foles/Allen as a QB pair looks a lot better to me and I'm sure potential FAs than Allen Peterman. Buffalo is one tam that can take Fole's poison pill contract and still be aggressive in FA. It's a long shot, but hey, the other team can only say no.
  4. RocCityRoller

    TD Mike looking for a job again

    Yes, one of the best 'one cut' backs that has played in the NFL in the past 10 years. He is a one trick pony, but our stable is barren A one trick pony is an improvement now to this offense.
  5. I haven't laughed so hard in ages. It's almost the same physical coordination KB and Zay Jones have running routes and 'catching' passes. Right up there with the gif of the guy riding a pig a week or so ago. 9/10 will definitely fall out of tress again.
  6. Could have been Allen behind Tyrod or Allen behind AJ. Better than Allen behind no one. The Bills do this to themselves continuously. And ppl on boards like this expect QB Jesus to come in and fix it all. That is not how it works.
  7. Yup, no value in sitting a guy for a year. Brady, Rogers, Mahomes. All sat and learned. Instead, let's put a rookie in, behind a trash O-line and no weapons. Mentally let's provide no one to help him break down tape or learn how to prep for a game plan or reads. Brilliant.
  8. RocCityRoller

    Caption This! (Bucs edition)

    "Is it true you make all the Lucky Charms?"
  9. RocCityRoller

    Carucci article on overestimating

    pretty obvious he meant EJ Gaines since he is referring to 2017 and a CB named Gaines. Or Vic doesn't realize we lost some Gaines 😎
  10. RocCityRoller

    Caption This! (Bucs edition)

    you meant 'grab man' right?
  11. RocCityRoller

    Bring in Dez

    Why do people here continue to want over the hill washed up players? Dez Bryant is done, he is cooked. Stick a fork in him. Sometimes watching this board is like seeing trailer trash on Antiques Roadshow bring in a 'starving artist' painting and hope it is a Rembrandt.
  12. RocCityRoller

    Can I interest anyone in a nice game of Leapy Allen®?

    I'm not saying it's anything great, but what exactly did you do with your time this week? I often find that the folks that criticize the most have the least to show for themselves.
  13. RocCityRoller

    McDermott not pleased with WRs in practice

    Markus Wheaton is out there. Some speed, ok hands. Would rather have him tracking deep passes than Foster. So is Kerley, and his hands were never a problem.
  14. RocCityRoller

    Week 4: Packers Game Preparation - Inactives Announced

    Dude has been screwed 2 weeks in a row. I never ever considered C Matthews or his dad as dirty players.
  15. RocCityRoller

    SNF: Pats at Lions

    Dolphins and Jets are #1 and #2. Dolphins have a solid team, Jets are ahead in the rebuild. NE isn't done until they are done. much work to do.