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  1. I see Brett Favre in Josh Allen, said it last pre-season, got destroyed. I still feel good about that comparison, better tbh. I see James Lofton in Robert Foster, calling it this preseason. Foster will become our #1. Size, Speed, ball tracking, hands. He has it all. Having Smokey Brown and two solid slots in Beasley and Jones only helps. 2019-2020 Robert Foster - 60 catches - 1150 yards - 8 TD - just under 20 ypr
  2. I think that Rudolph would be 'ok' here, but pose a problem in New England. I don't need him here, but I don't want him in New England. I'm ok trying Knox, Sweeney and Croom, and holding on for Kroft. I may even IR Croft and see if any TE emerges, and get the best Kroft Buffalo can get in 2020.
  3. I don't. At the end of the day these are all guys putting on a show for entertainment. These are all individual men showcasing their talent and skills in front of gladiator sized arenas for our entertainment. The fact they wear different laundry doesn't change that for me. I can hate an organization, but still respect the individual.
  4. Happy to see a city that lost it's NFL team to greed win another major championship, and beat Boston while doing it.
  5. also rarely flipped the field for the offense not sure how the Bills were in the middle of sacks/ they were near the bottom stout, yes except for three games, elite, not close.
  6. I was a Kyle Vanderesch guy, and you make a good point, but Edmunds is a freak of nature. I've been hard on him, but a guy 6'5" or so and 250 lbs is old school LB size, but has nu school stats, and should help make him be a 3 down LB and make the center of the D stout. His December really impressed me. the only thing missing is a folding table!
  7. surprised no comments on O-line. No blocking, no time to throw No blocking, no lanes to run in but for a skill player perspective, I'd have to agree
  8. Morse and Johnson may end up being the best FA signings this year. It's nice to not have all the eggs in one basket across from Tre Day. Wallace, Gaines and Johnson all have flashed. And let's not forget Taron Johnson is here too. being 5-6 deep at CB is a blessing. I hope K Johnson fits the system (ask J Norman what that is like) and the CB position is set.
  9. Travis Henry - hell of a RB but 18 kids or so, busted for running a drug cartel Mike Williams - OL 1st round pick, stunk Aaron Maybin Chris Watson - he was toast Leodis McKelvin - returning kicks and punts I assume Peterman and OJ are already locks in the top 2
  10. Buffalo is so deep at CB right now 4-5 deep, nickel quality or better. Johnson looks better already and had the talent to be drafted high Levi Wallace was a steal last year as an UDFA EJ Gaines is an excellent compliment to Tre when he was here and healthy, using him at nickel or dime may reduce his chance of injury and you have started quality at nickel then Don't forget Taron Johnson all of this and of course Tre White locking one side down. No need. KC, Pitt, Houston all usually need CB help
  11. The guy has a history of foot (2018-2019) and knee (2016) injuries BUST
  12. well, you screwed Buffalo... 😄😄😄
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