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  1. Let's add the Houston playoff game where the defense gave up a double digit lead, but Buffalo was driving for the game winning score and Cody Ford gets called for a penalty that puts them out of FG range. The OL is a constant sore spot that gets band-aids applied every off season. It must be addressed, and a few of us on here have been pointing this out for 2-3 years now.
  2. What a masterclass in strategy and execution in the last 4:00+ minutes. This coaching staff and this roster managed a dream end of game scenario on the road against a playoff caliber team. Most of us know exactly how it is supposed to be done, and have watched hundreds of Bills games and rarely if ever see our team do it. Every once in a while you see other teams with cagey championship level coaches and All-Pro QBs do this and wonder why we can't have nice things too. Well it was McDermott and Buffalo's turn. What a completely wonderful thing to watch your team do. Strategy, execution, everyone understood what had to be done, and did it. McDermott and Co. may be learning. Comeback victory from double digits down, ran the clock out to 0:00 at the end and won a 1 score game. All against a playoff level team, with an MVP QB and Championship level coach. Our guys were the ones making and executing the right calls to leave the other team helpless. This game may be one of the 5 most important victories McBeane have had to date. I'm very impressed. A big step forward as a coach and staff.
  3. This thread is aging like Limburger cheese in a humid New York Subway.... After seeing what has gone down the past couple of weeks with Miami, and around the league I can't imagine why the Bills are cautious about injuries.
  4. All 'doctors' who seem more qualified than the independent neurological expert at Sunday's game, and Miami's Medical staff that pushed the 'back injury' narrative and let him play on a short week. The medical field in general has become an incompetent laughing stock
  5. The Singer of Joywave looking rough after a loss.....
  6. depends on who the Dr. apparently is. Disgrceful, Jet level bad
  7. The Milano hit on Tua was clean. When Tua fell down the back of his head clearly hits the turf. Clear as day. A hit that hard on concrete with 'turf' = concussion for most guys. It was literal head to turf.
  8. Not a huge Tua fan. I hate the Dolphins more than the Pats. But I hate seeing any young athlete hurt like this. He should not have been allowed back into the game last week, and should have been evaluated this week. The 'Dr.' allowing Tua to return last week should lose his/her license. I honestly wish Tua the best. At the end of the day this is a sport, and entertainment. I don't want to see guys rushed back into service for a sport.
  9. I understand the OP. The national media was overboard on the Bills. I like the team being doubted now. Let Miami have the accolades for now. Injuries included I see 10-7 or 11-6. If we can't have home field wrapped up, let the Bills be the wildcard team your team has to deal with. No one wants that. Be the wildcard nightmare getting healthy at the wrong time for your team. As long as we win enough to get in, and start to get healthy at the right time. This may be the path this year. Embrace it. KC is the only team that scares me.
  10. That is fine. And I agree. What is the Dane Jackson situation, now? Things have changed a bit.
  11. Nope, a horror show... No one can find a TE, just like Buffalo inside the 20.
  12. There has been nothing but silence about Jackson or White. It concerns me since the Defense is lacking in the secondary. Yes, I want more info. What exactly is Dane Jackson's injury? How long is he expected out? Dane Jackson has proven to be a good CB in this defense. He is a capable sub for Levi Wallace. When is Tre White due to return? He is an All Pro, and the secondary is playing scraps. Is it fair to ask when Tre White will suit up again? It has been 9 months, the average for an ACL.
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