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  1. That whole draft fell poorly for Buffalo. I agree in thinking they wanted a different CB, and I also think IOL was a high priority but the top IOL got drafted much higher than anticipated. Could explain all of the trade backs that happened.
  2. Was going to say Eagles and Chiefs both have very good OL
  3. my avatar approves of this message 😉 ....and Rodgers off to the locker room
  4. that may be too much for GB to come back from...
  5. Ryan Radtke (play-by-play) and Mike Golic (analyst) sound good on Westwood One (Terrestrial Radio) Scott Graham in the studio 1280 AM in Rochester What a great first half
  6. They have played in 3 Thanksgiving games since Josh has arrived. The NFL clearly wants to showcase Allen and the Bills. Since we are 3-0 in those games I am all for it!
  7. Ed turned it on, and has been solid. Jones/ Oliver and Settle really dug in deep this week. Ed should have been eating this week. Hope coach took him to the side and let him know his effort and results were noticed. Madden would have wanted a DT to get a turkey leg!
  8. The three Bills losses were by a combined 8 points folks. A TD and 2 point conversion. They have been in every game or have blown teams out. MN had to overcome a 3 score deficit and were helped by a decimated pass rush and weakened secondary. While the Bills have been focused on beating KC, teams like the Pats/Jets/Dolphins have been focused on beating the Bills. Our QB who accounts for what 80-90% of the offense and TDs is playing through an injury for 4+ weeks and is 2-2 (3-2 if you want to count GB). Impact Bills starters have missed almost 2 seasons worth of play time to injuries. White missed 10, and Hyde 9. I can easily come up with 15 games missed by Milano/ Rousseau/ Poyer etc. Despite losing two Pro Bowl/ All Pro level DBs for most of the season, the Bills still run a Nickel as base and are 8-3. 8 and 3. Relax, enjoy the season and seeing a finesse team learn how to win gritty games with backups starting 4+ positions every week.
  9. Like when he won 9 with Tyrod Taylor as his starting QB and broke a 17 year playoff drought??
  10. refs have been very inconsistent. The non catch call was pretty bad TBH.
  11. ??? Someone upthread mentioned that Canada has a long history of playing a more rugby based version of football, as long or longer than most places in the USA. I was providing an example and context to back it up. Some people are interested in the history of the sport they devote so much time and resources to. The evolution of association football (soccer), rugby, American football and Canadian football is interesting to me.
  12. That was my confusion. Must be on active 53, but could be a 'healthy scratch' for this week's game. Has Miami had a rash of injury to DL/ DT???
  13. Yep, McGill University was playing a style more like football and less than rugby and taught Harvard.
  14. So Zimmer has to be on the active roster this week for Miami?
  15. 🤣 Thanks! I always thought it was Polian who said it.
  16. I saw the presser. Wilson was asked if he or the offense let the defense down (held NE to 3 points until the last minute punt return). Wilson said no in a pretty flippant manner. Compare to Allen who had some costly picks/ the fumble in losses. 'It was on me, I need to do better'. Even then the Bills had chances to win most of those games, but Allen acknowledged his errors and took the blame for the losses like a leader.
  17. Old Billy Belichick claims another scalp “If you listen to the fans, you’ll find yourself sitting with them” was said by Philadelphia Eagles football coach Joe Kuharich (1917-1981) in 1967.
  18. J Wawrow must be reading this thread and having a good laugh watching this board go after each other and a Pro Bowl fan favorite player....
  19. Kromer was out and about but incognito wearing a Cardinals jersey 🤣
  20. The Boxer Briefs aren't lucky, the skid marks are 🤣
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