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  1. Terrell Bernard may be T Edmunds best addition to the defense. No disrespect to Von Miller intended. Imagine having a 4-3 with two Milano's outside, or Milano and Miller, and Edmunds inside? A more standard 4-3, but with athletic cover LBs outside, or VM instincts to blow up any play? I am no Edmunds fan, but what if he is a prototype 4-3 MLB in the modern game? Maybe our OLB other than Milano could not execute the defense so McDermott/Frazier went Nickel? Instead of covering 1/2 the field Edmunds was back to 1/3 the field? Less to read and diagnose, let the natural athleticism shine? I hate to say it, but Edmunds could thrive in a base 4-3. What if the DBs took less of a beating each game stopping the run? T Johnson is brought in in clear passing situations. Still a top 10 nickel, but used as needed. Poyer and Hyde can be assistant tacklers and try to strip the ball or complete the tackle, instead of being the first man to lay a helmet on a guy? This is a lot to put on a rookie LB like Bernard, but he has a knack for rushing the passer (college tape), and is good at covering TEs so far (practices) I wonder if Von Miller lines up at LB or DE or 'Elephant' like LORAX did? Between Bernard and Miller, I expect to see a lot more 4-3 this year. if Bernard can play, and the Bills utilize Von Miller properly, the Bills Defense became much more dangerous.
  2. Another way to say this is: If Bernard is in the Milano mold. And he has a better pass rushing instinct (he does). And Bernard is a natural TE cover guy. Then Buffalo could go more 4-3 against the bully teams, and make life more difficult for them. I am tired of seeing Johnson, Poyer or Hyde be the first helmet on a full steam ahead Henry, Taylor, or big QB. Johnson and Poyer have taken beatings with the unwillingness to go 4-3 against physical teams. Maybe, just maybe, Bernard helps in that equation. I want more 4-3 this year against bully teams. It helps the run defense. It helps the stress on the 5 DBs. It may even help Edmunds by playing a natural 4-3 MLB.
  3. PR/KR can also be a DB or RB. Would like to see Cook try a few.
  4. good, more pre-snap motion helps JA diagnose the Defense
  5. as it should be, earn your position by taking it! Would love to see James Cook get a few attempts
  6. Vrabel is an underrated coach. 100% agree. Tannehill is a frustrating QB and can get into a zone. They lost AJ Brown, but added Robert Woods. (He can't escape the East LOL). We all know Woods is a great blocking WR. But as a receiver I think they miss AJ Brown's physicality. IMO AJ Brown is a (+) Anquan Bolden right now. And I think Woods is coming off of an injury? I know they added baby AJ Brown in Treylon Brooks, but I think they slip a bit this year. Indy looks solid all over. They missed on Campbell, but Pittman is underrated. I think they sneak out the AFC South by a game.
  7. They tried to improve WR with Parker, Montgomery and drafting Thornton. Parker is a solid 2-3 option. Montgomery is a long way off from his GB promise, and I liked Thornton's size and speed in the draft enough to hope the Bills could give him a look, but most yr 1 WR struggle a bit. I just don't see a guy who can create separation, and that helps all young QBs. Diggs does it with a mix of physical skill and brains, Beasley did it with knowing where he had to be against a zone, Smoke with speed etc etc. Mac may have some troubles without a clear OC and middling level WRs/TEs. I do think he could be a Kirk Cousins/ Carr type of QB. Gets better as he ages, and can show out with a good philosophy and weapons.
  8. I think it's helpful to see other defenses and play against another team to iron out wrinkles.
  9. 100% Red helmet, blue jersey, white pants?
  10. Good post OP, generally agree. I think all of the division rivals have improved on paper. A nice side effect of that is that they should all be capable of splitting with each other. It will be very important that the Bills get a sweep or two in the division for the extra win and tie breakers. I think the defense holds close to steady. I like the moves on the DL. I like adding the LB in the draft as a backup prototype Milano. Tre White and the DBs are a bit of a worry, but a stronger front seven should help out. And to be honest Poyer and Hyde were playing white hit at the end of the season. Just need one more season like that from them. I think they will.
  11. 12-5 may be enough in the AFC. The division should be better, the conference is loaded. Can't imagine the AFC West winner being better than 10-7, AFC North will be tough too. AFC South winner could sneak a 13 to 14 win season in, but the Jags should be better and steal a game or two from TN and INDY.
  12. even though it was Daboll to Dorsey, they need to install the new offensive concepts and get the new guys mixed in for timing and to realize the heat JA puts on those passes.
  13. when you root for a team starting Peterman, it feels like everyone on the other team is playing in the secondary!
  14. Oof, I get the long shot, but McDermott has barely been mentioned in the past after his draft (the one before Beane) and breaking the playoff drought. I suppose if the Bills go on a big roll early he could. I think Coach of the Year voting/ input is finalized before the Super Bowl. Is that right? It would make McDermott winning it even harder if true.
  15. I know you meant this as funny. It's not. More families are affected by skin cancer than you realize. It gets worse the later you and your family members age. I have been there personally and seen it spread. It's not funny or a 'light issue'. Add to it that simple 'elective procedures' like cancer screenings were stopped for almost a year in NY due to 'the pandemic'. Cancer deaths are now through the roof. I've seen a few sources show that non-COVID deaths among 18-59 are 40% higher than expected by insurance companies. My non-conspiracy brain tells me that 'elective screenings' like skin cancer biopsies/ colonoscopies/ paps etc are important to catching early cancers and preventing premature death. But those were suspended and are now backed up since thousands of health care workers were thrown out like garbage in NYS. We will see a death bump in preventable cancer deaths in the next few years due to attitudes like yours and policies from Albany. Is that still funny to you?
  16. We've been really spoiled as fans with this safety combo. We have 1-2 yrs more of it. They make this Defense work. Hoping some of the young guys can leech every bit of knowledge from Poyer and Hyde. I would not be surprised to see either or both be coaches after. VEry smart players with just enough physical talent left (both over 30) to make teams pay. I was surprised Buffalo didn't draft a top 5-10 S prospect in what was a deep S class, so they could learn, and in worse case scenario play with one of the the S.
  17. @NewEra@JayBaller10 Count me in the Nick McCloud fanbase, or 'intrigued by' club. I really liked what he showed last pre-season. Wrong thread to go in depth, but yeah some of us are really interested to see what he can do. As for Edmunds, I feel like most of us have a pretty good feel for what he can and can't do in this defense, with what he is tasked with. A lot of folks think it is not worthy of a big money second contract.
  18. thanks, was this the podcast referred to by LeGOATski in the other thread?
  19. Thanks. I thought this thread was about Tre Edmunds.... anything but the last few pages.
  20. Good points for Moss. I still get the feeling Moss gets a lot of looks in pre-season as a show case. Buffalo has done it in the past with this leadership group. 1) evaluate his health and how well he runs behind this OL and blocking scheme, he may be improved and have more benefit to the Bills 2) he shows out and another team offers a decent pick for him. Duke Johnson becomes the reserve 'break in case of emergency' RB like Yeldon or Breida in seasons past. Still a bit bummed Antonio Williams left. I liked his running style and thought he was a tough North-South style runner. I could see Williams having a solid season for the Giants spelling Barkley or filling in if Saquon Barkley gets injured. Daboll and Schoen jumped on him early and the G-men don't have great depth behind Barkley if I recall correctly. Breida and Williams will probably be fighting for RB2.
  21. Suffering from Hemorrhoids? Get Tucks medicated pads.
  22. Great plan! Envious TBH. I've lived in Philly/ outside of Boston/ Rochester, NY metro and the Adirondacks. I'll point out some things Buffalonians are too shy to point out that are good destinations in the city or as day trips. Buffalo Naval Park - The near loss of the Fletcher Class Destroyer 'The Sullivans' brought some much needed attention to this Buffalo gem. There are three ships with walking tours (not currently 'The Sullivans' for obvious reasons) of a Cleveland Class cruiser, Fletcher Class Destroyer and a Submarine. There is also an excellent collection of Vietnam era vehicles and weaponry. Albright Knox Gallery. One of the best small/mid sized city galleries in the country. Another Buffalo gem. Caught a Picasso exposition there. Was surprised to see an original Pollack there, among other greats. Excellent museum/gallery in a beautiful area. Really underrated. Fort Niagara - Colonial era military fort a day trip, cool history there, not thought of often. On Lake Ontario. Niagara-On-The-Lake, Canada - good day trip if you and your buddy have dates. Cute small town kind of like a smaller version of Cape May, NJ or Newport, RI. The girls will dig it. Niagara Falls Canada - took friends from Southern NJ there and we made a great day of it by doing the caves/ Skylon tower/ Smokes Poutine/ Casino. 'Canadian Ballet' on Lundy's Lane can be fun for bachelors with a few $$$ to spend (D Watson would approve!) Eateries are all over, leave the pretensions at the door. Charlie the Butchers (a few locations) is my favorite Beef on Weck so far. Anchor Bar may not be the favorite of locals, but is worth the visit IMO. My out of state friend insisted we go to the original home of Buffalo wings and we both enjoyed it. The motorcycle collection was really impressive too. Kelly's Korner is a solid BOW too. Schwabl's is worth the visit and a Buffalo area institution. I'll let the board recommend wings. They are all better than you get around the rest of the country. There are a lot of camping areas (state parks etc) along Lake Ontario if that is your thing. Ontario also has some sandy beaches and boat charters. Not sure about Lake Erie. Darien Lake is a solid amusement park between Buffalo and Rochester. Good selection of roller coasters and rides. They also have a big concert venue that draws a lot of national acts. I caught Slayer's farewell tour with Anthrax, Testament and Lamb of God there. Darien Lake was a former Six Flags location. It won't displace your favorite amusement park, but it is a solid day out and worth it in late summer/ early fall, especially if you catch a concert there in the evening. Don't be afraid to visit Rochester, NY too. It's an hour east on I-90. George Eastman House - tours of the mansion built by the founder of Kodak. Has an amazing museum of film/ pictures/ cameras etc including a duplicate satellite not used. Dryden Theater plays old movies and has great guests like Alec Baldwin (haha!) and the founder of Troma films. Genesee Brew House - I know, I know you are thinking of Genny Cream Ale and Genny Light, but the Brew House has a really nice selection of Pilot Batch beers that do not make it out of Western NY, much less Rochester. The demand for it's Salted Carmel Porter led to a regional release. The Brew House overlooks a beautiful 90 foot waterfall in the middle of downtown Rochester. Genesee is New York state's oldest operating brewery. Festivals, Festivals, Festivals - we have about a dozen. The Rochester Jazz Festival is one of the top 10 jazz festivals in the USA. I happens in late June (happening now). We also have the Lilac Festival that brings about 100k visitors a year. There are many others throughout the year. Food/ Eateries - Buffalo has Wings and Beef on Weck. Rochester has 'The Garbage Plate'. Nick Tahou's is the originator. Look it up. The original location is still open in an old Pittsburgh, Rochester and Buffalo Rail Station. Dinosaur BBQ originated in Syracuse, but the Rochester location is it's second home. It is excellent Kansas City style BBQ in another old train station. Sticky Lips Juke Joint is a fun suburban spot with a huge bar, good BBQ and live music. lot's of other kitch style places and tastes. The high Asian student population at the U of R and RIT leads to good Asian style foods, even if the settings are not Michelin level. Frozen Custard - it is different than ice cream or frozen yogurt. I know Buffalo has some local institutions, but Abbots Frozen Custard is the go-to in Rochester. Locations throughout the area. If Rita's is the Philadelphia answer to water ice, Abbots is the frozen custard equivalent. I recommend Chocolate Almond. Classical Music/ Jazz - Eastman Theater - The University of Rochester has one of the best music schools in the country. The Eastman Theater is a gem that offers seasonal classical music with international guest conductors. The Nutcracker is performed here each year, often with international support. Stop at Java's Coffee House on Gibbs Street. One of the best coffee houses in New York. An institution for over 50 years. Excellent coffee and ambiance. Theater - Rochester Broadway Theater League has a home at the Auditorium Theater. The theater is an old 1920s style Masonic Temple. I caught the off Broadway version of 'Wicked' there, and it was the best theater production I have ever seen. The local professional theater is GEVA, housed in an old armory, and does a great 'Christmas Carol' production every year. CMAC is in Canandaigua and gets national shows and concerts. It is in the Finger Lakes and is a cool town/ village with good eating options. I caught Garrison Keeler and 'Prairie Home Companion' there. (Yes I like Slayer and Prairie Home Companion) As for Buffalo rentals, please consider my experience. Find one in the off-season before students return (June/ July). Buffalo and Rochester draw a lot of foreign students who can afford and rent some of the best apartments in the area. There is also a strong enough economy here (despite reports stating otherwise) to suck up most apartments you would want. I moved back to WNY from Boston in August 2016. I considered Buffalo and Rochester, and preferred Buffalo. I wanted a nice newer loft conversion/ apartment and had a decent budget and good job offer with Key Bank, but I had a hard time finding available rentals in Buffalo in August due to students returning. (No apartments available) I ended up returning to Rochester and my second best offer. Rents in WNY have doubled since the recession end of 2010, but are still affordable by most national standards, the key is finding an available unit in a place you want to live. Rents in the best Buffalo locations were 70-80% the cost of similar rentals in metro Boston at the time. The top dollar rentals in Boston were higher, but the high middle/ middle end were comparable in Buffalo (70-80%). Rents in Rochester, NY in new conversions and towers are $1500-2500 a month, and more are made every year. Don't dally. Let us know what kind of things you and your friend like and we will help you find it. Western NY is a cool place to visit, and has a little of everything with 2 x 1 million metros, Niagara Falls, two Great Lakes and the Finger Lakes within about an hour of each other. We as locals often don't take advantage of what is possible from Rochester/ Finger Lakes to Buffalo/ Niagara Falls. If you can escape the winters, and claim taxes in another state, WNY is a beautiful and fun place to live from May to late November.
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