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  1. Why was he playing if he is hopping around? Don’t like that. I don’t typically buy the ‘well the injury can’t get any worse’. While this might be accurate about that particular injury, another injury can occur someplace else on the body while compensating for the current one. For what? We have plenty of water boys and girls it appears.
  2. Let’s get a win and stay healthy. I want to see an angry and focused Bills team.
  3. This was all class. Hey, he might of been sulking a little; He had the wherewithal to pull himself out of it and hit up his teammates. He is trying to be part of the solution not the problem.
  4. OMG. Stop. They will make the playoffs and will win at least one playoff game. You guys need to step away from the keyboard, get a good nights sleep, everything will look a little better tomorrow.
  5. I agree with that as well. I was only pointing out the Chiefs loosing 4 out of 5 was without their starting QB, who is the best in the league. Nobody should get fired right now, but you can’t give up almost 250 yards. Just can’t.
  6. I agree, but wasn’t that while Mahomes was out? Can you imagine where the Bills would be with Barkley?
  7. I think just the opposite. McDermott thought he had what he needed and could make it work. We have had some key injuries to some spots with the least amount of depth.
  8. Well you know more about him than I do. I was speaking to his antics on the field.
  9. His price would be going down for a reason in this scenario, because he can’t stay consistently healthy. We don’t need that. what I would rather see if the Bills identify a LB to replace Milano in the draft. I am sure they can find a guy in the first three rounds with comparable ability that won’t show signs of physical limitations by his fourth year.
  10. You might be kidding but honestly it’s a good plan. Maybe it was the plan the whole time?! Hire Gase, proven track record of being someone who can run off players and make your team bottom out. Get Lawerence or trade the pick for probably the biggest return in the history of the league.
  11. Honestly, this is testing mine. He has such a punchable face to go with the personality of a brat. Good thing he is a giant man.
  12. Zero expectations for this afternoon. Ready to get back on schedule as soon as possible.
  13. Both John, it’s time. i watched the last play live, it was like wAtching countless Bills games. Terrible pass with no pass interference anywhere. Screw the cheating scumbag Pats. They deserve 40 years of loosing seasons.
  14. Sounds like a happy ending for everyone is coming. Sorry Mr Kraft, I wasn’t talking to you.
  15. I watched the way he tried to tackle Crowder (I believe) in the Jets game. I could see the impact and lack of being able wrap and elevate his arm. Edmunds is a player, it’s up to McDermott and Frazier to put him in a position to excel.
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