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  1. Too early to say that. Every year there is turnover from playoff teams. I get playing NFC West on paper is tougher than playing the NFC East this year. I also think if the Bills are better this year, which I think they will be, they can beat anyone in the league. The Bills beat one of the teams that played in the AFC championship game in 2019. On topic- Until PFF puts out a release saying they fired everyone who said Duck was a better QB than Josh, I will never put much belief into anything they say. Good or bad about the Bills.
  2. Wow, great story! Did have to mention the Giants won? 😊
  3. Good response! Great time to be a long suffering Bills fan. We are about to get the payoff for years of heartache.
  4. This signing makes me wonder if the Bills will sometimes use a 5-1-5 defense at times against a team like KC or Baltimore. I keep thinking about how the Giants ran a package in the 2007 SB to beat the Pats high powered offense. I think it was called ‘Nascar’ because it put the 5 best pass rushers on the field without compromising size up the middle.
  5. Correct, take out Waddle and put in Bates. i can see been flipping Bates to a team for a fourth or fifth before final cuts. Hopefully showcase Bates In preseason and get back the 4th from the Diggs trade.
  6. Ok. I said by July 4th. That is 15 weeks. I’m not sure where you got 4 to 6 weeks. I never said that.
  7. I really believe there will be. Baseball and basketball is coming back sooner than later.
  8. Sports are the very thread that holds a ton of relationships together. It’s in times like these that we need sports. Want to get people to stay home, give them something to watch. Want people to take a break from bad news, watch sports. Sports would help not hurt. Play the games with no one in the stands and offer pay per view if need be for owners to make money. Sports will be back sooner than later I think.
  9. There will be football in September. There will be baseball before the 4th of July. My two cents. This country will not stay on hold for too much longer. Herbie sounds like he had a tough day homeschooling. I believe he has 4 kids!
  10. Yep. Lots of posters don’t want to give Ford the chance to get better at RT. A position the Bills have struggled to fill for a long time. Love for Ford to be the guy for the next three years. He is on a very affordable team friendly contract. Solid right tackles are getting paid pretty good these days, look at Conklin.
  11. Absolutely. I also love that Beane is a GM that recognizes and appreciates how important o line is. Beane also doesn’t struck me as a stubborn GM. He will change if necessary.
  12. Keep spreading the truth brother. I don’t understand why people want to look past Bates and give him a pass but these same posters want to say Ford can’t play. Ford DID improve and had a decent season playing RT. My hope is with an entire off season and hopefully given a set position he can further improve. Why don’t posters want players to improve? Look at Daryl Williams career. He didn’t start every game his rookie year and came back his second season and played great. Why can’t that happen for Ford? Players improve.
  13. I think for could compete with Feliciano and possibly beat him out or hold the spot if Feliciano has to cover for Morse. Either way the Bills are set to absorb injuries on the oline and not miss a beat.
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