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  1. I think a lot of it is mental with Phillips, trusting the knee is just as important as physically getting it back to normal.
  2. Good, glad Mahomes is going to be 100%. I’m also glad this is over with and we can move on.
  3. As a human being I want Mahomes to get better. As a competitor I want Mahomes to get better.
  4. He played his role. I wasn’t sure he was quick enough to help contain Jackson but he played up for the game. Very nice depth to have.
  5. Our slowest DE is active. I’d rather of seen Love. Maybe Murphy can have a game?
  6. I forgot how close that game got. If that one tipped pass gets picked, who knows what happens. Let’s hope tomorrow we have good fortune. Or just beat the Ravens by 20! Ha
  7. That is interesting, I thought Kay has a little crush on JA and Nate was singing LJ's praise all week from what I saw. Should be a very good game.
  8. Yes, but he said it himself. This is different, at least for me. Sounds like maybe mom wanted her son closer to home?
  9. This is a good hire by the Jets. He seems to share some things in common with McDermott. If the owners will just get out of the way now, the Jets are going to be a better team.
  10. Meyers personality might not built for today’s NFL. Meyers reminds me of a Saban, Spurrier, Kelly etc... who struggled relating to the pro athlete. You can’t be an authoritarian leader with these players. Maybe Meyer leads with more of an authoritative style that we don’t get to see in meetings and practices. I am sure the fact the Lawerence is the number one pick played a big part in his decision. Lawerence is the ultimate Teebow.
  11. Man you are quick on the draw!! Just heard that too in the interview. I wonder if TJ is considered a better pass blocker and receiving option than Williams?
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