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  1. That’s a funny picture but also a terrible angle for Cole. You can tell from the feet Cole is several yards behind Morse.
  2. Keep coming on this board as Belichick and the Pats fade back into nothingness.
  3. Again, another reason Brady was the main piece to the dynasty , Brady taking discounts helped the Pats.
  4. Doing it with different QB’s is more impressive than one for me. To my knowledge, Shula was never punished for cheating.
  5. Jones was a desperate pick, he was the product of playing with elite talent. He will never be anything more than a mediocre QB, at best. He won’t be as good as Brady’s last year with the Pats. If there is any kind of justice, Belichick doesn’t win more than Shula. Talk about two guys doing it the complete opposite way. Belichick is a cheater and a guy who benefited from one QB playing for 20 years at a pro bowl level.
  6. They won’t win 9 games. Vegas knows there is enough people who still buy into the BB BS. Watch what the leagues does to Bill and the Pats this season.
  7. Every year Belichick sticks around the luster wears off his shine. Brady made Belichick more than vice versa. I refer to Bradys backing BB in the locker room and getting the rest of the team to buy in, as much if not more so than his play on the field.
  8. Sad thing is, these fair weather Pats fans won’t come here then. It’s fascinating to read how delusional they are about the future of their team.
  9. He has made a couple of great decisions like Brady over Bledsoe after Bledsoe healed. His best coaching might have been a season in Cleveland. Even then though, he was surrounded by people who would go on to show they are pretty darn good themselves at coaching and finding players.
  10. I am asking, when will you admit that Belichick is overrated? That without Brady the Pats would never have been what they were, and now they are nothing more than a mediocre team with a mediocre coach. Every year Bill’s legacy will grow worse.
  11. What will it take for you and the rest of the Pats fans to realize it’s over? Do you think at some point you will look back and say “yea, we should’ve known it was done in 2020 with Cam”? What will it take?
  12. Hope he announces his decision sooner than later. I want him to play, and I don’t want any distractions.
  13. This is more about Knox being around the elite TE’s and seeing he belongs. Maybe he gets some tips on particular defenders he will face and weaknesses.
  14. The publication that put Duck Hodges in the same conversation as Josh?! Yea, ok!
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