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  1. Did they report if he notified staff of the injury during the game? Or showed signs of the injury?
  2. Doyle was injured in game it appears and pretty sure he didn’t come back into the game after the injury. Your trying to tie the two events seems like a reach. Not to mention a knee injury compared to a brain injury is like comparing apples to oranges.
  3. Not the same thing at all. And I am confused, is there some question of when he was injured?
  4. This was my thought after hoping Tua will be ok. No way will those go unnoticed by players. Where would you rather play: Buffalo where the team exercises caution around injuries or Miami where it’s a win at all costs and that includes your well being?
  5. Lamar has been throwing the ball a lot better and has been trying to emphasize it. I’m not saying Lamar is Josh Allen or that Baltimore relies as heavily on the pass, but this isn’t the same offensive approach as three years ago.
  6. Oh for sure this game felt like it meant more for the Dolphins. I was not impressed by McDaniel at all. He tried his best to blow that game.
  7. I was referencing a game between Balt and SF. The importance was the weather and Lamar’s performance.
  8. I remember the SF vs Balt game in 2019 where Jackson rushed for over 100 yards in some bad rain. He also passed for just over 100. Balt won 20-17. Looks like we have a high chance of seeing another rainy day on Sunday. Hope our guys can produce like they did last year in those early rainy games in Buffalo.
  9. I believe they have been hit hard on D like the Bills, CB and DE in particular for Balt.
  10. The big O/U line (54.5) speaks to all the defensive injuries for both teams. Hope the Bills can get some olinemen back.
  11. There will always be excuses when an inferior opponent wins.
  12. Luckily there are no more games playing in 100 heat coming off a short week after playing a physical opponent on Monday night.
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