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  1. Seriously? Come on OP. This is so bad that i needed to say something. I am white, male born in the United States. I have little to complain about when it comes to racism. Yes people take shots at white people now. Why? I am not really sure. Maybe it is because some good comedy comes at the expense of someone else. Will that change? maybe with more outlandish posts like this. Peterman replaced Tyrod because Tyrod isn't very good. Just so happens Peterman is worse than Tyrod because he is in his second year verse a guy who was around for 4 years before getting a gig. Race is brought up by people who want to inject it into the conversation. I doubt McDermott is racist.
  2. atlbillsfan1975

    Bills Release Peterman

    They figured it out a little late, but better than never.
  3. atlbillsfan1975

    Choose your dream-regime!

    I like where you head is at. Except I will tweak the GM to Dimitrof(college talent)/Pioli(pro talent) and let Bill be HC with complete control of cutdowns.
  4. atlbillsfan1975

    Le'Veon Bell Will Sit Out for the Entire 2018 Season

    The owners created this mess by giving into players like Bell. Best case scenario for the entire league is Bell becomes a FA. Then he gets a deal less than Gurley’s. Or Bell can retire. That is a non emotional series of events that leaves everyone making a choice of what’s right for themselves.
  5. atlbillsfan1975

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    The game against MSU proved that Bama will get killed by an NFL team. We are talking 40+ loss. Just silly to talk otherwise. Bama would get hurt and run out of quarterbacks and running backs and receivers. The oline would open holes that McCoy wouldn’t have to stop and start to find. Nonsense fellas pure nonsense. I like CFB more than NFL and think the SEC is some of the most competitive football their is to watch. No way Bama plays with any NFL team. 40+ loss. Bama will lose this year.
  6. atlbillsfan1975

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    I watch a ton of CFB, the product is more entertaining overall than NFL. Let’s say Tua gets hurt, he already is gimpy, and then Hurts can’t play, again injured, Bama gets destroyed. Kirby I get how you can get caught up in the Bama hype. I went as far to read a great book about Saban and the process called ‘4th and Inches every day’. Fact is guys would get hurt for the CFB team. Meaning then you have even younger less experienced less developed guys coming in. It just wouldn’t be a game.
  7. atlbillsfan1975

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    Bills would cover. Bama will lose.
  8. atlbillsfan1975

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    When Alabama losses this year, will everyone realize that a professional team vs a college team is a silly arguement? If Bama scored a touchdown I would be surprised.
  9. atlbillsfan1975

    Predict Buffalo at Jets score

    14-10 Bills
  10. atlbillsfan1975

    McKelvin Benjamin can't hang on to the ball.

    Is there was a correlation between threads and a player being released?
  11. atlbillsfan1975

    McDermott isn't going anywhere....

    McDermott gets at least one more season. Offense needs to be the focus and I believe it will be. They do stink this year, no doubt about it. I would bring everyone back one more year and see what happens. All coaches on offense even. Look at what the Atlanta offense has been like the last 4 years. Under Shannahan the Falcons weren’t very good his first year and then good his second. Under Sarkisian the Falcons weren’t very good his first year and this year they are good again. I believe it may take a little longer for an OC to really learn what all his players are good at. Also when you don’t have a ton of talent yet on that side of the ball, the success is going to be harder and take longer. The easy way is fire and start over. Bills been doing that since Levy . Time to give a guy 3-4 years.
  12. atlbillsfan1975

    Bills claim WR Isaac McKittrick from Seahawks

    As a UGA fan I remember him most for his kick returning ability. What happened to Ray Ray? Besides he fumbles
  13. atlbillsfan1975

    Caption This - It's Offensive!

    I was wondering where you stood on Allen. At first I thought you had not totally formed an opinion. This comment shows you have decided that a few games of a players rookie year and some college stats, can determine his entire career.
  14. atlbillsfan1975

    Critical must lose game next Sunday

    I still think game action is great practice for Allen. Playing behind a bad oline isn’t ideal but pressure is always going to be part of the game. As for the receivers, keep throwing the ball and hitting them in the hands. Eventually we will find guys who can haul it in.
  15. atlbillsfan1975

    Critical must lose game next Sunday

    If Allen isn’t playing I am all for losing!