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  1. Got to agree with this. Results for this comparison will be clearer by end of this year. Let’s see how Jackson does when he has to throw the ball to win the game. Allen needs to show he can consistently throw to win games. Difference is Allen got better last year as the year went on, I am not sure we can say that about Jackson.
  2. If I was a Denver fan I would say the same thing. I also believe Allen is going to be special. If I was a Denver fan I might not believe that because I would only know what national media said about Allen going into the draft. I would know the Bills finished 6-10. Main thing i take from this, the OP likes coming to our board. It appears more and more fans of other teams are coming here.
  3. Being a UGA fan I would love to see him make the team. He has always had a problem holding onto the ball returning punts. He can take it the distance with his speed and elusiveness. I want him to stick but feel he has an uphill battle.
  4. Only way he gets fired is for some type of off field misconduct, which I don’t see happening ever. Extended, would be AFCE title and go to championship game.
  5. I don’t think it’s by accident that DE and WR is going to be a need and Bills will have the option of addressing it in FA. Some will call it luck others will call it strategy. I believe Beane has a 5 year plan and is executing it very well.
  6. To say anything negative about this is petty on our part as fans. I will choose to separate my feeling for his actions on the field and in particular what he did to White from this generous action.
  7. I don’t think any back for the Bills this year will get over 1000 yards rushing. What i do hope for is to get back into the top 5 of yards per carry. This is a great indicator for how well we are rushing the ball. McDermott is going to want to run the ball at least as much as the pass. 4 yards a carry or there about will mean good things for this O.
  8. As a fan of a team who tried for years not to have a GM, only thing I can say to Texan fans is good luck!
  9. Under. I think Oliver will be a good one but I don’t think DT’s getting over 7 sacks is a healthy bet.
  10. You know I never thought about it that way for the offensive side. It’s kinda like what they did a few years back with the front office. Instead of firing Dimitrof they brought in more ex GM’s to help him. Pioli in particular was brought in because Dimitrof couldn’t pick olineman.
  11. Are you a Pats fan or a Bills fan?
  12. Vic is going to get his coach fired this year. That guy is another Maybin who had one good year.
  13. A great owner . Heart goes out to the Bowlen family and Bronco fans.
  14. He is a second year quarterback. If you think he is going to be perfect you are going to be disappointed. This year I want to see a 2 to 1 ‘good game’ to ‘bad game’ ratio. Allen is going to progressively get better. Preseason is helpfully but as we witnessed last year, preseason QB play isn’t the same as regular season.
  15. Big guys don’t like the heat! They will be back out there when it matters.
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