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  1. May just be doing due diligence or might mean they don’t think Bates can handle the swing tackle spot. Let’s see who they fill Nsekhe’s spot with.
  2. Let’s revisit this in 5 years. The style of quarterback Lamar plays has shown it doesn’t have a long shelf life.
  3. Nagy was Coached under Reid for years. I think Nagy got about as much as he could out of Trubisky. I don’t see the same with Daboll and Allen. I also trust Beane to see what is needed and address it in the offseason through FA, draft, and talks with Sean about coaches.
  4. Agreed. I think they save the Lee Smith leak out into the end zone like they did against Tennessee, for another game later in the year.
  5. By end of the season it is happening. You can see it big time. I don’t think the Pats getting home field advantage is an advantage. The colder it is I think we see a worse game for Tom. Love to see the camera pan the stadium and the look on all the Pats fans as they know the end is here. Belichick is the best but at some point you have to have a good QB to win the big games. Brady is doing just enough with his experience and wisdom of the game . It won’t be enough soon.
  6. Agree on this. 11 caries for 27 yards last week says it all. Smith and DiMarco’s Snap counts going down is a positive sign. The youth on this team with talent need to step up. For Smith that means Knox getting more snaps. Also hopefully it means Kroft is getting more comfortable in the offensive scheme.
  7. Loved the tackle Oliver made on the wr Parker for the Phins yesterday. It was a pickup of 10 yards and a first down, but if Ed doesn’t make that tackle it could of been a much bigger pickup into Bill territory. It showed Oliver’s speed and hustle. The Phins were stopped on the next set of downs and punted.
  8. Good point. I wanted to see the 300 yard game so Allen could put it behind him. It was not necessary to win the game. Great balanced attack. Josh did what was needed to win the game.
  9. Go look who called for Daboll to be moved to the box. Stays on topic and shows contribution and knowledge. I am done. Have a good evening.
  10. Weak? I’m not trying to attack you. Contribute. Some of us ‘old men’ come here for information and to share some knowledge.
  11. Understand it well, so does everyone else on here. you make snarky comments and attack people regularly. It’s just an old stale but that is played out.
  12. That play to Watkins just then is a good play for McKenzie.
  13. I know a few Pittsburgh fans who always complained about Big Ben, even though they won 2 Super Bowls with him. If you watch Rothlisburger You understand why fans can be frustrated with him. I watched Brady look like an old washed up QB yesterday for stretches of the game. We all need to understand no QB is making every throw. They all make mistakes and bad plays. Allen is progressing as good as can be expected and that’s with a less than perfect OC.
  14. I know and I also think he played behind one of the greatest Olines ever, but he is the all time leading rusher.
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