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  1. atlbillsfan1975

    Who’s watching the super bowl

    Right now today I don’t want to because I am frustrated at the OT rules. But I know I will watch that night.
  2. OR, Daboll and McDermott wanted to hire and oline coach first. McDermott also needed to hire a ST coach. Once these hires were complete it was about fit for the staff. For all we know Daboll always wanted to promote Hall but wanted to make sure he would get along with the oline hire. After some initial meetings Daboll and McDermott feel good about how the staff is running. Speculation of the positive kind instead of the ‘Bills stink and never get a break’.
  3. atlbillsfan1975

    Our Last Win in the Playoffs

    They have always been good friends. I went to the very first Kelly football camp for kids. Jim would bring in players from around the league to coach and speak. Marino was one of the speakers. The two of them were joking and carrying on pretty good.
  4. This topic is turning into the same type as religion, politics, or where someone stands on abortion. People are trying to use data to explain their position, which is making zero impact on what someone from the other belief feels is correct. I think we can all agree to disagree on this until they finally play the game. For the record I am 100% on the side of the college team doesn’t hang with the professional team. I am also a guy who loves SEC football and watches a good bit. I grew up around the Bills as a kid. I was able to ask players the biggest difference between pro and college and every time it’s the speed of the game. It’s just not the same yet. I feel the gap is getting shorter it takes to adjust to the speed of the pro game verse college. I think this has to do with practice rules at both levels, as well as training and nutrition.
  5. atlbillsfan1975

    Predictions - AFC & NFC Championship Games

    KC is winning tomorrow. Big. i also would like to see the Rams. Not totally sure about that game. So I will go with Rams in a very close game. SB KC vs Rams. KC wins the Super Bowl.
  6. atlbillsfan1975

    Your draft sleeper pick

    I am a big UGA fan. Nick Chubb is a different back. Chubb lost weight and got lean for the NFL. Holyfield is more an old school between the tackle running back. I wouldn’t really go after him till the 5th. now Isaac Nauta the TE from UGA would be a nice pick up in the third. Watch him to move up boards once people see him at the combine.
  7. Hard Knocks totally changed my perception of Hue. He just isn’t a good coach or manager of people. I wouldn’t trust him at all.
  8. atlbillsfan1975

    Bucky Brooks Mock Draft

    I like your list and Wallace that means roughly 5 players a year. If the Bills could hit on 5 players this draft it would be amazing. 2 starters 2 heavy rotational guys 1 ST player who sees action as season progresses. Rest are depth for injuries or on practice squad. This front office and coaching staff are communicating well with each other. That is going a long way to filling needs.
  9. atlbillsfan1975

    Startling Star statistic

    If his coaches and teammates say he is doing a good job, I think that’s worth listening to more than Bill From Batavia.
  10. atlbillsfan1975

    Startling Star statistic

    This reminds me of what Ray Lewis said about his play. When the Ravens had big DT’s eating lineman Ray was able to be great. Look at the years without Saragusa(sp) and then Nata.
  11. atlbillsfan1975

    Mel Kiper Mock 1.0 — Bills take DT Rashan Gary

    I understand what you are saying. I also think this is how a team can talk themselves into reaching for a guy. At 9 I will say the Bills could have multiple guys rated similarly and also have the need portion line up for a couple positions. The only position I don’t see the Bills taking in the first is QB and inside linebacker. Pretty much everyone else is on the table.
  12. Hahaha. Yep, that’s a huuuuge red flag. Double down with fat cat Benjamin and Clay would be the trifecta . McDermott needs to put more stock in game film and less in practice.
  13. I’m done with Clay and will question McDermotts ability to assess offensive talent even more if he brings no play Clay back.
  14. atlbillsfan1975

    Report: Joe Philbin has interviewed with Bills

    That was hilarious. I could just picture the scene in my mind when I read the story. A scene that happens every summer Long Beach.
  15. I didn’t see any 15-20 yard ropes. If you say they happened I will believe you.