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  1. Mark Kelso modeled the best concussion preventative helmet 30 years ago. I am sure the extra time everyone would need to sort through which piece of the helmet was theirs is the reason it was never implemented. Ha
  2. Davis Webb and Fromm fight it out for third string. I am not sure if Fromm can beat out Webb, which is kind of sad. It always seemed like a strange pick to me, but at the time I was hoping Fromm could replace Barkley and become the backup for the next 3-4 years. Now, with Trubisky and Webb getting the call up last year, I’m not so sure Jake makes it. The only thing I think Fromm has going for him with Buffalo is where and when he was drafted.
  3. At this point I think these guys will for the most part be post draft signings. You might get one or two teams who get a little nervous and make a move before. Of that list, Ingram intrigues me the most. Good teammate from what i watched on Hard Knocks and I think he has some juice left.
  4. Stokes is the best cornerback left on the board at that spot. Great pick.
  5. Stinks and hate to what it for him. He was a top 10 pick before the injuries began mounting up. This is a reminder of how special these athletes are. Physical size, strength, endurance, coordination, and the ability to heal and heal quickly. It takes the total package to play at the NFL.
  6. Are you from Portland Oregon or Maine?
  7. Oh come on man, you mean football isn’t like horseshoes and hand grenades?
  8. I don’t think I got bent out of shape. It’s just turning into a thing where Pats fans are coming in here during the offseason to talk about the glory of 2000-2019. During the season you are nowhere to be found.
  9. That poster is a blind loyalist Pats fan. I really wish our mods would get them out of here. They offer little value to any conversation and think the Bills are the Pats little brother. Even though the Bills destroyed the Pats in the most recent game. The poster also seems to be getting worse and worse with their posting etiquette. I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time till they are booted.
  10. Oh man, it’s sweet to read a Pats fan talk about moral victories. As a Bills fan I lived in denial for years. Belichick’s record without Brady keeps getting worse. As for Edelman post football, we shall see. I hope he has a long healthy life.
  11. Enjoy our board. Hope to see you during the season. I’m not sure about the Jordan doc you are speaking of. The info I found said Jordan was paid to be in the Last Dance. Maybe there is a different one than I am seeing. Edelman cheated, you can keep downplaying it but that’s a fact I hope every media person reminds the voters for the HOF. He should never be allowed in. Who knows what his career would have been if he didn’t take PED’s? We shall see next year. Everything NE has done since Brady decided to leave have been an epic failure. Bill is an average at best coach without Tom.
  12. Spoken like a Pats fan. Good for you for coming onto a Bills board to talk about your team and players. Please name what other athletes have produced, paid for, a documentary to get made about themselves? Also, who looks at Edelman as a positive role model? He got caught doping to be successful. Enjoy our board. It was fun beating the Pats twice this year and it will be more fun doing it for years to come. Brady has proven who was the reason for the success. Bill is going to leave that team in ruins. If I was you I would be spending my time here arguing with Bills fans and bringing up t
  13. I said zero things that are untrue. You are the one who used Narcissistic and Edelman in the same sentence, not me. You are the one who tried to tell me how I would feel if Beasley doped like Edelman. I never did that to you. Let me be clear- I am glad Edelman is done, we need more positive role models for young athletes, not ones who cheat and dope.
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