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  1. Agreed, the timing is a little odd. The team now has a decent assessment of what talent they have in the WR room more so than any other position due to the nature of OTA’s. Not sure really what this transaction signifies.
  2. The Pats are has beens. Jones is average at best and Belichick is a terrible talent evaluator. Brady had much more to do with the Pats winning for 20 years than Belichick.
  3. I don’t care if 1980’s Bill Walsh was working with Mac Jones, he’d still stink.
  4. He looks really little, maybe it’s just the no pads, also he will be 29 in August. Cook has played everywhere on the field: running back, slot, and out wide.
  5. Not good it came to physical violence. On a lighter note, I thought for a second he knocked the airline worker onto the luggage belt and we were going to see him roll away.
  6. This is my thought. Have six guys getting 7-9 sacks and then one guy hitting 10+. Overall have great sack production but not one guy getting elite sack numbers.
  7. The evolution of the roster depends partly on the Bills moving away from higher paid special team players. I think we see this happening more this season where later round picks are coached up to become the next Matakevich and T. Jones on rookie team friendly deals. The team has organizationally cultivated leaders at value positions now.
  8. Great pickup by the Falcons. Really liked Edwards coming out of South Carolina. I wonder what role Mariota played in the deal after spending last year with the Raiders.
  9. What happens if he starts really spilling the beans on all the cheating?
  10. I’m interested to see if the two are on the field at the same time. Supposedly they both play the same side mostly.
  11. VaTech appears to have a type they recruit for Oline…or the recruits become over their time on campus
  12. Yep, Joe brought the Hall stat up on his LockedOn Bills podcast. When you also consider the level of competition, I’ll take Cook.
  13. The way Beane structured Haack’s contract it sounds like he will get paid $100k to coach Araiza on holding over the summer. This was proposed on a podcast on Cover One. Araiza has mentioned his has been working on holding. I don’t see it being a huge issue due to Araiza being a good athlete. He should possess good hand eye coordination so then it just comes down to composure under pressure.
  14. You are probably right about the agent, but it goes back farther than that. This is when having a father and uncle who played in the league is a benefit. I’m sure Kaiir’s father taught him about self-improvement and how to go about it as a DB. The agent or someone surely told him to share this tool he uses with pro-personnel during the pre-draft process. Either way it is exactly the type of player and person McD and we want on our team.
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