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  1. I hope Belichick hears that “End of an era tonight”.
  2. When you consider this officiating crew called the least PI penalties in the league at only 16, this isn’t a bad strategy. I bet the Chiefs will be doing this to every Bills receiver. You can employ this IF the dline can collapse the pocket and get pressure. Mahomes doesn’t run as well as Josh but he is very athletic and will break off a 20 yard run easily.
  3. Nope. They have until April 1st to finalize the budget. Even after that amendments can be made but would need legislation to make changes.
  4. If there is one position which could absorb the loss of a player it would be defensive end. While Addison is maybe the best or second best one for pressure, there isn’t a huge drop of play from him to the rest of the guys. Having said that, I hope he is back, this is a game we need all the best pass rushers. I saw that Banged Up Bill thinks it may be an AC joint sprain, and a mild one at that. Day-to-day designation gives me hope.
  5. Enjoy the offseason. I won’t even engage you in a conversation because it sounds like you are pain right now. Sounds like you are very angry. It will get better. Enjoy the past success and if I can offer some advice, get a hobby that you can enjoy on Sundays in the fall. Take care.
  6. Sure, vet min deal in which he can be cut with little cap hit? Sign me up, not sure he will do that.
  7. So you have moved to the acceptance stage, it’s over. Glad you are healing. Yes, it time for us to move on to KC. NE isn’t even the second best team in our division.
  8. Pats have a ton of questions and not much in the way of resources to answer them. That’s not even touching the McCorkle debate. I think NE has $21 mil right now in cap space. They have a 1,2,3,4 and 6th round pick. 2 guys on the oline have expiring contracts….NE isn’t really in a good position right now.
  9. Also remember the Bills receivers were banged up last year. Cole had a broken leg, Diggs had an injury. The Bills having all 5 receivers healthy should help them get away from handsy corners. Not to mention if the oline can give Josh 3-4 seconds, it also will help negate PI.
  10. Same goes this week as last, If the Bills play a clean game they win. Bills have the better roster top to bottom. Better overall coaching staff, and I think McD is over letting Andy get in his head.
  11. This will impact the game some. Remember the Bills didn’t have Milano. I saw Tre on Kelce a bunch from that elongated highlight reel. If any team can exploit Tre being out it will be KC. The Dline is going to need to play a heck of a game. If the oline plays like it has since the second Pats game, points on offense shouldn’t be an issue. Bills play a clean game they win.
  12. The heavy line rotation is really paying off now. The Bills DL has less snaps which could help them be fresher than the olinemen they are going against.
  13. You aren’t bashing your coaches at all. You are trying to talk yourself into believing Jones will be an adequate QB. Having said that, I wish you personally the best. We can agree to disagree about football and I suspect your motives. In the end it’s a game. Enjoy the off-season. See you next year.
  14. Thanks. That is some good info. Sometimes the Bangedup Bills guy will provide an in game diagnosis based off what he sees.
  15. Seriously, Cassel is like you have no clue what you are talking about and never played the game.
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