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  1. atlbillsfan1975

    Bills sign TE Jake Fisher to 1-year deal

    Be nice if he turns out to be the reverse Jason Peters! Some big big guys have great hands but their weight slows them down. 285 is still big enough to block DE and linebackers and he should be quick enough to get out for a catch or block DB’s.
  2. atlbillsfan1975

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option

    Spot on. A bad deal is a bad deal. Just because you have $100 in your wallet, you don’t buy a Big Mac for $25. Either work out a new contract or let him walk. Shaq isn’t worth $10 mil a year unless the contract has incentives and escalating clauses built in for playing time and performance.
  3. atlbillsfan1975

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option

    What is the amount for the option?
  4. This is kind of my thought. I also think that if Kraft takes the deal and admits to it, then he opens himself up to discipline consequences. What did Jerry Richardson do exactly? Trying to figure out how Kraft using women who are in the sex slave industry is any less offensive.
  5. atlbillsfan1975

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    Everytime i wear Bills gear i get a 'Go Bills'. I was in Rome, Italy wearing my pullover and a guy stoped me and talked to me about the team. People love the Bills. When we are good again we will be supported by a ton of people. Football fans in their late 30's on up grew up watching the Bills being good. I think they are waiting for us to be good again.
  6. Need more context for why were the Bills furious. Who on the Buffalo staff was furious? Did the Bills try to trade with the Colts already? I don’t think IF someone was furious it was because they wanted Darnold. I believe the Bills had Darnold and Allen ranked pretty equally, albeit for different reasons. This article doesn’t state, nor should it, that the Bills were furious because they wanted Darnold.
  7. atlbillsfan1975

    With recent news, Is Sweat worth the risk?

    All depends on the condition and severity of it. Each team views things differently. IF it is a perceived as a possible life threatening issue by a team they will most likely remove him. Something that can hurt a career or make it shorter will cause a player to drop on a teams board.
  8. atlbillsfan1975

    Hockenson at #9 Change My Mind

    I would be good with it. I am one of the fans we believes this admin knows what they are doing. I just don’t see them making TE a first pick priority. And I do think they will add another TE in the draft.
  9. atlbillsfan1975

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    We will get on of each. Let’s just hope Allen can beat him on Fitz’s ‘good day’.
  10. atlbillsfan1975

    Hockenson at #9 Change My Mind

    Could be Fant. I am a Nauta fan out of UGA. I watched him play in high school and college. Heck of an athlete that had a bad combine. Bills could get him in the 3rd I think. Caveat to that is Belichick. Last year Belichick spent time at UGA during spring practice. Belichick has a good line of communication to Kirby Smart.
  11. atlbillsfan1975

    Hockenson at #9 Change My Mind

    This regime is not taking a TE at 9 or in the first round. That’s a good thing.
  12. atlbillsfan1975

    Jonah Williams or Ed Oliver??

    I’m all in on Oliver if they stay at 9 and he is there. IF Oliver is there it is most likely because a quarterback or two i has been picked.
  13. atlbillsfan1975

    Bills sign T LaAdrian Waddle to a 1yr deal

    Are you thinking more of a development type guy? Maybe someone who hasn’t played tackle long or a small school guy? seems like these signings in FA will buy a year or two depending on position.
  14. atlbillsfan1975

    Imagine if we Lee Evans could have played with Allen!

    Evans was another guy who should of been drafted in the second or third round. He wasn’t a bad player he just wasn’t great. Lacked size and exceptional hands.
  15. Good post and you are talking about Nauta from UGA . Due to his poor combine he is going to be there in the third I think, unless Belichick grabs him. Belichick went down and spent time with Kirby last year in spring practice at UGA. Behold he drafts two Dawgs in the first and second round. I’d like to see Buffalo make a trade back into the late second and grab him if he is there.