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  1. Are you Aaron’s friend? That paragraph that Happy Quoted is indefensible. Aaron Shatz his pants on that one.
  2. I don’t think teams ‘tank’. I do think new coaches come in and learn and evaluate. I think we are going to begin to see a pattern with new coaches being hired and moving on from aging QB’s. Not sure about this next year, Cincy would make the most sense. New coach, wants his guy at QB. Dalton’s days are numbered, AJ isn’t getting any younger. As for the 2021 draft I can see Carolina firing Ole River Boat Ron after this season and the new coach giving Cam a season before moving on for Lawrence. Cam had surgery in the offseason and hasn’t had a great season the last few years. Take away the Super Bowl year and he is slightly above average QB who makes some spectacular plays occasionally. He has another mediocre year followed by a bad year Carolina will gladly move on. Tua is good. He had two bad games but he was also hurt, and those were good defenses he was playing against. This year will really show what Tua is. UGA and Clemson played against Tua in 2017. They had first hand knowledge of what he does and then a total years worth of tape on him. Pretty mush everyone Tua plays this year will be able to say the same thing. I will reserve judgement till after the college year is complete.
  3. It made me think for a second as well. He has to have a brother, or sister?
  4. He has talent he just doesn’t have the ability on game day to move past mistakes. He allows his mistakes to compound and become worse.
  5. That stinks. Sounds like a chronic issue now. Hopefully just a case of bad luck.
  6. Agree with everything you said here. Hughes is a leader. He showed he wants to be here and took to helping mentor younger players. Hughes plays with passion and has learned how to focus it better. I hope Lawson can build on what he showed signs of last year. Love to see a similar deal next offseason if Lawson does. As for Beasley, this is the put up or shut up Year. Quinn is now the DC and believes he can turn Beasley into the player he was drafted to be. Personally I think the Falcons will be looking for a new DC and HC as well as a DE.
  7. 100% accurate. I only played into college division 2 and I will tell you oline can take the longest to play together as a unit. Five different people all have to do their job or it can impact every other persons performance. QB is the most singular important position in football but oline is the most important position group.
  8. I am a UGA fan and watch every game. Fromm had a great SEC championship. Other than that I can’t think of too many games where he impressed. I think we will see a more balanced even passing game from UGA this year with the OC change. Right now I am 50/50 on Fromm. I think Fromm could be seen as another Aaron Murray. He needs to put a lot more on film to move up to top 15 for me. As for Tua, I understand the hesitation and questions. Tua’s last couple of games were not very good. I still think he has all the talent.
  9. People know the end is coming for NE. Prisco is searching for the next teams bandwagon to jump on. NE fans and Boston fans have always been ‘look at us’ fans. When their teams don’t win they grab attention for jinxed and cursed when their teams do win they rub it in. When Boston and NE goes back to having not winning we will hear about it. Fact is they just aren’t content.
  10. This is a great topic. I feel like finding 4 eventual starters out of each draft is a goal. Strive for 16 starters homegrown each season.
  11. They will design some draws for him. I also see him still learning and holding on to the ball at times and then needing to scramble. The line has been flipped which should lead to different outcome. I also like having Daboll back for a second year. Hopefully this will lead to some good production.
  12. I believe it was Bosa. If so, good riddance. I can see the staff wanting to keep it quiet. I guess it says more about his level of player that you can’t tell if he was playing poorly on purpose or not.
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