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  1. I am not sold on taking a wide receiver with the first two picks. I do want one early and then another one late. One guy I am keeping an eye on is Lawrence Cager out of UGA. Cager transferred from Miami and had an up and down year with UGA due to injuries. He is 6’5 220. I want to see how he runs since a late season ankle injury. Cager is a day three UFA with a ton of potential.
  2. It’s a nice mention and a sign of bright things to come. Now, if Singletary stays healthy and gets 15+ touches a game next year, I could see him get offensive player of the year nomination.
  3. Nailed it. Does Jackson change the plays ever himself at the LOS? I can’t recall seeing it in the 4-5 games I watched of his this year. Wish we had Baltimore fans on here like we have Pats fans.
  4. That’s not really the case anymore. Slowly but surely it’s making a comeback. I think the Bills moving the stadium to the city and on the waterfront could really speed that up and revitalize the entire city.
  5. I’m fine with that if Beane thinks it’s the right pick. I like Beanes style for drafting. Beane goes into the draft with targets and then figures out how to get them as the draft evolves.
  6. They schemes around what he was poor at. Passing to wide receivers on the outside and also wide outs who were not ‘open’. I have asked this before and still have not received an answer from anyone. Did Lamar audible at the LOS? I don’t recall seeing it against the Bills or the other games I watched him play in, Pats, Tenn, or SF.
  7. Also LSU was not afraid to flex him out to a wideout in certain circumstances. kid can catch too.
  8. Never break the law while breaking the law!
  9. Was the Church asking the Saints how to cover up a story? If so, I don’t think the Saints would be the team I would seek advice from. They should of reached out to the Pats for that!!
  10. Silly competition which doesn’t show much. Lamar will most likely say he was having fun and didn’t really care. The narrative of Lamar isn’t his physical talent, it is his emotional and intellectual intelligence. I hope Lamar can prove me wrong, but I don’t think he can improve on what he did last year. While I do believe defensive coordinators will be able to draw up plans to stop him. The NFL is a league of constant adjustments.
  11. I think that is where it takes a special breed of people to be law enforcement. You can’t break a law and a code you swear to uphold because another person commits a despicable act. Hard to do, and not sure I could do it. Anyone who wears a gun to work to protect the rest of us deserves our respect first. The bad ones will hopefully get filtered out quickly.
  12. He put the dagger in Alabama’s back. Good back, strong but has high end speed. He will probably be a second or third round pick.
  13. I am a big time supporter of police. That was ridiculous. Unless there is another angle showing him resisting somehow, everyone one of those officers who struck him, should be fired. They don’t have the temperament for the job.
  14. Thank you! This is on mom and dad, we took the little guy to Tahoe for one last trip before mom goes back to work. Funny, he can cry for hours and smile for a split second and it makes everything ok. Kids are the best!
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