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  1. That roster isn’t very good. Couple good olinemen, good defensive backfield and the rest is bottom half of the league. Newton Stidham No
  2. You are a Jets fan, did Tannehill look good against you guys? He always played like dog Pooh against the Bills.
  3. Another indication of what the Pats are. Has the league collectively been fined as much as NE over the last 20 years? No class Owner, Coach, and Staff.
  4. In the words of Aaron Rodgers R-E-L-A-X. This is probably a good thing long term. I really don’t know what to expect but Cam should be better than Stidham, and thus the Pats won’t be in position for Trevor Lawerence Or one of the other top QB’s in The 2021 draft.
  5. Good, beat Belichick with a proven QB. No excuses from the Pats. Let’s see how Cam and Bill get along.
  6. Haha. I think it’s a bit of an arbitrary stat IF you are winning. There will probably be a game that will call for Josh to throw for over 300 if the Bills are going to win. having said that I was hoping he would of done it against the Dolphins last year. I am sure he will get a couple 300 games.
  7. I expect Josh will get over the 60% hump this year. Elliot is a heck of a back, but I think the Singletary and Moss duo is going to be amazing. Moss might turn out to be a lot like Gore, from his early days with SF. They have similar builds and are both 5’9. Teams are going to have a headache since Singletary and Moss are very interchangeable, no tipping the hand when one comes in. This offense is set up to give Josh a great chance.
  8. You may want to look up the definition of a moderator. I would bet you were asked to be one to help keep the integrity of the board to a certain standard. Keeping appropriate content organized. I received a private message from another moderator asking me to keep Covid posts to the Covid thread on that page. Has this changed? You might want to look into stepping down from your position if you can’t stay non partial. I understand how that can happen, these are unprecedented times that cause stress and then emotions run high and are difficult to keep contained . Rules should apply to all here on an equal basis. I will say I am not sure how a moderator on a message board differs from a moderator in other areas. The definition is pretty clear of how a moderator is to perform their task. A moderator is to stay neutral and help keep discussions on point and relevant. Do you feel you are acting in the spirit of a moderator?
  9. Not only allowing, mods are posting Covid thoughts themselves. Double standard has made its way into TBD.
  10. I am for postponing the ceremony. Allows the inductees to have people there to be a part of the event. The game is pointless, worst preseason game and in particular this year with little organized time together for the teams mean it would be even more sloppy.
  11. Has the NFL ever tried to enforce trademark rights on tattoos? If anyone would it would be them.
  12. I hear ya. I just don’t like seeing it. It’s nobodies fault. Someone even took my post as an opportunity to push their agenda. Oh well. It’s a sign of the times. Have at it everyone.
  13. This is going to turn into another pro and con Covid thread. A bunch of people acting like they are right and stick their heals in the dirt. Why the mods let these stay on the main page is beyond me. Covid 19 has turned into talking about Religion Politics Abortion. Everyone has an opinion and it does nothing to change anyone’s else’s.
  14. Fromm is 100% a wildcard. All he did in college coming in for the injured starter was lead his team to National Championship game and win the toughest conference in college football.
  15. Right?! i have family members who laughed at me and my cousins for being diehards through it all. Now I see these same family members dressing their kids in Bills gear and saying ‘we’ when they talk about the Bills. Even that rubs me the wrong way and they are from Buffalo. Anyone else have family bandwagon jumpers on?
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