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  1. Respectfully disagree on the guards. I think that Feliciano could block in space with Morse. Feliciano has weaknesses but I think this might be one of his strengths.
  2. I can say what I want? He is a proven cheater and every year without Tom he looks more like a great DC and a below average HC.
  3. Josh has definitely owned Miami the past two seasons. 4 years ago we would have felt like Josh’s stat line from the Pitt game was great, expectations are a lot like time, always changing. I just want to see this offense get into a consistent rhythm for a couple of quarters at least. Back to back TD drives would be nice, give the D time to rest with sustained drives, etc…. Starts with the plays called and then the players executing.
  4. It’s one game. Let’s see what adjustments are made. I honestly believe though that time will show, Allen made Daboll look better, not the other way around.
  5. When any team can get pressure with their front 4, it makes it difficult for the offense to move the ball. I think Josh is going to see a lot of zone with 6-7 guys out in coverage because the interior of the line is one of the weak points of this team.
  6. I think they did use some of the cap space this year for Allen’s new deal, but then reduced some of Allen’s hit next year. Then when the TV money comes in 2023 Allen’s cap hit really goes up.
  7. Davis is elite talent. I don’t think he will be available at pick 32. I’d love to have him. As a UGA fan I can tell you his character matches his play.
  8. Marino is great. Concise, objective ( is a fan, but doesn’t look at things with rose colored glasses on), and descriptive of how is evaluating a player or situation. Honestly his shows during the season are a must listen, usually all are around 40 mins give or take.
  9. I think you should learn to like them. Joking. Brown is going to be very good and Doyle has potential to be a starter or at least the swing tackle starting next year for three additional years at a very team friendly price.
  10. Then I bet this is Gilmore getting what he thinks he is valued to play.
  11. Do the Pats still pay him the same as if he were active?
  12. Maybe 2 more years for Belichick, Pats are going down in flames. The fact it took two camps to cut Cam isn’t great for Belichick’s personnel evaluation skills.
  13. All these people in denial about the Pats and Belichick. Let’s see how it looks after the season. Bill has two more losing seasons, and then he hangs it up.
  14. It is, but it’s the dog days of camp and summer. I bet more than a few of those players are being treated with extreme caution.
  15. Belichick just isn’t great at anything without Tommy around….
  16. Thinking Isaiah can be more than a 40-50 touches guy for the season is probably foolish on my part. He is just small and his body can’t withstand the beating on a consistent basis.
  17. I can’t wait for the regular season to start.
  18. No clue what the back story is to their relationship at that point. Josh does not seem pleased with the level of celebration, or maybe it’s the helmet removing. That was Duke’s day from being activated to scoring that TD. It was a glorious atmosphere in the stadium. Good luck Duke, I think the CFL is a great place to make some good money.
  19. I really hope that’s not the case. Jerry has been average as a pass rusher.
  20. This has been my thought since the draft. If Beane could get a pick in the top 120 back for Hughes, I think Jerry is a goner.
  21. I mean more guys he played with are now on the Bills than the Panthers, not to mention coaches. Just a friendly visit.
  22. 100% correct. Bills fans, and honestly all effected taxpayers, should read that story. Does a great job of showing how it’s probably more like $50 million taxpayers are on the hook for. Think about how much revenue the Bills bring in every year from people like myself going to a game.
  23. While I agree there is no way Love makes the roster, I don’t think that’s exactly how they approach cuts at this point. Love is a good player to eat up preseason snaps, plus you are allowing him to showcase his talents for pickup by another team. Players appreciate this approach, it shows them respect.
  24. Fields showed more zip on his throws while rolling out than Tua does standing in the pocket. Fields appears to see the field much better than Tua. Now Fields is in year one and will make a ton of mistakes like Josh did in year one. I bet in 5 years from now you won’t even be able to argue who is the better QB between Tua and Fields.
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