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  1. The evolution of the roster depends partly on the Bills moving away from higher paid special team players. I think we see this happening more this season where later round picks are coached up to become the next Matakevich and T. Jones on rookie team friendly deals. The team has organizationally cultivated leaders at value positions now.
  2. Great pickup by the Falcons. Really liked Edwards coming out of South Carolina. I wonder what role Mariota played in the deal after spending last year with the Raiders.
  3. What happens if he starts really spilling the beans on all the cheating?
  4. I’m interested to see if the two are on the field at the same time. Supposedly they both play the same side mostly.
  5. VaTech appears to have a type they recruit for Oline…or the recruits become over their time on campus
  6. Yep, Joe brought the Hall stat up on his LockedOn Bills podcast. When you also consider the level of competition, I’ll take Cook.
  7. The way Beane structured Haack’s contract it sounds like he will get paid $100k to coach Araiza on holding over the summer. This was proposed on a podcast on Cover One. Araiza has mentioned his has been working on holding. I don’t see it being a huge issue due to Araiza being a good athlete. He should possess good hand eye coordination so then it just comes down to composure under pressure.
  8. You are probably right about the agent, but it goes back farther than that. This is when having a father and uncle who played in the league is a benefit. I’m sure Kaiir’s father taught him about self-improvement and how to go about it as a DB. The agent or someone surely told him to share this tool he uses with pro-personnel during the pre-draft process. Either way it is exactly the type of player and person McD and we want on our team.
  9. When you make a statement and then will not supply an example, doesn't that speak a little bit to the credibility of the statement? I would like to see who chased him down from behind and what was the situation on that play.
  10. Judging by the response I received I don’t think that’s going to happen, at least not from that poster.
  11. Can you provide any games specifically and/or players who caught him from behind? Not saying your lying but would like to see the context.
  12. White is a good player. For me, I’ll take the pass catching ability over White being a little bigger and slower. Also, the competition Cook played against is much better than what White played against.
  13. If you are looking at Cook as an every down work horse than I get your dislike for the pick. If you consider what this offense was lacking and what he provides than it is easier to understand the pick. He lines up as a RB and can run the ball very well, he can also catch the ball better than ANY prospect listed as a RB coming out.
  14. Did you want Hall? And he had a QB whose strength isn’t throwing the ball. To think what he can do with Josh is fun. I bet we see some 2 back sets where Cook can motion out to a wideout/slot for a passing play or stay in and run it.
  15. You had me up till the "What we don't need"
  16. I was joking, some people might see LB and 3rd round and think it has something to do with Edmunds.
  17. I hear what you are saying and maybe Beane will take a different approach after Wildgoose and Anderson were plucked off the PS last year. Beane after last draft said he liked having late round picks because it was difficult to get UDFAs to come to Buffalo. Those guys get to pick where they go and usually try to see a path to the roster, hard to do in Buffalo.
  18. Moss needs to stay out of the kitchen and tag-a-long to the workouts Cook and Singletary are attending.
  19. Couple of thoughts come to mind as I read those reports and watch film. Can he transition to that strong safety role? Seems like what he does well would only increase from playing off the ball more. I listen to Joe Marino of LockedOn Bills religiously and wonder if maybe he was on to something regarding personnel and stoping the run for 2022. Seems to me Bernard is one of those guys who has a great deal of flexibility and doesn’t tip the D’s hand at what scheme they are running.
  20. They can’t have a debate on the present state of their team, it’s not great and they know it.
  21. The Jets have had a nice draft. I am just not sure about the coach or QB for them. If you tools the Chiefs coach and QB and paired it with the Jets picks, now I would be concerned. Nothing about the Chiefs standouts out as excellent. Skyy Moore is a nice fit for them, other than that I’m not impressed.
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