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  1. Yep. Yeldon releasing to the flats early in a few games and then turning it up field later for a big gain. Yeldon is by far the best pass catching back the Bills have. The runs Gore is getting Yeldon could make the same yards. Time to do what’s best for the team and sit Gore.
  2. In Atlanta Vick won like Lamar is. Kept defenses off balance because they had to respect his speed as a runner. I know I watched the team. Reid helped turn him into more of a passer first that could run, much like Mahomes. i believe there is a difference. And as teams like the Bills put more game film out there with things that work in slowing him down, Roman and Lamar will need to adjust. Let’s see if they can.
  3. Maybe Vick never got the right coaching till he got to Andy Reid. Think of what he could of been had he played for Reid from the beginning. Look I have nothing against Jackson. I watched that game yesterday and the reason he got all three TD completions was due to his running. Jackson will lose a step and teams won’t have to focus on that as much in a few years. Until then he can possibly win a SB. The Ravens have a great HC and great OC and DC.
  4. Since I don’t play for the Bills or coach them this is the fun stuff for us fans to chat about. Coaches and players shouldn’t look ahead. That’s the privilege left for fans. I think both the Phins and Bengals CAN beat NE. NE is nothing special. Play good ST’s and don’t turn the balm over on your side of the 50. Make Tommy and that oline drive 70 yards. They will screw it up more times than get it right. NE’s D isn’t scary and has been exposed. I could see NE losing every game. It’s not out of the question.
  5. That says more about NE than it does KC. Good point. and glad I don’t have to look at that stupid Patriot anymore. Good to have you back at 100%😂
  6. That’s when it really hit me. In Dallas he wasn’t over hyped by the crowd.
  7. Allen needs to calm down to begin big games. NE and Baltimore he both appeared a little over emotional to start. Allen didn’t play in front of the big college experience like a lot of the other QB’s in the league. When Allen played in front of his home crowd in college it was to 29,000 people cheering. Even Miami has more home fans than that. 😂 Allen is fine and showing steady progression. The entire offense was wildly inconsistent yesterday.
  8. He is awesome. I love Edmunds and think he on a gradual upward projection. My only beef from yesterday is when the QB is rolling out On the goal line, I think he lost the TE on the throw back to just behind him. That happened in the Dallas game on the first TD as well I believe. I could be wrong because I don’t know exactly who should of been covering the TE in those cases, but Edmunds was the closest and being the MLB I would think it was him. That is correctable and it could get him an interception later in the year if a team tries to pick on it. Edmunds is this teams Darryle Talley. He will lead with his play and calm demeanor. I love Edmunds and think sky is the limit for him.
  9. No he is not. Jackson’s OC is great at scheming for a running quarterback who struggles reading defenses and going through progressions. Allen has Daboll. Brown called Daboll’s offense is most complex he has ever been apart of. From everything I know about the NFL and the game of football from watching it for 40 years and playing for a good bit, Jackson will need to be able to grow into a different style to have longevity. If he does not he is at his ceiling. It can happen, Mike Vick had some success later in his career with Andy Reid. Another great offensive mind. what is your agenda? You think wins mask everything? Did you watch the game and saw Jackson’s TD passes? Teams are figuring him out. Lamar hasn’t shown he can throw to the outside to WR’s consistently. Good defensive coaches with the players will turn him into what we saw yesterday.
  10. You are welcome to your opinion. The QB I watched today wouldn’t win a SB. Jackson is no where near a Steve Young or Russell Wilson. He reminds me almost exactly like Mike Vick. I watched a ton of Vick, and that’s who Jackson’s play resembles at this point.
  11. I don’t see him showing progress in learning how to read defenses. I see a great scheme by the perfect OC playing to his strengths. He was average at best today. That’s not scary to me.
  12. History hasn’t shown running quarterbacks win the big one. Has the rushing leader for QB’s ever won a SB?
  13. He’s as good as he’s going to get. Is it good enough to win a SB? We shall see.
  14. I didn’t argue that with you. Also I’m not sure we will ever know what the Bills front office has for grades on draftees. Remember this, DE is a very critical area. As it stands after this year the Bills could be very weak at that position. position importance from everything I hear goes QB Rush QB (Pass rushers DE and Edge players) Protect QB( oline) then a whole bunch of other positions. The fact it’s a deep class at WR means the Bills could get a good one in a few different rounds. To think we know better than Beane who to draft where is just ignorant. I don’t spend nearly the amount of time Beane and his staff does researching college players. Nor do we meet with prospective players or speak with coaches about their player. I finally trust our FO for the first time since the early 90’s to make the right moves. It’s fun to come on here and debate and share thoughts.
  15. Good GM’s don’t box themselves into reaching based off a need at a position. Every successful GM will tell you this.
  16. I’m going to get killed for this but they will draft BPA mixed with Need. WR DE CB OT OLB/Edge Will all be in play for the first 3 rounds. We will also have FA to help us see which way they will go early in the draft.
  17. I like the Bills coming off a loss. They will be ready for this game. There is enough tape on Duck for Leslie and Sean to see tendencies. It will probably come down to running the back and stopping the run.
  18. It’s hard to argue this after today’s performance. He had some bad plays at critical times.
  19. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha seriously. They have 19 years worth of getting the benefit of the doubt. Check back in 2038. They should be upset at their HC challenging a spot call. That was a rookie HC mistake.
  20. Better OC playing to his QB’s strengths. That’s it. Now we may be glad that Josh is being developed the way he is in the long run. We shall see.
  21. I think so. It’s the next game and a win puts the Bills in the playoffs. Not to mention a win also helps the Bills stay close enough to the Pats that the division could still come into play.
  22. For sure, but someone will give him $10-12mil a year.
  23. Quack quack!! What a lousy pass from an over the hill QB.
  24. I would of liked to see him active today. I’m not a Duke guy, but felt like having a sure handed guy who could block on the edge would of been nice against Baltimore.
  25. I’d be shocked if Beane did that. Everything points to this regime as seeing the RB position as a value area.
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