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  1. He shouldnt be bared from playing and isnt. He just isnt that good. Barkley is a better option. We certainly dont need any selfish players in our locker room.
  2. Neither do we, good teams find a way to win. I think it will be up to us to give them an L.
  3. Its actually a proven fact that making such a life choice is a life changing factor. Its best not to respond to his statement because in doing so you are now discussing your beliefs. Its a bit hypocritical. Its actually belief in any higher power according to research. I have my personal beliefs on the subject. BTW. We arent discussing the latest football game. We are discussing the young man turning his life around, so I believe it is a perfectly valid post for this topic. I also believe it belongs right here because it is related to our football team.
  4. So don't Football is a very violent and emotional sport. I met a lady that used to babysit him. She seems to think highly enough of him to be a Bills and Patriots fan (anything is possible and this proves it to me).
  5. I dont disagree with White but Poyer and Hyde have been even better.
  6. We probably have the best D in the league. I don't think we need him. Now Moulds or Kent Hull or James Lofton would be upgrades. I think we will be fine without the time machine though.
  7. I miss Eric Moulds. She misses "the grandfather"
  8. Unless they give him a pay raise now.
  9. Heard this before. He didnt even have any interviews last season. I dont think it was due to a lack of requests. I think he isnt interested at this time.
  10. You take a look at the list of corners weve had over the years Its impressive. Funny, people said that Gilmore was overpaid.
  11. I like Zay and believe he will do well. It just didnt seem to be working here. I think a lot of us that like the kid understand that. All Sammy needed was a new pair of feet.
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