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  1. And Mike Tomlin and Marvin Lewis had their Gigs forever with one still having his. What could possibly be the difference. Mike Tomlin-10-6 in season 1 Marvin Lewis-8-8 Vance Joseph-5-11, lets give him another year 6-10 Steve Wilks-3-10 Is it possible that maybe they laid out a plan and didn't deliver. There are definitely some coaches that I wish we fired after one season. I think owners and GMs are less shy about admitting they made a hiring mistake. The owners will definitely vote this down. Especially since Bill Belichick will begin identifying as an African American.😎
  2. This is why he will never be an AllPro. Such an amateur.😎
  3. "I just used to much hand sanitizer and it absorbed through my skin honest."😎
  4. Not necessarily. Drew Brees took 4 years. The Chargers actually felt that Rivers was the better option.
  5. I voted Singletary by I believe it will actually be a 50/50 split. The second was more difficult. I took the less popular answer as I believe Trent Murphy is going to surprise the doubters and I'm sure most will be glad he did.(Some will throw a tantrum just because being right is more important than the Bills succeeding) If I remember correctly one of the reasons Beane liked him was because he doesn't lose the ball. Maybe it was another player but I thought I remember it being said he had 3 fumbles his entire collegiate career.
  6. Because he sucked. Marvin Lewis got a long tenure. Bad coaches get fired. Good coaches get retained.
  7. Creating a competitive advantage for someone based on their race is racism.
  8. Maybe time to stop watching after that. It's probably a good idea to give minorities everything we have and we can just go live in a cave or something. No offence intended toward anyone but the teams with the worse record get the better pick for a reason. Not surprised that you're confused C. Biscuit and this topic is not a good idea.
  9. You made my case for me in your reply. The years he had decent QB play he put up great numbers and he certainly didn't have James Lofton and Prime Thurmon Thomas on the field with him either. I love my Bills but as another poster said. He wasted his career in Buffalo.
  10. No I watched both. Both were great but Reed had a HOF QB for his career. Hope I don't need to list Moulds QBs for you. Let me know if you have gotten so old that I need to because you have forgotten
  11. Gore can't play QB for the Jets. He doesn't turn the ball over enough.
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