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  1. At the draft I would have. After last season, no way. I think a harder decision for some would be a swap of Josh Allen for Lamar Jackson. My answer would be no.
  2. I think that may be the case. Not sure about that if we beat the Ravens. If they lose to Miami and we win out, it's a wrap.
  3. As much as I love him. I think its time to sell the "Haush and get a new one.
  4. Looks like we are gonna have a tough time. They are gonna let Dallas hit Allen as they please.
  5. The man had a HOF level QB for years and an All-Star cast around him and couldnt go anywhere. Hes a lousy coach.
  6. The Ravens will likely have a bye and won't play a wildcard game.
  7. Who's the homer that voted us #1? It will be the Ravens.
  8. It wouldn't let me submit because I dont think Pouncey should be suspended. He likely will be though. Garret should be banned.
  9. Actually Foster runs a lot of different routes.
  10. I dont think its about Oliver as much as it is Phillips. Dudes been a beast.
  11. Lol, always love that statement. In reality unless you go 16-0 you kinda had help according to the way people use it. Its also figured on their ability to win the division.
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