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  1. This board might make you think that at times. The media just doesn't see to care for Buffalo. It is a big enough city for them. Bill's Mafia is probably the most loyal fan base. Nothing is ever good enough or it is not happening fast enough.
  2. Well he isn't at risk of being cut so if somebody wants him they'll have to give up a pic. As far as 25 best QB in the league goes, the 25th best QB in the league is worth a box of Tom Brady's deflated balls as far as compensation goes. People here complain about Murphy an awful lot but he was a big part of beating the Jets on Sunday. You'll notice he wasn't a healthy scratch on Sunday.
  3. Hyde and Power are both better than Neal. I might give a 6th for Jordan. I'd give a conditional 4th for Jarrett but not more as he isn't big enough to play 1Tech. In reality Jordan is actually the only one that might make sense.
  4. You do realize Keanu Neal has started a total of 9 games the last 3 seasons. Jones is OK, when nobody else is stopping anyone you will rack up tackles. Grady Jarrett I would take. Sad we have to go all the was back to 2015 to find a defender I'd give up assets for.
  5. I've had some of those same thoughts. The question that I'm not sure of though is if it's better to stock pile midround picks or trade for proven players. It really sucks to be Miami when you think about it they have all those picks for 2021.
  6. Absolutely. Myth. Tell that to the Patriots. Only two SBs in the last 10 years have been won by QBs on their Rookie deals.
  7. No way I would ever trade for a defender Atlanta drafted.
  8. Because we play NE, Seattle and AZ before then.
  9. It's historically concerning.😉 I'm sure we will get it straightened out eventually. So what the OP said is "historically" inaccurate.😉
  10. Addison makes 10 mil per, Jefferson makes 6.75, and Butler makes 7.5. Mack gets an average of 23.m mil. Together they get about the same. So who has this big contract.
  11. Is it just me or are all bad defenses "historically" bad.😉
  12. Because I'm a loser that likes to B word even when we are winning. I grew up in Corning. It was the law in my family and I became addicted to the Red and Blue that now flows in my veins.
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