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  1. Dont mind him he thinks he has better football understanding than he actually has.
  2. We got a top five talent at 9. C is no longer a possible grade. Just wish we trade up for Sweat.
  3. So you mean the next 100 years. They have competitionThe Cards are trying for the Browns and Bills old titles.
  4. Jerry Hughes is smiling from ear to ear I bet and Tom Brady has soiled his pants. The top 3 DTs in the draft (likely all blue chippers) will be lined up against him 6 times this season.
  5. Must have interviewed badly or had character concerns. Or he switched medical charts with Sweat.😎 Yup its not like theyve won several SuperBowls right.😎
  6. He didnt overspend to move up. And he drafted a top 5 player rather than reach for a need or draft a lesser QB than we have.
  7. How did we not trade up for Sweat. Why would you be confused Augie he was far more valuable than where he was drafted. The medicals were apparently a misdiagnosis and even if they were not there are players in the NFL with the same condition. I didnt expect him to fall out of the first even with the medical.
  8. With the Jets and the Bills early picks Brady may retire tonight.
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