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  1. Please explain how Trump's regime is facist. He's no saint but this is just plain ignorance. When regime wants to disarm the people is when you should get concerned.
  2. Disprove it. Even if I showed you absolute proof you would deny it.
  3. You would have to ask the other poster. One of my coworkers told me the original story. Real straight up guy always gives me ***** about my conspiracy theories. So he isn't one to give info without a solid source. The problem is Biden's backers are the internet so things disappear as fast as they appear.
  4. Yes but how blind, deaf and dumb do you have to be to not catch that I didn't vote for Trump when I've said it several times. You see you could have seen it yourself and not even remembered reading. You probably should look at the graph another poster responded to me with. Just before 6 AM, let me know if you notice anything unnatural that looks different from the rest.
  5. 138000 absentee ballots dumped into the election in Michigan. All for Biden. Nothing suspicious here folks. Lol. I think you. Got me pegged wrong there guy. I'm not a Trump supporter. I'm not an anyone supporter. It isn't hard to connect the dots. Yahoo and others shut down comments sections on their sites. Coronavirus creates an up tic in expected mail in votes, limits contact with each other, gives leftist supporters the ability to move to other states before the election. Congrats one group of Dictators beat the other group of Dictators. You didn't win you lost you just don't see
  6. All either side cares about is forcing their views an ideology down the throats of everyone else. Most people don't understand what control of both the Executive and Legislative branches of government by one side means. It means whatever factions control that side now do whatever they want and by factions I don't mean the voters. If Biden wins then the Social Media tycoons and big internet companies now control everything. It's actually interesting to watch a voter based that's big on privacy elect those who are supported by the biggest breachers of it.
  7. Fact check. States and agencies refused to cooperate so it was dropped. Interesting though, why would they refuse to cooperate doesn't everyone want to make sure elections are legit.
  8. Of coarse they were. You ever notice that those ballots always go Dem.🤔 Even the dead and people who voted in other states came.
  9. The Left needed some way to destroy those ballots and replace them. How convenient.
  10. One of these days the left will realize that when you take away their 10 million fraudulent votes they are the minority in this country. I'm probably partially to blame as my vote is probably fraudulently cast in NY every election. My parents had to explain to selective service that I'm not a NY resident anymore when they summoned me for Jury Duty this year. I haven't been a NY resident in 14 years.
  11. It gets real frustrating for the left when all their hard work to rig these elections fails. They have done so for a long time in large metropolitan areas and states like CA and NY but it's harder to do in the less populated regions where they don't control the bureaucracy. The thing that is very disturbing is why nobody does anything about it.
  12. Except in spite of widespread voter fraud he still isn't losing. Friends of my brother in your wonderful state were turned away at the poles and told they had already voted when they had not.
  13. The permitted holding for that purpose is public knowledge.
  14. I wish I could find an emoji with a crooked mouth and drool just you my friend. The Steelers would destroy Seattle and will destroy us unfortunately.
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