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  1. And I was against throwing people in prison without trials. Your argument is irrelevant to what I stated.
  2. Covid-19 is real. The threat is exaggerated.
  3. I watch as many as I can. I think the AAFL or whatever it was called and XFL would make investors nervous.
  4. I won't disagree but on a better team you get more exposure even in a small market. That Dallas game caught a lot of people's attention. The guys at work shut up after that game.
  5. I really think we have a special QB. I'm not a Pat's fan. I don't want the rest of the teams to suck and have actually liked the Ravens since the had Trent Dilfer at QB(probably sounds crazy but I really liked the guy and loved that D).
  6. Rivers will move top of tier 2 next year at a minimum. Judging by this year's list I don't think they even consider the team around them. Baker proved last season that he doesn't belong ahead of Josh in my opinion. He was surrounded by a beast of a roster and couldn't get it done.
  7. So there will be 21 QBs after JA on the top 100. I don't necessarily disagree with where they put him. I will say that he can carry the team. I'm in the camp that believes the team performs better in all phases because of his presence and leadership. I'm also in the camp that believes at this point you really can't say Lamar belongs where he is because he has everything around him. Mahomes, Wilson and Brees are the only QBs I would put in the top tier. But some could make a strong argument that Mahomes doesn't belong because he has always been surrounded. Wilson and Brees can do it with lesser players. Marino did well with garbage in an era that was difficult to do so and Brady did it with mediocre. I use these two examples to give you an idea of what I call tier 1. No player can make up for a bad Defense. He did carry that team, right down the toilet bowl. He may have had one of the best receiver groups in the league at one point.
  8. Tre is the best CB in the league and Buffalo is a different and more respected team now than a few years ago. He wanted to tackle, he just wasn't very good at it. He got hurt on several occasions.
  9. I agree with some of what you say. The main thing I will say though is that there is that most people are A symptomatic or are only sick for a day or 2. You simply compare the numbers to the size of the population and you can see that. I think this version of COVID might be ahead of your average flu and don't understand people's resistance to wearing a mask. The Spanish Flu made COVID-19 look like the common cold and the results of destroying the world economy will kill far more people than Corona.
  10. Are you sure the whole pandemic isn't being manipulated the other way around.
  11. A vaccine is a preventative measure. Not really a cure as it does nothing for you once you contract a virus. If effective I guess it's better than a cure though.
  12. No where in the constitution does it say we have freedom from being offended. It's sad people are so thin skinned. There are groups that are actually discriminated against and oppressed today and nobody raises a finger or protest on their behalf. All these people that are crying racism, oppression, discrimination and offence are a joke and should be ashamed of themselves. They couldn't bare the real thing as quite a few people that do carry it take their own lives, self-destruct and are even murdered, but people don't change a thing and some even applaud it and call it justice.
  13. If he hadn't we probably wouldn't exist right now. The slaughtering of the natives, slavery, abuse and pretty much slavery of Asians were all terrible things that have occured on every square inch of this planet that is inhabitable. With out a doubt this country would not exist if those things hadn't happened. We should be grateful to those slaves and natives for their sacrifice. What is happening now is not honoring their sacrifice it's making it all for naught. Out of their blood and corpse's a great nation that has defeated all kinds of evil rose up. What people don't realize is that extremely evil people are manipulating them so that they can gain power. If you wipe out our history then we are not a nation anymore. You don't erase the good that men did just because of the bad. These people think we are so bad then they should look to those we have defeated including some of those native American groups.
  14. As do I. It seems to be a reasonable thing. I have been a little more cautious lately as I have a couple possible symptoms. It's ironic as I have followed the protocol from the beginning. I just have not and still do not advocate for solutions that are worse than the problem.
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