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  1. Barkley played One good game. Even Rob Johnson caught teams with their pants down. You look for improvement not a rookie making a run at the Superbowl.
  2. Tannehill and Bortles couldnt hold his joke strap. His physical tools and intangibles are better than either. Maybe hes from Ithica or Cortland.
  3. I lived in Rock Hill for a little over a year. Clover before that.
  4. I used to do all that. People still went on about stuff Ive proved or disproved. You got a computer do it yourself.
  5. Some people think they are judge and jury. There were a lot of things wrong with that case. DNA was already around lol. That was one of the problems with the case. The process for the DNA evidence was tainted. Wasn't Anrew Cunanan in that area at the time. So maybe Goldman was the actual target.
  6. He did indirectly throw them under the bus during concerning some of Alabamas OL. But didnt specify which OL he would replace.
  7. He does them just fine. When he did it last year he just jumpcut into another unblocked defender. Yes he does.
  8. Yes that 3.3 per carry and 1 TD were irreplaceable. Ivory belongs on the Wall. Gore is a definite upgrade over Ivory and a different type or RB than McCoy.
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