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  1. Someone probably will. It's likely we offer him in the 10-12mil per range. Probably 3-4 years. That would be my best offer though and likely the Bills as well.
  2. For the millionth time. Star doesn't have a large contract. I actually expect them to offer Phillips a contract in that neighborhood. 6yr 100mil is a large contract. 5yr 50mil is not
  3. Oh you mean the guy that had 694 yrds in 9 games in 2018 and 0 yrds in 0 games last season. There is another type of Bills fan that likes going to yard sales looking for antiques.
  4. Then you dig a little deeper. What was his catch %. I highly doubt he is gonna have too much leverage for a big payday on 5 games worth of production.
  5. Well, for that half year he was their #1 and drew the Ds top DB and still produced. That could be another way of looking at it.
  6. Where are these holes? I think growth and a couple players is all thats needed. A second RB and a big WR is all I see. I think ppl forget all the new faces on offense this past season. The offense would get better as it is just with another offseason. Josh will improve. The Oline, especially Ford will improve. Singletary. The TEs. Unless you think Rooks are a finished product coming out of the draft. OL maybe. TE really?? Edge I agree with. WR is a possibility.
  7. Clowney didn't have a year that will get him a monster payday. 3 sacks aint gonna get you 20 mil a year.
  8. https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/feb/12/earmark-less-bill-gives-pelosis-mouse-cookie/ $30 mil would have done a bit for some homeless.
  9. Week 15. We had too many holes to keep those guys at that point. If they were available this offseason we may make a play on Watkins. They other 2 we don't need. Dang it Goodwin why couldnt you stay committed to football.😎
  10. Lesean McCoy Clicked on the link and remembered just how bad the Nix and Levy Rosters were. That is probably why people thought Whaley was so great.
  11. Yes I'm sure it has nothing to do with Hollywood and the like not paying their fair share and sanctuary cities. All sorts of people come there from less comfortable cities around the world. When we make it easier to come here legally and make sure the Stars pay their taxes and Cali stops spending money on stupid things to funnel money to their buddys I'm certain things will get better. Until then it is a corrupt state that exploits the poor. This probably doesn't belong on this board though and I will get an email from Happless and have to bite my tongue. BTW people have to make themselves of value and earn a living wage. There are many high paying technical jobs elsewhere in the country. By choosing to go to Cali they will have difficulty finding those jobs in a state where business has very little desire to be.
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