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  1. Yes he dominates against guys that will be on the practice squad.👍 Thats a good thing. Lawson seems really motivated.
  2. At least they didnt call him a Bill and leave out the Texans.
  3. He should change his name to FormerProfessor.
  4. I could go with the Saints. If our D is as good as I think it will be and everyone stays healthy then we will be quite formidable. We already know our team has chemistry. The reason you dont see the Raiders and Browns on my list is because they are going to impload.
  5. Texans? I cant think of any teams that I could guaratee would beat us twice. Good odds for Rams, Chiefs and eagles. Going off last year I could easily come up with 5 but this is 2019 not 2018. Its all about having a reasonable offense to go with our improved D.
  6. Brady, Moss, Harrison Thats 3 Maybe Mankins and Wilfork and Welker. You should probably look over a list of players not in the hall Lofton- 14000+, 75TDs Reed- 13000+, 87TDs In a run first league Moss- 15000+, 156TDs These 3 are HOF #s Welker- 9900+, 50TDs These meh. In a pass happy league where the rules are catered to the passing offense. As I was saying, some people just dont know football.
  7. Most people dont know that Brady is not the best ever. I dont think they get how FA and the CAP as well as rule changes have effected the game. Belicheat was on their staff. (just sayin)
  8. Any Tom Brady team would have been crushed be pre-salary cap/free agency SB participant. How many HOFs on Bradys best team. How many HOFs on the '92 Bills and Cowboys.
  9. No. Peterman looks like an MVP in preseason.
  10. Or maybe he just needs to continue healing from the serious injury he sustained.
  11. No but it does say that i Sully sees it then maybe it isnt koolaid given he usually is the opposite of a homer.
  12. Foster really improved on hit route running at the end of last season. I think McKenzie would see time in the slot you really need a twitchy WR in the slot.
  13. This is probably accurate. We need a WR to fill in for Beasley if/when necessary. Yes actually I am. There were several teams interested in his services.
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