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Kyle Williams: Officially Retires


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Kyle was on again this afternoon with his segment beginning at 22 ninutes in:


12-28: HR 2 - Schopp & the Bulldog Featuring Sal


Bills' DT Kyle Williams joins us right now on @WGR550


Kyle Williams - Got to go home during the bye and reflect and think about it. When it came down to it my wife was like 'You gotta tell Sean and the team'. #GoBills


Kyle Williams - I've heard from quite a few teammates, a few guys I've played against. #GoBills


Kyle Williams on his first game - I remember London Fletcher scoring a touchdown on my first play. I'm like 'man this NFL thing is easy!' #GoBills


Kyle Williams on other positions he might play Sunday - Mostly QB. We've got 15-20 snaps for me at QB. Probably get in for a hail mary, they need someone with a strong arm. Josh has an average arm in comparison. Triple option, all that fun stuff. #GoBills


Kyle Williams - I grew up under a tough high school coach, much like Sean. Played for Nick Saban, a lot of process, day to day stuff. That became ingrained in me. Hearing Sean & Brandon talk, it was who I am. #GoBills


Kyle Williams on plans after football - Not committed to anything yet. I've had a few different opportunities come at me. #GoBills


Kyle Williams - I'm not one of these guys that thinks I'm better than I am at golf. I'm pretty good for a random guy you'd meet on the street. #GoBills


Kyle Williams on being in the media - I have a great respect for what you guys do. Sometimes you don't like an opinion, but that's what they're for. In my opinion it's our job to treat each other with respect and get the team's agenda out there. #GoBills

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I feel for KW. When he made the decision to come back we had:

A veteran playoff QB

A stout (albeit batsh@$) OL with some depth

He was given the Aaron Schobel treatment with one playoff game exception. It’s a shame. He deserved better. I wish we could have given him the proper send off. 


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15 hours ago, DBilz2500 said:

I thought he kept saying he’d wait til after the season? 


Isn't it better that he announced it now? The fans and teammates have an opportunity to thank him and send him off properly. 


I'd go to the game for that reason alone, but I'm busy Sunday. I'm sure it'll be special in there.

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Gona miss you big guy, you've been my screen title for years and you are my all time favorite Bill. I wish you would reconsider as you can still play and we are close to being contenders. You are respected enough by McD where he would let you go watch T-ball and still play on Sundays, you have earned.


i know this wont change your mind ,i just had to say my peace. Good luck in retirement and hope to see you around.


(The only Bills jersey i have is yours, take care :( )




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Besides being a long time Bill and generally playing at a very high level, I love that he and his family seemed to have fallen in love with Buffalo.  I'll be interested to see if he stays in WNY.  Thanks for the memories Kyle.  

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This makes me hope Shady comes back a little more. It can’t just be all young guys next year and nobody wants to sign any “new” old guys. If Alexander comes back at least there is a veteran presence. That’s not necessarily a given though. Shady is a guy that people can look up to on the offensive side of the ball even if his best days are behind him. I’m glad we are a very young team but veteran leadership still has value. Losing Kyle hurts a lot from that standpoint.

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1 hour ago, Bill from NYC said:

I doubt it. Not if someone wants to have an intellectual discussion about football.

In general I agree but not regarding this particular thread.  It's the wrong place to get pissy about a week 16 game of a 5-10 team. 


Williams was great.  I think we'll all miss him.

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15 hours ago, BADOLBILZ said:



Oh it's more than clear that there are a ton of Bills fans who can't eat enough sh*t sandwiches.    There is always next year for fans.


For a highly competitive.....and very wealthy....guy like KW.......coming back for a final season of LIKELY getting embarrassed by Belichick again probably wouldn't be too appealing.


That coaching job last Sunday had McDermott looking like a beaten stooge.......all that was missing was Sean saying "He can take hisn' and beat yourn' or yourn' and beat hisn'".


Good luck to KW........on the golf course his results won't be at the mercy of Bills ownership or GM's and coaches and QB's. 


Yes, let's start by ignoring that by all accounts Kyle was close to retiring last year but decided to come back.


Let's ignore his passion and leadership by example.


Let's ignore that he finally has a coach installing a culture that aligns perfectly with his character.


Let's ignore that he could have left here years ago for a proven winner.


Let's ignore his constant mentoring, also recruiting efforts over the years with guys like Mario.


Let's ignore that the guy is respected, admired, and beloved by the locker room, coaches, front office, and everyone in the Bills community.


Let's ignore the fact that our games are essentially meaningless at this point of the year.


Yes, let's ignore everything he's built and everything he stands for, all the satisfaction of his efforts and renowned character, and instead ascribe an arrogance and pomposity that after the New England game he was staring at his money and career, gave up all hope for the future and jumped into retirement.


Well done, you totally nailed it.  You're such a legend in your own mind as usual.

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