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  1. Jerry Hughes imo, if he goes down we virtually have no outside pass rush. if we have to rely on Shaq Lawson and his 2 sacks and Murphy with his 4 sacks were in deep *****. I expect a high pass rusher in the draft and pick one up in FA.
  2. I would say realistically they would try to bring in a pass rusher.
  3. I think he makes the practice squad, he has the tools to succeed. He played in one of the weakest confrences in college football so of course he is probably shell shocked right now but he has the size, the arm strength, now he needs the game to slow down for him. I don't see why we wouldn't let him develop a year or 2 on the PS.
  4. I was really liking the Allen/Sweeney connection, every good QB it seems utilizes the TE position since it's their usual security blanket. If we found our top flight TE in round 7 to go along with Cole Beasley then I think we will be very well off. Sweeney reminds me of Jason Witten (I'm not saying he's anything near Witten yet) in the fact that Witten was never the fastest guy ever on the field but he had a knack for getting open all the time, I see that in Sweeney.
  5. Nothing is more important than Allen's progression imo, so seeing him not just go for the deep ball but check down to an open WR and make the accurate pass.
  6. I mean I know it's easy to hate on AB right now but nobody knows the scenario accept for AB and the company who's allegedly suing him. Being a Steeler as well as a Bills fan there was never an issue with AB up until the last few seasons with the contract which was normal and then the feud with Big Ben. I think Bills fans hate him because he snubbed the Bills rather than who he is as a person because if he did this as a Bills player half of the fans would be saying "Oh the trainer is a pos liar" or something along those lines imo, it's how we roll.
  7. You guys really think Tre White (54 TACKLES, 2 INT) and Micah Hyde (58 TACKLES, 2 INT) got snubbed? Both had down years and we missed the playoffs again, I think some of you are wearing the red/white and blue colored glasses. They're hopefully going to bounce back and take us to the playoffs and beyond this season but last year they definitely regressed from the previous year imo.
  8. Guys are being moved in and out of different positions to find their homes on the OL, I wouldn't read too much into it yet. Our starters will be set by preseason game 1 or they should be at least, then they'll need some time to gel, Until then there will be some times where Allen will have to improvise imo.
  9. I'd rather just continue to draft well, Beane seems like he has an eye for talent when it comes to drafting (or the right scouts helping him) so instead of giving up the farm and having to pay out the ass for this guy and I agree is a stud DL but I'd rather continue drafting and developing. That's how you build a championship team imo.
  10. I hate the move since it's not a Williams, we need to restock the Williams'.
  11. I don't get the hate, he was living it up the night before why is he a douche for that?
  12. It will most likely take a Khalil Mack type of trade, Clowney was the #1 pick overall and has produced his past 2 seasons. No way are you getting a premier pass rusher for a 2nd and some mediocre DE, come on man that wouldn't even work on madden. More likely a 1st, 2nd and you have to sign him to a huge contract.
  13. Reggie White had an amazing cast of players around him ... Clyde Simmons, Seth Joyner, and RIP Jerome Brown who could have been one of the best to play inside. When Bruce came in he was virtually doing it himself through countless double teams, Reggie did also but I'm not sure he did with the Eagles so for me it's Bruce, who was also stout against the run plus he's the sack leader so to me there is no question it's Smith.
  14. Dude you need to go back and see all the hate comments of Josh Allen in here, it was really bleak for quite some time. I think the videos would have been similar but it would have went like this "Josh Allen over Josh Rosen? Beane needs to be fired immediately".
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