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  1. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Daboll should eliminate designed QB runs from our offense

    Ridiculous, his legs are another part of his arsenal that DC's have to adapt to much like Steve Young, John Elway, Mike Vick, it would be dumb to take that away from him.
  2. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Is it inconceivable for the Bills to trade for OBJ?

    I think we should go the young route and draft a guy. Beane needs to identify a WR 1 and go get him either in a trade down scenario or 2nd-3rd round.
  3. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Draft Implications for Bills based on Flacco to Broncos

    Also Kase Keenum is probably going to be traded or cut from Denver, he's at the very least a decent backup.
  4. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Bean at his Witchery, Again!

    Not to mention an Oakland 5th rounder for Journeyman AJ McCarron (4th pick in round 5) and also OL Newhouse for a 7th to Carolina, those are really good hauls for depth players.
  5. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Hearing Broncos will let Matt Paradis test FA

    I thought that's why they traded WR Demaryius Thomas last season. But that's good news for hopefully us.
  6. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Hearing Broncos will let Matt Paradis test FA

    I'm really surprised by this if true, he is one of the best interior offensive lineman in the league, I get his late injury unless it's a bigger issue than initially thought to be?
  7. BuffaloBillsGospel

    T.J. Hockenson

    You take the best player on the board at 9, he isn't a top 9 prospect not by a long shot. Top 20 boderline.
  8. If we wouldn't take Hunt there wasn't a chance Simmons was going to the Bills even in the 2nd round imo.
  9. You got to stop going on bad websites, on no legit mock I've seen do they even have a WR in the top 15 picks.
  10. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Capaccio's top ten FA WRs

    On sportrac it says Adam Humphries will get in the ball park of 10.4M per season. That is a steep price for a slot WR.
  11. BuffaloBillsGospel

    RG John Miller - stay or go?

    I think he can be upgraded even as depth.
  12. BuffaloBillsGospel

    FA Offensive Tackle Daryl Williams

    He would be a huge upgrade at the position, the MCL I'm sure is a significant injury but it's not an ACL which is even more significant. Williams at RT and Spain at LG? Get your pass rusher at #9, WR in the 2nd round and future C in the 3rd and lets all go do some shots? Anyone?
  13. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Bill Polian on Bills coaching and more....

    I totally agree alpha, he purged this team of the fat, very few players I would want back (The only 2 that come to mind are CB Stephon Gilmore and WR Robert Woods), he swung and missed on WR Kelvin Benjamin, the jury is out on Trent Murphy, his injuries have made it hard to tell at this point but he attempted to land the pass rusher, I have no doubt in my mind unless we sign a guy like Trey Flowers or Demarcus Lawrence in FA that we'll go pass rusher at #9, it's almost a must imo. This roster has a nice mix of veterans and young stars in the making. We have our QB it looks like now we need to progress him and surround him with a legit supporting cast and that begins first and foremost by protecting him from getting dead. OL and DL should be heavy priorities this offseason/Draft.
  14. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Bill Polian on Bills coaching and more....

    You do realize this is Beanes first full season as our GM, the 2018 Draft was his first as our GM, it's kind of hard to field a winning team roster made up of 17 seasons of failure for any GM in just 1 full season imo. To me he's done a decent job so far with what he's had to work with.
  15. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Who's your sleeper WR draft choice?

    Since marquise brown isn't considered much of a sleeper, I'm a big fan of Cody Thompson of Toledo, looks to be one of those do it all types of players.