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  1. I think Darryl Williams job is safe for this year at least unless he really ***** the bed. Brown seems to have a very high ceiling from what I've read and seen on him (I had no clue about the player before the draft) but also is a project in every sense of the word and even though I'm not saying he can't pick up things fast and take over the RT position right away, the odds are against him since Williams already knows the playbook and is a veteran in this league. I think the Interior OL is the more interesting at both RG and LG imo.
  2. I totally get it man, I hate talking bad about him since he's been such a soldier for us but he's coming to the end of his career and although I don't think sacks is the only factor to a pass rusher (I was in favor of signing Jadeveon Clowney), These youngens are coming for Hughes' job so I'm expecting him to be even more of a force than he's been.
  3. Agreed but we just watched a SB where the same Mahomes who destroyed us passing was running for his life in that SB, looked human for once! Brady in both SB losses to the Giants, same thing. It's unbelievable that people still argue this fact that getting to the QB is overrated.
  4. We can argue back and fourth, the fact of the matter the Bills agree we need to get to the QB with the drafting of Epenesa in RD 2 last season, Rosseau RD1, Basham RD2 in this years draft. How in the world is sacks overrated/Lazy to judge for an edge rusher? LOL
  5. Yes his 4.5 sacks was sure someone with his hair on fire.
  6. I'm hoping these draft pickups lights a fire under Addison and Hughes, if it doesn't then my guess is Basham. I choose Hughes as the beneficiary.
  7. He's been a good but not great player, that's the reality. I know people here will disagree but 2 seasons of double digit sacks and were Putting guys up on the wall of fame? Just my opinion though.
  8. I think the Browns are definitely being overvalued, it took them barely beating backups to get into the playoffs an then made the most of it when they got in. I think the Steelers are still the team to beat with Big Ben coming back, he is obviously in decline but get a cast of healthy players back in the lineup. To me it's the Chiefs/Bills/Steelers imo.
  9. I agree, he's had 3 years to hone his craft. I thought he got better in his 2nd year but then that injury early in the year really hampered him (Not making excuses) but he has to become a much better tackler, the athleticism is there, I feel he's going to have a monster season imo and take this defense to the next level.
  10. I remember saying "What have you done Buffalo, why didn't you take Blaine Gabbert???? This is why we suck every year!" DOH.
  11. No brainer, 100% yes! I feel he's going to be a monster this season.
  12. There are still guys in FA like McClendon who started for Pittsburgh for a few years plus there will be cuts coming, it's a great thing when you think about it that the thing we're most worried about is a 1T DT who will backup Star, we've come a long ways my friends but it looks like we've finally arrived.
  13. Just my opinions but I have no doubt they drafted Brown in the hopes he can replace Darryl Williams at RT down the road. Doyle is probably going to be cheap depth but I doubt he ever makes the starting lineup.
  14. And a gaping hole right up the middle of that DL.
  15. Ok, even after explaining I'll say no... He'll have zero to do in any capacity at TE for any reasoning. Maybe catch a pass or 2 once every 100th game.
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