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  1. I agree with you that edge rusher is the absolute #1 position of need, we have the cap and I believe Jadaveon Clowney will be the target. He said he wants to go to a SB contender and I think this team is on the rise, maybe he'll see it that way also. I think we unload the Murphy contract that has been a bust since signing him as a FA, hey Beane took a swing and missed, it happens. I think after edge rusher we go for an OL, LG/RT either one of those positions would help tremendously then see if Ford is even serviceable as a RG or maybe a LT since Dawkins wasn't that great either. All I know is this line at times looked great but also got whipped bad by the Texans in the playoff game. We need at least 2 positions filled along the OL in either FA or the draft or both and to me they are either LG/RT (I was disappointed in Spain and Ford but I think we can kick Ford over to RG but that remains to be seen?.
  2. No problem, I only have 1 good point every few months so when I do I have to be heard.
  3. Ok that might be true but you blew off the rest of the point I was trying to make. Unless he knows all of the candidates interviewed and how those interviews came across which he would have no look into any of those then how can you say this rule isn't working?
  4. Option 3 for sure for me- There is no way in hell the Bills can continue to pay Trent Murphy, he was brought in to be another pass rushing option alongside of Hughes, which has resulted in 4 sacks in 2018 and 5 sacks in 2019, nowhere near where he needs to be and we need to cut ties there imo whether we have the money or not. Also Shaq Lawson has been unproductive his entire time leading up to his contract year which is always a red flag for me. I get that Rex Ryan was the HC for some of that time but guys like Alexander and Hughes have had multiple HC's and still have had productive careers with us.
  5. The problem I have with this whole argument is how does Stephen A. Smith know all the candidates who were interviewed for the Cards HC or other vacancies last season and this season? He just goes on to say they plucked a college HC who had an under .500 win % but don't you select a guy who feels right for your organization? I feel like teams will have their hands forced on this matter pretty soon, to me that's not the way to go about it but I don't know what the right way to go about it is either.
  6. It's pretty impressive when you think about this 2019 Bills team, I know a bunch of people say we had an easy schedule and on paper that's true but in reality we actually faced 6 teams that were in the top 10 (in total defense in 2019)and 2 of which we faced twice- Ravens, Patriots, Jets, Cowboys, Steelers and Eagles, we did have a 3-4 record but one of those were the last Jets game where we benched our starters. Everything about Allen progressed upward from his TD to INT ratio from last year, his completion % was better, he looks like he'll be our guy going forward, he still does some bone headed plays which I think may be instilled in him so we may have to take the good and the bad with him because it looks to me that he just can't break that whole "I have to win this all myself".We should have a bunch of many to better improve areas of need through FA and I have confidence GM Beane will do well in the draft covering the rest of our needs. The future looks really bright imo.
  7. The call we should really be pissed about is that terrible crack back block. This crucial of a game you absolutely cannot call that a penalty, it was a terrible call but the non kneel down would have been a bush league TD, it's my opinion and you obviously have yours. To me that should already have been in the rulebook.
  8. The great thing about football is that it truly is the ultimate team sport, You can blame Allen, McDermott, Daboll, the Defense, Special Teams and the list goes on but the true answer would be all of them. If we only made more plays on defense, if our special teams would have scored or got us in better position to kick the OT winner, if Allen would have thrown for 20 more yards in OT we could have won, if Daboll didn't hold back his play calling in the 2nd half. All phases of our team should have played better and we didn't want it more than the Texans on this day but there will be a scapegoat or a few of them for this and we'll find out soon enough, there always is imo.
  9. KC, I have Mahomes Graded RC ready to sell, sell ,sell!!! I think they have the best chance to beat one of the NFC powerhouses but if New Orleans makes it I'd like to see Brees get another ring before he rides off into the sunset, he seems like a good dude to me and a hell of a football player.
  10. It starts and ends in the trenches, we have alot of work to do as I believe we need at least 2 edge rushers (Possibly 1 FA, 1 in the draft?), LG and RT seem to be positions of need along the OL. A big WR who can catch everything most likely a draft pick. As far as changes go for coaching I just don't see Daboll here another year with Allen, the OL coach either could be a casualty. As far as players I think DE Trent Murphy is a goner, Shaq Lawson also and Star next year.
  11. I couldn't believe this team imploded as bad as it did in the 2nd half. It was the first time in a very long time where as soon as The Texans scored I felt that "Oh crap were in trouble" feeling in the pit of my stomach. It wasn't just a momentum change the entire game plan, calls going against us, not playing good defense all turned against us. Allen was awful in the 2nd but had some spurts here and there like the drive to get us back in FG range to tie the game. The play calling in the 1st by Daboll was great and I don't praise him very often but I thought it really messed up the Texans not knowing what we were going to do next and Singletary running all over the place then like we've done so many times this season the run game gets abandoned and we force Josh Allen to run around and make bad decisions, I just don't think Daboll should be the guy moving forward to be working with Allen, I don't think he's good enough and that's just my opinion but I'm not putting the sole blame on him. The OL was man handling the Texans the first half and then it looked like they injected JJ Watt with an 8 ball of coke and he was an absolute monster making Cody Ford his B word for the entire game just about but the messed up think is we very rarely got 2 OL on him, it was usually Ford and Tyler Kroft or Ford and Knox helping out and that's how you lose games. Not only should the game plan be to take away the offenses best weapon but also the defense. I know Tre White is an all pro but Hopkins was giving him trouble so why not double team him the whole game and force Kenny Stills to be the hero? Or why not double up JJ and let Whitney Mercilus try and beat Dawkins 1 on 1? I didn't understand it. Also where was the trickery? Screen plays were working well in the 1st half where did they go in the 2nd? It was a monumental let down in every facet of the game from coaching to, running, passing etc. I don't think this was a lost cause though as Josh Allen got his first taste of the playoffs and I know it crushed him inside to lose this game and I think we can be a team that goes to the playoffs regularly and I think Allen will continue to progress, just my thoughts on it.
  12. I get that Allen was doing things that were just outrageous out there but do you really think Daboll called a goiod game in the 2nd half? That QB run that lost yards to begin the OT drive was something I just couldn't believe or want to. I thought he had a brilliant 1st half, it was like he could do no wrong but he had one of the worst 2nd half play calling that I've seen in quite some time imo.
  13. Because he clearly gave himself up and that would have been the most horrendous call in the history of the sport, just my opinion though.
  14. Or why not double cover their best DL? Watt manhandled Ford on just about every play, so one would think we would double team him.
  15. We drafted Ed Oliver to be that guy, he's had a pretty good rookie season with ups and downs pretty much how I expected it to go but we know he can handle his own or at least in rotation along with Phillips and Phillips gives us a nice rotation none of which will exceed the 20+M contract of Donald. Tre White will need to be resigned and Allen will be getting a huge contract as well. Time to draft some pass rushers to make this defense complete whether that be at LB, DE or both but we need at least 2.
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