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  1. Glaring need to me means you need a starter there, I think Devin Singletary would make an excellent starter, Yeldon is a big back who can also catch which is a plus, I think we'll either draft 3rd or 4th round or perhaps looks at Carlos Hyde if the price is right.
  2. He had more YPC and TD than all of the RB's who are already picked up and he and Freeman are the last of the Runners, I highly doubt he only gets a 200K raise with the numbers he put up. Maybe 4M with incentives for a year seems a bit more realistic. Freeman has not been good for awhile, I'd stay away from him completely. Most likely we'll be drafting one in the 3rd or 4th round if we don't land a veteran.
  3. Maybe Hyde on a 1 year 6M deal with incentives.
  4. Beane invested heavily in the draft using a 2nd round pick on Cody Ford and trading up for TE Dawson Knox, I doubt he gives up on them in year 1. I'm thinking he has his starters now they need to take the next step in year 2.
  5. The obvious choice is signing Clowney or trading for a DE, Addison was a solid addition but he's 32 years old and Hughes is on the wrong side of 30 also. Clowney would not only be the starter right away he'd be our future also probably signing a 4-5 year deal I'd assume. 21M is outrageous but I'm thinking 15M-16M considering Jerry Hughes cap hit is 11.5M I'd say that looks about right. He's not the bull rushing Mario Williams but he brings pressure, hurries, enough sacks to make a difference and makes big plays at crucial times of the game. If the muscle core surgery isn't a factor then I'd really like to see us make a play for him. I'd take Clowney over Gordon any day of the week imo.
  6. Spending a 3 or 4th round pick for an overpriced RB who is only average and will only be here 1 season, that seems like a total waste of resources imo, why not just draft a RB in round 3 or 4 who will actually be here for 4-5 seasons?
  7. Until we actually beat them I'll believe it when I see it. Beating them on paper means nothing. Brady wasn't the same last season and we still lost to them twice.
  8. I'm totally behind it, we have a solid 3 headed monster at WR. Someone does have to get him on board with chicken wings, he's not a fan at all.
  9. I believe he is, fans on here love Shaq maybe because he's a likable guy? But as far as on the field he is solid against the run and up until this past season he's had absolutely no pass rush ability. Addison has been steady pretty much his whole career even at his advanced age.
  10. I don't hate the move but if this doesn't workout that is a heck of alot of players we could have had for 1 but of course if it does then nobody really cares about the compensation.
  11. This was a very underrated signing imo, the guy is 4th all time sack leader in Carolina history, he's very consistent and even solid against the run. Right now it would be a solid rotation with Hughes and Murphy. Great job getting him here, I think they go pass rusher at 22 also.
  12. I think that's a ton of compensation to give up for a guy who has never had double digit TD in his career in a year where the draft was said to be deep with talent at the position. I'm guessing they thought at 22 nobody of Diggs' caliber would be there for them so they made this deal which would make sense. He's had a fairly productive career but I think he'll be looking for another payday much like the Raiders paid AB and the Browns paid OBJ, that at least seems to be the theme so if we traded a 1st and have to pay him around what Amari Cooper is getting then it becomes quite a steep price and I think we should have stuck with a rookie but I don't want to get ahead of myself since that part hasn't happened yet. That is going to be a tough group of WR to stop along with Knox and Singletary, this group is looking real solid. I'd like to see an upgrade at backup QB, I'm really bummed Keenum went to the Browns I thought he'd be a solid pickup.
  13. Jones and Van Noy were great pickups, Lawson and Flowers were very bad deals imo so it's a wash.
  14. Are you suggesting Duke Williams and his 12 catches for 166 yards and 1 TD make Cole Beasley expendable? If I could do the Rock eyebrow Id do it right now.
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