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  1. It will most likely take a Khalil Mack type of trade, Clowney was the #1 pick overall and has produced his past 2 seasons. No way are you getting a premier pass rusher for a 2nd and some mediocre DE, come on man that wouldn't even work on madden. More likely a 1st, 2nd and you have to sign him to a huge contract.
  2. Reggie White had an amazing cast of players around him ... Clyde Simmons, Seth Joyner, and RIP Jerome Brown who could have been one of the best to play inside. When Bruce came in he was virtually doing it himself through countless double teams, Reggie did also but I'm not sure he did with the Eagles so for me it's Bruce, who was also stout against the run plus he's the sack leader so to me there is no question it's Smith.
  3. Dude you need to go back and see all the hate comments of Josh Allen in here, it was really bleak for quite some time. I think the videos would have been similar but it would have went like this "Josh Allen over Josh Rosen? Beane needs to be fired immediately".
  4. I guess you haven't been listening or seeing the same stations as myself because all I've been hearing is how the additions in FA will be great for Josh Allen, Buffalo had an awesome draft and hell on good morning football I just heard Micheal Robinson say that the Bills will win the division. I'm seeing and hearing differently from you my friend.
  5. What other magical advice should he have given? Study your opponent and the OC, what more advice should he have given?
  6. Are we going to be able to pay him, Josh Allen, Tremaine Edmunds and Tre White? That's going to be alot of dough in a few seasons.
  7. Shouldn't surprise anyone really, he's a rotational guy who doesn't get to the passer and I guess is an adequate run stuffer? Glad to see we didn't give 9.5M for that.
  8. It's terrible but I thought he was still alive.
  9. Like I said in another WGR thread, I really can't believe people still listen to that station, there is so much better out there from podcasts to sirius radio. If you stop listening they will find replacements.
  10. Man the OL is night and day, secondary looks much improved also. This team is looking awesome, man Williams retired a year too early I think.
  11. I don't think any rookie WR from this class would have came in and unseated any of our starters, I think they're waiting for next years crop, the WR class is much better imo.
  12. I would love Anthony Johnson on our roster learning in the wings for a year or 2 .
  13. Whatever man, read what you want, I revised nothing.
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