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  1. I really like Tre but right now Gilmore is by a far margin the better CB and to me is the best corner in football.
  2. Dawson Knox and even Sweeney are showing signs that the game isn't too big for them yet we would give up draft picks for a guy who is showing no signs of improvement? That is an old Bills move, I'm hoping we've gotten rid of that trend.
  3. It's crazy to me people want a 3rd RB, a 3rd WR on this team but other than Jerry Hughes who is our pass rusher? Trent Murphy? Shaq Lawson?
  4. Until this past Sunday we had 7 sacks, one of the fewest in the league until we went off. Hughes is our only true pass rusher and he only had 7 last season. We need a legit pass rusher opposite of him.
  5. I just don't see Gordon as a great back the way others do, he has injury concerns, will command a very large pay upgrade that I would rather spend towards a dominant pass rusher over a RB, these are just my opinions.
  6. I say yes but not at WR, how many more WR are we going to fit on this roster? The addition of Williams now makes this group a decent unit. I want the Bills to go all in on a damn pass rusher, up until last week when our DT suddenly erupted for 3 sacks we had one of the lowest sack totals in the league despite being ranked high. If anything happens to Hughes we are in trouble as far as getting to the QB, we need someone opposite of Hughes. Get Ryan Kerrigan in here from the Redskins, he has 3 sacks on a putrid Redskins team but the DL is actually doing good, he'd be a rental for us in his last year but a major upgrade to anything we have now. Kerrigan has more sacks than both Murphy and Lawson together already.
  7. I'll say it over and over, I feel like we have Brett Favre on the roster, you can say those were different times yadda yadda but the similarities are a very good comparison especially younger in Favre's career. Favre actually threw 24 picks in his 1st year in GB.
  8. They are 4-1, your evidence is in the wins, he has made countless mistakes but still lead our team to victory. Our defense is amazing yes but without Allen getting us into the endzone twice we don't win this game. He was raw coming into the draft and is still learning but trusts his arm whether it's good or bad. You saw all game he was being more conservative than ever, we had a great defense also with Tyrod Taylor but Taylor was never good enough to win games on his own which Allen is and has done.
  9. Jordan Phillips and it wasn't even close imo, he was unblockable on this day, nice to see a coming out party for the big man, hopefully many more too come.
  10. Roethlisberger, Favre, Brees and countless others just took time to develop into the QB's they were or are now. You don't give up on a QB after not even 2 full seasons of play, he's a gunslinger who wants to put the entire city on his back, he doesn't have to and that's what he needs to understand, when not if he understands that then I believe great things are about to happen with this team imo.
  11. Nice I got that black Bills hat at Dave and Adams for $10.00, they had a sale a few weeks back, if you want Bills clothes/gear they have a wide variety.
  12. That was a terrible overthrow by Allen, are you really blaming Zay Jones for that?
  13. Of course you don't want to see it but he's a gunslinger, you can't take that out of him and I don't think you want to. It does cause turnovers but it also causes amazing plays that will eventually happen. I'm more concerned with his deep ball, in all 3 games he's misfired at least once a guy deep who was a step or 2 behind the defender, that definitely needs some major work.
  14. On offense we have to control the clock, keep Brady off the field. We have to run all over them if we have any sort of chance to win. On defense etting to brady or at least pressure him all game to make bad throws, he's shown plenty of times against Atlanta, Giants twice and Seattle when he's rushed he is off target.
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