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  1. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Big Bucks next year, what to spend on, what to draft?

    I would like this team to spend money in FA on the OL, I'd rather have experience on the OL than a rookie. C Matt Paradis, G Rodger Saffold, G Marcus Spain, T Darryl Williams are just some names that could be available for us. I don't see any big named WR in FA unless 1 is released due to cap problems so the draft will most likely provide us with our best options, same with the TE position, there are some decent TE's in this draft.
  2. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Mock draft & FA (edited)

    I think Id be pissed if this is how it went down.
  3. BuffaloBillsGospel

    My FA targets

    I wouldn't mind this, It would take a miracle for Elway to let Paradis walk though. I would love this team to sign OT Daryl Williams (CAR), OG Rodger Saffold (LAR), C Matt Paradis (DEN) and WR Donte Moncrief (JAX). Those players would all fill some major roles... I don't see paradis leaving Denver but I can see all the rest moving on to different homes.
  4. BuffaloBillsGospel

    OK. I'll Say It-Allen will be best Bills QB ever

    If he can stay out of the hospital then I agree with you.
  5. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Steelers Fan Keeping it Classy

    I've seen some crazy ***** at Bills games with opposing fans, it's the same everywhere.
  6. This is not even in the same realm as the Ray Rice incident. Ray Rice punched his wife in the face knocking her out and dragging her around. In a statement that I read on NFL.com Hunt stated the woman called him a racial slur, the woman claims he was trying to coax her in his room. I mean he's an idiot for doing what he did but you can clearly see from the video Hunt pushing her (boneheaded move) then the girl puts her hand in his face and keeps going after him. This to me is totally different from Rice, the kick at the end was another bone headed move but if he wanted to he could have teed off on her real bad. I'm not condoning his actions here but I don't see this as him being black balled from the league imo.
  7. Since I feel we have our QB already, from here on out it's playoff run for me at least.
  8. BuffaloBillsGospel

    2019 Mock Draft: Bills take OT Greg Little (Mississippi) at 9

    I hate to say it but if everyone is talking BPA, if CB Greedy Williams is on the board at 9, he is easily the BPA in this scenario.
  9. BuffaloBillsGospel

    LeVeon Bell: What better fit for him than Buffalo?

    I still don't think Beane is going to cash strap this roster with high priced free agents, I think he will address at least 2 OLine positions and at least 1 WR position in FA but I don't think it will be a huge name. If McCoy is still here which he will be next season why would they sign Bell to a huge contract? I get McCoy is up there in age but that doesn't seem like something this regime would do imo, Bell is a great player but he also had a future HOF QB, future HOF WR and a top OL blocking in front of him so all those factors are hard to ignore. How about drafting our own LeVeon Bell?
  10. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Anthony Barr next year as our SLB?

    I wouldn't think it would be wise to shell out big money for a LB which he will command when our OL is in shambles and our WR core is mediocre, just my opinion though and barr is a decent LB but also a liability in pass coverage, I don't think a 2 down LB is worth what Barr is about to be paid in a passing league unless he's strictly a pass rusher.
  11. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Would you take Marcell Dareus back?

    Jordan Phillips to me is an upgrade imo, he plays hard and stout something Dareus didn't do 2 seasons ago for us.
  12. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Nice game but Allen needs to pass

    I completely disagree and I hope they continue to game plan like this, Allen isn't taking off because he doesn't trust his arm, he takes off because that's another weapon in his arsenal. I truly feel like I'm watching Big Ben all over again, this is exactly how the Steelers brought up Big Ben, his passing stats his 1st couple years with the Steelers weren't much to look at (2,621 yards, 17 TD, 11 INT- 2004, 2,385, 17 TD, 9 INT- 2005) but it was Roethlisbergers ability to elude sacks run around with his feet and make the necessary throw to get in position to score or kick a FG that made him the QB he is today. This myth that he has to throw all over to be a successful QB is just wrong, this coaching staff is doing exactly the right things to progress Allen for the future, getting wins will help any young QB's mind and that should be the only goal.
  13. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Shady can only Shake/Bake with his Head & Shoulders

    I see it much differently, surprisingly this OLine group is better pass blockers than run blockers, which isn't saying much since they are barely better at that. Unfortunately McCoy is a total waste this season but next year with some better blockers and hopefully a few better veteran WR's and he should be back to dominant form since he wasn't used all that much this year.
  14. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Do you think Robert Foster can develop to into a #1 receiver?

    I would say the answer is no, he is more of a 1 trick pony much along the lines of Mike Wallace in Pittsburgh. He was a good player but as far as doing anything other than sprint down the sideline that wasn't his style and I believe that's more who Robert Foster is imo.
  15. BuffaloBillsGospel

    You have to love Josh Allen...

    The biggest thing for me is that he is making guys like Robert Foster look good against a top passing defense not the Jets defense and Zay Jones is having a much better 2nd season also, he's also found Croom a bunch of times, that's what you want to see... Your top QB making players around him better and that's what I believe Allen is doing imo.