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    Bengals Release Vontaze Burfict

    Dude is a scumbag, intentionally tries to injure people. I wouldn't want him anywhere near our locker room .
  2. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Tim Graham Defends Mike Rodak. Says Bills Fans Treat Him Unfairly

    I'm not a fan of most social media, watching people write "go kill yourself" because of a sports team is pretty sick imo and most people hide behind a keyboard.
  3. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Devin White - Luke Keuchly, Patrick Willis, Ray Lewis

    Because of his athleticism, he sees Luke Keuchly type of potential because the position has changed from guys like Reggie Ragland who are run stuffers into guys who can stop the run but also fall back into coverage, move sideline to sideline. He was good in his first year but the thought of White at ILB who has the same athleticism as Edmunds but his natural position is ILB and just letting Edmunds loose on QB's, I think he'd be a top notch pass rusher plus he could still fall back into coverage.
  4. Quinton Spain G (TEN) would be a heck of a pickup here this late. He would be a much better starter than Spencer imo.
  5. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Devin White - Luke Keuchly, Patrick Willis, Ray Lewis

    Tremaine's natural position is OLB, Devin White would be the more natural fit at ILB but it's doubtful he makes it to us, I see the Raiders all over this guy to man that LB core.
  6. I like your enthusiasm OP but the Mario Willliams comment I don't agree with at all, the dude had 43 sacks for us, made our defense a powerhouse and if we even had a Tyrod taylor in the first 3 years we had him we would have been a playoff team no doubt about it.
  7. Helping Allen progress, that is the ultimate goal and both players can do that, Allen doesn't have to put the entire team on his back/arm. Shady and Gore should take some of the pressure off. John Brown is the veteran deep threat who's been doing it for quite some time now, like I said in another rant he was well on his way to putting up his best numbers ever as a pro until Flacco got injured. We have the deep threats in Foster/Brown and the guys catching all the underneath stuff in Beasley/Jones.
  8. BuffaloBillsGospel

    With recent news, Is Sweat worth the risk?

    If Oliver is drafted I'd love to get Montez Sweat in rotation with Murphy/Hughes/Lawson, would be a great fit here also. The heart condition could be a heart murmur for all we know which usually comes with little complications. Hurst had a heck of a rookie season so if it's even less severe than his he is worth a top 10 pick no doubt about it imo.
  9. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Debbie Downers Empowered By WGR550 Afternoon Drive

    I think the team has improved greatly so far but I hate these types of threads, so basically if you don't think like you do you're a moron. I get the Debbie downers, this team has been bad for so long that they'll believe it when they see and there's nothing wrong with that imo.
  10. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Stefon Diggs being traded to Washington? Likely no

    I don't know I could see this going down, Adam Theilen is the top WR there, they just signed Anthony Barr to a big deal and Cosuins is making bank also, something has to give imo.
  11. BuffaloBillsGospel

    This WR corps still sucks

    Works for me.
  12. BuffaloBillsGospel

    This WR corps still sucks

    Got to try and cheer that one up you know?
  13. BuffaloBillsGospel

    This WR corps still sucks

    I get where you're coming from but the QB makes the WR, always has and always will. Just look what Allen did with an undrafted rookie FA WR, a 4th round TE in Croom and a bunch of make shift WR. Now he has real veteran WR, John Brown finally got a true shot at WR with Baltimore and was on pace for his best season ever until Flacco was injured and they ran nonstop. Cole Beasley is that annoying as hell slot WR that you can't cover because he gets all the underneath garbage stuff like the Pats do 24-7 to every team, now you have Shady, Gore blocking, Kroft blocking, I'm telling you man if Allen is the guy which I believe he is it's going to be a fun year plus like you said there is also the draft and sure to be a WR in the mix also imo.
  14. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Think Shady is not smiling ear to ear right now?

    I hear you plus TE Tyler Kroft and RB Frank Gore are excellent blockers also so they will add to the mix as well.
  15. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Who's your top 9? (QBs excluded)

    1. Josh Allen 2. Nick Bosa 3. Quinnen Williams 4. Devin White 5. Ed Oliver 6. Christian Wilkins 7. Josh Jacobs 8. Rashaan Gary 9. Jawaan Taylor
  16. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Bills sign T LaAdrian Waddle to a 1yr deal

    It was a good depth signing but I don't think it makes us not draft a OT, we can always upgrade.
  17. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Post your mock draft here

    After seeing who the Bills brought in for visits, met at the combine, senior Bowl and for private workouts I've changed my tune a bit. RD1- DT Ed Oliver- Houston RD2- OT Kaleb McGary- Washington RD3- TE Isaac Nauta- Georgia RD4- WR DaMarkus Lodge- Ole Miss RD4- DE Maxx Crosby- Eastern Michigan RD5- OG Dru Samia- Oklahoma RD5- CB Blace Brown- Troy RD6- OT Ethan Greenidge-Villinova RD7- DE Derick Roberson- Sam Houston State
  18. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Greg Landry's FA Dos and Don'ts

    I didn't need to read all of this, do you think the rams got a return on their investment? me to. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. If you have a QB you need to be swinging for the fences before said QB's contract is up.
  19. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Hockenson at #9 Change My Mind

    I'm not sure if it means much but to me I think it does, the Bills have only met with 1 TE and it was at the combine, Isaac Nauta so either they are super confident not to interview any of the tight end prospects or they have the guys they like and will roll with them. What's interesting as I look at the pre draft visit tracker, they haven't met with Josh Allen, D.K. Metcalf, either of the TE's, DT Christian Wilkins, Deebo Samuel, DE Nick Bosa, DT Jeffrey Simmons but they have met with DT Ed Oliver, WR Marquise Brown, both of the big OT Jawaan Taylor and Jonah Williams and DE Rasaan Gary.
  20. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Transcript - Beane on 'Schein On Sports' 3/15 Sirius Radio

    So do we still hate Antonio Brown now? Hell yes! Great post btw.
  21. BuffaloBillsGospel

    A trade down is now off the table.

    i don't want to say anything is impossible but I'd have to say if he free falled like that then the injury is much worse then speculated, highly doubtful but in your scenario then yes I'd inquire for sure if he started falling down the board.
  22. BuffaloBillsGospel

    A trade down is now off the table.

    It would take quite a bit to move up much like we did when we traded up for Sammy Watkins, most definitely a 1st next year if we're moving up into the top 5, you don't give up a 1st next year for a LB or a DE who is coming off a season ending injury it just doesn't make sense imo.
  23. BuffaloBillsGospel

    A trade down is now off the table.

    I just don't see anything worth trading up for, if we need pass rush help there will be plenty of options, same with TE, OT, DT, WR, I think were set up real nice that even a trade down is a very real possibility. I like what we've done so far but we can still be upgraded all over the OL, DL, TE and WR imo. I don't see the value in trading up since we have our QB now.
  24. BuffaloBillsGospel

    I think I figured out Dabol people...🤔🤔🤔

    I stated why I used the combine numbers yet you have given 0 stats or any reason other than your eyeballs as to why Fant isn't, it's typical though on here.
  25. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Now go get Duke Johnson please

    I wouldn't trade a draft pick for a guy we can get in the same round that we give up and at a much cheaper rate but that's just me.