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  1. I went with B+ but I think that can elevate moving into the second part of the season. Like others on here I question some of his review choices and game management. I think he is a perfect coach for Buffalo.
  2. The Bills just need to win as many games as possible and not worry about what other teams are doing. Good teams win and get into the playoffs.
  3. 40 mile training ride on Sat morning and nap soon there after. Read all the crazy off season-like posts on here. Sunday watch the 49ers game with my wife then go practice at the range getting ready for my elk hunt the first week of December.
  4. I hope none of the Bills coaches get an interview this coming off season. I would like to see the Bills have some continuity for a little while and see what the Bills can look like with the same players and coaches in a system for several years. That being said I wouldnt blame either of them for leaving for a head coaching gig.
  5. Since the Refs missed Phillips face mask on Mariota while sacking him then it makes up for it.
  6. Since it is supposed to be raining Sunday I think Duke will be valuable for his solid hands but also he is a great blocker. Run game is going to be big Sunday.
  7. I will counter with what Primetime said about the Bills defense when asked if other teams can use the Bills blueprint for defending the Pats. You cant because you dont have the same talent. Pats secondary is very good so they can blitz and still cover their assigments without confusion. Other teams do not have the talent to do that on a regular basis.
  8. So the Bills should make Allen sit because of a bad game? Terrible idea. Allen has to know the ups and downs of the position. I think it was a great lesson for him to learn that his mistakes cost the Bills points in close game that they lost. It was a winnable game. Until the Pats game Allen was able to overcome his mistakes and pull out a win. Being on the losing side maybe he sees the consiquences on his actions. He also has to learn to put it behind him and move on to the next game. Would you still be saying the same thing if Allen wasnt knocked out of the game and was able to pull out a win? No because all his mistakes wouldnt be so glaring if he pulled out a win against the Pats.
  9. I would like to see a trade happen but I doubt it will. I would give up a 2nd or 3rd for Diggs but not a first. The Bills need another good draft to add to their foundation.
  10. I like the Bills D going against Mariota. The Bills can get pressure just by rushing 4 and the Bills LB's are fast enough that Mariota wont run away from them.
  11. The confidence thing is a two way street. If you sit him in favor of Barkley, what does that do to his confidence if he is healthy? QB's are going to have bad games. Allen will have more bad games in the future. Everything we have heard about Allen is that he can forget and move on to the next play. I think if he didnt get hurt, chances were good he brings the Bills back at the end. Chances are really high he would have gotten 6 on 3rd and goal when Barkley couldnt do it.
  12. I am not on board with letting Allen sit to learn. Sitting him his rookie year I can understand but not now. He needs as much playing time as possible to try to develop as quickly as possible. There are only so many games in a season and Allen needs to play in all of them unless he is hurt.
  13. But they arent 1-3. They beat the teams they were supposed to beat....doesnt really matter how they beat them. Every person on here would love to see the Bills blow out opponents and have the game over by the 3rd quarter. The Bills do not have the offensive talent to do that. They need more pieces on offense. That may not get the players until next off season and even then they may only have a solid offense, not one that puts 28+ points on the board every game.
  14. The Bills are inferior to the Pats but didnt get dominated by them. The difference in the game was a special teams play.
  15. Do you really not see a difference or are you just programmed to "we suck again" mode when the Bills dont play well?
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