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  1. Wood doesnt like JJ Watt. Thinks he is "me" guy. Said they would gash Houston because they would run at Watt knowing he would vacate his spot for an easier rush lane. Said Houston couldnt blitz much because Watt would do his own thing. Said when he first played for the Bills their roster was terrible because Ralph was nearing the end of his life and didnt want to spend any money on players. said he got the news of his neck injury after post season exit exams. They kept the retirement quiet for a while so the Bills wouldnt be hit with the whole cap number at once. Said he was losing his playing weight and when he went to functions people were wonding Said Beane is the best GM in the business. He asked Beane if the Bills win the superbowl would he be invited to the functions and events. Beane said you go where I go.
  2. Will Compton has the podcast with Lewan as cohost.
  3. Wood talks about his playing days, his injuries, his career ending injury and the details of how it was handled. He talks about Fitz, Allen, Beane, McDermott, ect.
  4. Great info from Eric Wood on here. I didnt see it posted so here it is
  5. Limited snaps due to rotation will limit guys stats but keep fresher legs. The Bills could get pressure, they just couldnt get home to the QB or couldnt contain the QBs. The Bills safeties are taking away the deep plays so most underneath throws are out of the QB's hands in a couple seconds which makes it harder to get sacks. There were lots of throwaways and incomplete passes due to pressure. There arent any Bosa's or Watt's out there to be had. Closest thing would be Chandler Jones but he wont be cheap.
  6. You are right. I think it is the timing of the "hero ball". He has to consider down/distance, time in the game, and field position. I like that he is looking to score TD's but already being in FG range with the lead, I dont want to see "hero ball". I want to see throw it away and try for a FG. He was trying to do too much when he didnt need to. I also he probably wouldnt do it as much if his WR's didnt drop as many balls and the running game was more consistent.
  7. I think what this season has proved in the NFL is that no team is to be taken lightly. Key injuries can derail teams. The Bills are not going to blow out every team. I think fans got spoiled last season. In years past a blow out was a welcome treat and now it is expected. The Bills were starving for a 300 yard passer and now are disappointed when Allen throws for less.
  8. Signing an NFL contract comes with people knowing who you are. Some fans are more hyped about seeing their fav players out in public than other fans. Kids love to see NFL players. When I lived in CA Tony Zendejas kicked for the Rams and had Zendejas restaurant. Jerome Bettis and Jackie Slater were frequent visitors. They hung out with everybody else but that was back in the early 90's.
  9. If Josh had not slipped on the last play against the Titans conversations like this most likely do not exist.
  10. I am glad to see the defense batting stuff down and picking off passes. I dont care if they are supposed to or not. Dont make it easy for the offense and get into the habit for the defense.
  11. This is an ok move. Replaces Kroft. Not super exciting
  12. Unless a good RT is released this coming week, the Bills should try to resign Williams. RT's that can pass protect and are good in the run game are expensive. Try to sign Williams to a 2 yr extension and look for a possible replacement in the draft this year or next. As others have mentioned his pass protection is what is needed for the Bills passing game. Maybe the Bills select a RB with some speed this draft so the outside run game comes into play.
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