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  1. If you got fired for not showing up to work then you dont qualify for unemployment. At least thats how it is here in AZ.
  2. If you were calling out of work at a new job because of a football game that can be recorded then Employee of the Month was not in your future.
  3. I think that whole "business decision" stuff was when he was playing with boys and not men.
  4. Allen missed some throws and the drops were not helping him. There were multiple drops on short routes. Drops on 3rd down at the sticks are killers. Allen put up a couple bombs that didnt work out....one the DB made a great play and the other was right off of Diggs hands. It would have been a tough catch but one he can make. The Bills defense was playing soft to not get beat deep so they got beat everywhere else. Until the Bills figure out how to stop a good running team, this is what we are going to see. Hopefully Josh and the offense can get back to putting 30 points on the board because the
  5. People go off the deep end here. The Bills lost to two of the top teams in the NFL. The Ravens have a much better defense than the Bills right now and got torched by the Chiefs. The Bills are not an elite team but that doesnt mean they arent a playoff team. Just win the AFCeast and go from there. To say they will lose both games to the Pats is Beaten Bills Syndrome. Denver came into NE and beat them with field goals.
  6. I am enjoying it and it is nice to have confidence in the Bills. That being said I am not getting too high because I know there will be lows. I like knowing the Bills have the ability to play with anyone offensively but there are games coming where it wont work out. Most of all I like seeing the aggressive nature of the Bills and not sitting on leads. Put the foot on the gas until the game is well in hand.
  7. I didnt read the whole thread so not sure if it has been mentioned but there should be some way to stabilize the goal posts in the wind if cameras or lasers are going to be used. If a kick is that close then a good wind gust could make a good kick bad and vice versa.
  8. So how does a mask that doesnt impede your breathing do anything to filter the air droplets you are expelling?
  9. I agree with this. I think COVID is something that we are going to have to deal with for quite sometime. Not much is known about antibodies yet. Some studies have shown that the antibodies may only last a couple of months. Maybe a cure all vaccine is found and maybe COVID is treated like the Flu getting yearly shots.
  10. Once she tested positive for the antibody then she had to take a COVID test before going back to work. The first one was inconclusive and then the second one was negative. She also retook the antibody test three weeks later and it was still positive. Nobody else in our family tested positive.
  11. They can add one more COVID death to the total then
  12. I dont think we will ever know the true fatality rate. My wife does antibody testing and she said there are a lot more positive tests now than when they first started testing. Lots of people had it and never knew it. My wife had it and didnt know it. I never got it.
  13. I have been going to home and away games since I was a kid. I remember going to watch the Bills in the Astrodome, LA Colliseum, and more recently here is AZ. I dont get to home games as often anymore. Maybe a game every other year.
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