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  1. I have been going to home and away games since I was a kid. I remember going to watch the Bills in the Astrodome, LA Colliseum, and more recently here is AZ. I dont get to home games as often anymore. Maybe a game every other year.
  2. I will see your Mayo clinic article and I will raise you a CDC post as well as CIDRAP commentary. There are studies that show masks work and there are studies that show they dont. Most people wearing masks reuse the same one and constantly touch it negating its use. Basically it comes down to perception of risk....for some the risk is high and for others the risk is low. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong. Oh and Go Bills. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/5/19-0994_article https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2020/04/commentary-masks-all-covid-19-not-based-sound-data
  3. They have a better chance of tearing an ACL running drills outside than catching COVID outside in a hot/humid environment. Unless of course the Patriots personnel is in the area then you never know what can happen.
  4. I dont care if there are cardboard cut outs in the seats and they pipe in fake clapping/laughter like in Happy Days as long as they are playing the game
  5. I hate dealing with ATT but Direct Ticket is totally worth it. I love the Bills and my wife loves the 49eres. We can both watch our games even when they are on at the same time. Love flipping through the games.
  6. I read this morning that if CA doesnt lift the "No pro sports until after a vaccine is found" then the 49ers may play their home games in AZ since there would be no schedule conflicts. Hope it doesnt come to that because every team deserves to play in front of their fans. If it does, I will be going to that Monday night game.
  7. My wife is in healthcare so she got the antibody and turns out she was positve for the IGM antibody which means fighting off current infection. Her first actual COVID test came back inconclusive. Her second COVID test came back negative. So she had COVID sometime in the last three weeks and never knew it. Surprised she didnt show symptoms because she is on immunosuppresants. I tested negative as well as my inlaws who watch our son during the week and are also on immunosuppresants. The idea that anyone around an infected person is going to get it lost some steam with me. Everyone has the choice to deal with it as they choose. I am not saying that people arent suseptable to COVID, I am just sharing our experience.
  8. I bought tickets for the Bills/Cards game last night. Read this morning that if CA doesnt allow pro sports events until after a vaccine is found then the 49ers home games could be moved to AZ because there would be no scheduling conflicts. If that happens, my wife is a 49ers fan so we will be going to that Monday night game.
  9. Dalton isnt a great QB but he is capable starter. I think he will take a lot less money to go to the Pats where he will start. Time for the Pats to start renogatiating contracts.
  10. McBeane has connections to a handful of Hall of Famers who all played/coached at the same time. Why wouldnt you tap into this? When doing a job, a little praise and a little criticism are healthy. For every DE, QB, RB, ect playing today, these guys did it at the highest level and would love the knowledge.
  11. I dont think the Packers should have moved up for Love but I can see where they wanted to secure a possible replacement for Rodgers. The QB class doesnt look that strong as of right now for where the Packers will be picking in the draft. I think they should have loaded up with impact players to try to make a run this coming season.
  12. Before people start talking about Tua being a top ten QB, Miami has to get better offensive weapons. They have one good WR, a pretty good TE, and a pretty good RB. Am I missing something here?
  13. I will throw my remote at my tv if the Bills trade up for a WR.
  14. I think the Bills should go best player available and then go for need if players are rated equal. I dont think the Bills can go wrong with RB, DE, or CB in round 2. WR can wait until rounds 3 or 4.
  15. Everybody would love to have a great or elite QB. Good QB is hugely important but it is not the end all be all to winning. Every year there are teams that win playoff games without a great QB.....this year Vikings, 49ers, and Titans all won playoff games with average or above average QB's. Jimmy G has some good games and then he plays awful. This year they were both in the conversation for Coach and GM of the year. Yeah your right if the Bills fire him his career as a GM is over.
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