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  1. I will never understand some NFL players. You get paid a ton to play a sport. For the time you are in the NFL, keep it clean. You will have the rest of your life to mess up.
  2. I think the Bills will be a tough team to play. As long as there arent too many injuries, I can see a 10-6 record. I still havent seen the Bills starting Oline open holes in the run game on a regular basis.
  3. lets not forget about the Ravens being interested until Kap's girlfriend posted a picture of Ray Lewis and the Ravens owner comparing them to Django.
  4. Ok the helmet isnt approved by the NFL. Even Schutt the manufacturer said that they stopped producing that model helmet because it is old technology that has been surpassed by newer safer technology.
  5. That is true. It still remains that the NFL has banned his helmet and the NFL is specific as to what you can and cannot wear on the field.
  6. Going by the cap hit the Cowboys have 64 milllion tied up in 5 players on offense not including Prescott or Elliott. Should be interesting to see how they handle this.
  7. If the NFL wants headgear to meet a certain safety standard and Brown's old helmet doesnt, then it is pretty cut and dry. The NFL gives the players choices of certain helmets that are approved, pick one and deal with it. The NFL told teams and players that last year was the last year to be able to use that helmet. If you think the NFL is going to risk getting sued for head injury because they gave a waiver then you are definitely not smarter than an engineer.
  8. Crazy. After watching what Keim went through last year he didnt learn anything from it. My wife and I Uber everywhere and when we have our son we dont drink.
  9. You can only carry a gun into a bar if you have a CCW and even then you cant drink.
  10. I thought Wade could make the 53 man roster, get signed to a practice squad spot, or use the exemption for the extra practice squad spot. Using the exemption would make him ineligible to be moved up to the roster this season but a regular PS spot he could be moved up. The Bills do not have to use the exemption.
  11. I am looking forward to seeing how Allen works with Brown and Beasley against another defense. It will be interesting to see how Sweeney plays being a 7th round pick. Oliver on defense. I also want to see Singletary play and I hope Wade gets in the game.
  12. I have been to SJF several times to watch the Bills practice and by seeing everyones posts, I have a good feel for what is going on there. The media is there everyday, is it the same when the Bills come back to OBD? Is the media allowed to watch all the practices for the rest of preseason or it is just a couple practices that are open to media?
  13. All because he has a couple bad sessions at practice? Nice leap to the negative
  14. I can see the Bills not resigning McCoy next season but bringing back Gore for another season
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