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  1. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Devin White LSU LB: I’ll be looking for $100 mil in 5 years

    He is a true leader, can play in any situation and would probably put this defense into elite category which would move Edmunds to OLB where he would destroy QB's. I think of Patrick Willis when I watch White play but more athletic.
  2. BuffaloBillsGospel

    DE, Jachai Polite, FL in the 2nd Rnd

    I don't think he'll last to the 2nd round, I don't want to say not a chance but pass rushers are a premium so if he made it past 20 picks I'd be surprised.
  3. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option

    He will be in the 10-12M range if he's given the option, not a chance I'd pick that up. Decline his option and see if it lights a fire, he offers very little as a pass rusher and you can find run stuffers all throughout the draft who will make way less than 10-12M, were already wasting money on Loutelelei imo.
  4. I don't see why Buffalo would trade up for a DE, they would absolutely be giving up a 1st round pick in next years draft and as much as I like Nick Bosa, giving up draft picks especially our 1st is a no go for me, I'd actually hate it if the Bills did that but that's me. I do envision the Bills moving back into round 1 though, maybe to get the OT or G they couldn't get at 9 because they needed a pass rusher or vice versa.
  5. BuffaloBillsGospel

    DT in the 2nd?

    Always, Always, Always take the best player available especially top 10. Obviously I don't think we take a QB or RB in those spots even if they are BPA but we are in need of interior DL and edge rushers both of which should be available to us at pick #9, I truly believe we'll take one but again I won't be upset if we take 1 of the OT's or a WR I just think the true BPA has to be a DL imo.
  6. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Bills host OG Quinton Spain from Titans

    They have spent lots of money along that OL with Lewan's deal and will have to pay Conklin good money. He had lapses last year where he was benched because of his run blocking. He has been a solid pass blocker the past 4 years.
  7. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Bills host OG Quinton Spain from Titans

    I would feel really good about this OL if we landed Spain, he would be a tremendous upgrade and one that I was pushing for since before free agency started. I really hope they land him.
  8. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Bills sign TE Jake Fisher to 1-year deal

    Not a bad move even though he was a bust as an OL he could be a solid blocker at the TE position, the more people blocking for Allen the merrier I say.
  9. BuffaloBillsGospel

    All Troublemaker Team

    QB- Mike Vick, Ryan Leaf, Jeff George RB- Ray Rice, Kareem Hunt, Joseph Randle, Karlos Williams TE- Aaron Hernandez, Mark Chumura WR- Rae Carruth, Justin Blackmon, Josh Gordon, Michael Irvin OL- Ritchie Incognito, Tony Mandarich, Barrett Robbins, Kyle Turley, Nate Newton DB- Rodney Harrison, Darren Sharper, Adam "Pacman" Jones, Brandon Browner LB- Ray Lewis, Reuben Foster, Rolando McClain, Aldon Smith DL- Randy Gregory, Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald, Barry Cofield K- Sebastian Janikowski P- Todd Sauerbrun
  10. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Andre Dillard at #9?

    I think there will be 8 defensive players taken with the first 9 picks, 1 being a QB in the mix. I'm reading more and more articles that this could be the best DL draft in history, if that's the case I think we should definitely be in on that because we have a huge pass rushing hole on the opposite side of Jerry Hughes.
  11. BuffaloBillsGospel

    3, possibly 4 QBs taken in the 1st rd before the Bills pick?

    There shouldn't be any in the top 10 but QB trumps all, if the Cardinals take Murray #1 they have truly turned into that dysfunctional franchise. Giving up on a QB after his first year behind one of the worst lines in football really looks bad but on the other end if they do draft Murray and he tears it up they will look like genius' so who knows. This should be pretty much all defense in the first 10 picks other than a QB. They're saying this might be the best DL and Edge rusher draft in history, the potential is there of course and I fully expect Buffalo to be a part of that.
  12. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    I'd say we still need a starting G and RT. Lots of question marks still. Are the FA pickups solid backup's or starter material? Will Teller progress or regress? I wouldn't move Dawkins at all imo. I'd say the biggest need is pass rusher, other than Hughes there is nobody. Murphy is paid to be but hasn't panned out yet. Wether it's a LB , DE or DT we need a pass rusher bad.
  13. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Devin White - Luke Keuchly, Patrick Willis, Ray Lewis

    I don't know if they don't value LB, I think it was more of they didn't want to pay him, I think Mack would have been a wasted talent at ILB imo. I think they have alot more pressing needs on the defensive side of the ball but now that they picked up Burfict maybe White does free fall right to us.
  14. BuffaloBillsGospel

    If Allen is real deal, bills make playoffs

    I just wish this Brady fella wasn't in our division, it complicates things.
  15. BuffaloBillsGospel

    Bengals Release Vontaze Burfict

    Dude is a scumbag, intentionally tries to injure people. I wouldn't want him anywhere near our locker room .