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  1. What other magical advice should he have given? Study your opponent and the OC, what more advice should he have given?
  2. Are we going to be able to pay him, Josh Allen, Tremaine Edmunds and Tre White? That's going to be alot of dough in a few seasons.
  3. Shouldn't surprise anyone really, he's a rotational guy who doesn't get to the passer and I guess is an adequate run stuffer? Glad to see we didn't give 9.5M for that.
  4. It's terrible but I thought he was still alive.
  5. Like I said in another WGR thread, I really can't believe people still listen to that station, there is so much better out there from podcasts to sirius radio. If you stop listening they will find replacements.
  6. Man the OL is night and day, secondary looks much improved also. This team is looking awesome, man Williams retired a year too early I think.
  7. I don't think any rookie WR from this class would have came in and unseated any of our starters, I think they're waiting for next years crop, the WR class is much better imo.
  8. I would love Anthony Johnson on our roster learning in the wings for a year or 2 .
  9. Whatever man, read what you want, I revised nothing.
  10. You need to read all of what I wrote, nowhere did i say RB grows on trees, I said that the learning curve is "set and dry" as far as assignments, you either run to the right, left or middle, the learning curve between WR and RB is much easier for a RB.
  11. RB is pretty set and dry, you find a hole and run through it, either it's to the left/right or middle and he will most likely be in on packages and as a return guy in year 1 learning from 2 of the best in the game. I'm not ragging on you because we have different views but your reasoning just doesn't make much sense to me.
  12. You're too Pete metzellars-ish, you wouldn't work out in this day and age sorry.
  13. It's funny that you think a WR was going to come right in here year 1 and take John Brown, Cole Beasley or Zay Jones spot from them knowing that WR is one of the biggest learning curves. Come on man your rant is a little stale, I get adding more weapons is key but there is more draft picks to choose from.
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