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  1. Ol Dirty B

    Coming to Buffalo - Bears Game 4th November

    Dude... You're on one. Stay if Amherst? Stop it. He's not shopping for real estate or raising kids here. If you're in Buffalo for two nights and you're spending what he's spending on airfare do you really want to stay in some crap hotel in Amherst by the airport where everything shuts down early? If he's going to rent a car and drive himself... The !@#$ is the point of being in Amherst? You're giving awful advice. I don't know the nature of what he plans to do. If you plan on not drinking, and you don't care about the night life, then sure, stay in Amherst. If you want to go out and see the town and the falls, but not planning on drinking, stay downtown. If you're planning on drinking and not wanting to worry about driving stay down town and just uber. I'm not sure how that works with international data plans, but Amherst sounds like somewhere I would absolutely not reccomend to someone right off the bat. That's awful advice in my opinion. Your posts are so bad in this thread... and the way you put on talking about how you've been to London and wrongly assuming he's from London just pile on. Just stop. You're not impressive.
  2. Ol Dirty B

    Arena Football

    Let me guess... You love hockey though? Your getting offended in this thread is as confusing as bringing soccer into it. Also soccer games never go three hours and don't have commercials during play. But if you'd rather watch baseball or bud light commercials that's cool. My three sports to watch are Football, football, and basketball. The only one I watch live unless I'm attending is the Football with the capital F because of commercials.
  3. Ol Dirty B

    The Biggest Whiffs In Buffalo Bills History

    At least it stopped them from Billy Volek? Oh I forgot about that, or the wound healed. I was livid when they let Winfield go. He had awful hands, but he was exceptional at everything else. Clements was a play maker but got beat a lot. Winfield was a solid tackler, came up in run support and consistently put himself in position to make picks, just dropped them. Yet rarely seemed to get beat.
  4. Ok sorry, hope I wasn't too rude. They both were in Atlanta, so I thought you were just making that assumption. Edit- On a second thought, Chris Miller makes your point so much better than Chris Chandler lol. And I agree on your second point.
  5. He gets practice rounds, they're called practice. It's a completely false equivalency. Practice rounds have no pressure, you can take different shots, try different strategies without the pressure of it being scrutinized and broadcast to the public. It's very similar to an NFL practice where he is still throwing, trying to make reads, working on footwork and what not at a slightly greater pace. Rather than dropping back, getting destroyed, feel the anxiety of 70,000 fans. Getting the football equivalent of the yips, then having his break down in mechanics broke down and broadcast across the nation. I think some guys benefit from playing early, and others benefit from sitting a year. I think Allen might be a guy who benefits from a year to just focus on muscle memory without pressure.
  6. Chris Chandler and Brett Favre were never teammates. But I see one moron thanked you for your post that makes no sense... So let's roll with it.
  7. It's really not even worth it with him. When you make points he finds himself unable to defend, rather than concede it, he just mutates the argument into something you weren't talking about. He's very good at reshaping the debate. It's really weird, this Alabama obsession. I mean that's how they are in that state so I get it a bit, but if he's from there, why the Bills? Go like Dallas Again, whenever the guy says something that is flat out wrong, or he can't really defend. The argument mutates into something that it never was. So he was a dud and this guy knew... Said it in Dareus's second season, but everyone knows that means he'll have a couple exceptional seasons after that, but it's fool's gold.
  8. Ol Dirty B

    What did Fitz say about Whaley at the Roast: Redux

    I didn't think there was a murmur indicative of anything. I do think it was interesting a joke of that nature existed. Since most of people in buffalo were aware of how scummy Brandon was, and nothing specific ever came to light, care to share? People who hate on Whaley are unreasonable for the most part. He had his bad moves, chiefly the Watkins trade. But these guys are trotting out jokes told by guys who were cut by him. Fitz and Fred are bitter towards Whaley? No way. Those guys had a chance to be successful before him and after him. They didnt do it either time. Cutting fred as much as I like him, and thought it was more of a rex move, was the right move at that time. He did nothing after that.
  9. Well yea, that is exactly what I meant. I'm free to judge however I want. It's my right, why shouldn't I? Plenty of people say they don't judge, well I do. The people who don't say the judge, don't believe them. You're inherently making a judgment by not judging. In this instance, I'd say you are judging as well. But yea, in my meaningless judgment, can't stress meaningless enough. She's a liar, he's probably a liar, and they're both dumb. Don't really care about either of them or what happens to them. Hope they both make millions. Doesn't matter to me except when Foster plays the Bills. Only connection I have to him. Man, you really respond conveniently to try to fix the argument in a very favorable way to yourself. Are you a lawyer? I don't think you're a lawyer, I think you'd challenge yourself more if you were one. But I bet you could make a great ambulance chaser. I actually think this is spot on. I'm also putting my own experiences into this, very good point.
  10. It has always been guilty until proven innocent in the public eye man. It's how people are wired. That's why the court of public opinion doesn't mean anything.
  11. I'm sorry for what you went through, I know people who have been through the same thing, even in my estimation, wrongly convicted. They didnt get the domestic charges but got other ones associated with it. But this is telling about your view of this issue. You can't just insert yourself into Reuben fosters position. Anyways, we'll probably disagree on a lot. Best of luck
  12. When the !@#$ did I do that? Since you're going to write my posts for me let me know if you want my password to my account. That way you can really have conversations with yourself. You can take the ignoring and misconstruing part right out of the equation. Who is all of them?
  13. Man you're good. Check my prior post, I thought they'd be merged. That could be very well what you mean, I just interpreted it differently.
  14. I don't think you understood the point. He was responding angrily or annoyed, however he'd want to put it to a tweet by some ESPN guy I've never heard of who said he hopes the follow up story gets as much coverage as the initial story. He said of course it won't, and I can infer from that, that he wish it would. Which is just beyond reasonable. A) I don't believe anything he or she says. B) I genuinely don't know because I haven't followed it that closely, did he have assault weapons? C) It doesn't qualify as news from an objective stand point. What happens to Reuben Foster, a NFL LB with a lot of talent who fell in the draft because of "character concerns" is a news story. What happens to the girl who may or may not have changed her story multiple times who is not a public persona after the trial, is not a news story. It doesn't warrant ESPN or any other news outlets resources. That's a lot different than just, "defending the presumption of innocence". That's a vendetta.
  15. Innocent until proven guilty is a legal principle, and needs no defending. If we aren't jurors it has nothing to do with what you or I think. I don't believe anything she says, and I don't believe anything he says. I have my opinions but they are just that, opinions. I'd think you've gone beyond defending this principle that is in no danger.