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  1. 3 probowls to one. 7 playoff games to 2. Had more tackles every year they both were in the league. Have you even looked at the stats at all? The more you talk, the less it sounds like you watched them, let alone know what you're even saying.
  2. Yea Nate got beat more than Winfield in my opinion, but he also made a lot more plays. I was saying that he didnt drop interceptions, and had way better ball skills. That's why he got paid. I could be wrong on some of it. We're debating something from a decade ago. I also don't believe he saw all that money from San Fran, and he never lived up to that contract. Again, I could be wrong. They both were solid corners in my opinion. You're another one of those posters making it's one thing or the other. Rather than the fact they were both pretty good corners. I don't know why anyone would take up that position. Which I don't get that at all. Did I miss something?
  3. Ol Dirty B

    Mic'd Up: Sean McDermott vs. the Jets

    That clapping sound is so annoying in that video. Granted it is the way the video is set up doing it. I do think it is funny he's yelling something stupid like tackle during so many defensive plays like I yell get him whenever I'm at the game.
  4. I like AW too. I'm not sure what's going on with his relationship with the team, but at the time, Nate Clements signed potentially the biggest defensive contract ever. Bigger than what Gilmore did in NE. If you said you'd take potentially 50 million less to stay in a city you had no real attachment to, you're a liar. Buffalo was just a workplace to him. They were both good. I think you're being foolish if you say either is much, much better than the other. Clements was a play maker, a hard hitter, but he'd get beat way more than antoine. Antoine was as sound as any corner I've ever seen. Very smart player and was great with his form. He just had bad hands and worse ball skills. They were both really good corners. But I mean we couldn't say that we enjoyed both Winfield and Clements, then this board would be boring. Clements also signed a crazy contract with San Fran. I didn't like Marvs work here, but he made the right decision not matching that Clements contract.
  5. I really don't even know what to say to this other than, you're pathetic. Lol.
  6. Ol Dirty B

    Fear the Sabres....

    Hockey is a boring, crappy, niche sport. No one cares about it outside of Canada, Buffalo, and Minnesota. I wish they'd have another lock out.
  7. I mean... I think he'd have to go the MJ route and turn white, but then, he'd have that cult following claiming he's a great guy and some *****. So I take it you're a fan of guaranteed contracts then?
  8. Ol Dirty B

    Has anyone here ever met Doug Marrone?

    People don't think what that dude is saying. Ignore him. I have plenty of friends from Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, even Jersey. We all know Long Island is what produces the obnoxious douche bags. He quit you *****in idiot. No way that's true, is it? I missed that one.
  9. Ol Dirty B

    MNF Game thread Rams and Chiefs.

    I wasn't referring to you in that post, even though you could take it as such. I'm not a fan of 5-4 soccer games either, I mean I could be. If it's Man City vs Liverpool, or Bayern vs Dortmund I think it could be a great game. But I also can be a fan of low scoring games. I just want to see good teams go out and do what they're good at. These are both great offensive teams, and they both played well on that side of the ball for the most part. If this was a 20-17 game with these two teams playing, I think it would have been a disappointment. They're just two good teams, who run pretty innovative offenses and I enjoyed it. They both went out there and did that.
  10. Ol Dirty B

    MNF Game thread Rams and Chiefs.

    Mistakes happened tonight too. But Mahomes had 40+ attempts and was still averaging over 10 ypa. That last pick he had, it was an awful throw, but given how the game went I thought he was connecting deep for sure. They play concepts and designs were amazing. It was just a great game, and the defenses actually contributed to the score being so high. It reminds me of games I used to hear old timers talking about where Kelly threw for a ridiculous amount of yards, and the Bills had a good defense but still gave up points. You all loved it then, now you hate it. A fanbase that reminisces over the K-gun, but complains about an offense oriented league and wanting more defense. It's really something else. This team was before its' time in the early 90s. Now we don't want to even go near that style of offense. And we have to have a great defense, and run the ball. And some ass with a southern accent can tell me what winter is like.
  11. Ol Dirty B

    MNF Game thread Rams and Chiefs.

    I'll give you that it was an entertaining game. But at the end of the day, I knew what I was watching. And it was 2 crap teams. This was a game between two great teams.
  12. Ol Dirty B

    MNF Game thread Rams and Chiefs.

    And the best game of the week was? It wasnt GB Seattle. That game was two garbage teams. The Pittsburgh Jacksonville game was awful as well. Do you unreasonably hate Alex Smith? Maybe that game would be the best of the weekend for you then. I mean I don't like Alex Smith, but I don't hate him on that level.
  13. Ol Dirty B

    MNF Game thread Rams and Chiefs.

    You took two posts to do this.... You sure you aren't old? You seem old. Nothing against old people, except when they say stupid things like millenial football. The ***** does that even mean?
  14. Ol Dirty B

    MNF Game thread Rams and Chiefs.

    Doesn't change anything I said. And millenial football lol. Your post was stupid.