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  1. Ol Dirty B

    Jussie Smallette (Alleged) Assault

    I'm not even sure what to do with this post. Your last paragraph or whatever that is makes solid points I agree with. You start off rambling about Trump. The guy draws negative coverage in how he reacts. He behaves like a child, and is by far one of the worst presidents ever. This emergency declaration to build a dumb wall that won't work is far more threatening to the separation of power between branches than anything done by the executive branch in this country's history. That aside, this dude is a liar and it really is damaging when people behave like that. It creates a distrust that really is harmful. Someone will actually suffer from this crime and not be believed because of him And if he pulls it off, others will follow his lead. It's really disgusting. I hope he loses his role in that crap show.
  2. And who is at fault for that? I think you have a fair point, even though I don't think he's done a great job. I follow the Sabres from a far. The Skinner trade is great, but other than that what has he done that is good?
  3. I know it doesn't all fall on the current management, however, this team has been rebuilding forever. Fans frustration is pretty fair.
  4. Ol Dirty B

    New Anchor Bar (Frederick MD)

    Yea the anchor bar in Rochester was awful, that said, I think almost everything that has been in that building has been bad for years. I'd never order food there.
  5. Ol Dirty B

    LeSean McCoy

    I hope he ends up on the wall. What a crock of...
  6. Ol Dirty B

    With expectations higher, is anyone else calm?

    I like this post a lot. Completely agree with everything.
  7. Ol Dirty B

    With expectations higher, is anyone else calm?

    I mean that point is awful. You're discrediting teams that made the playoffs, and you're counting guys like Golloday, and Adam's as #1's. You leave out Cooks in the Superbowl. You lack any kind of context in that Pittsburgh, Cincinnat, and Tampa were messes. Evans, Thielen and Diggs, Julio, Odell have no QBs. WRs are definitely a position that is reliant upon the QB and QBs can make them better, but to dismiss the fact they can be game breakers and help QBs is living in the 50's. Why don't we go through the teams that didn't make the playoffs. Bills Jets Dolphins Jacksonville Cleveland 49ers Arizona Redskins Tennesse Denver Detroit Green Bay Carolina 13 out of 18 teams that didnt make the playoffs dont have a true #1. The point when made as simply can go both ways.
  8. Ol Dirty B

    With expectations higher, is anyone else calm?

    You know premature reactions aren't just the ones you disagree with. They've got a lot to prove. They've shown potentional, Beane, McDermott, and Allen. But you definitely trend optimistic. Which is fine, I just see a lot of things in that post that aren't true. Beane didn't fix the cap a year earlier than he said, this has been the year since McDermott got here. Even then, the dead cap was a choice. And McDermott leaves plenty to be desired as far as coaching. He's pretty good defensively, amazing with the secondary. Offensively he looks too conservative and run heavy, timeouts and challenges and clock management he's not great either. Again they have potential, and show some great strengths. But they still have a lot to prove and leave a lot to be desired.
  9. You know, some could argue that your post was all about you. You use "I" a lot and a lot of exclamation points. I think the Jay Glazer thing was written as a bold prediction, it's baseless it's just Jay getting attention. He won't be traded and I don't think the Bills would trade for him. Just like how I don't think they'd consider trading for AB. That said, and I have never been a fan of Beckham. The guy is good, if he ends up on the Bills, I'm not going to lie to you and say things like I wouldn't watch or enjoy rooting for him. I'd be thrilled. I just want them to win, however they get there.
  10. Ol Dirty B

    Charles Clay Released

    No, 4.5 is what they saved. He had another 4.5 he'd cost if he was on the roster. He was a 9 mil cap hit. Even by your incorrect math, the guy had 21 catches, 184 yards, and no touchdowns. You can find plenty of guys for less than 4.5 million who will out perform that.
  11. I doubt he's asking for 20 mil in the NFL. I think it's just he has nothing to gain playing in this league, he can only lose. He plays good, people will say it's just a bunch of scrubs and dismiss it. He plays bad, and it's the final nail in his coffin. Someone mentioned situational awareness. He absolutely is aware of his situation. It makes no sense for him to play in this league. Your name suits you perfectly. White Linen with an opinion like that is such an accurate name.
  12. Ol Dirty B

    1993 Bills - only team to beat last 3 SB champs?

    Thanks for participating. You really aren't making the greatest comeback worth more than a superbowl, are you? Please don't
  13. Ol Dirty B

    1993 Bills - only team to beat last 3 SB champs?

    I'm pretty sure you are spot on their. I think they may have had the best regular season winning percentage of those years of any team.
  14. Ol Dirty B

    Making Anderson a coach.

    He was signed as a player because he makes way more as a player. As a coach he's not even touching the vets minimum. If you think Derek Anderson is hanging out with Josh all off season you're naive.
  15. Lol what? Do you watch college football? Shaq was a projected 1st rounder with or without Rex's kid. Are you a moderator?