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  1. Or... i can just say this is the last post I'll ever have in regards to you. You with your Fredo *****. You're a clown. John Mckay. Wtf?
  2. I'm sorry but what are you on? John McKay? Old guy? I'm 29. You ***** up bra?
  3. I said it through two posts. Look at the teams that are the most penalized. They are usually winning teams. The discipline stuff is overdone. I can't spell it out for you anymore. Maybe I can get it done in braille
  4. Fredo is tired of arguing. I disagreed on the importance of preseason, and I'm tired of it. I hope they keep it up, I've just seen it before. Can't wait until I get banned for being insulted again.
  5. You called me Fredo, I doubt you would have done that a month ago. I don't care lol. I just think it's funny. Keep going
  6. I'm pretty sure they were penalized heavily under Marrone when the defense was the best it has been in the 2000's. His 9-7* year was a better defense than the great defenses McDermott has put out. I think they may have been penalized more in Marrones last year than Rex's first, but I'd have to double check that. The whole discipline and penalty stuff is for people trying to create a narrative and that's me trying to put it nicely.
  7. I mean, I don't really care about preseason. My point was don't take much away from it. They haven't faced anyone. I hope they play this good in the regular season, my point was the competition hasn't been much. Some people are sensitive.
  8. I'm not italian nor a liberal. Again, I try not to talk politics with uneducated people. You ***** know I'd be banned for that post I quoted lol.
  9. I'd click on that but I'd rather not get into politics with uneducated people. Football is annoying enough. You're welcome
  10. You realize that new england is routinely one of the most penalized teams. But you can probably go join the OP in making points that contradict facts.
  11. Well for starters, neither team has played their starting QB or RB. Indy didn't play TY Hilton. Carolina didn't play Kuechly on defense. You can't take anything away from the games. Consider yourself enlightened.
  12. Of course someone who would come up with the username logic would write that. I'll just tell you what you want to hear, you're correct. This is clearly no thread for logic.
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