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  1. I'm just gonna leave the thread and you guys can proceed throw daggers at my corpse I left behind lol.
  2. Haha fair point, I listen to the lebatard show which has this dumb looks like game. I only meant it in terms of TV character, as much as I dislike andre Reed I don't think he is anywhere near that. I can see how it came off wrong, I don't like him, but I don't think he is within 100000000% of being that guy. Bad joke on my end. Meh I'm kinda at the point where I think you don't actually read posts.
  3. I think I kind of addressed how I didnt want to bother andre and totally get that. People were pushing me like you gotta get his autograph and he was playing cornhole with his family and I didnt want to interrupt or bother that. I saw him by himself just effing around on his phone and I was just like sorry, that's how I started it, sorry to bother you but I'd really appreciate it if you'd sign my jersey. And he was an ass. That's it. I know I'm saying something that is always gonna be blamed on me. I'm not an autograph person either but that one was like I got this stitched jersey, I was gonna frame it and hang it up. But now I want nothing to do with it. My half brother loves autographs and I see grown men at training camp nudging kids out the way is disgusting, I tell my half brother the only time I want another man's signature is on a check. Otherwise it isn't worth it. So I get your sentiment in those regards. But I've been honest and told a story that isn't a 100% pro buffalo so I know what will ensue.
  4. Yea. That's it. I mean I could tell you stories about Jim Kelly being an ####### too. I've actually met these people. I also complimented two guys in that story. I've also met Bruce, Ruben Brown, John Holceck, Stevie Johnson, Fred, Moulds. I've been lucky enough to meet a lot of guys and most have been great. I've never had interactions like I did with Jim and I've never had someone like Leonard Smith call him out for being a dick to me. But yea you're probably right. Lol his own teammate went at him for me. But please continue. Clown. Edit- Fina also had a rep but was nice when I met him. Feel inclined to mention all the great guys I met because, don't insult the great andre Reed of the buffalo Bills on a show that shouldn't exist. It was just like nah maybe later. I don't know I'm wasting my time with this. Andre's a douche. I've met him you watch him on an awful TV show. Enjoy life.
  5. Andre Reed looks like the slumlord who takes advantage of the youth but thinks he's supporting them only to be killed by a 15 year old running drugs for him.
  6. I thought I was lucky enough to meet him. It wasn't planned, it was after Bills vs Pat's week 2 of Rex's first year. I was lucky or unlucky enough to get invited to this post game there. Jim, Thurman, and he was there. So was some lesser known players, I also saw like Eric wood who was a great guy and a couple other players as they were leaving. It was not me approaching the players after the game, it was the people who got me in. Anyways I used to always rock an andre Jersey because being born in 89 and just naturally liking the wr position. He was the guy. I've got a Kelly, Thurman, tasker Jersey from that time period, but Reed was the one who I bought in 09. A throwback because I was like he's retired he made his name here. I was hoping he'd make the hall of fame. Well fast forward to that day, I'm at the same post game party and everyone's like you gotta get his autograph and I'm like no I'm gonna let the dude just live. So after 2 hours he's been just standing by himself for a minute texting, I got a pen not even a ***** sharpie to ruin this $120 Jersey properly. I come up to him, because again I just didnt want to bother the guy. He has his gay ass gold jacket on. I go to him, I'm really young to be an andre fan, Rex's first year I'm like 25. I go up to him and I say, I'm sorry to bother you, but I'd really appreciate it if you signed my Jersey. Doesn't look up at me and in hindsight I think it might have been a flip phone still, just stays looking at his phone and says na maybe later bro. I walk away and Leonard Smith was there, and I'm younger so I don't really remember Leonard Smith. And Leonard just pulls me aside and was like was he an ####### bro? And he probably could tell from my age and just general disposition. I wasn't like crying but it was more anger. Leonard asked me twice like was he an #######? I'm like yea man he was an #######. Leonard talked to me for a minute he's a great guy. Ended up with the signature but the Jersey has remained at the bottom of the dirty clothes since then. The only consolation I get out of them losing those superbowls is that that ####### lost them all. He's a piece of *****. Sorry for the rant, I'm in a bad place lol, but everything i say is truth. If someone called me and said Leonard Smith needed something I'd be there. He's a great dude. He's a piece of *****. He's not worth it. That was my reaction. I was confused. Should we also support our most decorated RB? Maybe you'd consider Thurman to be it but OJ is up there. At some point I hope Bills fans have perspective, but I fear that it's just not going to happen.
  7. Yea you should get on that. I mean that was a cute insult, but the fact that something this meaningless can be tampered with doesn't matter to me. Everything on social media is getting tampered with. People buy likes, retweets, friends, followers. Everything is pretty much fake on their and that's what it exists for. People can push out the narrative they want that isn't subject to anything beyond what they decide to type or post. Sorry I'm a social media hater.
  8. Please don't care about this I'm embarrassed by you and this is the first I've heard of this. Who cares and why do you? What do you get? So before that it actually meant something. I mean, really? I'm a ***** fan... oh well. It doesn't bother me at, I actually find it pathetic people get worked up over these things.
  9. For the Bills. You don't sign a guy to an 8 year contract, with tons of guaranteed money in football. It's just not how the business is structured. I want them to sign him, but your reasoning and term just make absolutely no sense. It's like saying just eff it, pay him whatever, we have cap room. The precedent it could possibly set within the organization could be disastrous. I really don't see where you'd be inclined to think this is a good idea anywhere in that you are grossly over paying year 1, to be years 2-8 to be manageable but still a lot guaranteed.
  10. The American flag reminds you of prison stripes?... not really seeing that one at all. The hats are generally ugly.
  11. Franchise definitely doesn't need you man. This is a horrible idea, even if it was possible.
  12. Yep. Idk why I think the name is hilarious. I actually did a bracket and my dad is on some born again ***** he was pissed when that was my name. No surprise me and my brother also just trolled the ***** out of everybody in the competition. Never invited back, but I get big baby jesus being blocked. People are sensitive over that and i understand. I always said jesus gotta have a sense of humor.
  13. I like the signing too. I thought Levi played great and hope he makes it. But to have this level.of competition on the other side is never negative in my opinion.
  14. Lol man you hit me with some stuff I didnt expect there. Idk why but dirt mcgert had always been my favorite. My original name was going to be Big Baby Jesus but I totally understand why it was getting blocked. Thanks for all the words, you're a good guy. If you want to meet up at a game I owe you a few.
  15. Lol no it's a reference to old dirty bastard of the wu tang clan. Don't think it's any better. Odb before odb got hijacked by the wr was someone else. A trainwreck, but someone with a unique personality that I for some reason like. Edit- I changed it from thanks to laughing because your post is hilarious.
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