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  1. Ol Dirty B

    Jalen Ramsey trash talking a lot of QB's

    Watson has a similar sample size as Jimmy G and played far better. Also you're only picking the black guy. He said him and Wentz are gonna be battling it out for MVP over the next 5-10 years. It's his opinion, you can disagree with it, but I don't find it horrid or anything this thread made it out to be. He's dating golden tates sister. Do any of you actually read the articles the thread is about?
  2. Ol Dirty B

    Jalen Ramsey trash talking a lot of QB's

    White QBs he praised... Rodgers, Brady, Wentz- said he's also a future MVP with Watson but let's ignore that and play the race card. Foles, Cousins. Some of the posts are down right embarrassing in this thread.
  3. Ol Dirty B

    Jalen Ramsey trash talking a lot of QB's

    I hate the Jags because of Marrone, and I hate the Pats. But again your whole they lost to the Pats thing is a non starter as a Bills fan. Go to Jacksonville in a Bills jersey and brag about how Jalen talks too much because he lost to the Pats and see the response you get. Also I'm starting to see more and more people come out and say they aren't sold on Jimmy G. When he came into start it aligned for him well... But hey black guy said he's not sold on white qb, RACIST! My god not being sold on someone turned to racism is just ridicolous.
  4. Ol Dirty B

    Jalen Ramsey trash talking a lot of QB's

    Pretty sure he wasn't high on Dak. But that doesn't go along with the white people's narrative on here, so we will just ignore that. Right? Why read the whole article when you can be emotionally charged and call a black guy a racist because he doesn't like something as stupid as your qb. Then you can go into another thread and say you're tired of Tyrod playing the race card so much. I genuinely hope this sort of ignorance and hypocrisy isn't limited to Bills fans, which I don't think it is. But reading this sensitive garbage is too much.
  5. Ol Dirty B

    Jalen Ramsey trash talking a lot of QB's

    Bills lost to the jags in the playoffs. Are you a bills fan or a NE fan? NE beating them does nothing for us. All we can do is hope Allen turns out and makes him eat his words. Not be sensitive and say, well you lost to the Pats. Sports fans are so sensitive despite their every effort to make it seem otherwise. (Not directed at you, just what I generally see in this thread)
  6. Ol Dirty B

    Hard Knocks 2018: The Cleveland Browns

    How so? I don't mean that dismissively I mean that honestly. I'm open to other opinions. Except for pimpin bills, a white kid rotating through Katt Williams avatars in 2018 is like 15 years behind the game.
  7. Ol Dirty B

    Khalil Mack holding out... in Buffalo

    If GB is making the offer, why would he refuse to sign there? I'm sorry but you're at the point of writing a fiction novel with all of these assumptions.
  8. Ol Dirty B

    Hard Knocks 2018: The Cleveland Browns

    Lol thanks have a good one. Worried about him being a good HC, are you illiterate? Just put me on ignore. Don't care what you think. I completely agree with you on this. That's why I'm saying the assistants look like sharks smelling blood in the water. Both Haley and Williams, and probably a few others took those jobs to advance themselves. Hopefully get a few games as interim HC, win a game or two and pit their name in the mix for another HC job.
  9. Ol Dirty B

    Hard Knocks 2018: The Cleveland Browns

    I haven't watched the second episode yet, but the first made me appreciate Hue Jackson more. I've generally liked what I've seen from him, he's landed in to dysfunctional spots that make the Bills during the drought look competent at all times. I'm not saying I'm right, it's just how I feel watching it. It's impossible to say a guy who is 1-31 or whatever is doing a good job. But that roster has been a mess. Now if you're talking whole coaching staff, that meeting in the first episode looks like a train wreck where guys are challenging him. It was sharks smelling blood in the water. But his interactions with players, I generally liked it, especially the talk with Baker. Also, all the **** he has been through and kept it to himself, stayed a professional. Didn't tell people or whine about it even though you could tell he was hurting, I thought it was admirable. That does nothing as a head coach, but I just generally find him to be a good guy. And a sympathetic figure at this point. I don't like a lot of NFL coaches, but I do hope somewhere, if not Cleveland, he finds success as a HC.
  10. Can they just forfeit the game?
  11. Ol Dirty B

    UB says not so fast with this CTE stuff

    Fair point. I can't argue with that. The sample sizes, and the population tend to lead towards the conclusions being drawn from these studies.
  12. Ol Dirty B

    Khalil Mack holding out... in Buffalo

    And how would Mack make that trade void? This should be entertaining. Wow you're sensitive.
  13. Ol Dirty B

    LeSean McCoy Sued by Ex-Girlfriend Delicia Cordon

    Not so sure where you are going with this, or know enough details to make any kind of assertion. But who cares, let pointless posts rip.
  14. Ol Dirty B

    LeSean McCoy Sued by Ex-Girlfriend Delicia Cordon

    Well she is a victim of something. We just don't know if McCoy is involved.
  15. Ol Dirty B

    McCarron and Peterman injured?

    I really messed mine up in high school in a soccer game. I think I did ligament damage and heard some popping. I think the trainer misdiagnosed it. My younger brother had the same trainer tell him his knee was fine for 2 years. He'd always be hurting when he ran. Finally got a second opinion, turns out the cartilage wore out and he was scraping bone on bone. Anyways, I played through college on it, getting it taped once it went all the time. I play pick up basketball, and it seems I tweak it cutting all the time. It'll go so it's perpendicular to the floor. I've been told once it goes it goes. Just something I deal with. Not complaining just explaining my point of view on it.