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  1. I know Mariota looked decent last week, but he also looked like a dumpster fire against the Jags. He doesn't worry me. This defense is great for the most part at staying at home, keeping the ball infront of them and then coming up and making the tackle. The Bills have had great defenses over the last 20 years, but I don't recall a unit that collectively tackles players after they've made the catch as well as this one. I could be totally off base, but in the passing and screen game. They've looked like sure tacklers for the most part.
  2. I'm sorry I misunderstood you, my bad. I thought you were referring to Allen not Webb. I'd assume you're right.
  3. I'll say the communication on the back end has been the best I can recall from a Bills defense in modern times. Hyde is looking amazing. When he had the slot corner switch sides and end up with the sack was a thing of beauty against the Bengals.
  4. I don't believe this is the case in the nfl. I believe often times it seems like a waste to bring PS, or players out with an injury on a trip. I'm pretty sure it's just what the organization wants to pay for. Melvin Gordon played, but I believe Anthony Lynn first said he'd make be the trip but not suit up. I don't believe their is any nfl or cba rule that prevents teams from brining inactives on a trip. It's just a waste to some if a guy is definitely not playing. At least that's my understanding.
  5. The throw wasn't intended for him, and it was more on Allen for deciding to make that horrible throw. How can a QB loft a throw into a space of three DB's and the WR it wasn't even intended for gets the blame is beyond me.
  6. I mean the 5 yard overthrows and underthrows. What amount of thosw targets do you think were realistically catchable? I don't like Zay as a player. I didn't like the pick, I'm biased against him. But he has gotten a lot of garbage throws in his direction the last 3 weeks.
  7. I was more surprised Zay had this many detractors. He was getting killed yesterday on the postgame. In my opinion, those interceptions are all on Allen. Only Bills fans want to deflect the blame, but if this misguided blame is what it takes to get rid of the bum. Go on, please blame Zay for two of Allen's horrendous throws. Zay was not the issue on those interceptions.
  8. I mean, no one else is saying they're comparable. One was when Allen was running, trying to make a play at game speed. The other was a guy rolling over on his knees getting drilled in the face when all Burfict had to do was touch him. You really don't see the difference? Burfict also has an earned reputation, right or wrong, that's going to impact the gameday officials and the guys in NY read of the situation.
  9. I don't like being the guy to make that argument, but at a certain point when is someone going to lay a hit on someone? Especially against a team that routinely takes cheap shots. All they do is whine. I don't believe it's always the right way to go, but against the Pats, I think it is. What's the one team in the AFC that always gave them a problem? The Ravens. They were always physical, Pollard was knocking guys out with crazy hits. The Ravens always gave them problems. The Bills? Meh 31-3. You can call me dumb, but you're rooting for a proven losing strategy.
  10. So I gave the same opinion in another thread? Would it have been better if I said the opposite of what I thought? I feel like you think you're making a point, but you're really not. I just made another post in another thread. It's not like I'm flooding the board creating threads. Do you always have this difficult of a time when someone disagrees with you? Why you following me around lol? Agreed, people hate this, but I thought he should have slid too. Then decide whether to pin them back or go for it on 4th and 3.
  11. You guys do realize the Burfict hit was way worse and he has a reputation right?
  12. I'm not even sure what that means... Doesn't sound like someone who has lightened up
  13. I'm not really dying on any hill... It's just an opinion... You should lighten up.
  14. Sorry thought it was clear I was talking about the defense. Like everything you also talked about in your post before you randomly threw Gore into it. They're great, but they're soft. They can get the job done though. I'll be fine with it if they get this team into the playoffs again. I agree... and when have you seen them have one of those clean hard hits last? They play well physically in some aspects of the game, pressing, but when it comes to hitting someone... I just don't see it, ever. And I'm not saying get suspended... but I'm fine with a 15 here and there. This league isn't suspending dudes left and right, just Burfict.
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