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  1. Ol Dirty B

    McDermott hangs up on Schopp and Bulldog

    A 6 pack of Milwaukee's best is a very apt comparison for the Bills QBs. Because it's just a sponsorship. They aren't all calling from the same device or place. Paul Hamilton also calls in from the AT&T hotline, from all over. He has some headset crap he uses. Surely the idea this is just a sponsorship and they're just calling a number can't be jaw dropping. They aren't exchanging nuclear codes.
  2. Ol Dirty B

    Woods, Watkins, Hogan and Goodwin

    I've given them plenty of credit for the defense. You have a selective memory. You also said that 1,076 yards would be impressive for one receiver as if it was attainable. You totally tried to flip that post into being not ridiculous. Never said receivers were the only problem either. The line sucks, QB play has been poor. If I say something about that though I get bombarded by blowhards like you that it has only been 5 games. I'm not writing him off, he just hasn't played well. You want to live in your shell, and think everything this team does is great. You're a jill. I want to see this team win games or show that it is building a football team in the modern era. Defense looks great, I just don't think that's the way you do it. And they're anemic on offense. Outside of Allen and Dawkins, we don't even have youth to look for to grow.
  3. Ol Dirty B

    Woods, Watkins, Hogan and Goodwin

    We've only thrown for 750. And that's rounding up. But keep deflecting with what the issues are here. You're trying to change tone because you know what you were saying was ridiculous after I spelled it out for you.
  4. Ol Dirty B

    Woods, Watkins, Hogan and Goodwin

    I think McDermott calls the shots but that is just me guessing. I think he gets the credit and the blame. I don't know for sure though the way the organization's decision making works. I also think it's a possibility he just has an old football mentality. He, deservingly so, has confidence in his defense and needing next to nothing on offense. So he's just not even really investing. I think he thinks he has the Pats model down
  5. Ol Dirty B

    Woods, Watkins, Hogan and Goodwin

    I miss Woods a lot. Part of me thinks he'd never achieve this here, so I am happy for him. He played the hand he was dealt, blocked well, always competed. I'm happy he's having success in LA. Still, I'm a Bills fan. Sucks it's not here. That said, McDermott let him walk and traded Sammy. Then brought in that !@#$ing slough Benjamin. They've done great defensively... but they look absolutely lost on offense, and even on the character front. For 1 guy that'd shatter anything anyone has ever done. But the homer in you has no place for context. You seriously just made the point that 1,076 yards through 6 games for a WR would be "impressive". They'd be on pace for over 2,500 yards. And Goodwin is dragging that total down and has Beathard throwing to him. He looked great today, but if he is better than anything we have on this roster. We have a serious problem.
  6. Ol Dirty B

    Woods, Watkins, Hogan and Goodwin

    I think the first two were regarded as solid, Watkins and woods. And Hogan has a lot of his WSG supporters. I never was big on Hogan and still don't think he's great. Goodwin I think was unanimously dismissed, and I'm completely confused by what he's doing in San Fran. Maybe it's Shanahan?
  7. Ol Dirty B

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    He did come out in a game not affected by weather or desperation... Which I wouldn't even say Houston was a desperation situation. You just made a bunch of excuses for him. He had that chance in LA, he played awful. He played awful in Baltimore. Flacco had no problem throwing in that rain. He played awful again in Houston, but I guess you have built in excuses for your point since you probably consider them to be bad weather or desperation. I'm sorry, the guy is bad. It's not flaming when you make a point that you can't defend at all and everyone is scratching their heads. I don't understand it. Let him go, he's not Frank Reich. Their will probably never be another Frank Reich because of how teams handle the QB position now.
  8. Ol Dirty B

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    The Bills defense was good just 4 years ago... What is it with these crap takes? They were top 3 when Orton was sliding behind the line of scrimmage Idk if you heard his post game, but it is maddening to me... Petermans post game. I'm starting to think he is diabolical. Coming out with this I'm a child of God and all this stuff.... Is he !@#$ing nuts? He injected religion into his post game, out of no where. Does he always do this in face to face interactions? I think he's playing McDermott. Look I'm pretty strong in my faith. I respect most of those who are. But when you start going off rambling about your religion when asked about your job performance, I start to think you're nuts or you're whacked.
  9. This whole mentor thing I don't really understand. It's like sending your kid to get mentored by someone who worked at Kodak, Radio Shack or Kmart in high level management. Derek Anderson has done nothing but stuck around and collect checks. He has never shown to be excellent at reading defenses, game management, ball placement. Nothing. He's just a warm body that might not cost you the game like Peterman will. I really don't understand what he can help Allen with. If the coaching staff can't figure out how to show him how to prepare during the week, then they have huge problems. If that's how they've handled the environment they have thrown an investment like Allen in, I have bigger problems with them. I don't completely disagree with your points on Anderson regarding why he should start. The fact one would describe the situation on offense this way, and throwing a guy your career is tied to just shows complete incompetence in my opinion.
  10. Callers can be bad. It's also how the hosts go about attracting callers. That's why I listen to the Dan Lebatard show. He doesn't take calls unless it's some joke or parody. WGR caters to the worst callers in the laziest way. It's fun to listen to if you just laugh at all the people involved in the charade.
  11. Ol Dirty B

    I sincerely don't get all of the negativity.....

    No Oline, trading Glenn because Dawkins can play tackle also The QB situation No WR's for a year and a half The Benjamin trade Ths best offensive play maker and athlete being a 30 year old RB Building the team the way they appear to. Good defense, and awful offense constructed around the run for 2 years now. Coming in and effing up the run game. For as well as they have done defensively, and we'll see if it is sustainable. They have offset that by mismanaging the offense and at an amazing clip. I just look at the offense and they don't even have athletes at skill positions outside of McCoy and Allen. Everyone else is average to below average by NFL standards. I don't want to watch an offense of 5'11 4.6 guys, not at all. Hopefully the offense improves, but it is totally reasonable to question their ability. They have only torn down on the offense and not done anything to build at all outside of Dawkins and Allen. And Allen is very much a question mark going forward.
  12. Ol Dirty B

    McDermott hangs up on Schopp and Bulldog

    Lol I'm assuming this a joke... lol cornfed
  13. Ol Dirty B

    Things I trust more than "The Process"

    The QB position? It might be every offensive move they've made. Maybe Ivory is a plus? As a back up RB
  14. Ol Dirty B

    Take a deep breath and reevaluate after today

    So... what is your perspective on the way the team has managed it? Because how fans react is meaningless, however, I'd say how they've managed Allen has been equally as frenetic as the character you just made up.
  15. Ol Dirty B

    Hopkins against White: 2 catches 23 yards...

    He looks great. I love the way he plays, and carry's himself. I'd buy his jersey, but I don't want to bring him any bad luck.