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  1. Looks that way. Who has Duck played in this three game winning streak of his that is getting all this hype?
  2. He looked unstoppable last week against the Seahags!
  3. Everytime I watch an eagles game, I wonder... how TF did we lose to these jokers? They are hot garbage.
  4. How does ESPN go from exposing the Patriots in that article then to shilling for them now? Every time “The Worldwide Leader” talks about the topic it is completely minimized and the cheating history and MO are totally ignored. Bless the Bengals for fighting this fight! Seriously.
  5. The irony being that you posted the pic of her in a sexually suggestive dress and asked “would ya”.
  6. I think she dressed that way for attention and attention of the sexual variety. For guys like us to look at her and ogle and post on message boards about how “we would”. btw, this country is the anti-France. Always has been. And, that is a good freaking thing!!
  7. so, answer his question. What is the point of dressing up like that if it isn’t to be objectified like a piece of meat?
  8. Interesting to see that Tomlins thyroid went on the fritz *after* college.
  9. Lol.. you can, and people should. That style of offense needs to be attacked. Sitting back on your heels is where you get gashed. On Milanos whiff, if he didn’t break down on Lamar’s juke, he had him dead to rights. Attack. As others have said, Earl is FOS. Earl knows it too. He’s just talking, and the media laps it up like stray dogs.
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