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  1. Is it possible to keep this thread on there main board, or are certain people dead set on injecting their political views into it? Just curious..
  2. Prince Charles? The discussion about Prince Albert is what disturbed me. I hate myself for looking that up.
  3. Condolences for your husband. I enjoyed reading his posts and perspectives. Prayers to your family during this time. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
  4. The Staircase is a very interesting inside look at a narcissistic killer (IMO).
  5. I disagree with you, suffice it to say. And, comparing the spiking of the ball by the QB to the end zone no kneel is hilarious and apples and oranges. The QB spike has an element of time. “Immediately” is different than “and”.
  6. Huh? What rule are you quoting with that asinine statement?
  7. No. It doesn’t say kneeling and then making no effort to advance the ball. It says kneeling and making no effort to advance the ball. So, yes. It has to be done simultaneously. Either way, in the situation being discussed he didn’t kneel or go to the ground which is an expressly required element of downing the ball. This fact is not (legitimately) debatable.
  8. Is he making an effort to advance while kneeling? I’d be interested to see that..
  9. No, McDs system comes from Jim Johnson’s system. Rivera had nothing to do with McDs system.
  10. What a dingess. These two idiots were made for each other...he’s a moron and she’s a slimy scum bucket looking for her 15 minutes. Oh the humanity!
  11. Yeah I get that. The broadcast introduced the song as “God Bless America”. I got primed for that beauty!
  12. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that wasn’t “God Bless America”, as it was introduced as...wasn’t that “America the Beautiful”?
  13. Maybe if you didn’t wear a speedo to the beach, you could get hotter chicks? Just a thought.
  14. Disagree. She’s a 5, to me. Decidedly average. And, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Nice girl, I’m sure though.
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