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  1. College OT is exciting, and fair. Aaaaand, eliminates the possibility of a tie. I love it. Current NFL OT rules are horrid.
  2. My inner grammar nazi forced me to stop reading after his improper usage of their/there/they’re. I was enjoying it up until then. 😑
  3. I think this is largely a function of a lot of top tier QBs going down with injury. That, and low levels teams feeling that tanking and stacking draft picks by trading away their only good players is a good idea. I’m really hoping that the NFL doesn’t turn into the NBA in that regard...
  4. Yeah I agree. When I saw I live I was like wtf? But then when they replayed it I saw the trickery that Tennessee pulled. Seems like a good play to use on 3rd and short, but they wasted it in the red zone.
  5. Because the movement by the two tight ends on the end of the line wasn’t a false start. It was a shift. A shift designed to entice a jump by the defense, no doubt. But, it was a legal shift nonetheless. Trent took the bait. You can even see after the play he was patting his chest admitting it was his fault. That call was a proper call.
  6. Dak threw for almost 500 yards... and they lost. Get the dub. I’m more excited to see if our defense can shut the fish out..or maybe even put them in negative scoring
  7. That’s good news. Guy always seemed to bring it against the Bills, for some reason.
  8. Man, some of you guys really set yourself up for a miserable afternoon. It’s no wonder this place is a nuthouse after a loss. This is 1 game in a 16 game season. It carries more importance because it is a conference game against an opponent that the Bills could be up against for a wild card, but it is by no means a fork in the road of the season, or Josh’s career.
  9. Go away. A good group of respectful fans engages you, and you wanna make fun of it. Bye Felicia.
  10. I’m numb to it by now. The idea that *possibly* something is different this year means that I will watch.
  11. Sabres. What kind of ridiculous question is this??
  12. Nice job calling this DB out. He comes on here acting like he’s a fan that wants to have genuine and open discussion, but then runs backs home and talks smack about us to his buddies. Troll.
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