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  1. Is it weird that when I get notified that EII has tagged me in a post, my bunghole puckers just a teeny bit?
  2. I agree that we are all sharing opinions. The video leading up to the altercation was posted by me a few posts down from the one you replied to. Check it out. My opinion is based in fact. I’ve been a cop for 18 years. I’ve been a Sergeant for 7. I’m acutely aware of the legal guidelines surrounding use of control incidents. Your beliefs are based on “hunches”. Mine are based on training, a ***** ton of experience dealing with unruly drunks, and what the law says. Moreover, I don’t have a blind allegiance towards cops. When they do illegal stuff, they need to be held to the fire. Criminal cops are worse than criminal civilians, and contribute much more drastically to the decay of law and order in society. As such, they should be punished in a way that reflects that fact. In fact, I’ve arrested my share of off duty cops for stuff they shouldn’t have been doing. It resulted in backlash, and some issues with my “brothers”, but I’m a believer in what I said above. We are held to a higher standard.
  3. ^ Perfectly said. Perspective is a good thing, and the media is horrible at providing it. Below is a summary of Heather MacDonalds research on the topic. Her book “The War on Cops” goes much more in depth on it and her hypothesis that she’s titled “The Ferguson Effect”. The interesting takeaway from the short clip is the statistics she quotes.
  4. Here’s the whole video, in car and surveillance video. I don’t know if it’s been linked up thread or not. I don’t remember seeing it. Non-compliant, intoxicated, combative from the jump. Grabs taser, grabs at female cops gun. I see a professional cop. A good cop. Protecting his community from an out of control drunk man with a 5000lb missile.
  5. Ok, you’re trolling. Gotta be. I’m out.
  6. You’re wrong. And, there’s nothing wrong with that. You don’t have a factual knowledge base. You are operating purely on what you “believe”. I’m ignorant in working at a college doing what John does. And, I sure as heck am not going to pretend to tell you how to drop the fries in the fryer at Chick Fil A. Why? Because I have no clue on how to do it. There is a conspiracy by the legal community to protect cops?! Lmao. First of all, prosecutors are politicians and love nothing more than to hang a dirty cop high. Which is fine, hang the dirty ones high. Second of all, it’s JURIES that decide verdicts. Not the corrupt prosecutors, judges, or defense attorneys. I’m betterest.
  7. For further reading, I challenge you to know and understand the SCOTUS rulings in Tennessee v Garner, and Graham v Connor...and all associated rulings. Cops know them and are bound by them. The sham trials you speak up of are based upon these well-founded legal conclusions. They aren’t based upon the beliefs of people like you, or me, or John. They are based on the rule of law.
  8. There are “a lot” of bad cops out there? You defend that position. Are you defining “bad cops” out of your belief of what cops should be doing or what the legal definition of lawful use of control is? Are there bad cops? Yes. Are there a lot? No. My response to his statement about uprisings against law enforcement was controverting his accusation that these uprisings are the fault of cops. Too many people out there that have ZERO training and experience in what law enforcement officers can and can’t do are screaming their ignorant views through the stupidity megaphone of social media. Most of those people have an agenda. I don’t think that John does, but he still buys into the BS. Cops shouldn’t cuss a dude that is actively fighting them? Come on. Is a cop shooting a suspect in the back wrong? If a man is carrying a gun, running away from the cops, and ignoring commands to drop the gun, can the cops shoot him in the back? What is an unarmed suspect? Is a suspect unarmed if he attacks a cop and tries unsuccessfully to take his gun? His taser? His baton? I have ZERO issues with how this situation was handled. The cop did the best with what he had, like 99 percent of every other cop working on a daily basis. Yet, people B word and moan about language. GTFO.
  9. You are entitled to your opinion, ignorant as it may be. Trying to clothe it in “I was a military policeman” and “I know people” doesn’t hide it. Don’t get angry when you get called out on it after putting it on display for others to see. Your statements about “community uprisings against law enforcement” show off how you have no clue what you are talking about. Ignorant people shouting ignorant opinions from the mountaintops (i.e. you) and believing that those ignorant opinions on police procedure should have any value in the discussion are more of a factor. Your misplaced perception that there was “inappropriate actions” doesn’t make it a fact. Like you said before, it’s your opinion. You are welcome to have it. I’m welcome to point out that it’s not factually correct.
  10. Ive known guys that were security forces in the USAF and they most assuredly did not receive the exact same training as civilian LEOs. Similar jobs, but definitely different as well. Have you been through the police academy in your state? If not, how would you know? Not trying to bust your chops too hard cuz I like most of your takes on football related things, but it’s pretty obvious you have a weak knowledge base on the topic of legal and justified use of force pertaining to LEOs.
  11. No, that’s not the first thing they teach you in the academy. They *do* teach when it is justifiable to use the taser, though. I can assure you that it isn’t only justified after a suspect makes a move for a cops weapon. That’s a completely different level of force. I agree that polite, professionalism is the best way to handle all situations where compliance can be gained with it. The cop did not get out of his car barking profanities and orders. I will also (remind you?) that being assertive and dominant in situations where it is needed IS professional. A cop facing a physically resistant subject that is much larger and possesses much more apparent physical ability and strength calls for such assertiveness and verbal dominance. I’m not sure if they taught you that in your training in the USAF.
  12. Newsflash: cop is in control of the traffic stop. Like it or not, it’s the way it is. Ask. Tell. Make. When people show themselves to be resistant to instructions, commands are next, and they usually don’t go with “pretty please”. Exhibit A of how to lose control of a situation by trying to be “nice”:
  13. I have a shirt that has the phrase “the more people I meet, the more I like my dog”. And, sometimes, in my pessimistic times, I believe it. This story...reminds me how great dogs are, but how flipping awesome people can be too. Thanks for sharing, OP.
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