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  1. So are we now going to charge surgeons that accidentally kill their patients in surgery?
  2. The rules for use of deadly force is different for the Secret Service than the regular police. They aren’t going to use kid gloves when you storm a federal building and get near the VP.
  3. https://www.tmz.com/2020/12/25/nashville-explosion-intentional-act-downtown-christmas/ TMZ has video of the incident. The FBI confirmed the warning message came from the RV.
  4. I’ll probably get the vaccine when it’s offered. With that being said, COVID ran through my work at the start of the pandemic. One person ended up in the ICU but most of us had mild symptoms. Since then none of us have any signs of getting it a second time.
  5. My friend got turned away from the polls because they claimed he already voted. I don’t know how wide spread voting fraud is, but there has to be a better way than the current system.
  6. More importantly, how are you going to pay for all these extra people?
  7. Insurance for Qualified Immunity costs roughly $500 a year per officer. We inquired through an insurance company how much it would cost if Qualified Immunity goes away and they said $10,000 a year per officer. Its similar to malpractice insurance for doctors.
  8. The ADA down in Atlanta used a Family Court Judge to sign the arrest warrant for Officer Rolfe. Any talk on ending qualified immunity against judges and lawyers?
  9. Shootout in Minneapolis last night. Shootout in Atlanta last night. https://mobile.twitter.com/BarnBurnerBaby/status/1274174093731016704
  10. Where is the media coverage about what happened down in Atlanta last night? Officers from multiple zones walked out at the start of shift leaving empty police prescients. At one point they had over 600 pending calls for service. Atlanta requested outside agency help and most refused to assist. This is radio traffic of them removing weapons from the Zone 6 prescient around 1 am this morning. https://mobile.twitter.com/katja_gq/status/1273491965590585344?s=20
  11. Disbanding the Camden police department was union busting. Nothing more, nothing less. Camden County Police is what covers the area now. The neighboring agencies simply refer to it as “the metro”. They have such a high turn over that their training officers (FTOs) only have 6 months on the road. Their crime stat reporting is suspect as best, changing domestics into “property removal” calls. All this to say, this isn’t a real solution.
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