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  1. Do you even know the name "Breonna Taylor"? If she were a White girl, you would. If she were a White girl killed by a Black man, there'd be dozens of threads. Breonna Taylor was an EMT who was shot 8 times by police. She did nothing wrong. The report finally released is virtually blank. There have been no charges. No investigation. No official word on the matter. Asking in good faith to the police or ex-police of the board — @billsfan1959 and @Sig1Hunter — to share their views on how this could happen. This would hopefully be unacceptable in your workplace, I would like to believe? Have you seen comparable incidents in your careers? Are the police justified here, or no? To people who continue to obfuscate the point like @Chef Jim — this is the point, this is what the D-Day thread is about.This is an example of racism and oppression and fascism in America (I wonder if @TakeYouToTasker would disagree with any of those definitions)
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