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  1. Go Tyrod. Go Fitz. Nothing but love from me for those QBs. They played well in Buffalo.
  2. Personally, I want him to play in NE until the wheels fall off. I don't want him slinking away now that he's deteriorating. I want at least one sweep before he's gone. Just one year where the Bills take both Ws from them. Eh, I'd still take it.
  3. Most of the splashy draft surprises that whiffed. Willis McGahee JP Losman EJ Manuel Sammy Watkins Passing on obvious choice players at positions of need, who fans/media were all predicting/hoping for, that end up being monster good and everyone knew it at the time without 20/20 2020 hindsight. Patrick Mahomes Khalil Mack Rob Gronkowski
  4. The reason the Kelly Bills offense was so successful — besides that they were extremely talented — is because they were ahead of the curve of the NFL with the no-huddle vertical shotgun offense. Flutie's right — had the offense played to his strengths and ran a real RPO offense — the late 90s Bills could've had a much stronger offense to complement the stout Ds we had.
  5. The bit about putting down roots — including babies — was the best part of it! Also the beginning was funny. It was all around great and well done, easily the best thing I've read from Players Tribune in a bit.
  6. If it makes you feel better to feel worse, it's both. —We lost a comeback game in Houston to the Texans. —And the Titans, formerly the Oilers, beat the Patriots, something we couldn't do on two tries this year, to win the upset and go to the divisional around. As you can see, the football gods are punishing Buffalo for the Greatest Comeback game being their franchise highlight (besides OJ Simpson of course).
  7. Seems like a good analysis to me. That's how it felt watching the game in real time. Even by the time we were tied, I think, I wasn't particularly worried until it was becoming apparent that Allen was nervous. You could see Allen regressing in the 4Q and OT, especially after the big hit on the failed sweep.... but even before then he was become more erratic and desperate in his decision making. I remember my stomach sinking like, Oh no this looks a lot like the Josh from the Pats game.
  8. The rule of thumb: —If it's one of our guys scoring against one of their previous teams, They Had Extra Motivation —If it's one of their guys who used to play for us who scores against us, It Didn't Matter,
  9. I mean I like him just fine I guess, but is he actually one of the best GMs in sports... or do you just like fair-haired men in designer sunglasses? 😎
  10. Yes. For Allen, I would like to see him with more dependable WRs/TEs next year. Imagine the difference for the offense this year alone, all else being the same, if the receivers caught even half of the drops that hit them in the hands or the chest. I feel the same about a less-frequently-asked (but just as important imo) question —— is Tremaine Edmunds the Bills "franchise MLB"? I think both are poised for a breakout and become Elite third season. Both improved this year. Both have tremendous physical potential. Both have had some bad misses.
  11. Absolutely. I'm in the same boat. Both are true: —Josh has made big strides this year and showed big improvement in a lot of areas. I think he's a Franchise QB. —He's not there yet. With more reliable receivers, I think he can have a true breakout year in 2020. He showed signs this year, and next year is when he could become Elite. That's my hope for him, and for Tremaine Edmunds. I feel the exact same about Allen and Edmunds. Both have huge obvious potential. Both have shown growth. Both have made huge plays to carry the team to a win. Both have had some horrible misses that decided losses.
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