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  1. Hopefully Allen and Peterman won't get savaged that badly, but whatever. -I'm up for it!
  2. #34fan

    Josh Allen Fired Up!

    Locker room time bomb.
  3. It's nothing compared to the stupidity of snarkiness, which blinds morons to both subject matter, and context.
  4. t’s hard to even wrap your mind around this and consider how far our society has fallen. As I’ve stated here repeatedly, what adults do with their own bodies is up to them. If you want to have experimental surgery or modify yourself in some fashion that’s up to you. You can change your name through the normal channels and I’ll be fine with calling you by that name. (See: Chelsea Manning.) You can dress how you like and refer to yourself by whatever pronoun you wish as part of your right to free speech. (Provided you are polite enough to recognize my right to free speech and not agree with the description.) It’s still a relatively free country. But we’re talking about children here. We’ve seen this trend growing over the past few years. There are doctors administering foreign hormones and chemicals to stave off the arrival of puberty in children who have been convinced they were born with “the wrong gender.” In states such as Oregon, children as young as 15 were offered the chance to have sex “transition” surgery without the informed consent of their parents. Now we’re going to allow young girls to have their nascent breasts lopped off because they’ve become convinced that they were actually supposed to be boys? A recent university study showied that social media and peer pressure increased the number of incidents where teens claimed to be transgender in social groups, but it was suppressed. One university in England canceled a study on transgender individuals who “detransition” because they specifically said it would be politically divisive to publish it. This is insanity. We’re talking about children. If adults wish to pay to have their bodies altered to fit whatever social justice profile they identify with, that’s up to them and I wish you the best. But these are children. If their parents have failed them, the government and the medical community should not. What happens to young Sally when she “transitions” and has her breasts removed, only to realize in a year or so that she’d actually like to kiss a boy? The doctors performing these procedures shouldn’t just have their licences questioned. They should be in jail. And our legal system is failing them. One of the few topics which you and I are in total agreement . There's no way an eight year old boy or girl can fathom the consequences of permanent mutilation. It should be forbidden before age 18.
  5. Frazier will get corn-holed first, but the rest won't be able to hide their ineptitude... These idiots had one throw-away year (their first year) to tank without any judgement... We would have all happily blamed Whaley and Rex... Now, It's all on McBeandip, an they've got nowhere to go...
  6. I'd jump over the Bills offense to get Tyree Jackson's, Anthony Johnson's, and KJ Osborn's autograph. -Pinky swear.
  7. #34fan

    [Vague Title] The future is ok

    And who's the coach? -Marvin Lewis?
  8. #34fan

    The Amish Rifle- Fitz

    When your regular starter is a crab-leg-thieving, ride-share-groping, "W"-eating moron, anything's an upgrade. That said, -Congrats to Fitz on a 2-0 start!
  9. #34fan

    [Vague Title] The future is ok

    The future is 0-4... You can't trust a process that doesn't exist.
  10. #34fan

    Josh is rough around the edges but man kid has potential

    This kid is in big trouble... Whether or not he'll get the help he needs to develop, remains to be seen... Personally, I doubt it. He'll be visiting the turf a whole lot this season.
  11. #34fan

    Colton Schmidt is tailgating?

    Oh, Schmidt!
  12. #34fan

    The Amish Rifle- Fitz

    Fitz succeeding TAM has more to do with the weapons available to him than anything else. It's a great setup for someone with his level of intelligence to succeed... He doesn't need to be deadly accurate, he just needs to be willing to throw the ball. -Alot. And Fitz is always willing to do that.
  13. #34fan

    Tyree Jackson-MAC East POTW

    Everything about the Bulls offense and the way they're playing screams legit. They average nearly 40 ppg. (39.6) Tyree is completing over 65% of his passes, -Only one INT out of 64 completions this year!