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  1. #34fan

    Coming to Buffalo - Bears Game 4th November

    I dunno Bill... The Jags are a team on the upswing... You're an admitted fan of Blake Bortles.... Jax plays at Wembley every year... Kahn is in tight with the mayor of London.... Florida home games offer more of a break from the weather than say, Buffalo... You'd be missed, but I don't think anyone here would blame you...
  2. Your'e comparing horse apples to oranges.. Did Obama change his voice to sound like a disabled person??? -Was he flailing his arms to mimic a specific person's disability??? Pitiful attempt... -Even for a couple of brain donors like yourselves.
  3. You'd seriously have to be an idiot to take what Obama said as mocking... I don't know how you come up with this stupid sh_t, Tom... smh
  4. FAIL... -Not even close, Tom.. No way can you compare that, to this
  5. #34fan

    I miss Rex.

    There was a time when I too missed Rex... -The brick sailed wide over his windshield.
  6. Trump cruelly mocked the handicapped, fat-shamed women, and talked down to minorities! -Now he leads the free world!
  7. Did I say Melania shouldn't stand by her trash?
  8. Too bad one of those languages isn't English!
  9. Goldiggers have websites now? -Where?
  10. Yah... She'll STAND BY as he bangs half the porn stars in the valley... -Knowing their marriage was just a payday for her anyway.
  11. It's something the league really needs to watch... These lyrics shouldn't be offered for mass consumption.
  12. #34fan

    Brian Daboll’s Temper

    Hey... A tee-time is a tee time!
  13. #34fan

    Brian Daboll’s Temper

    Hm. -Where there's smoke...