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  1. Oh, so Mr. "If we permit you to live" doesn't like my tone. -Big surprise there. Public discourse remains in the commode because it' been hijacked by extremists like yourself..You boneheads on the right are about walls, guns, shutting people up, and controlling people's bodies... The left wants to hand out everything to everyone until it runs out. -Which it will. It's stupid that we only get to choose from candidates espousing one of two opposing ideologies. -If anything's killing democracy, it's that.
  2. If by "it" you mean an outpouring of pity, then yes... Most people see a Bills hat and say "Ooooh, I'm sorry." -And they mean it.
  3. Everyone showed up that day spoiling for confrontation...-The Black Racists, the Native activists, and yes even your sniveling band of entitled twerps... YOU permit ME? - Those moron kids are geniuses compared to a drooling far-right troglodyte like yourself... -Enjoy dragging those knuckles, mouth-breather! Stupidest analogy ever... Those bone-head kids went somewhere looking for drama, and found it... Wear your MAGA hat around an urban area, and you'll find some too. -Guaranteed.
  4. If you send your kid to a pro-life rally in D.C. wearing a MAGA hat, -expect drama. The political climate in this country has changed thanks to the proliferation of social media, and it's inherent recklessness. There are no longer any innocent bystanders. -Certainly none wearing MAGA hats... You remain completely ignorant to that fact... -Every bit as naïve as those dipsh*t kids.
  5. Not to a 15 year old boy... To their fathers? -Definitely. Gimme a frickin' break...They were at a pro-life rally, in the Nation's Capital, -wearing MAGA hats... If they didn't want their actions politicized, they (or their chaperones) should have thought twice about what they were doing. Actions have consequences. -Even for entitled little snot -nosed twerps.
  6. #34fan

    Rate the 2019 Super Bowl Commercials

    Bud Light and GOT was a stupid marriage. -Swing and miss.
  7. 1. They brought it on themselves... 2. You'll have to come up with a more clever way of getting my number. Fine... But you're signing these dipsh_t kids up for a civil war... Which could leave the little monsters even more messed up than they already are... The left controls a mighty chunk of the media... Shoving these Jr. Trumpsters in front of that train seems a bit self-serving on the part of the Right, no?
  8. It's called a brush with fame... These kids are right up there with Kato Kaelin, and the Fiji Water girl... If they lay low it should all go away pretty quickly... Suing everyone, on the other hand, just drags everything on until something really damming is unearthed... My advice to them is not to break cover until this blows over. Will someone please throw some food in this animal's cage.
  9. He's really gone in the crapper... He's even more of an angry racist douche than you are Tom, and that's saying something... What can I say... You drag down everything around you.
  10. I watched it, along with other well spun accounts of what happened... The kids were not properly chaperoned, or instructed... "Rape is not a crime if you enjoy it" can clearly be heard coming from their immediate direction. These are NOT little angels being attacked… Whoever instructed the kids to "tomahawk chop" and sing the associated song was reckless for allowing that type of provocation. If they had shut up and just been children, this would have probably not even made the news. Nothing happened to these kids... No one drove a muscle car through their group... No one was beaten... They were there engaging in politically charged behavior, at a politically charged event.... Groups like BIack Israelites flock to those sorts of rallies... The group was poorly prepared.
  11. The entire staff, faculty along with those a-hole kids is going to get dragged through the mud... They risk a lot of unwelcome exposure.
  12. Yah, I was wondering when you were going to misquote me. You're like most Christians I know.... You'll lie when you get desperate... You'll traffic in almost anything to get what you think you want. Here's the funny thing about you, in particular B-man... You were actually a decent poster at one point... Say what you want about me, but there used to be a level you wouldn't go below... Now look at you... Right down there with all the lying, degenerate, posters on TBD... Because that's what all phony Christians eventually do. -Degenerate. You're living proof of what I'm talking about.
  13. More like a couple decades of experience with them. In multiple countries, I might add... Those kid's attitude doesn't surprise me one bit.
  14. I hope they do take this to court... Then the entire country will see what a bunch of Jr. D-bags they are...
  15. Well I don't hate Catholics, Soooo....