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  1. #34fan

    Helsinki Summit

    Non-aggression pacts were meant to be broken... Hitler hated, hated, hated the Bolsheviks.... Proved it by annihilating the German communist party. But his war machine needed oil, and Joey Stalin was sitting on top of a whole heap. Was just a matter of time before he made the worst mistake in his *(cough) -career.
  2. #34fan

    Helsinki Summit

    Da! -Comrade Trumpov made nyet concessions, but did throw entire FBI under Russki bus! Trumpushka also make good hand-job under table for Tavarish Putin. Davai comrade Trumpov!!!! Davai!!!!
  3. When the Ravens took Mark Andrews, they gave their offense a very big bump. If that kid is anywhere near as good as I think he'll be, they'll own the AFCN.
  4. #34fan

    This is how my weekend started

    Won't be the last time she gets sh*t-faced on her birthday.
  5. #34fan

    2018 Playoff game vs Jags

    Here was a decent game by Ty-fraud... (But a tremendous one for our defense)
  6. Early 20's... Flunked out of school.... Got ignored in the supplental draft... He probably has no choice but to go back home to East Chicago, IN... 2nd highest Unemployment in the state... Violent crime 137% higher than the national average... Kids like this require personal investment, and perhaps the occasional leap of faith... THE TALENT IS THERE. -Enough for a shot, at least I don't like his odds if he doesn't get an opportunity somewhere...
  7. They probably won't... Hope he ends up getting a chance somewhere. tho…. The defenders chasing him look like keystone coppers... He's far, and away, the best player on the field every time he touches the ball... I like kids who can utterly dominate their level.
  8. He was in the supplememntal draft, but not taken.... Which means he's free to sign with anyone.
  9. #34fan

    Countdown to Kickoff for Bills Packers game

    I'm thinking gratuitous beat-down for sure... Aaron Rodgers with can-of-whoopass type numbers... Not looking forward to it a whole lot.
  10. A Bit more on Martayveus Carter, A.K.A. Marty Carter, A.K.A. "The Party" A.K.A. "Ball-Mart". Ruled ineligible for the entire 2018 season... Troubled, but worth a camp invite, at least.
  11. Marty looks like a party... Invite to camp? Apologies for the bad words... I wasn't able to find a clean version.
  12. I wonder why no one took a look at RB Martaveus Carter in the Supp. draft? -Kid really looks like he can ball.
  13. #34fan

    Countdown to Kickoff for Bills Packers game

    Not expecting much of a game, TBH...