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  1. STHU, you Nazi Pr__k! Say the 'tards who want to hold off the four Branches of the U.S. military with handguns. So, civilians with handguns held off the U.S. military in Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan?! -Oh, Ok ... You have literally lost your f___ing mind this time, Tasky.... True.. It also comes from jagoffs who value their right to play soldier over everyone's right to live without fear of random carnage. Yup. it's right there in his post! -TYTT sees private gun ownership as a potential means of resisting Tyranny:
  2. #34fan

    Bills Release Peterman

    Thanks for helping us get rid of Tyrod, Nate!
  3. #34fan

    The Bills now have the Number 1 Defense in the League

    As negative as I tend to be these days, that's really something to be proud of.. -GO BILLS!!!
  4. #34fan

    Louisville fires Bobby Petrino

    Wow... Short-sighted AF! Is he looking for an OC gig??? -I really wouldn't mind, at this point.
  5. I'm sorry, but WTF are you talking about???? Are you one of these wacky guys that think your puny small firearms can do anything whatsoever against the US military machine, should it decide to back a tyrannical, totalitarian government?... Dude... They've got sh_t that can thin-slice your entire family from 5 miles away!... You and the other hicks gathered to defend your freedoms would never, -NEVER even know what hit you.... To quote the Rhino: That's exactly what this misguided fervor for the 2nd amendment is.... Because you wouldn't be able to do a damn thing in the unlikely event of military Tyranny.
  6. I'm not talking about state and Local... I'm talking about Federal guidelines that must be met before someone can legally own a firearm.... As well as more stringent guidelines for sellers to follow. Enough carnage! Retardation, is chalking up these dead kids to the price of freedom.
  7. You used the "E" word, I didn't.... -Nor would I.... We need modern-day legislation, and stringent policies to keep guns out of deranged people's hands. Anyone who isn't for that, at this point, might be deranged as well.
  8. Not nearly enough... The screening process of obtaining a firearm needs to be more stringent... Yah, some hero-shmuck that'll wind up shooting a pregnant woman and a kid.
  9. Yah, let's see how you FEELZ when some NUT with a Glock fancies people you love for target practice.
  10. #34fan

    Bills vs. Jets Postgame

    What if Barkley can operate this mickey-mouse offense more efficiently? -Can't Allen take notes until Barkley reveals his limitations?
  11. The principle of gun ownership on-demand is outdated... Common-sense legislation to protect the public from homicidal maniacs is WAY overdue. The government closely regulates who can obtain, use, or possess any number of drugs, chemicals, and naturally-occurring compounds. -Why not the same with firearms?
  12. Thanks Mr Spock, but college kids being blown away on the whim of a lunatic is plenty reason to be emotional. But go on justifying senseless carnage with ancient legislation.
  13. Breaking News: The abysmal 3-7 Bills defeated the abysmal 3-7 New York Jets... We'll break into your regular programming once Barkley is cut to save Peterman's roster spot.
  14. #34fan

    Choose your dream-regime!

    Yah, after they won a frickin' Grey cup...