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  1. Hard to quantify in that way. Certainly, it hampered Daboll's ability to call the game, but there were other factors as well, including sometimes the play of Josh Allen and plenty of drops from key personnel, like Dawson Knox and even John Brown and Cole Beasley. They dropped more than they should have on occasion.
  2. For a moment I thought the Bills were playing the "Veggies." Nice work in any case. It would be fun to bump this thread when the schedule is announced and see how close it comes.
  3. I wouldn't go that far. Creating cap space is not the only reason for cutting a player. Sometimes it is advisable to cut a player whose production does not justify his cap numbers, particularly if cutting him doesn't have big dead cap implications. I think Lotulelei stays at least one more year so the dead cap implications become more manageable.
  4. To answer Yolo's question about the youngest ever to play in the pro bowl: I did a bit of research, and the best I could come up with is that Larry Fitzgerald was younger than Tremaine when he played in his first pro bowl by a bit shy of four months. Fitzgerald was named as a rookie following his rookie season in 2004. He was 21 at the time and would not turn 22 until August 31. Tremaine is 21, but turns 22 on May 2nd. If there was anyone younger than Fitzgerald, I've not been able to identify him.
  5. A number of sources list him as 6'3" NFL Draft Scout is typically conservative, and projects him to be a fraction shorter at 6' 2.6"
  6. Both Lawson and Phillips want to get paid. With Harrison Phillips coming back from injury next season, and that apparent fact that Jordan leaves something to be desired in run defense, makes paying Lawson over Phillips pretty logical.
  7. The flu is killing an inordinate number of kids this year. Get vaccinated and get your kids vaccinated now!
  8. Most teams will let their assistant coaches explore other coaching positions in the NFL (as well as college), for one very good reason. If, as an employer, they are real stinkwads about letting coaches out of contracts, the best candidates to fill their vacancies may hesitant to take a job, knowing they could be denied a chance to land a dream job later.
  9. I don't see it. I mean, almost any team can pull a stinker of a season any given year. All you need are some bad breaks and some key injuries. I think the Bills are being built with a pretty solid foundation, however, and I expect Allen to continue developing.
  10. I really don't see Singletary as a "lightening" style back. He's a good, reliable back who can make something out of nothing because of his vision, lateral quickness and highly developed use of his blockers. What he lacks is speed. He'll get 5 or 10 yards on running plays all day long, but he's really not going to break a lot of 20 yard + plays. That's why I'd really like to see Buffalo carry three running backs on their game day roster (not including a Sinorise Perry, who is really just a special teamer). A couple of your running backs could also be special teamers, but they have to be contributors in the running game. In the case of Buffalo, with Singletary as a bread and butter player, you want a guy who can move a pile and a guy who can strike fear in the heart of the defense with the speed to break off a long run.
  11. I would say, "No." On the other hand, every NFL coaching staff knows there is nothing remotely permanent about staffing arrangements. Moreover, most assistants have some hope of advancing to positions of greater responsibility and pay. I'm sure McDermott welcomes this sort of thinking. Applying that to Dorsey's relationship with Daboll: while I don't think there is any formal grooming agreement in place, I'm sure Dorsey has been learning anything he can from Daboll and has made sure he knows the offense backwards, forwards and inside out. He's in the meetings the team has for offensive game planning, and probably asks a ton of questions and has significant input. I'm sure Daboll is fine with the questions and the input.
  12. I won't be at all surprised if somebody offers him more that Beane is willing to give him.
  13. Yes Derrick Henry is scheduled to be a free agent. We'll have to wait and see if he makes it that far. Then there is the issue of his asking price. He's a bit unique as far as NFL running backs are concerned. There is nobody else who is both that big and that fast. That means he can be used as an outside runner where his size is more of a miss match. When defenses stack the box, if he can break through, few defenders can run him down. The closest runner to him in the draft is Najee Harris. He's not as heavy as Henry, but he's about the same speed. There are a couple other big backs in the draft, but they don't have as much speed to get outside. Id' be happy if Buffalo drafted Harris, but I'd also like to see them pick up a speed guy.
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