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  1. TigerJ

    Mock Draft Has Bills Selecting At #1.....

    I've seen more than one mock projecting Ed Oliver to the Bills at #1 overall. That makes more sense. Lawrence would seem to be a one tech nose tackle. Buffalo signed Lotulelei to a multi-year deal, and the one technique is his position. The reports are that Harrison Phillips' skill set is more suited to one tech as well, even though he's on the light side for the position. Ed Oliver at least fits the 3 tech spot where Kyle Williams' retirement will create a huge hole. I'll be shocked if the Bills are picking #1 overall in any case.
  2. TigerJ

    Worst thunderstorm you have ever been in

    I was participating in a church camp for fathers and sons, with my son, who was 7 at the time. We were camping at a water only access campground at the Kinzua Reservoir near Warren, PA. We were on a canoe excursion, heading back to our camp site, when a thunderstorm blew in very quickly. We are on the water in aluminum canoes. The wind came up quickly and blew directly against us. It was so strong that it kept turning the canoes around so we couldn't go back to our campground. Lightning was frequent and the thunder indicated the strikes were pretty close. My son asked me in tears, "Are we gonna die, Dad?" We did the only thing we could, canoe to the shore of the reservoir, pull the canoes on shore and wait out the storm under a tree. I know when you're in a field, under an isolated tree is the last place you want to be, but when you're in a national forest and there are trees all around, you don't have much choice. One tree is no more likely than a million others to be struck. In a forest, the place you don't want to be in a thunderstorm is on a hill top. Lightning strikes are much more frequent at topographical high points. I saw a tornado when I was a kid, but apparently it was near the point of dissipating. On the radio the next day, it was reported there were other sightings, but no reports of damage. More recently, in our present home, just shy of 8 years ago, we had a lightning strike that apparently hit an electric line close to our home. The sound was instantaneous after the lightning and sounded like a real loud gun shot. It triggered a GFI in an electrical circuit in our basement and fried our washing machine.
  3. TigerJ

    List of censored words...

    I never complain about language, but I never personally feel the need to use so-called banned words. To be honest, prior to seeing this thread, I never thought about a such a list existing. What is rather humorous is when the Bills acquire a player whose name happens to be a banned word. It's fun to see the ways that we try to bypass the screening software to make clear who we're talking about.
  4. We've got 5 weeks and 2 days to kill before there is going to be any new content related to what the Bills are doing on the field. That means if we're going to talk Bills at all, we're going to talk about old stuff. I think it is well established that Tyrod is a high character guy who gets the most out of his talent, but his ceiling is clearly limited. For most of us, I think Michael Salfino is preaching to the choir, whether or not we have looked at a particular statistic.
  5. TigerJ

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    I don't think Lawson is quaranteed a pot on this roster, given the acquisition of Trent Murphy and a few other free agents. He is competing for a roster spot, but I think he has decent odds of making it. Eddie Yarbrough was a good addition last season, but he doesn't have great athleticisim. I think he is in as much danger as Shaq. It depends not only on Trent Murphy making a successful comeback from his injury, but players like Odighizuwa and Mike Love, both of whome are pretty athletic. Odghizuwa in particular is close to elite in his athleticism. If he can get his athleticism to translate into production, he will be a key contributor to the team, and somebody else is going to have a tougher time making the cut.
  6. Obviously, Aaron Rodgers' success is connected to a lot of factors, not just instinct. He's athletic and smart too. The way Green Bay brought him along worked for him. That brings up the whole debate of whether it's better to play a rookie QB right away or let him sit and learn. I don't know the answer to that, but my suspicion is that it might be different for different QBs. That's a different issue however. I do think besides everything else Aaron Rodgers has going for him, I do think he's pretty instinctive, which was to point of my post.
  7. The age of Buffalo's running backs is indeed an issue. If as some project the Bills' running backs are McCoy, Ivory, Travaris Cadett, and Taiwan Jones, their respective ages right now are 29, 30, 29, and 29. That does make me a bit nervous. Appart from the proverbial wall, there is also the isue of injuries. Bot Cadett and Jones are coming off injuries, and now they are a year older. With the receivers, it's an issue of question marks. Kelvin Benjamin, if healthy is a good receiver, I think. He seems to be both healthy and motivated this season. Zay Jones may develop in his sophomore year. Jeremy Kerley is a savvy veteran in the slot, even if he lacks great measurables. Beyond those three, we don't even have a real good handle on who is going to make the final roster. Reilly and Streater could be pretty good. McCloud and Proehl have some quickness. Dupre seems to have some talent. Who's going to make the team though? Will they get a chance to compete.?
  8. "Instincts" is a work that gets thrown around a lot when discussing draft prospects. I think there could be some confusion with it in view of its broad usage. When I think of instincts, I think of something that is more or less genetic. You either have it or you don't and there is nothing you can do to change it. I think there is probably some of that among NFL players. Among QBs instinctiveness seems to be connected in some way to anticipation and to the ability to sense pressure. Aaron Rodgers has it. EJ Manuel does not. Tyrod Taylor may have some, but he could stand to have a lot more. There are things that some people associate with instinct that might not be, however. I've seen the criticism that Tremaine Edmunds is not instinctive, versus Roquon Smith (who is instinctive). I have to wonder, however, if some of the perceived deficiency in Tremaine's instinctiveness might be connected to his youth. Roquon is a full year older and played in a program (Georgia) that is part of the SEC (which is kind of like a farm league for the NFL). I figure Tremaine is going to bite on a few misdirection plays this year and get faked out occasionally, but I think next year, when he is the age that Roquon Smith is now, he's going to be a pro bowler. As for QBs in the draft, it could be five years before there is a QB in the draft who comes with little or no risk. Buffalo could go through McBeane and an additional GM/coach regime before they have a chance to grab one. Whether Allen is the right one this year or not we'll have to wait and see, but Baker Mayfield was gone, and I'm glad Beane chose to gamble.
  9. TigerJ

    Thoughts about the Bills Official Website

    Ironically, I went to the Bills' site today, and it has been completely revamped. So, everyone who has posted might want to go take a look and then come back and post your reaction to the new look of the official site.
  10. TigerJ

    Thoughts about the Bills Official Website

    The one negative with the official site is sometimes there is stuff going on, but the official website won't acknowledge it until the team makes an official announcement. Case in point: the signing of UDFAs. The identity of the Bills' UDFAs was correctly reported by numerous outlets while the official site maintained complete silence for days.
  11. TigerJ

    Who Will Win the AFC East?

    I wish that I could pick a team other than the Pats, but I think they probably have one more year at the top.
  12. TigerJ

    Is you're Dad the reason your a Bills fan?

    On the other hand, my son is a Bills fan, and I can probably take a little credit for that at least.
  13. TigerJ

    Shady on Allen in Sporting News

    I wouldn't read too much into that. Shady knows the plan is to keep Allen mainly with the threes to start training camp. There is no time frame associated with "eventually." Personally, I'm not expecting Allen to be the starter in game one either, but after that, who knows? game 2 in 2018 or game 1 in 2019, or somewhere in between - or later than 2019. I haven't got a clue.
  14. TigerJ

    Shady on Allen in Sporting News

    I seen a couple of the quotes, but not all in one place. Thanks.
  15. TigerJ

    Who's Going To The Monday Night Game vs NE?

    I would have a two hour drive home, including lots of back roads. Twenty years ago I might have ventured it, but I'd rather not cross paths with a deer in the wee hours of the morning.