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  1. I look up players at The Draft Network often.
  2. Big nickel. Put one of them in when the team is in a nickel formation. He can give you pass coverage, particularly in the short zone, while being big enough to pack at least a little "whallop" when tackling a running back.
  3. Greg Roman is known to have a pretty focused offensive philosophy. He spoke about it when he was OC for Buffalo. Essentially, he believes in using a huge variety of running plays to force defenses to over commit to run defense (stack the box). That will provide opportunity for the QB to make easier completions for chunk plays downfield. As it happens, Lamar Jackson is just about the perfect QB to run an offense like that, because his running ability allows for a whole new layer of variations in the run game. There are a lot of things, in terms of reads that Lamar Jackson is not good at. Certainly, Greg Roman will come up with some wrinkles, and will try to change things up, but he is likely to still operate within his philosophical perspective, especially given Lamar Jackson's rather specialized skill set. That means there is probably a limit to the variety he can bring to his game plan.
  4. The Bills showed in principle how the Ravens can be beaten, but it still takes a great defense to accomplish it. The Ravens are still going to make the playoffs even if every opposing team on the schedule uses Buffalo's blueprint. Once the playoffs are here, almost anything can happen.
  5. I don't recall where, but someone observed that rather than acquiring compensatory picks from a net loss of free agents, Beane has developed a knack for acquiring more quality on the roster than the team can actually use, then trading away the excess for draft picks. That could happen, for instance on the offensive line.
  6. I hope that everybody who has recovered from COVID-19 that is able will consider donating plasma for use in treating those who are still serious ill with the disease. That can be saving other lives.
  7. Turn away? The problem is, people are already turning away from the Chargers in droves. I like Tyrod, and I even think he can be a decent backup, but . . .
  8. Again, backchecking the new playoff format shows that far few teams will make the playoffs with losing records than will 10 win teams that failed to make the playoffs under the previous format. Teams with losing records make the playoffs when there happens to be a really lousy division in the NFL. The new playoff formula will do nothing to change that. The new formula will add a wild card berth. Wild car berths go to the "best of the rest" - teams that didn't win in strong divisions, teams that are almost always going to have winning records.
  9. On One Bills Live, they backchecked the drought and learned a 14 team playoff field would not have put the Bills into the playoffs even once. I hesitate to say the Bills are a lock. Too many times, teams that had high expectations in the off season flopped for one reason or another when they actually played games. However, if the Bills fail to make the playoffs, it would be a major disappointment.
  10. I doubt that the remainder of free agency or the draft are going to have a major effect on the ranking of Buffalo's roster strength.
  11. If the US is in a position to allow public gatherings on the scale of an NFL game, the border between the US and Canada will be open.
  12. That would be a dream come true for many of us Bills fans.
  13. Inmates in jail don't normally spend all their time in a cell. Coronavirus realities will change practices to be sure, but jails normally have a common dining area, and opportunities for inmates to get exercise in various ways. If coronavirus were brought into a facility by a corrections officer who did not know he had it, and the jail was operating normally, it could spread like wild fire.
  14. I've seen some big boards - sites like Drafttek. When I see a mock draft mock a player to the Bills with whom I am unfamiliar, I'll do an online search for some scouting reports like those that The Draft Network produces. That's about as "in depth" as I'll go.
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