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  1. I think it's pretty clear that Oliver is on a learning curve. He's returning to the 3 tech position after spending last year as an undersized nose tackle. He is coming into the NFL as a player whose athleticism was so far above most of those he played with and against that he did not need a great deal of work on technique. That's no longer true. I'm not sure where ESPN is coming from, but he has brought plenty of energy and passion with him to the Bills. He knows he's got work to do and he is doing it, but it's not going to happen overnight. He's going to be fine.
  2. Yeah, it is about as weak an attempt at sports journalism as I've seen. The premise is about as pointless as it can be. How many people actually expect Buffalo to have an historically bad season? Hopefully, the Bills can put that notion to rest in the first four or five games of the season.
  3. Your first mistake was when you suggested I was eagerly awaiting your picks. It all went downhill from there.
  4. Despite having a few starts with the 49ers, he was not a core player for them. His injury was going to keep him out of training camp for a couple more weeks, so it made sense for the 49ers to cut him and add a healthy body. That's really the same reason the Bills IRed McGhin. He's not a core player and probably won't make the 53 man roster, so they wanted a healthy body to use in their practice sessions between now and the end of August. I think they believe at this point McGhin has enough upside to make it worth keeping him on IR and bringing him back next offseason, though that kind of stuff is always subject to change.
  5. Vic Carucci✔@viccarucci Mitch MORSE (apologies) remains in concussion protocol awaiting clearance from the #NFL's independent neurologist assigned to the #Bills. https://twitter.com/viccarucci/status/1163848067784859648 … Has anyone seen the fool NFL neurologist around here this afternoon. He can't still be hung over, can he?"
  6. Most power rankings are heavily weighted on past performance and reputation unless, for a specific team there are compelling reasons to weight something else more heavily. We all have been watching Josh Allen and his improved performance with relish, along with the improved support around him, but that doesn't mean to much to national observers . . . yet. Baltimore is rated higher because John Harbaugh led teams have more history of success over the past number of years than Buffalo.
  7. You actually gave up hope of running across stupid writers for entertainment? There are some things we will never run out of. That's one of them.
  8. I've made up my mind. Don't confuse me with facts.
  9. Tom Brady can probably average 50 yards as a punter. For that matter, he can probably kick field goals reliably while holding for himself.
  10. He hasn't played center since his freshmen year of college. I think he's allowed to have a few bad snaps. BTW, Feliciano handled the line calls from the guard spot to help him out. He hasn't had time to learn all the terminology for the Bills' line calls.
  11. Yeah, it was amusing to me that ever pass they showed for Carolina was a completion and every pass for Buffalo resulted in a breakup. Nothing like editing it for the benefit of your fan base. LOL
  12. The Bills were one of the better teams last season when it came to keeping their players healthy. They just opened a state of the art training facility, one of the best in the league, dedicated to keeping players healthy and on the field. McDermott, I'm sure was not the person who made the decision to build it, but I think he is on board with the notion of keeping players healthy. I trust his reasons for playing starters.
  13. The theory is that defensive coordinators have no tape on rookie QBs and that makes it harder to defend against their strengths or take advantage of their weaknesses. That's probably a dubious theory to begin with because a rookie QB would have to be really amazing in some area to throw a defensive coordinator that much or really terrible in others to enable a DC to neutralize him. Anyway, by their second year, there is ample tape on a QB so DCs are going to be able to more effectively game plan. I don't think many believe it's typical for a QB to get worse in his sophomore campaign.
  14. He is also the only starter taking holding penalties. Maybe he'll settle when Morse gets healthy and the Bills get some stability at center, but they do have Teller in reserve. Teller is more athletic and plenty strong.
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