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  1. I think Levi Wallace was exposed a bit. He's a smart and technically sound CB, but physically he's limited. He has some length, but he's not real fast and he's not real physical. Yesterday Miami's 6'5" receiver had his way with Wallace. Ryan Fitzpatrick got hot and was putting the ball on the money and there didn't seem to be much Wallace could do about it even though he was in position. If Buffalo is looking to upgrade their defense in the offseason, that's one spot where they could look.
  2. This. He's always looking and he always has his eye on value. He hates overpaying, and he won't trade away future assets unless he's pretty sure the player he gets is going to be an upgrade. He will not trade just to make a trade. I think some GMs will, just on the hope that the new guy might give his team a spark. Beane wants more than "hope."
  3. Judging by a comparison of preseason opinions of what Buffalo's season would be like and their current 5-1 record, McDermott should be considered a frontrunner. We'll have to see if it still looks that way in December. Kyle Shanahan also has to be in that conversation, but I think Arians and Shurmur have probably dropped out of the running.
  4. I'm looking for a bloodbath in the Philly/Dallas game (going on now) to get Philly softened up for next week.
  5. There is nothing in the article to suggest the Rams have indicated a shred of interest. It is idle speculation on the part of the author, and he says as much.
  6. Josh is struggling on deep pass attempts this season, but he's fine as far as overall accuracy is concerned. His receivers struggled with some drops on short and intermediate throws today, mostly in the first half.
  7. An offensive player other than the QB would have to be really sneaky to draw an Offside penalty. A QB can do it with a hard count once in a while. I have no idea how a tight end does it with out being called for a false start himself.
  8. Adam Gase has a rare gift. . . for destroying teams, ticking off his own players and making trouble with the league, the players association, the press, and just about anyone else you can think of. It is enjoyable to watch from the perspective of a Bills fan. Oh, and his defensive coordinator is no slouch either.
  9. I think the Dolphins have had two starting offensive linemen as non-participants in practice this week due to injury. If they can't go, Miami's bad offensive line could even be worse than usual. Ed Oliver is getting real hungry for his first sack. I think Jerry Hughes would like to get some more stats too.
  10. There has been speculation that Flores is having to cope with the threat of open rebellion in the locker room if he didn't start Fitzpatrick. It's looking more and more like a dumpster fire in Miami.Here's to hoping Adam Gase can set the stage for the same thing in New York. Gee, maybe when Belichick retires Robert Kraft could be persuaded to hire Gase in New England. Yeah, I know that's too much to hope for.
  11. Cleveland has the talent to do some damage if they can get out of their own way.
  12. In a further development, the XFL has indicated it's not certain they want Miami.
  13. Buffalo's defense is not the most complicated defense in the league. They play a lot of zone in the secondary, but can play man coverage as well, and do in the right situations. They play a lot of nickel defense and only do a modest amount of blitzing. Their success has not come from any secrets that Lewis might spill. It comes from talent and discipline and the fact that Edmunds has grown into the role of defensive signal caller, and does a great job. The secondary also has great communication.
  14. Oops! Now Fitz is gonna start. As you said, Fitz does not have the recent history to suggest that will make much difference.
  15. He's had a nice career. If healthy, he could have had several more years, but he's had enough of a career to be able to look back and feel good about what he's done. Assuming his career is over, hopefully his leg can be healed up enough to be able to walk normally and not cause him problems later on.
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