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  1. This is personal. I hope all of the Buffalo Bills know the story and hold the city of San Francisco and all of its sports teams personally responsible. It's time to show no mercy to these heartless barbarians.
  2. Now Jake, we don't need you to put out a contract on any opposing players
  3. He has speed but has not been a great player. He drops balls and despite his speed has not especially been a deep receiver. It would take his some time to come in and learn the system and it is late in the year already. If he's available for a futures contract after the season, it might be worth signing him to a futures contract, but he's not going to help the Bills this season.
  4. Nah, it's time for him to be looking into his second career, working in convenience stores.
  5. As I think about it, it seems possible Buffalo could run a little more defense with three linebackers rather than nickel. Mullens finds it tough to complete a pass over 20 yards. Kittle's absence means covering the tight end is a reasonable task for a linebacker. On the other hand, Mostert is a speed back, but isn't all that physical as a runner. DBs may not be at a great disadvantage tackling him and being involved in run defense. The 49ers do make a lot of use of a fullback, and that might be a reason to lean toward using 3 LBs more.
  6. Yeah, schedule is going to be a factor in that, but it still seems unusual.
  7. Between the blitzing and Allen's propensity to hold on to the ball, there is a lot of pressure on the Bills' offensive line when it comes to pass blocking. I hope he sends them all some very nice Christmas gifts. Fortunately, Allen is both very tough and mobile. What I really like about Allen is he is becoming a QB with no glaring weaknesses. He's good versus zone defense, he's good versus man defense. He evades pressure. He can run, both designed runs and scrambles. He can pas short and he can pass long. That lack of weaknesses makes it very hard for opposing defensive coor
  8. I'm guessing the article was no more specific than what the OP said in the first post.
  9. So, people who bet against Buffalo last week are trying to make up their losses by going against Buffalo this week? Fools and their money are easily parted.
  10. Mullens also happens to be a noodle armed QB. He's very ineffective at passes longer than 20 yards. That means QBs who lack deep speed (Levi Wallace, Josh Norman) are not nearly the liability they can be when facing a team like say Kansas City.
  11. A good guy. Too bad things ended the way they did in Buffalo with fans calling for his head in his final season in Buffalo. Tyler Bass does look to be pretty awesome lately though.
  12. Apparently Edmunds' early season deficiencies were injury related. I can see why the team didn't make that very public, but it would have been nice to know. The same has been true of Milano, though I think we were generally more aware of his injury issues this season. I also was not really aware of the fact that AJ Klein is primarily an middle linebacker. Playing out of position probably accounts for a lot of his struggles. If Leslie Frazier had done a better job of adjusting for that early, I might have thought more highly of Klein from the start. What I've said still is true, I think.
  13. Why do the league and CBS think that those of us living in Rochester would rather watch Green Bay beat up on Philadelphia than watch the LA Chargers beat up on New England?
  14. I'm not surprised that his play on the field has left something to be desired. He's played so little that when he does get on the field, he's rusty. The question is, how do you get him playing time without jeopardizing your team's chances of winning unless it's a blowout? We all know how often Buffalo's been involved in a blowout this season.
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