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  1. The owner of the Philadelphia Eagles is Jewish, so his comments certainly got the attention of the team. It's not racism per se, but it certainly is prejudice of a kind that can give rise to violence and unrest. Jackson says he's open to rethinking his sentiments. Hopefully he is not just spouting words to save his roster spot, but really is open to looking at the world from a different perspective.
  2. I don't disagree. I think it may be a little early to determine how instinctive McDermott is as a coach, but he does a lot of stuff the right way. It's interesting, when he signed his contract with the Pegulas, there seemed to be some thought that he asked for and received a lot of power/control in the organization. Then when Beane was hired as GM people thought it was all about cronyism, but McDermott has not seemed to abuse his control at all, and Beane and McDermott seem to work very efficiently with each other. It's been great for the team.
  3. Coming out of college, Vosean was seen as somewhat undersized, extremely athletic, but a bit undisciplined in his play. He would make big plays, but he's also find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and allow a big play by the offense. I think the year off to let him mature was not necessarily a bad thing. Hopefully, they can get a good read on his development even though preseason games are in doubt.
  4. Some really good young players give you the impression that they have limited upside, and can't really get all that much better than they are already. I get the opposite impression from Edmunds, that he has massive upside. If he reaches what I think is his true upside, he will have a hall of fame career.
  5. McDermott has spent literally his whole coaching career writing his own personal manual on how to be a head coach, which he updates constantly. He follows it to a "T." Some coaches (Rex Ryan) tend to fly by the seat of their pants. Coaching instinct can be good or bad, but may not be consistent. The consistency that comes from following a methodology can be a very good thing if you've got a tested methodology. McDermott has that.
  6. Rarely can you get equal draft value in a trade involving a high draft pick. I was torn between a first round pick #8 or lower and a second round or later pick. I went with second round or later, but I think it would probably be a second rounder. That doesn't mean I'm disappointed with Allen or don't think he can still develop considerably just my view of the way the trade market works.
  7. I think the team actually takes a step forward if Allen stays the same. I think the offense got better around Allen, and I think the defense improved slightly as well. Naturally, I do hope Allen makes a leap forward, and to be a true contender in the playoffs, he does need to take that next step.
  8. I think Diggs is a high potential addition to the team, but frankly every WR in the NFL who is worth a roster spot is doing the same thing leading up to the start o training camp.
  9. Most teams have a dicey situation should their starting QB go down. Barkley has been solid in relief and he's been awful. Fromm is a solid decision maker (except when it comes to his presence on Twitter) who may be a solid game manager, but lacks an NFL skill set in terms of arm strength and athleticism. There's also Davis Webb, who from all accounts has a great football mind and a live arm. It's possible he could show something this preseason that could move him out of the "overlooked" category. I'm not optimistic about what the season would look like if Josh Allen went down early with a season ending injury, but you never know.
  10. And I thought the penalty would be that they had to sign Cam Newton to a one year deal.
  11. Bill Belichick right now is looking for loopholes that might be created by the whole pandemic mess.
  12. I sure would have appreciated a short little article explaining the technology of the thing rather than a video with loud obnoxious music that had virtually no information.
  13. It's true that Ezekiel Elliott is young for a RB entering his fifth season in the NFL and is clearly a top tier RB, but he is taking a lot of hits and has a lot of miles on his 24 year old body. Zack Moss reminds me in some ways of Elliott, but as a rookie, I have to believe he has a few more years left in him than Ezekiel Elliott. I'm anxious to see what he brings to the field, no offense to Elliott.
  14. Yeah, he was a world class gunner. Unblockable as a gunner.
  15. I haven't seen NY's quarantine state list, but I suspect it includes Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California among others. For NFL players, quarantining at home can be a big issue, if you don't have fitness equipment in your home. Two weeks is long enough to mess with your conditioning, and that can be a factor in training camp injuries. I realize that training camp as a quarantine would be imperfect. Players and staff will have traveled from states both on and off the states quarantine list, and some will not have traveled at all, and all will be mingling at camp, but besides that, it could be relatively self contained. The team could contract with a local hotel to provide lodging for team personnel only. Everybody rides the team bus to OBD in the morning. Players get tested daily for a couple weeks. They eat together, meet together, go through workouts and drills together. While there is mingling among them, they would be a completely self contained group.
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