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  1. TigerJ

    WGR550 Streaming Radio Fixed

    Thanks. I don't know what they did, but radio.com is now working.
  2. TigerJ

    Who wins more games? Bills or Browns?

    I will predict Buffalo, but it's not a slam dunk. Buffalo made the playoffs last season with Tyrod lined up under center for most of the games. Cleveland lines up quite a few form high draft picks when the ball is snapped. I think what holds them back is most of their roster doesn't know how to win because they've not had experience doing so, but there is enough talent on their roster you'd think the winning has to start sometime. I think Buffalo is a fringe playoff team this season, again, but there is no question they could be hurt by the QB change. No, I'm not a TyROD fan lamenting his departure, but he does have more experience than any Buffalo QB, and if Allen wins the starting job, he's going to see more exotic blitzes, and disguised coverage in the regular season than he will through the rest of preseason. I still have to assume there is a learning curve going on. I pick Buffalo because of the success McDermott has had in building a new culture in the Buffalo locker room, one that seems very conducive to winning.
  3. TigerJ

    Need another QB with AJ hurt, but Who?

    My thought is that they will be best served by bringing in a youngster with practice squad eligibility. It's not that they need a project QB, but during the season they need to have a third QB in the system who knows the offensive scheme and can be elevated on short notice in case one or both of your roster QBs go down. Your PS QB is insurance - period.
  4. TigerJ

    Who will start preseason game 3 vs Bengals?

    I don't think there would be that much to learn by starting Peterman. I'm assuming that the Bills are being honest in calling it a QB competition. The point of a QB competition is to learn about the relative strengths of your QBs. Therefor it only makes sense that Allen get evaluated in extended timne with the starters. However, in the third preseason game, starters often play 3 quarters. I think I would only play Allen into the second quarter, and then give Peterman time with the starters before wrapping up with the scrubs.
  5. TigerJ

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    He looks like an NFL QB to be sure. Of Course, Peterman is looking pretty good too. We may soon be able to start forgetting the likes of JP Losman, Trent Edwards, EJ Manuel and all the other so called QBs the Bills drafted over the years.
  6. How long does it take for a hairline fracture of the collarbone to heal sufficiently for a QB to resume play in the NFL? I'm sure it's a given that McCarron's preseason is done, and he's probably out for the first couple of games. The question is whether Buffalo would IR him or keep him on the active roster. I would guess he could be available to play by October anyway. Obviously for the time being the race to start is a two way race. If either Allen or Peterman clearly wins the race and looks OK when the season starts, McCarron will effectively be shut out. If nobody looks good between now and the time McCarron is healthy again, I imagine the Bills would want to keep McCarron available. Another issue: with McCarron out of commission, even though training camp is over, Buffalo is still carrying a 90 man roster, and will be running drills for receivers in Orchard Park. Do they need to sign another arm to get them through the next couple weeks, and when the season starts look for a QB they can stash on their PS. A GM's job is never done!
  7. TigerJ

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Tyler Davis hits the trifecta - out of bounds on the kickoff, missed extra point, missed field goal. I really don't think there's any point of keeping him on the roster.
  8. TigerJ

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Well, since I can't watch the friggin game, I can't comment on what I'm seeing, but it sure looks from the stats as if Allen is way better than AJ. I would think Sean McDermott would have a hard time justifying starting McCarron over Allen. I've been perfectly content with the notion of letting Allen learn on the bench, but if you judgem by what's happening in this game, Allen and McCarron are working together to deny the opportunity for that to happen. Of course, Peterman is still in this picture too, and may factor into the decision.
  9. TigerJ

    Help: Bills Game not on where I live

    I guess I'll be looking for the replay.
  10. TigerJ

    Help: Bills Game not on where I live

    So if you're in the Buffalo area you get it on local TV. If you're far from Buffalo you get it on the NFL Network, but if you're outside of the Buffalo local broadcast area but reasonably close to Buffalo, you're screwed.
  11. TigerJ

    Help: Bills Game not on where I live

    See my post above. Tried it - doesn't work.
  12. TigerJ

    Help: Bills Game not on where I live

    WETM is my local station. They are carrying the Giants game. I went to the Bills website and clicked on the link for streaming the game, and that took me to NFL.com and an alleged streaming of the game, but all I'm getting is a blank screen.
  13. So I turned on the NFL Network at 7:30 and their showing a freaking old program about Lynn Swann and John Stallworth. What the heck is going on? My best guess is that since a local station is showing the Giants game the NFL network is trying to force me to watch that. Not going to happen. Where can I stream the Bills game?
  14. TigerJ

    A couple questions on QB week 1 starter

    Just playing the odds, at this point I think McCarron gives the Bills the best chance to win. It's not that I don't like Peterson or Allen. McCarron has beenn steady and reliable when he has started regular season games in the past. There is always a chance that if Baltimore brings the heat that first game of the season, Peterman will revert to Chargers Peterman, the king of interceptions. I wouldn't expect that to happen, but I can't rule it out. Allen is a rookie, and it is very normal to think he'll do some rookie things if he starts. Rookie things don't generally lead to winning. So, I answered McCarron should start. I answered that I would want to see Peterman start. I'd love to see him get an opportunity for redemption. I'm not anti McCarron, but being a former Bengal, I don't have as much of an emotional stake in his success. I don't feel strongly about Allen starting because I know it's going to happen eventually. It doesn't need to happen out of the starting gate.
  15. I agree with Shaw. You are right in that his roster spot is not in jeopardy, but even though he doesn't tak in such terms, he's doing whatever he can to start sooner rather than later. He' will not be very happy with himself if he does poorly, soI'm pretty sure he feels pressure in that sense.