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  1. As always, reactions to the pick of Oliver varies across the sports world. Many pundits love it. I guess Andy Benoit (SI: MMQB) was tepid about the pick, saying the Bills already had Lotulelei, Harrison Phillips and Jordan Phillips at DT, and have a more glaring need at edge rusher. With all due respect to Benoit, I think he's wrong. Yes, the Bills need to find a successor to Jerry Hughes at some point and they still aren't getting all they need from Lawson/Murphy on the other end of the D-line, but Lotulelei and Harrison Phillips are one tech guys. Harrison could probably play 3 tech, but he's not going to be as disruptive as McDermott needs his 3 tech to be. Jordan Phillips is a huge 3 tech, and has his moments as a disrupter, but he's not as consistent as you'd like. That means his ceiling may be as a rotational guy. Oliver is potentially the most disruptive 3 tech Buffalo could possibly have, and he's consistent, going hard every single play. Incredibly, Houston played Oliver as a sub 280 lb nose tackle. His job was tying up blockers. He still made a lot of plays, but I think the Bills are looking to get a lot more productivity out of him by sliding him into 3 tech.
  2. Disruptive force in the interior of the Dline. Incredible that Houston played him at zero tech, Hopefully he explodes for the Bills!
  3. Hockenson to Detroit? Really? Buffalo now gets to choose between three offensive tackles Ed Oliver and whoever else you want to add. That's a nice choice to have. Trade down?
  4. Another reach drops more impact players to the Bills! Yay!
  5. I guest Devin White to the Buccaneers puts the notion of moving Tremaine Edmunds outside to rest for now. LOL
  6. Clelin Ferrell not usually projected in the top 8. Great news! That means somebody drops. Lets see more of that!
  7. Now we'll find out if the trade up for the Bills was just so much smoke. That's what I think anyway.
  8. I think I like your first one a little better.
  9. I'm not especially fond of this mock for the Bills. Metcalf is high risk-high reward. Dexter Lawrence is athletic for a big man to be sure, but Buffalo already has an athletic big ma playing 3 tech in Jordan Phillips, and they are set at 1 tech with Harrison Phillips and Star Lotulelei. So either they rotate two 340 lb dudes at 3 tech or they shift Harrison Phillips to 3 tech where his skill set may not be an ideal fit. If I'm looking for a 3 tech at that spot in the first round, I'm giving consideration to Jeffery Simmons and Jerry Tillery before Dexter Lawrence.
  10. I suspect Buffalo's strategy will be to try and find their edge rusher in the draft. If it doesn't fall in such a way that they can get a quality guy, then they will consider Ansah as a fall back option.
  11. I understand the notion of a trade of Hughes, not that I think the Bills would do it. Hughes is 30 years old and the length of his career moving forward is in question. He could be effective for a couple more years or 7 to 8 years. He's entering the final year of his contract, and will likely want one bigger than the deal he has now. The length is subject to negotiation, and Jerry's agent will probably push for a longer one than Beane wants to commit to given Jerry's age. If all you're concerned with is the long term stability of one position, then trading Jerry is the direction to go. Burns gives you a player for 4 years at a discounted cost. However, If the Bills draft him, they will be looking for an upgrade of their pass rush in the upcoming season Jerry still has it even though he wasn't as productive as some seasons. There were other factors that played into that. By keeping Jerry they should have a better overall pass rush (assuming they can also pick up a quality 3 tech somewhere). They could play Hughes and Burns on opposite ends, or employ a deadly rotation. Either way If should really pressure opposing defenses.
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