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  1. The defense is better this year. The offensive line is worse, adversely affecting both pass protection, and even more significantly, the running game. In terms of team building, Buffalo could actually be ahead. . .if Josh Allen becomes the franchise QB that optimists (and I am one of them) hope he can become. The step back in certain areas of the team can be easily made up with Buffalo haveing extricated itself from cap h***., with smart free agent signings and wise use of Buffalo's 10 draft picks. While Buffalo technically has an old team, they have a number of key players who are very young. They are only going to get better. Starting with Josh Allen, the offense also has Zay Jones and Robert Foster. They aren't world beaters yet, but theyy're growing and learning. Wyatt Teller, is not a great offensive guard yet either, but he's showing some promise. Dion Dawkins is not as good as Cordy Glenn when Glenn was at his best, but as Teller improves, I think he and Dawkins will be able to solidify the left side of the line. The defense is where the youth really shines with Milano and Edmunds at linebacker and Tre White at CB. The jury is out on Levi Wallace. I think he's got some growing to do. Harrison Phillips is going to continue improving too. Hyde and Poyer are not youngsters, but they still have several good years left.
  2. TigerJ

    Stadium Food Health Safety Report

    The food is so bad at Gillette, the bugs can't even stand it.
  3. TigerJ

    Potential Cut Candidates in the Offseason

    He doesn't generate stats.
  4. Emotionally, I just have to grit my teeth at the thought of drafting a CB, but if Buffalo gets a good start on offensive personnel issues in free agency, Greedy Williams would not be a terrible pick.
  5. TigerJ

    Will Shady be worth it?

    There are at least two issues at play here. First, there is reason to suspect that most of the ineffectiveness of the running game should be solely laid on the shoulders of the offensive line. Turnover, a lack of talent and an overly complex blocking scheme has created a disaster area on the offensive line, and nobody besides the QB can gain any yards with consistency. Second, cap room is not a problem for Buffalo this offseason. If Buffalo's line were good, and Shady were as ineffective as he's been, then you cut him yesterday. There is absolutely no reason to keep him around. If Buffalo faced cap constraints, but Shady could still be effective, you might consider moving on, though with some regrets. I don't think there is any pressure to move on at this point. I think what Buffalo needs to do is to identify wome quality youth at the position for the 2019 season. Whether than means signing a quality young free agent or drafting somebody, they should find someone. Rather than putting the full load on Shady next season, they should use a two headed monster philosophy. One other thing to consider: If Keith Ford can address his fumbling issues, it could be that the Bills already have Shady's successor. Keith Ford was a five star recruit to college. He's got size and power, but he's also got a fair amount of speed and quickness. From all accounts he's worked hard while on the PS and has a great attitude. Don't count him out.
  6. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. I don't worry overmuch about that stuff. I love the athleticism and potential of both Allen and Edmunds. Maybe the fact that they are a little more raw than somebody else that Buffalo could have taken, or maybe Buffalo could have taken somebody later that would have been as effective, or even more effective as rookies. But now they are both Bills and have all kinds of upside. It's just exciting to me to watch them climb the learning curve to see where they end up. Next year, when both will have the benefit of a year of experience as going to be awesome.
  7. TigerJ

    Black Monday Is Coming: Which Coaches Get Fired?

    I figure Greg Williams and Joe Philbin are interim head coaches, so they don't really count. TThey may get a chance to compete when those teams begin the hiring process, or they may not, but it's a given, the teams will consider other candidates as well.
  8. He's taller, not as fast. His arms are not real long considering his height. Still, a fascinating player when you think about his versatility. If he can actually develop his skill set in one area where he could be productive enough to hold a roster spot, his versatility could allow a team to be pretty creative. If his main position is receiver, Daboll could motion him to the backfield and let him take a snap and either hand the ball off or attempt a pass, or run the ball for that matter. He has a pretty fair number of carries from college. As a 6'6" safety, he had a nose for interceptions.
  9. TigerJ

    [Vague Title] Sophomore slump?

    If the Bills have an opportunity to acquire two quality starting calber offensive tackles through free agency and the draft, I don't think there would be anything wrong with shifting Dawkins inside. On the flip side, Teller may have some promise as a guard, but he was a fifth round pick because he was not as well prepared to start in the NFL as a first round pick. That is still the case. Dawkins would be better at tackle if he had an all pro guard next to him, one who wasn't simultaneously worried about an incompetent center next to him on the other side. An offensive line needs to function as a unit, and if you have multiple parts that are broken, its going to adversely affect all the other parts too. I'm not saying the Bills have to move Dawkins inside to be effective. There is more than one possible path to improved effectiveness as a line, but right now it's badly broken.
  10. I don't know that Lamar Jackson could ever thrive in a conventional offense. I don't think Josh Allen is conventional yet, but I think he has upside as a conventional passer. If you're Lamar Jackson's coach, you have to taylor your offense to his skill set, and I don't think it's ever going to change that much. He's a taller Tyrod Taylor. If the offensive coordinator is comfortable with that and has a good feel for crafting an offense that fits him, fine. Otherwise, there may be frustrations ahead.
  11. TigerJ

    12-11: Bills Workout LB Marquis Flowers

    I hear yah man. I would be in the same ballpark. My playing days are far behind me.
  12. TigerJ

    12-11: Bills Workout LB Marquis Flowers

    I was looking at a couple different sources, both of which reported his weight as 231. One of those was he weight during the draft process, so obviously that was out of date. I see that NFL.com reports his weight as 245. I'm guessing McDermott might actually like to see his weight closer to 230. Hard to imagine he can still run a 4.51 40 at 245 lbs.
  13. TigerJ

    12-11: Bills Workout LB Marquis Flowers

    Physically, he's the same type of linebacker that Milano is: a bit on the small side and fast. He times faster than Milano. Obviously, having been cut by a couple teams in the last two years, those teams must think there was something missing in his game. Maybe the light will come on in McDermott's defense. If not, he's a bandaid, a player to help the Bills finish the season. If he plays up to his athleticism, he could turn out to be more.
  14. I think it's generally too early for any teams to be experiencing buyers remorse. Fans are another issue entirely. For any team, fan opinions are going to be all over the map on any given issue, so yeah, I think there are fans of any of the five teams with new first round QBs who are ready to dump their shiny new QB.
  15. TigerJ

    John Harbaugh availability

    I'm just not ready to move on from Sean McDermott. I've been convinced for some time now that the biggest obstacle to Buffalo's escape from mediocrity has been the lack of continuity. Bringing in the next shiny new retread coach just continues the cycle. John Harbaugh might be a solid head coach, but he will want to do things his way. That will almost certainly mean a new offensive scheme, new offensive coordinator, new defensive scheme and coordinator, and the necessity of dumping personnel to find players to fit what he wants to do. Then when it takes a few years to transition to the John Harbaugh way, everybody will get tired, his head will end up on the chopping block and we can start all over again. We've seen it all before. I don't know if Sean McDermott can be successful, but it takes more than two years unless the new coach comes into a perfect set of circumstances. Sean McVay is admittedly a brilliant coach, burt he also lucked out on the right circumstanmces for quick success. He is the exception. I'm tired of it. Joh Harbaugh as special teams coordinator might be a demotion for him, but it's an upgrade for Buffalo.