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  1. The bottom line is that things aren't going to change a lot during the season. Hopefully, young players, including the QB, will mature through the season and be better at the end than they are now, but decisions on personnel changes going forward will not be made until the offseason, except for fringe players, who can be changed in and out at any time. The Bills may win some games, but don't look like a serious threat to make the playoffs again this season. I still hope that Beane and McDermott are making the choices that ultimately will produce a consistent winner, but I think in the short term they may have underestimated how bad it could get. In general, it looks like the offseason will be focussed on upgrading offensive personnel, though the Bills may have to start thinking some about getting a little younger on the defensive line. Lorenzo Alexander can't last forever either. Still, the Bills need to invest in their offensive line, wide receivers and at running back. Yes, they may need to look at QB too, but that's not set in stone, at least not in the first round.
  2. TigerJ

    The Refs!

    The no call for pass interference early when Zay Jones was targeted was pretty bad, and was the primary reason the drive stalled. There were other calls that were bad, but not many that were a big deal IMO
  3. TigerJ

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    I'm not going to pile on. He has shown a strong tendency not to account for the DB on quick out passes, and that leads to FAR too many interceptions. Since he appears not to have learned from prior mistakes, it looks as if he has run out of time to prove he can be an NFL QB. I expect it's only a matter of time before he's looking for his next job.
  4. TigerJ

    Allen not showing progress

    I reserve judgment until after the season at the earliest. Even if the Bills think Josh remains a viable possibility as a franchise QB, I wouldn't object to drafting another developmental guy. Peterman has run out of chances to even be a backup in the NFL. The Bills can never be sure he's not going to continue to throw interceptions. The 49ers drafted CJ Beathard late, and he lookes like a viable backup. The Bills could do the same. If they decide Josh Allen is bust bound, then the plan has to be draft a QB early. For the record, I think he played better today than last week
  5. TigerJ

    Offensive Strategy Versus the Texans

    If it works, great. What I'm saying is, it's possible one of these Sundays, Buffalo could run into a brick wall with respect to trying to run the ball. Houston is a possible location for that to happen. If the Bills can't run the ball effectively, they need to have a plan B. I'm also in favor of involving McCoy in the passing game. All three or Buffalo's tight ends are pretty athletic, and potentially good receivers. Actually, the only receiver I'm disappointed in is Kelvin Benjamin, who seems more than a touch lazy. Zay Jones has made some plays when he's been targeted, and doesn't have an inordinate number of drops.
  6. TigerJ

    1 Trend in NFL does not bode well for Coach McDermott

    John Fox and Jeff Fisher were fossils among NFL coaches. They were both very conservative in their approach, and even though their pedigree was defense, they insisted the offense their coordinators called reflected their antiquated philosophies. Daboll ran a pretty safe offense last week, but I think that was because they thought they could and it would protect Josh Allen. I don't think it is necessarily in his (or McDermott's) DNA to be conservative and play it safe all the time. If it is, the OP is probably right, and it's only a matter of time before the fans and the Pegulas get tired of it.
  7. I'm easy to please. A win would do it for me. Now, after I feel good for a while, I'll start worrying about the next game if Buffalo doesn't show some improvement in their passing offense, including Josh Allen's accuracy and decision making, the offensive line's blocking and the receivers holding on to catchable balls.
  8. TigerJ

    London Jaguars? Cheerio!

    It's all about money. I suspect the product on the field will be compromised. I think players will be more unsettled if they have two homes. To put it another way, a team that has two home fields really has none. I don't know that Kahn cares as long as his revenue goes up.
  9. TigerJ

    Offensive Strategy Versus the Texans

    I wouldn't be surprised to see a fair amount of max protect (double TE and the like). As another poster suggested, there could also be a lot of rollouts. I think the Bills might be able to use the screen pass successfully too,
  10. This is an interesting topic to me because It seems to be weakness against weakness and strength versus strength. The Texans have a beat up secondary but are sixth in the league in run defense. Buffalo has had an ineffective passing offense thus far and have been relying on their running game to a large degree. While the Texans have a decimated secondary, they do have a frightening pass rush led by twin athletic freaks JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney. How would you attack it? I fear if the Bills approach it like they did last week, relying extensively on the run game, they will in essence be trying to run into a brick wall. The Texans' injury situation is in essence an ivitation to pass the ball. The problem is, the Bills will need to create some sort of blocking scheme that will give Josh Allen a little bit of time with a clear pocket, while Josh is going to have to find it in himself to be at least a little accurate sometimes, and he's going to have to be more aware of his hot reads than he's been and get rid of the ball faster. I know that runs counter to what the Bills have done the last couple weeks, but I think it has to be done if they are going to beat the Texans. What does everybody else think?
  11. I am at an age, where with my health issues, I really don't know how many years I have left. I really, really hope I get to see one Super Bowl win for my Bills. No, I won't use that line in my obituary when it happens. It's cute though.
  12. Hmm! Interesting. I do think the Bills owe it to Shady to give him some say in this. I'm not giving up Shady without a fairly high pick. I don't know that a first is realistic given his age, but I'm thinking a second round pick. I'm probably using that pick to get the best running back I can in the draft. Unfortunately, Bryce Love will be long gone by the time the second round rolls around. He would be a real nice replacement for Shady.
  13. Whadayaknow! That was similar to my thought in a thread yesterday when I said Daboll seemed to lack confidence in Josh Allen. I thought there times they could have opened up a bit more. There will be times this season when last Sunday's offensive game plan just won't succeed. If they don't open up a little more when they have the opportunity to do so, there's no way for Josh Allen to develop confidence and skill to run a passing offense.