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  1. Well, it is a no brainer that Allen has to show significant improvement in order to have a better career than Tannehill or Bortles. That does not negate the OP's observation about his talent. For myself, I have been hopeful for some time now that Josh Allen might be the long awaited answer at QB for Buffalo. He has some characteristics that can't be coached, and I'm not just talking about his physical talent. From all accounts that we've heard, he has more than the usual drive to be great. He wants it. He has natural leadership ability according to multiple observations from his teammates, and he has an excellent head on his shoulders for learning and understanding the mental aspect of the game: studying film, reading defenses and making decisions. There is still stuff he has to do on the field, butthere is ample reason to be optimistic until the final verdict is in.
  2. I think the notion of getting even was what got OJ in trouble in the first place.
  3. I'm not much of a gambler, but I absolutely agree about Jerry Hughes' sack total going up this season. I think Kyle Williams had a great career for Buffalo, but he was not the kind of disruptive player we all believe we're getting in Ed Oliver. Offenses are not going to be able to cheat their blocking schemes toward Jerry. He's going to get a lot more one on one blocking situations. I'm also counting on Trent Murphy's full health making a difference on the other side. Best case scenario, it could be a lot of fun for the defense this season.
  4. Mik'Quan Deane and Jake Fisher are available for the Pats.
  5. Obviously, a pickup like this is irrelevant in the long run barring a slew of injuries, but if you can upgrade the back end of your roster you do Towbridge is a decent athlete with some size. He's labeled a blocking tight end, but he runs in the 4.7 range and apparently has decent hands, so you never know what might happen if Kroft can't stay healthy and Dawson Knox goes down. He might find his way on to the 53 man roster and then start making plays.
  6. Yeah! Who needs DK Metcalf when we have Zay "The Body" Jones? It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Zay Jones!
  7. So, Dawkins and Morse are written in stone. I think Spencer Long is close to being a lock at left guard. That means right guard and tackle are not certain. I think Bodine is a likely cut. Feliciano is likely an interior backup, having the ability to play guard and center. Right guard will be between Spain and Teller to start. I think Ford might have an advantage at right tackle over Nsekhe, because Nsekhe gives you a two year starter, and then you're having to break in a new starter. Ford might give you some long term continuity. At right guard, Spain gives you a mauler. Teller is potentially a little more athletic.
  8. A few individual players missed a day here or there because of personal matters. Josh Allen missed one day for the Jim Kelly golf tournament. Not a big deal. They might have had the highest level of participation in the league.
  9. I'm optimistic about the defense this year because I think they have upgraded on the defensive line, their middle linebacker has a year of experience, and they got deeper at cornerback.
  10. "With bounties no longer in his arsenal, Gregg Williams turns to insults to push the buttons of players like @TheAdamsEra https://wp.me/p14QSB-b0uV" A culture of insults and verbal abuse?
  11. Vosean Joseph was an interesting add this off season. He may need time to acclimate to the discipline of the pro game, as he was a bit of a wild man in college, but the Bills have that luxury with Alexander starting. I expect to see him mostly on special teams at the start of the season, but the Bills will sprinkle him in in relief of Lorax as the season rolls on. That way the defense won't miss a beat when Lorax retires.
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