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  1. TigerJ

    [Misleading Title] The Patriots are full of **it

    The Patriots don't just talk sh**, they live it, on the sidelines no less.
  2. TigerJ

    Jags to release TE Austin Sefarian-Jenkins

    Only Jason Croom is under contract for the Bills at TE. Clay is gone, of course. Logan Thomas is a restricted free agent. Given his difficulty blocking and his meager catch total, it's hard to imagine Buffalo giving him a tender offer. That means it's likely that even if Buffalo drafts a TE, they will be looking in free agency. I think the Bills might take a look at Austin Sefarian-Jenkins. The cost will determine their level of interest. Physically, he's very similar to Logan Thomas. He's much more accomplished as a tight end though. If Sefarian-Jenkins is looking for a big payday, he's not going to get it from Buffalo, but if he's willing to sign a more modest kind of prove it deal, I could see it happening.
  3. TigerJ

    McBeane Draft Tendencies?

    Beane likes maturity, but the Edmunds pick shows he's willing to take a young player if everything else checks out and his upside is high enough. Generally speaking, it looks to me as if Beane is more careful than some GMs to avoid players who have baggage that could become a distraction for the team. That doesn't necessarily mean he'll only pick goody two shoes players, but if they have a past, they need to have moved beyond it and there is no risk of it becoming a pattern in the future. The other common thread is that all Beane picks seem to be passionate about playing the game of football. They have no problem with putting in the extra time, be it work with personal coaches on mechanics, film study, or whatever.
  4. "Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." Reinhold Neibuhr
  5. It could be a little more certain than it is, but I like it a lot. When the Bills decide Derek Anderson has outlived his usefulness as a mentor, they can look for a developmental prospect to stash on their PS, and free up a roster spot for another position, but at least things are stable and looking up. That's a lot compared with the last couple of decades.
  6. TigerJ

    Inside Info (somewhat) - Kyler Murray

    I've seen a good number of mocks that have him going at least in the top 10. I would not be at all shocked by a top five result on draft day.
  7. TigerJ

    WR Charles Johnson of Orlando Apollos

    He's got nice measurables, running a sub 4.4 40 at 6'2," but he just turned 30 and has kicked around the NFL for 5 years never creating much of a stir. At this point, he'd be competing as a camp body.
  8. TigerJ

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    My post was not in any way shape or form a prediction of failure for the players I listed as examples. You're right about the possibility of any of those prospects turning into stars in the NFL, but the negatives create more uncertainty. The odds that all of them become stars in the NFL not great. That presents a GM picking at #9 with a dilemma. Which ones are going to be stars, and which ones will bust? For the record, I am not at all against the idea of picking Metcalf, limited route tree and all. His college experience may mean it'll be a while before he can maximize his enormous physical potential, but there will be ways for him to have an impact as a rookie. I happen to be a little more wary of Ed Oliver because he not only played lighter than Aaron Donald, but scouts are concerned he doesn't have the strength Donald had coming out of Pittsburgh (Pitt Panthers). What he does have is terrific explosion coming off the snap. He could still turn out to be an amazing defensive tackle in the NFL, but the questions are not going to go away before the draft.
  9. TigerJ

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    The real problem with #9 overall in this draft is BPA might be a matter of drawing straws between 4 or 5 players. Will too light Ed Oliver be the BPA or short armed Jonah Williams, or limited route tree Hercules DK Metcalf? I think a trade down is the ideal action for Buffalo when they are on the clock, as long as potential trade partners aren't thinking the same thing.
  10. How about a prediction: The Browns and Ravens will compete for the AFC North championship.
  11. They only hired a couple scouts after deciding that the Sporting News annual Draft Guide just wasn't getting it done for them.
  12. It doesn't seem to be a Brandon Beane style trade. The risk is fairly high that OBJ's production with a second year QB in a run first offense will not justify the very high cost (trade cost + contract) of a WR like OBJ.
  13. TigerJ

    Daboll should eliminate designed QB runs from our offense

    Do the stats for designed runs in the OP include QB sneaks in third and short or fourth and short situations? if so, I think that YPC stat is perfectly acceptable. I'm really not in favor of Daboll including a lot of designed runs in the offense. Besides short yardage QB sneak plays, (which Josh Allen is good at) I wouldn't want to see more than one or two per game, but I can see using a designed QB run when nothing else is working. I also think if the Bills are able to build a better offensive line this season, something I think we all agree is desperately needed, the need for designed QB runs will probably go down, even as their effectiveness would probably go up.
  14. TigerJ

    Brandon Marshall (LB) to be released by the Broncos

    Animosity toward Tom Brady is certainly a plus, but I don't think it's really enough to justify signing Marshall. If anything, at linebacker I would think Buffalo would be looking for a clear strong side linebacker to replace Zo when he hangs it up after the 2019 season, and they would be looking for a younger guy - in not a draft pick, then someone in the 25-27 age range.
  15. TigerJ

    Charles Clay Released

    He's a good guy who never played up to his contract, for whatever reason. What it boils down to is that Whaley didn't seem to have a good grasp of where to spend the money.