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  1. I deleted that thread. I don't want people to think I am accusing him of theft. I wasn't. I was accusing him of being a bad promoter of his charity and blaming Bills fans for his incompetence. Obviously I took offense to his retweet of a tweet insinuating Bills fans are virtue signalers. The fact that a guy who has played one season with the Bills thinks he has a right to insult Bills fans is ridiculous. Bills fans can give to whoever they want. They shouldn't have to worry about a Bills player calling them out for not donating his charity. Apparently he is no better at promoting
  2. When the franchise quarterbacks are responsible. Watson is not responsible. He is a clown. He immediately went public and said he wanted Saleh or Bieniemy (shockingly only wanted black coaches) without meeting with any of them or doing any due diligence. It is beyond laughable. How does he know those coaches would even want to coach a Prima Donna like him. He is a spoiled brat who was laughed at by Mahomes and they got all rattled because they traded away his receiver in a required rebuild. That team was blown out TWICE last year by Mahomes.
  3. Why would any owner involve him in a head coach decision? He is pushing for an offensive coordinator to be head coach. This is the worst defense in the NFL and he wants an offensive coordinator. Guy is clueless and acts like a child who is crying because the didn't get what he wanted. He is anything but a leader.
  4. Outside of celebrities, people don't give for publicity. Sure, there are 1 or 2 in Bills Mafia who like attention, but people give when good things happen to them, especially to charities that are helping people going through bad things. The Bills are 1 game away from the Super Bowl. Life is good. If you are a kid without food or a kid spending your time in a hospital things are not so good. How many of us spend $100 on food and drinks each playoff game. You have children that really don't have food and you have parents who sleep in hospitals because they can't afford a hotel for a night while
  5. Not sure why anyone would ever spend big money on a running back anymore. The 4 teams that are left all have great Quarterbacks and Great Receivers. That is the NFL now.
  6. Allen will be fine. This is the worst defense he has played in a long time. If the Bills lose it will be because Mahomes found a way to be the usual Mahomes. I think the Bills are going to score a ton. Unfortunatley the Chiefs sometime score a ton too. I really don't think Mahomes is very healthy, but we will see.
  7. Really? The Bills have won 8 in a row by an average of 17 points a game. Also, if Mahomes plays he is on a bad foot and might have some lingering effects from his head/neck injury. If not for a missed helmet to helmet call the Chiefs might have not even beaten the Browns. That team is not the 2019 Chiefs.
  8. Frazier is going to get that job. He will turn the defense around. Watson will still be a problem though. He will be whining about why they are spending all their money on defense instead of getting him a bunch of high priced receivers.
  9. Watson is not going anywhere. I am guessing Leslie Frazier goes there and Watson stays. Watson is such a Prima Donna that a guy like Frazier is what that team needs. Even money Watson starts whining he needs Mahomes money to stay. The guy is so delusional. He really thinks he has Mahomes type talent.
  10. Either way I think we are looking at Mahomes at 90 percent or worse. He is banged up and an injury like this is going to make him think twice before moving around like he usually does. I won't be shocked if he plays and puts in a very sub par performance.
  11. Agreed. I don't think anyone was rooting harder for the Bills on Saturday than Nick Wright. Now he gets a ton of attention for losing a bet. Give the guy credit for self promotion.
  12. What? If they donated they went to the website and knew exactly what they were donating too. People like giving to things that help children and animals. It is almost hard wired into people.
  13. Winner winner chicken dinner. If the charity chosen was for head injuries or something it would have gone nowhere. The Bills have supported a charity that helps sick children 2x and hungry children 1x. I ordered $50 worth of food for the game and am healthy. I am lucky. There are children that for whatever reason have no food and others who are sick by no fault of their own. And giving $17 or $8 is something most people can do. And the local business charity is fine. But if you really want to help them, BUY FROM THEM and if you have the $24 donate, or buy from Wegmans and t
  14. Love Angry Runs. That morning show is the best football show on TV.
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