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  1. Rivalries are when both teams win. Mahomes is the new Brady. We will never beat them with our head coach. He is way out of his league.
  2. Maybe we should have fought today instead of kicking field goals.
  3. McDermott will never beat Reid. He is not a championship caliber coach. He is a playoff caliber coach.
  4. I rather have lost last week than lose like Cowards in the AFC Championship. Our coach kicked field goals against the worst red zone defense in the NFL. Just a sign of a weak coach.
  5. This all starts with the head coach. Total choke job. What a coward. He coached to not get blown out instead of coaching to win.
  6. Unreal. What a clown. Throw the ball in the end zone. Get a penalty. Anything. You don't kick a field goal.
  7. McDermott is probably hiding under a bench somewhere. What a coward.
  8. Well atleast the Bills players aren't wimps like their head coach. What a coward.
  9. I can live with stupid. I can't live with scared. McDermott is problem #1 with this team.
  10. He is an idiot. He went for 2 when he needed to make it a 2 score game. He CHOKED under pressure.
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