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  1. Bruh he drilled a 51 yarder to start the game
  2. Bass was a monster get
  3. Hell yea. Tell it like it is. If chiefs are slow out of the gate the Bills will punch their ticket to the SB
  4. I would much rather be underdogs and get 0 respect. Remember the seahawks game? Every single analyst picked Seattle. I want to come out swinging and give them no chance
  5. McKenzie on the sweep plays needs to be utilized. QB runs as well
  6. Everyone is scared of the Ravens running attack, but remember, we went 3 and out several times to start the game. The Colts brought their absolute best and played smash mouth football for the duration. Our run defense is a weakness but I think against the Ravens the best defense is going to be lightning fast scoring drives through the air. Go Bills. Unironically the team of destiny
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