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  1. ST blunders and KC recievers dropping everything
  2. jOsH AlLeN nEeDs 300 yaRdS
  3. Is anyone dwelling on the "man if we beat the Texans last week we could have hosted the AFC championship" dilemma?
  4. Do you guys think the titans can win it all?
  5. Now that we dont have to hear it anymore, what was "big truss" all about?
  6. Just goes to show you the regular season doesnt mean anything
  7. Putting up the most yards against not only the worst defense in the playoffs, but one of the worst in the league doesnt really mean anything to me
  8. Its a good season but that was probably the worst and most disappointing game they've played all season
  9. This game is ridiculous, a tale of two teams and two halfs, now a tale of OT? jesus christ where is the buffalo trace
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