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For Bills Fans in the ROC Area


Rochester, New York

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  2. elijah

    Where in ROC are you?

    Also lastly I don’t know if maybe you could advance out of the prospects group despite not having the content count required. If you look at my activity, the majority of my content comes in threads that I’ve created, and I think I could humbly say they’ve been useful threads to start for the most part, with the majority of them getting 10+ thumbs up and thanks and things of that sort. It would really hurt my interest in the forum if i can’t start these types of threads anymore.
  3. elijah

    Where in ROC are you?

    @SDS sorry for posting this here, when you guys implemented the new member grouping system, I think you may have accidentally taken away the ‘prospects’ ability to view The Stadium, College Football and the forums of their liking entirely. I’m only allowed to view the ‘club’ forums. ^^ Apparently I’m also not allowed to edit my posts.
  4. aceman_16

    Where in ROC are you?

    Live in Pittsford here.
  5. @BigPappy mentioned something in the welcome thread that got me thinking. Maybe we could plan a meetup around an upcoming road game. It would probably be good to pick a mutually agreeable spot for everyone, so where are you all located? I’m in West Henrietta. Duff’s on West Henrietta Road is fairly close by for me, and is the official Rochester Bills Backers bar, but we can definitely try to think of a more central location depending on where people are at.