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  1. This was my first bills game. I remember it like it was yesterday.
  2. This is false. Miami wouldn't lease ralph the Orange Bowl, so he sent a telegram to Hunt that said "I'm in with Buffalo"
  3. after watching this. the offensive line is horrible. horrible execution. cody ford is another beane whiff.
  4. Agree. Both singletary and moss, while high character... aren't game changers, playmakers, or anything impactful to plan for for opposing DC's... IMO major whiffs by beane... #3's on most teams with solid starters... Edmunds looks like tarzan plays like jane... Even if there's a compelling enough LBer at 30... you still take Najee Harris if he's there... his tape is ridiculous. Dare I say a smaller (not by much) Derek Henry. He MUST be the pick.
  5. It MUST be Harris... the power and balance is incredible.
  6. Josh Allen. Zero star recruit. 2 crappy D1 offers after JUCO.
  7. Amazing review as always, Shaw... What time's we're living in, Bros...
  8. He's a scroungy little bum. If they're smart (they're not) they trade 3 back to houston for Watson (hope they don't)
  9. Fair enough... Still a better WR Corps than Robert Foster, Zay Jones, and Lee Smith... Not saying you're making them, but the excuses for a heisman winning national champion QB are endless.
  10. Bro, Cmon.. Do we not know what the W. Stands for? Do we know what the word harkens means? I thought WNY schools were supposed to be superior...
  11. 1. Buffalo is the hottest team in the league. 2. People with something to prove, who possess talent, usually prove what they want to prove. 3. Never underestimate a Man and his desire to succeed. 4. Fred = UDFA : Antonio = UDFA 5. Comfort and entitlement breeds laziness 6. Our 3rd round draft picks are too comfy. 7. Antonio Williams has earned the right to battle for the #2 spot. Versus the "NuMbEr 1 DeFenSe" in the nfl, with backups on the O line, Williams really impressed. He was punishing dolphins out there... His desire to be great, his d
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