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  1. Cool, wonder what the + - Is on milano.... you know, a linebacker with actual instinct?
  2. it's honestly the most irritating thing... that being said, my kids are most definitely growing up bills fans in south Florida. lets be honest, the dolphins don't really have fans here... they're a myth.
  3. Dolphins. For a few reasons. 1. I'm forced to look at their weirdo logo on car bumpers and gas stations as I live in south florida. A more offensive sight, I cannot recall. 2. Any man who's a fan of a team with these colors isn't a man. It's soft. Soft is not for football. 3. Growing up in Rochester, there was always that one dumb contrarian kid in school that liked the dolphins for some obscure reason. Just irritating. This being said, I can't talk ***** to their fans, unless they start the ***** flinging... we've been equally worthless for the same amount of time 2019-Present outstanding.
  4. Watching him warm up in miami, and even during the game, I feel like he's slow to drop the ball... like a golfer with a slow back swing.
  5. This. He has 258 million reasons to get this correct.
  6. poor bastard. Nothings going to help little tua, and nothing is going to help jacoby improve that offense. the raiders are going to make them pregnant, as did the Bills.
  7. Ill have to take a closer look... the wife does the publix runs...
  8. burgers and zweigles hot dogs down in the miami sun. unfortunately, I live here so no labatts.
  9. Josh Allen was good. Diggs was good. Beaz was good. Buffalo won in spite of Daboll.
  10. how about new england? worst team in all pro sports for a LONG time... kraft bought them for IIRC 132 million dollars in 92 or 93. Winning fixes EVERYTHING. Even if it means MASSIVE amounts of band wagon fans.
  11. Meh, gimme White 300x over. Loudest mouth in the room is always weak inside. His decline will be precipitous.
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