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  1. usually. columbian bam bam and loose women usually are
  2. We're a cringe organization. the term fits. it stays until the lombardi is hoisted. yet here you are.
  3. fat terry isn't going to do a damn thing. end of the day, he's more worried about his wifes condition VS winning a superbowl. I hope davis gets hit by a bus.
  4. you know they're going to re-sign him to stupid money... you just have to know that... because "hE CAn BlOcK" stupid is as stupid does... in perpetuity. history of davis not being a good route runner says that's on gabe not being situationally aware.
  5. the curse began when ralph wilson was denied a lease on the orange bowl, selected buffalo as second choice.
  6. the fact there's more than 3 of these is so effing billsy it makes me sick. Names and faces change, results remain the same for eternity. #cursed
  7. ah, i stand corrected, but WHY give him another 30 seconds to get his head straight. so dumb.
  8. he did call another time out in an inopprtune time... and at this point, dont all the blunders just bleed together?
  9. cool, ill bite. Yet again, mcdork gives the opposing team a free time out with the clock running during a mayday situation where the FG kicker and special teams have to RUSH onto the field and execute in a hurry up manner. This particular inexcusable time out was the aforementioned situation PLUS 60 EFFING YARDS ON WET GRASS. instead, mcdipshit decides to let them casually setup and because this franchise is wretched and cursed, of COURSE dude makes it with a linedrive curveball through the uprights. bills lose, in horrific fashion, for the 11th time during such circumstances under mcdermotts reign of ######ation.
  10. he did it AGAIN. Wtf is wrong with clappy mcclapperson?
  11. He’s fumbled away, caused an Int, or Mis-communicated away 3 games we should have won this year. Dude is *****.
  12. I got in at 10-7 with us losing to KC and PHI... its not far fetched, that's with a handful of PITT and HOU wins. no other fan base deserves that season end more than they do.
  13. really. nobody sees its the 20th anniversary edition? nobody?
  14. they make this button called "enter" what it does, is put a space between lines, so your reader doesnt want to gouge his eyes out.
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