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  1. breh. his name is Gable. And his last name is STEVE-SON. there's no N after steve.
  2. they're not. they're from 1937... if you watch the video and read the article it basically says these throwbacks are a mish mash of diffrerent eras... I WANTED to like them, but I do not because of this.
  3. Karlos williams says “sup dawg”
  4. hear ya, the tape dont lie tho... dudes a gamer with speed we severely lack.
  5. Don't be surpised when he's the selection at 28 if mitchell is gone.
  6. agree. dude disappeared for 3/4 of the season
  7. Neat, now he can drop crucial passes for Goldie Locks in Jville.. now send us calvin ridley.
  8. I know when I lived in rochester, we had seasons, and I refused to sit in the 100s... the club sections were PERFECT.
  9. incredible, how people still believe money is difficult to get or scarce... the abundance, yes, even in WNY is huge. numbers nobody can even fathom.
  10. Sooooo they’re basically the bills unis but green and white?
  11. Means. with NO money to spend, 100M blackhole in the miller contract, 28 FA's....beane finds a player somewhere that can impact a game like chris jones? Without that guy their defense isn't tops. without him they looked highly beatable and pedestrian. as it sits, we've roasted draft capital on guys that TRULY are JAGs.... ONE player of Jone's magnitude and our defense becomes what it should be. Till we get THAT guy and away from millers contract, the beatings will continue till morale improves.
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