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  1. it's an easier position to be in as a "loveable loser" makes sense why some people would long for it. it's not for everyone.
  2. Vanroten at center, you could see visibly the snaps being off... as if josh wasnt as comfortable as he is with morse... better "kill the clock" management as mentioned by the OP on the 2 batted ball series ending in 3points. shakir missing the block that davis otherwise makes. thats about it.
  3. I like when he face planted Van Noy 4 feet into the turf in miami.
  4. actually met his partner Lori Dool ... SUNY Brockport grad... apparently friends with my neighbors down here in south florida... small world.
  5. NOTHING Josh Does is awkward. Warriors Cannot be defeated.
  6. this MUST be the pick at 25. 1st round or not. shoot your shot, and GET BETTER. singletarys RAS is 1.73. he should be playing in the CFL they'll make the argument it was different football then... completely unaware that the THREAT of a homerun on the ground from ANYWHERE on the field, opens up joshs opportunities GREATLY. no more getting stopped on 4th and inches... no more swing passes that go for 3.... just DOMINATE everywhere on the field.
  7. Flicktures on etsy... Id bet you can contract him to paint/draw you whatever you wanted in whatever size.
  8. THIS is the move. Financially savvy, and a business decision. Window is open NOW.
  9. should have traded TreJane Edmunds for a 2nd. Agree Kline at 5m >>> Edmunds at 13m
  10. He already is. Statistically he's going to destroy Kelly. It's not if, its WHEN he brings home the Lombardi.
  11. What a baby... AZ, cut this little reject already.
  12. the NFL hates this matchup. turd market city like cinci, with no fan base and no historical significance. couple that with a roster fairly devoid of talent outside burrow and chase. There's no compelling story lines here. Staffords story is cool, but he carries no mystique like brady, rodgers, mahomes etc. they're not as exciting as Allen or mahomes... My guess is the ratings are trash. LA doesnt care about football, and stan kronke = art modell.
  13. Fundamentals. Brady, even at 48 years old, still works on fundamentals. Never stop honing your craft, Josh, or you end up with baker mayfield.
  14. Yes. Its coach speak. I believe he was supposed to pop it up and short of goal line
  15. Short memories around here. 17 years no playoffs… Remember firing wade for no reason? 17 years of terrible football is what we got because of it.
  16. Goal line kick was probably what he was told.
  17. He didn’t… “execution” according to McDermott
  18. Listen to the presser… “we talked about it, it starts with execution, and that’s on me” What he’s saying is, bass was supposed to kick it short and didn’t. doesn't want to hang his players out to dry. That’s what leaders do.
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